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raptor jesus

LET IT BE - (Tolerance - Part 4)

Posted on 2012.03.20 at 18:21
(written yesterday)...

Dear Diary: This weekend I continued to fall behind in commenting people's LJs. But I read them, mostly. Today, I am continuing to recover from the pizza, beer, and long walk - but it isn't as bad as it usually is.

My 60 pounds of Biblical grain arrived this morning, and I was there to receive it. As usual, the nether neighbours began arguing below. More later...

Resume: One theme to this quicky post... I am sensing some persuasion in the air. It is the feeling that this PUSHING OF OUR OWN BELIEFS ONTO OTHERS is futile and inhumane. Perhaps this shift of sentiment occurs every spring. Or perhaps it springs singularly from the OCCUPY movement - including the insanity of police brutality; or from the spiritual water-logging from so many years of religious OIL WARS, including marines gone berserk, or maybe it's a cosmic dream I alone sent out - and you sent out - and all together it spiralled from the sun.

Or maybe it was inspired by the slow, ugly dying of untenable, "supply side economics." Kiss it goodbye - where the sun don't shine. In these days of looming MARTIAL LAW, lost in a cacophony of well-funded GOP prima-donnas shouting that THEIR RIGHT MAKES MIGHT, and in a sudden low-frequency shock-wave reverberating between men and women, all circling around the idea of CONTROL OR LOSE, there is this new little ripple, which suggests, "There is something higher than this pathological need to convert others to our own version of "RIGHT."

Tonight, Norman Goldman set aside an hour to discuss this phenomenon of so many DIFFERING people all being convinced they're absolutely right, trying to force others to accept THEIR WAY. How good of them! I tell you, that was the main dysfunction coming from my relatives in the winter of my incontinence. jk But before Norman's discussion, I had posted this:

"We are here now. Are you such an idiot that you can't understand to be be good unless there is some old man chasing you with a stick? That's not GOOD cuz it is not CHOICE. All that is, is smoothing out social mores, so some order can function." http://madman101.livejournal.com/1075330.html

A day or two later, one of my LJ 'friends' posted her dream, in the same vein....

"I dreamt that I was in church, having a normal service. We confessed our sins, prayed, sang a few hymnals and had communion while passing the collection plate. Then came the sermon. It was about the book of Revelations and the end of the world. Then suddenly, an angel and a demon appeared at the doors. They told us to line up at the door in two lines. One line by the angel, the other by the demon. A, B, C, D, E and myself had lined up by the angel while X, Y and Z was nowhere to be seen. All I could see was smoke and fire where the demon was and that whole line disappeared. Then the angel looked at us who stood in front of him and took us to the sky where heaven was. Only a few were left behind, like J and the preacher. And J was wearing a black robe with a big gold cross around his neck. he also lost a lot of weight. did he become a pastor himself? I have no idea.

"I found myself in heaven again, for the tenth time, inside the mansion I was all too familiar with. I wondered if this was the end but I had the feeling it wasn't at the same time. Something also told me that X, Y and Z didn't make it in. Neither did some of my friends or my mother. I never felt so alone in my life.

"Then the angel came back to me and said that I wasn't. The majority of my family did make it to heaven including those who would become a significant part of my future. I felt some comfort in that and I also knew that I couldn't push beliefs on others either. If I did push my beliefs on others, they wouldn't become real Christians anyway and they would become hypocrites. It was really their choice. The moment I realized that, the dream ended."

What inspired her? God? Norm? TV? LJ? Had she read my journal - even though she never friended me? Did Norm read my journal? (I know for a fact he has in the past - and I often harp on this same theme). It's always fun figuring out connections.

But the point is not whether they read my journal, which is unlikely, it is that the inspiration is NOT POSSESSIVE - it is open, coincidental, random, holistic, SAME. It does not come down to us from this or that BIBLE, but from the etchings in our own better nature. And you can say I did or did not have something to do with it. Or you could say WAR or OCCUPY or HISTORY did or did not have something to do with it.

Or you could say GOD did or did not have something to do with it.

All of that is beside the point! So "God" inspired you but not me, or me but not you, but we aspire the same. Would not God have wanted it this way? Ours is not to proselytize but to empathise and conspire.

Listen. Filter up. Demand-side revolution...

We are heaven's scaffolding.

PS -Just say "NO!" to INTOLERANCE.

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