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poverty 2

I've been making automatic, flat-rate payments on my 3 utility bills, and am now acquiring a CREDIT on all of them. This will build up over the months, more and more credit, as a safety/savings. I tried to go on a "budget plan" on GAS, to even payments out to the same each month, but they can't estimate my future usage until I have been here a year or so. But I am making a set payment per month anyway, as my own budget plan. I am so together.

I conserve water. I use (grey) dishwater to flush my toilet, and I wash clothes in bathwater. etc. My monthly "water" bill is about $35 - and this includes sewer, garbage pick-up, state existence tax, etc. Today I called and asked why my water charge - the meter reading - was always the same. They said it was because THEY HAVEN'T STARTED CHARGING ME FOR WATER YET. They are so not together. So, they have to come in to the always-pissed nether neighbour's basement to read my meter, and then charge me for all my water use since I first got here. And here I was, thinking that I have been saving money, conserving and all. I was thinking my bill could be even SMALLER! Ugh!!!! So, now I have to put off spending until this is taken care of, AFTER I get my next bill! And I'm already paying way more than I should, because I produce virtually no garbage for them to pick up! And 2/3rds of THAT is recyclable. When will I ever be free of other people's untogetherness?!?!?

A recent study shows that independent, left-alone people ARE MORE CREATIVE. Right? Cuz THAT'S WHERE ECONOMY COMES FROM! How are we supposed to grow a new economy when we are everywhere beset by bureaucrats, privatisers, bullies and thieves - all looking at us like we are the job destroyers! We are the potential terriblists! Now, whenever I have any conversation with any utility company, etc., they are talking like I - like EVERYONE - is months late on their bills and is calling to just to argue. (Fortunately, I have a sexy voice but not everyone has this!) E.g., last time I called the gas company, they were nagging at me for past due, when I had already paid in full, and so were being incredibly patronising. And my downstairs neighbour acts like a frickin 4-year-old, just like he's supposed to - I guess. WTF?! And it's only destined to get more and more ridiculous. I sure am Andy Rooney today. I'm going to make some CDs now...
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