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speech, freedom of

Posted on 2012.03.08 at 17:34
Crazy republicans are like a Parrot in a cage in your living room.

You're walking around and you say to the parrot, "You never change." And the Parrot says, "You NEVER CHANGE!" And maybe you also say, "You're trapped in a cage but the door isn't locked, why don't you open your cage and fly away?" And then the parrot says the same thing to you.

Maybe some day you say, "I just saw you having foot sex with homosexual canaries." And the Parrot says the same thing back to you.

And, one day, the house is on fire, so the parrot is shouting, repeating after you, "FIRE! FIRE!" All the while he is doing this, banksters and oilsters are wiring him invisible money to keep you off-guard so they can come and, eh, burn your house down, so they can build some damn thing in its place. Possibly Hell.

Everything is on fire. And the Parrot is there, in his cage, behind his CLEAR CHANNEL microphone, laughing and laughing as he goes up in flames...

You shout, "You never learn!!!" And the parrot shouts back, "You never change! You never change! Barack! This is a recording. Barack!"

And then I went to a crazy liberal, and shouted, "Fire! Fire!"

The crazy liberal was repined in a pose, inclining towards Babylon, reading a book of prose, entitled, "How to beat conservatives at the game of denial." He said, "According to Theory Theory, you are being rude and making me secretly jealous and resentful. Stop showing off. Stop pretending you are ALEX JONES!"

And the little world went bouncing, bouncing away.

And the government was still ringing in my ears, tweeting, "Why don't you open your cage and fly away?"

(shhhhh!! I think the government LIKES meh!)

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