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Is your wax doll still frying in the fire?

The Devil is a conspiracy. He exists as institutions. He profits from blame, and forgives those churches invested in "sin". Those churches reign outside of god, because they dwell in the currency of the devil, the faults of man, the evils of nature, the threats of the future - the guilts of the past. Entropy. But god is not order, threatened by disorder. To elevate the concept of a devil a chaos into a wholesale challenge to the order of god is criminal, because god is chaos as well as order, BEYOND our naive definitions and judgments. There is nothing that is not of god. To identify the devil as a contest to god is TO BE HERETICAL - it is to uphold more than one god. It devolves into a moralistic hierarchy of gods and faults and favours. In the same way as reductionist identity politics must come up against itself, fracturing. In god, there is no black against white. There are subatomic particles and forces of diversity and chaos and gravity, but there is no devil sitting on the moon, fork and knife in hand. There may be aliens up there. They may be devilish. There may be insidious bacteria turning over tables in our insides, but they are not agents of satan. They are not manifestations of sin or guilt or possession, though maybe of evolution or change or disequilibrium. There are dark spots on the sun, there are solar flares affecting our moods and our methods and our environment. But there are no dark spots in god that are morally wrong or blatantly devilish. There are no sins residing in my DNA. There are no scheming pesticides born into bees. There are no lesser or greater angels in our nature. There is "evil" only in so far as it opposes the wholeness of nature, through deliberate calculation by men, and possibly chimps. There is no fall but for fear. Let's spend eternity picking through the universe: this is god, that it devil, this is god, that is devil - so enslaved to the material, and exhaustively pointless. And let us herald these great moral, religious leaders to make this easy for us by announcing that this one people are of god, and that one people are of satan - or this one act is good, and that one act is evil - even while their abstractions only stir up more dissonance and waste and war. God becomes a ridiculous concept by which we merely measure our pain. That is a languishing, a brooding, a depressive rapture in our own mortality, where all around, and more and more as time goes on, the devil is everywhere closing in, with sharpened utensils. "Yesterday, I saw the Devil in my food. I wasn't hungry, but I played with it." So, those cowards who hide behind the devil's skirts, holding crosses, or any such symbols, beckoning us into decrying sins while they themselves can only wallow secretly in these very sins - they are heathens. Their kings are charlatans. Their hoards are false gods. Their goals are deceptions. IN SO FAR AS WE HATE OURSELVES. Should I hate myself, I'd rather give myself over as food for the bears. What a sad and silly lot, scurrying about, speaking people this and people that, and people god and people devil, and BANG, some cosmic sneeze and we are extinct.

Selfishly: Where we say one bit of nature is not of god, and so one bit of god is not nature - where we say there is sin and so there is devil - this may elevate demagogues into backwards political power - this may make institutions and ethics of intolerance and counterproduction and economic devolution and rape and groupism and terror - but it removes the truly sacred from our realm. Where god is splintered into a game of black vs white, and perhaps a number of demigod-like action heroes and totems and bishops, and infinity riddled with little moral landmines - then we lose direct communication and consultation and SCIENTIFIC OPEN-MINDEDNESS with the wonder(s) of nature. When we so explode god like an incoming asteroid, we remove the supernatural from our selves - we fail to accept that ALL IS GOD - that WE are god... that WE hold the responsibilities and divinities of god, that is to say, OF WONDERFUL NATURE HERSELF. If god is amongst us all, what becomes of the empires of Magog? What becomes of the Muslim enemy of our state? What becomes of the dollar bill? WHAT BECOMES OF THE GROSS INEQUALITY OF WEALTH, BASED ON LITTLE MORE THAN BLAME, LUCK AND DENIAL? If we are not imbued with the spirit, the phenomena of the nature that surrounds us, and shines from the farthest star, wherefore our INALIENABLE RIGHTS? They can be taken away by some devil?! Wherefore our INTEGRITY, OUR PRIVILEGE OF PRIVACY, OUR SPIRITUAL FREEDOM AND SELF-CONTROL? They shall be shadowed away by some great war of a Judaic god crusading against Allah, all the while Tyranny grows up as its buttressing?


No more to the old world tyrannies, we once said. Now we have imported them here. Watch this fact come out from behind the curtain, when our imperial chickens in China suddenly come home to roost. I hold that we each have a right to declare what is this thing called "evil", yes. I hold that there is intelligence in design - but it is everywhere and greater than the standard we set in our naive, reductionist minds - i.e., we project our OWN "intelligence" into design, thus requiring a human-like CREATOR to initiate it all. Can't we just sit back and accept that all is, was, and always will be intelligent in its own way and wonder, and get our dirty fingers out of the pie?! Yes, we each may say what is evil, but not via disruptions of our self-serving, controlling, foregone conclusions. When we are inspired only from the desire to control, we end our freedom and build our cage - then all that is seen in the "outside world" becomes what to us is evil, and we spend the rest of mortality seeking to stave it off. And all that is is the fear of a mouse in the jaws of a cat, or of a fish caught upon dry land, or of a lizard unable to fly. Fear runs throughout all existence, but consciousness can trump fear. If we only would give our strengths to it and build a planet in a higher plane than, well, east vs west. Good cop bad cop. Good Santa bad Santa. Me vs you. I got mine. Greed is good. ZERO SUM GAIN. Play these games and dither away while the OIL burns and kiss your holy ass goodbye, America. God has abandoned you. We have lost our trust. The dollar has turned to dust.

Evil becomes its own fuel. Its a short circuit in civilisation. Its a loop - an addiction to degeneration. Economics switches over to relying on entropic dynamics. Communists wait on the moon, with dishes and spoons, knowing only to revolute. Knowing that god never existed in the first place. Because the devil. Because god. "Thank god," they laugh, "for the libertarians, ha ha ha!"

And when I say, "GOD," of course, I am referring to Peewee Herman. PEEWEE WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!!!!! Only a new religion, devoted to Peewee Hermann, will save us. We are too far gone. Verilly I say unto you. As for me - I've decided to wait until monday to go to the store - still having big relapse troubles with brain. Wouldn't be polite to collapse while walking. These are good sunflower seeds. I am a wealthy man.

When I first moved into this apartment, and the nice rental agency lady was showing me around, she showed me how they had put removable nails in the window frames, to allow them to open, but not too far for burglars - only eight inches. She said, "I went to the police and they ASSURED me that no head could be smaller than eight inches!" (She was trying to assuage my imaginary fear). And I said, "Because they are experts on eight-inch heads." ha ha ha! That was pretty funny, thinking back. But she was just confused - and I'm sure she thought to herself, "Oh no! He has some kind of problem with POLICE!" fear fear fear fear suck my butt...

"Consider it for a moment: what better way to hasten the apocalypse than standing by as the human race hurls headlong toward ecological catastrophe. Well, this is what civilization gets when billions of the faithful blindly follow religious leaders who have no real understanding of entropy in both ecosystems and economies, or interest in making sensible existential decisions for their flocks." - http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/181706/religion-birth-control-and-population-growth-a-real-mindfuck/

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