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Well, there are booms in Baraboo now, like those in Clintonville. These are probably caused by shallow mini-quakes, and they seem to be too numerous to be caused by fracking, etc. Lights are forming in the skies above. These are almost certainly the piezoelectric effect indicating extreme and/or vast pressures and geomagnetic changes in the ground below. No one knows why this is happening. I'm pretty certain it s happening due to solar-entanglement/reactivity and associated thermal processes associated with increased solar activity, which in turn affects our geomagnetic field, as it also does when we are hit by a solar CME. As I have suggested several times in the past, the deeper earth is warming and expanding more than it is at the surface. This leads to upwards and sideways pressures over vast areas of the crust. However, there will also be areas compelled to DROP. Great areas of land have indeed dropped - below sea level - in the past. One mythical case of this is LEMURIA (goggle). The "Lemuria" drop, I feel, is partly backed by evidence, although most scientists disagree. The point is, these drops DO occur in reality. And so, we should consider that these great booms and lights in Wisconsin and the greater region may be a development of a possible upcoming MIDWESTERN DROP, as "predicted" by Edgar Casey (sp!). It's more than merely possible, as by chance, since many of Casey's predictions did in fact come true, (as opposed to the quatrains of Nostradamus, etc.) The U.S. government has had several different programmes which have taken psychic phenomenon quite seriously, and so you can bet any amount of money that they have taken this prediction seriously - among other scenaria. Today's easing towards martial law, the REAL building of many FEMA "refugee camps," etc., may be a deliberate preparation for the eventuality of some similar type of crisis. And/OR - we are preparing to go to war with China. Our current geopolitical strategies in Afghanistan, Northern Africa, Seychelles, Australia - these all highly suggest a quiet prophylactic war with China, in which "our" global corporations are invested, or based. Recently, our government purchased half a billion or so hollow-tip bullets. For what? Possibly for some action involving China, seeing as so many other western weapons are being shipped there as well. Most likely this would be an action seeking to inspire popular rebellion, as in Egypt, with the objective for opening up a market to the west. We are currently facing the spectre of hyperinflation, due to the Fed's open and secret "printing" of new money (and so indebtedness). Should the BRIC countries discard the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency, as they are planning to do at this moment, our dollars will come flying home and costs will go OUT OF CONTROL. Instant poverty. Even if this doesn't happen, China's inflation would still end up tranferring over here. One way to attack this threat is thus to attack China. Yes, it is completely insane. I'm tired of studying war, and politics. Unfortunately, the dangers or so great, I must. But to tell you the truth, I would rather study all this solar entanglement and geomagnetic storms and so on. If I had half a mind. I think of those wonderful pizza-electric lights - those piez in the skiez - all blue and surreal. Or the northern lights. These are ionic and quantum phenomena, exposed to our retinae. (It has been confirmed, sometimes, quantum phenomena ARE visible). But those lights which spyre from the muscle of the Earth are the same fluorescence alive in our mind's eye - in the pineal gland, which is made of RETINAL TISSUE. The pineal gland ponders away, at the discrete display of an errant photon or two within it's pitch-black cavern. And what does our mind make of these? These photons - these quantum colours - are our dear musings upon the wonders of being. This is the realm of CONSCIOUSNESS. And look up there, alighting the night. There is the consciousness of our infinite neighbours. Kinda makes you think... And so, we reach, again, the obstacle called FUKUSHIMA. The crisis hasn't ended.


And concerning U.S. politics... I've concluded that we're looking at - for the 2012 campaign - a Republican presidential ticket of Romney / Obama.

And they will run against the Democratic ticket of Obama / Romney. You heard it here. *flops back down into his bed full of brimstone*


sing_marly at 2012-04-06 02:31 (UTC) (Lien)
At 12:01 AM on December 22, 2012 I plan on running into my front yard in my panties and bra yelling out "IM STILL ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEE!!!!"
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2012-04-06 02:38 (UTC) (Lien)
ha ha ha!

that's a weird coincidence cuz i was planning to go up there and pay to watch you do this

go figure
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