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For the Price of a Cup of Tea


I darnt do NUFFIN t'day septum joy mahself w/ the nether folk offa huntin trout I reckon. So I played a mix of CD's which I recently burnt off my main computer:

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away 2007
The Breeders - Mountain Battles 2008

Broken Social Scene 2005
Rage against the Machine - Battle Of Los Angeles 1999 (1-4)

Rage against the Machine - Battle Of Los Angeles 1999 (5-12)
System of a Down - Steal this Album 2002

Motion City Soundtrack - My Gorilla Life 2009
Goo Goo Dolls - Let Love In 2006

Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit 2006
Dusty Springfield - hits

(Lots of Jimmy Hendricks influence in this indie-ish "mix", plus CBGBs, NOISE, psychodelic.

Plus I rearrange, drop, or add other songs a little when I burn 2 CDs into one. So, it turned out pretty well. The Shins have a new album out and I think it's supposed to be great - if it's like what I've heard so far.

I just got through making some spinach and (home-pickled) beet spaghetti, and that turned out gourmet-restaurant delicious. But it was still disappointing. Why? I used GF noodles. Depending on the brand, GF noodles either take way to long to get soft, or they get too soft really quick. The latter was the case in my uh case. But, the important thing is that I'm still stretching out my nutrition w/o going to the store to buy veggies. Spinach is really good and contains lutein (etc!) which I have been low on. And beets contain silica, which fights both skin probs and Alzheimers-like illness. And anything of great COULOUR is good for you, flush with anti-oxidants. But did you know that if you add dairy products to your veggies, you lose much of the anti-oxidant powers? (That's why I didn't add cheese to my spaghet tonight). I thought about this, and here is my theory: Babies don't need anti-oxidants so much as they need to BURN FOOD. They are supposed to be pretty fresh and new, so why do they need anti-oxidants? Well, that's no longer true now that we feed them mercury and such. Well, babies do have one anti-oxidant - glutathione - which is found in whey and presumably in milk. (By the whey, raw milk is much better for you than mass-produced pasturised homogenised milk, which is why the government is attacking small farmers that sell it - cuz they are HUGE TERRIBLE threat to the dairy industry).

I was thinking of finally walking long-distance to a supermarket tomorrow, and having been preparing for that. But I found out that the special on Beneful at Family Dollar expired today instead of tomorrow, so I'll call it off. (I know I just bought about 60 pounds of dog food, but this is how I am. I save up, buy in bulk. Then I pick up bargains here and there. The idea is to have enough food to live forever. Me and Doggie MacGee. La da da loenie ah loenie ah yeah yeah yeah... (WTF?!)

What did Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have in common? Correct. They were both zombies. That's right. They were both walking around at night, stupid to reality, living in some other fantasy universe, WITH CELLPHONES STUCK TO THEIR HEADS. Never mind that half of our population in 30 years will look like the Elephant Man, cellphones are turning people into idiots. Last night, I was walking out to check if it was OK to let out the dog WITHOUT SCARING ANY OF THE BIG BABIES OUT THERE, and there was this guy walking out of the nether people's door, right past me. I begin to tell him that I'm letting the dog out, and he looks away, ALL IMPORTANT, and starts dialing his cellphone. OK, then, yet another slight from the netherhood association - so out comes the dog, (on his leash), charging down the steps all goofy happy. And my dog does this thing where he likes to GO UP TO PEOPLE lately. And the leash kinda happened to end up a little longer than usual for some reason. Ha ha - tough guy say, "woe," and jumps away. I'm sorry, but if you don't know enough to live in the real world, REALITY WILL BITE YOU. So, it's a good thing I done did. I'm such a card. I'm all, "Hey, dog! Stop that! Get over here!" But, look. I've gotten nothing but massive 3rd grade passive aggression from the nether people. THEY HAVE NO IDEA THAT I AM THE MASTER OF PASSIVE AGGRESSION IF I WANT TO BE. And, go back to that post where I was talking about how unreal, competitive people will be completely disarmed or impressed by the mousiest squeak of TRUTH from an honest person's mouth. Same difference. It ain't no art - all it is is the fact that LIES COLLAPSE OF THEIR OWN WEIGHT when their assumptions are not accepted. Assumptions such as STUPID IDIOT FEAR OF TERRORISTS BECAUSE EVERYONE IS STRAPPED ONTO TVs AND CELLPHONES LIKE GULLIVERS BY THEIR OWN LILLIPUTIAN CHUPICABRAS.

So, 24 hours later, tonight, I am out with my dog. AND, OF COURSE SOMEONE HAS TO COME OUT AT THE SAME TIME I AM OUT, BECAUSE THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE THROUGH THEIR ME OR YOU ZERO-SUM GAME. How many minutes in a day? And yet they always have to come out when I'm out there?! It's insane and juvenile. In Britain, it's called, "THE MUSTERINGS OF BUGGERY." (wut?!) So, I think this is the same guy as last night. I'm looking over to see him on their porch. He looks cautiously for the feared danger. And then he walks down, cellphone in hands. But THIS time he says, "How are you doin tonight, Sir?" - SIR?! Because I scared you last night, NOW you call me, "SIR"? How fucking backwards 99% of males are. We've got 8 years of life and only a split second of death - yet males hold this spectre of death over each other's heads all life-long! THIS is why I went to live in the woods - or something like that... By "woods" I mean "my closet." I say, "Fine. How are YOU?" And zzzzzzzzzzip! Immediately his head is glued to the cellphone. No response to me. He's back in his ignore-reality comfort zone - somehow now "one-up" on me, cuz he, cuz he, uh... HAS A CELLPHONE oooohhhh!!!! Or he knows ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WHO IS CERTAINLY FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME OR MY DOG OR THAT BIG SEMI-TRUCK HEADED STRAIGHT TOWARDS HIM; [embellishment]. So, he rounds the corner, (I'm on a corner), and comes up the sidewalk to pass the dog. And even though my dog has been reigned back and secured, impossible to reach the sidewalk, Mr. Zombie Cellphone Man wanders off the sidewalk and onto the highway, to stay even clearer of my dog. You know what this is like? This is like we are all living in Defoe's Plague Year. People are terrified. People are avoidant. People are dropping from unnatural causes. Except for one thing. There is no Plague. Yet. There is no Plague but lo! How we have set the stage!

Now I'm drinking ginger tea. Or it's drinking me. It's like I'm pressed on the handle bars, Of a blind man's bike...

A Comet Appears - The Shins

One hand on this wily comet,
Take a drink just to give me some weight,
Some uber-man I'd make,
I'm barely a vapor

They shone a chlorine light on,
A host of individual sins,
Let's carve my aging face off,
Fetch us a knife,
Start with my eyes,
Down so the lines,
Form a grimacing smile,

Close your eyes to corral a virtue,
Is this fooling anyone else?
Never worked so long and hard,
To cement a failure,

We can blow on our thumbs and posture,
But the lonely is such delicate things,
The wind from a wasp could blow them,
Into the sea,
With stones on their feet,
Lost to the light and the loving we need,

Still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing,

With burnt sage and a forest of bygones,
I click my heels,
Get the devils in line,
A list of things I could lay the blame on,
Might give me a way out,

But with each turn,
It's this front and center,
Like a dart stuck square in your eye,
Every post you can hitch your faith on,
Is a pie in the sky,
Chock full of lies,
A tool we devise,
To make sinking stones fly,

And still to come,
The worst part and you know it,
There is a numbness,
In your heart and it's growing.

...the Music for Funerals section:

Most of Morrissey's "Ringleader Of The Tormentors" album is great for my funeral - AND MAYBE YOURS! :) And here is a song for someone's hypothetical funeral by The Breeders, (which is an ironic name, ironically)... Southern hometown style (G.O.O.) country...

Here No More - The Breeders

Not lost
But gone before
Here no more, here no more
Each day the long light dims and fades
Not lost
But gone before

Creation sinks
Mountains bring
Ages born through memory and lore
Upon a saw tall timbers fall
Here no more, here no more

The light shines close
Echoes low
Of your sweet voice
I weep and mourn
Upon a saw tall timbers fall
Here no more, here no more

Not lost
But gone before
Here no more, here no more
Each day the long light dims and fades
Not lost
But gone before

Each day the long light dims and fades
Here no more, here no more

(My dog knows "here". And "No more!". So he finds this song interesting).
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