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Corporate tardive dyskinesia.

I hate it when Alex Jones props himself up as an authority on everything, just to back his anti-NWO agenda. Being anti-climate-change is the big one. But, right now he is complaining about people complaining about invasive parakeets, which he doesn't, "see as an invasive species." He sees fire-ants as an invasive species because they are so obviously destructive to man. But he doesn't allow for the destructiveness of less obvious species, perhaps like sea lampreys, angel fish, kudzu, garlic mustard, or ASIAN CARP. The last one, he sees as good - cuz people can eat it. The fact is that nature is balanced on virtually every level, so when you introduce one species into a completely different region, (as is what climate change is doing), you disrupt relationships between predators and preys, and throw thing out of whack - just like when you cull wolves; or bring in rabbits to Australia.

On the one hand, he pulls this stuff to deny climate change, which is a bad thing. On the other hand, he pulls this stuff to complain, "Why are we worried about invasive species, when we AREN'T worried about GMOs!"

Well, first of all, we ARE worried about GMOs. Second of all, GMOs are an extremely new phenomenon, unlike invasive species, which we have learnt, and institutionalised, to confront, IN ONLY A RECENT HANDFUL OF DECADES, basically. A lot of people don't understand the threat from GMOs yet, and that includes a LOT OF PEOPLE WITH A VESTED PROFIT INTEREST, including some stupid farmers. Finally, we have this rampant religion called objectivist LIBERTARIANISM being everywhere pummelled into our lives, touting absolute freedom for everyone, but actually serving the advantages and control of giant corrupt and destructive megacorps like Monsanto, which involve BIG AG and BIG PHARM and BIG GOVERNMENT... the very things Jones says he opposes. So, we thank you, Alex Jones, for your selfish big mouth, facilitating the very sins you decry, thinking that anything you personally believe to be true can somehow be applied ABSOLUTELY TO ALL REALITY, and therefore TAXES FROM BIG GOVERNMENT ARE THE PROBLEM. Since you don't want to be regulated, then by all means let's not regulate GMOs.

Well, anyway, this is just one way that human beings act. And so, this is why we created the government we had, intending to even out all these ridiculous, compete-only, ABSOLUTIST voices, and thus come up with some magical compromise. Unfortunately, this isn't the greatest possible mechanism in reality - but that's something I'd address in other posts.

And another thing, this is just a way that Alex Jones is MOTIVATED. He is angered by apparent hypocrisy, which for him is EVERYWHERE, and everywhere PERSONAL. He is such an opponent to apparent hypocrisy that he often doesn't allow for other factors, such as the nature of capitalism itself, or of entropy, or of climate change, or of PEOPLE ACTING OUT OF IGNORANCE, FEAR, OR THE VERY FREE-SELF-INTEREST WHICH HIS LIBERTARIANISM ESPOUSES.

However, my point is this: You have to take the good with the bad, when listening to Alex Jones, because if it weren't for his relentless irrationality, you wouldn't also be introduced to a wealth of information and arguments regarding issues that involve true dangers or true and deliberate hypocrisies, etc. For example, you wouldn't get to learn a lot more about GMOs. Also, you wouldn't learn all about the flawed arguments AGAINST climate change, and so on. If you really wish to be true, and to be honest to yourself, it is important to learn these flawed arguments, and to question points in your own arguments. It is far easier to do this while lying in bed listening to the radio, than trying to shout your views over someone else in some political forum, even, alas, in such an arena as the Congress, yo.

So, it is better that Alex Jones exists than not. I am not of the same opinion regarding RUSH LIMBAUGH, however. Jones says that, "Even though I may not always AGREE with Limbaugh, he shouldn't be forced off the air!" Wrong. Like FOX/News/Sun, Clear Channel is a monopoly which pushes a political agenda, deliberately crowding out alternate voices on it's own programmes, and forcing alternate radio stations to go under. I am literally saying that it pushes LIMBAUGH in many of its own stations even when people in those local areas clearly show that they PREFER MORE LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE SHOWS. So, Limbaugh is on something like 300-500 stations - for what, like 40 years? - personally making about $1 million per station - and has been deemed the most important or powerful person in the GOP! Not only that, I sense that LIMBAUGH may not simply be an instrument of the RIGHT, but perhaps also of the corrupt, in-power elements OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, as well. That is, OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, which plays and controls both sides. And how may Limbaugh and Clear Channel rationalise his existence and pre-eminance? They would say that HE EXISTS BECAUSE "HE MAKES MONEY." And isn't THAT the very ESSENCE of the New World Order, right there?!

But why, then, would Clear Channel push him in markets where he is not wanted - in markets where his decades of droning has not completely brainwashed people to absolutely LOVE and NEED to listen to him? I.e., why would they push a political agenda in some locales which apparently contradicts the ABSOLUTE PROFIT MOTIVE? Well, it's like this:

Just like in every other megacorp: The profit motive, (overly invested in capital, Wall Street gambling, CEO wealth, political lobbying, etc., INSTEAD OF IN ORIGINATIVE LABOUR, AND EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY, AND RATIONAL INVESTMENT), ultimately fails. The failure of profit invites a spiral of corporate corruption which eventually becomes CONTRARY TO NATURAL PROFIT-MAKING, and turns more and more in the direction of CONTROL via corrupt political, governmental, and MILITARY games. It becomes more important to, "service the profit," via these short-sighted, immediate-gratification games, than to deal with labour, customer satisfaction, business efficiency, or even political message consistency, within the original body machinery of the corporation itself. This, based on a false idea that logics of continuous market competition, leading towards the inevitable end of market monopolisation, more and more justifies the perceived need to resort to contradictory means of COLLUSION WITH GOVERNMENT OR WITH OTHER MEGACORPS, more and more at the expense of the freedom, health and safety of competative smaller businesses and of the population in general. Thus wasting money on bad local markets may be meant more to pay of other conspiring companies, such as mining companies or WalMarts, mutually benefitting from the propaganda... despite the needs of local consumers. But -

MONEY is not speech. POWER is not speech. FORCE is not speech.

It is perfectly fine that Limbaugh be forced off the air, when the market fails to work properly, when laws against obscenity, or hate, or slander, or electioneering, or monopolisation, or racketeering, or corruption, fail to be applied, due to complicit government corruption. It is fine for people to express their opposition to Limbaugh, etc., by taking it to the CEOs who run the corporations which advertise on his show. It is fine and American to resort to boycotts. And, finally, this: I agree with Alex Jones that the wonderful group, "Media Matters," which opposes Limbaugh, and other right-wing talk show hosts, is wrongfully a political group disguising itself as a non-profit organisation. It should not be allowed to operate as such. Unfortunately, there are everywhere much BIGGER and much, much more DESTRUCTIVE organisations out there which are similarly operating, but in support of right-wing garbage. For example, A.L.E.C. is clearly, 100% a political lobbying group. It has been supporting anti-union, anti-labour, anti-gay, anti-black, pro-gun laws and legislation, coordinated in dozens of states and in Congress, supported by the KOCHS, etc. And yet what do they file when they do their taxes? THEY STATE THAT THEY ARE NOT A LOBBYING GROUP. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. Just like we have been allowing jerks and bullies and false idols GET AWAY WITH ALL THIS CRAP, because we believe the myths propagandised by the libertarian Kochs, Cato, John Birch Society, Heritage, Greenspan, Fox, Limbaugh, Jones, and so on. It's sad.

My major head/brain pain continue, slowly improving... Think of if you know anyone who has had headaches, or brain BP probs in the last 5 days or so... I expect to do a poll on it soon, etc... Sorry I haven't been able to comment much. Sorry for those of you in distress. Take care.
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