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Autism: A Neandertal Connection?

Before you check any of this out, be sure to disabuse yourself of any conventional prejudice that Neandertals were a mentally deficient, "cave-man" (sub)species. They had larger brains than our own, and they used some different ways of thinking or operating. We should CHERISH that such an amazing fellow (sub)species existed on Earth, so recently. And we should appreciate that we share most of the same genes, while some human populations even share some UNIQUELY Neandertal genes.

However, it should be noted that a failure of some babies in our (homo sapiens sapiens) (sub)species to move through the non-Neandertal "budding/globalising" phase need not be solely attributed to acquisition of dominant Neandertal genes, (related to these processes). First, such genes may be expressed on their own, OR they may be expressed through the introduction of some toxin, perhaps mercury - and/or by some immune system activating event, such as a reaction to some vaccine. Many vaccines do contain adjuvants, which deliberately activate the immune system, AND SO FORTH.

ALSO, Neandertal genes need not be expressed or even present for some immune or neurological event to retard proper brain development, such as via the introduction of neurotoxins, organophosphates, nerve gas or nerve gas "inoculators," etc. Some of these intruders, and immune hyperactivation itself, can retard the functioning of acetylcholine, which is a fundamental and "gating" neurotransmitter, and so of GABA or Norepinephrin. That is to say that toxins or allergens or viruses may evoke the same deficiency in parietal, cerebellar and temporal lobe development.

Therefore, it may often be wrong to conclude that Neandertals were only able to speak a "language" based on bird calls, etc., based on behaviour of some autistics - because unlike a pure genetic deficiency, most autistics, in my opinion, are dealing with the cognitive and emotional disruptions, or NOISE, caused by the dramatic influence of immune cytokines and immunoglobulins, and/or toxins directly, and/or disruptions in cholinergic function and gating. All of these in turn affect such processings as via serotinin, dopamine, etc. (But that doesn't mean (SSRI, etc.) anti-depressants are a proper therapy!)

Further, such disruptions may also cause, or be associated with, thyroid problems and attendant fatigue and heart problems; adrenal problems and/or catacholamine harm to the brain, and/or neurodegenrative disorders, possibly CFS-like or Alzheimers-like.

Similarly, it would be a mistake to conclude that all autistics are exhibiting cognitive processes or behaviour closely similar to Neandertals. For one thing, digestive tract dysregulation, (e.g.), cannot be ignored.

Of course, there is a vast range of symptoms and benefits along the "autism" spectrum. Many with Aspergers are talented and delightful people. It is possible I am slightly autistic, like LOTS of people. Autistic people may be better adapted to whatever future towards which we may be sailing - who knows? Similarly, Neandertals may also have been merely "different," but amazing geniuses in some of their own ways.

Finally, I am not saying that I endorse the Neandertal-Autism hypothesis. But I do think it is interesting and important and possibly relevant. Here are some links...

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I am supposed to eventually do a post about this nefarious secret society, etc., but I've been having problems with my publisher. Me.
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