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You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

One more time.........

Hmmm. I just pulled out a letter-to-the-editor I wrote, but I can't scan in OCR for some reason... Will have to do it at the ERC.

Well, I know I wanted to say this:

I went through my past journal entries - and they tend to make me look bad - what with all the trouble with POLICE... and all...

I never did post parts 2 and 3 to the story of my arrest. Well, until I do, you will have to believe me that the whole incident ended up being very humourous. The police liked me. The UNARRESTED me. I never was charged with drunk driving. (Despite the gossip). The police gave me a ride to the Clocktower, and dropped me off very discretely, "So it doesn't look all funky or anything..." Now, who but a wonderful person could pull that off??? I ask you???? They said, "Now you have something more to write about!"

Damn straight!

The other police thing.... Did I ever tell about that MYSTERY NOTE I left for Carrie at the ERC? Well, what it was about was this: I'd go in occasionally and use the computers. Carrie and the fat girl would stare, smile, walk together and talk... Soo, soon, the jealous guys, or whatever, started the obligatory ridicule ritual. I had no idea if it was about me, really, but experience said.... And, I did like Carrie, but nothing was happenning. Finally, I was driving away from the ERC one day, and two girls drove by and yelled at me, "You're so COOL! I want you!" Who knows if this was serious or not? Actually, that's the whole thing - nothing is ever totally serious or totally not.... Anyway, I thought - well, maybe it's part of the talk, maybe it isn't - who cares? The point is, some girls think they can do this to me, I'll go do it to Carrie. And, of course, guys get in trouble for this kind of thing!!!!!! Well, I'm sitting at the computer at the ERC one day, and I type out, "Carrie. You are so COOL. I want you!" (Listen, the girl has a sense of HUMOR!) And I sent it to the printer, at the Circulation desk, and went to leave, as the fat girl smiled, and walked towards the printer... He he.

I am so funny!

Well, I do believe the police were called in. Actually, I saw the old Petterson dude walking to his office, and Carrie actually ran, (in her clompy clompy platform shoes), screaming, "Somebody stop that man!" So, she's on my side.... Anyway, it seemed like the police = now I'm note SURE of this = but it seemed like they asked a few questions, and decided they couldn't say who wrote the note. And even if they could - so what?????? Well, you can bet the Ofice administrators were in on this. I had to watch myself for a few weeks after that - because everyone else was!

Well, then I told Carla about my so-called-arrest, which I knew she would blab about. However, Carla likes me, since I am so concerned about her and her husband who is litterally going insane and threatening her safety. I mean, he has something in his brain that Mayo is trying to figure out... Well, I'm sure the Administrators, the ones who would make the transsexual jokes, learnt about the "arrest" - so that's why it was so perfect that I would later send along THE BEER STUDY to them, (where men who drank beer turned into women)! Further, when I sent along that clipping, standing right there with Carrie at the Circ desk, I was saying to everyone, yes - it was me! It was I who sent Carrie the infamous MYSTERY NOTE!


Well, it's only a matter of time for the follow-up with Carrie, who is still wary, and who still works with Jay, who laughs at all my jokes, but now acts like - god I forgot that guy's name again... The guy I gave a ride to... Anyway, the problem is - the girl at the ERC I really interested in is Angie.

All for now.

And now for one!

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