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Zombinomics 101: When all else fails, THROW GARBAGE.

Zombinomics 101: When all else fails, THROW GARBAGE.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

Humph. It's 4:pm and I just might be able to have some CFS improvement - so I want to worry not. I want to put off the letter to the phone/internet company one more day. That letter is complicated and also involves contacting the BBB, law agencies, etc. Mostly, it requires a lot of thought. But I got their latest bill in the mail and I'm not going to open it. I'm just going to send it back to them w/ the letter via certified mail. So anyway, I've decided to take a break from both of my realities. (CFS to the left of me, jokers to the right).

But I did make a call to Chase Bank to check about some "LEISURE REWARD POINTS" owed to me on a card from a closed checking acct. But they clarified that I had the wrong card... long story short, the BANKER at the BANK actually mixed up two of my credit cards, the closed one and an active one, and this has been causing me all manner of botherance in recent weeks. I replaced the card to my open acct., but still can't use that to access my open acct. because they won't give me my access/PIN unless I return to the local BANK at the OLD CITY which I can't do because I don't have a DRIVERS LICENSE due to some other mistakes from other bureaucrat idiot humans. I suppose it's "NICE" to know that the whole credit card problem was due not to ME but to some other idiot - JUST LIKE MY STUPID PHONE/INTERNET BILL. How convenient that all these mistakes keep showing up, ending up squeezing our chicken necks and making soup for the fat swilling swine in their ANIMAL PHARM mansions.

Even on the phone, explaining the prob., the virtual teller lady very quickly switched into conversation suggesting that this was MY mistake: I told here the last 4 digits, there was not the slightest indication of me FORGETTING anything - but she was like, "OK, what are the last four digits you CAN remember?" I can't stand this crap anymore!!!!!!!! WE'RE RIGHT WE'RE RIGHT WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU!!!!!!! PAY US FEEEEEEEEEES PLEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!

Sow, anyway...

At the end of the movie, "DUCK SOUP," the Marx brothers had the sell-out ambassador in stocks*, and they were throwing fruit at the guy's exposed head. After listening to some talk on THOM HARTMANN, I realised that this scene was a political poke in the eye at Puritan America. For wandering about, for flirting male-on-male, for not going to church 2x per day, and so on, people were punished by the Puritans with imprisonment, or by being placed in stocks* - and by having people throw garbage at them! So, the Marx Brothers might have been saying that the whole problem of political turmoil or fascism, (or of "dealing" with such), was to be blamed on official American Puritan IDIOCY.

And I don't see that that is off the mark, when you look at the history of Wilson, of Appeasement, of the Invasion of Iraq, etc. Now all the media networks are ganging up and sending the message that it must be morally right to "PUNISH" Iran because it might gain the capability of having a nuclear bomb. In fact, Iran needs ENERGY because the people aren't benefitting from the MEGA-CORP sale if its OIL.

In fact, Iran can't sell it's oil for enough dollars, so it is having to switch to other currencies or barters. When IRAQ moved to switch from the dollar, it got invaded. And so why WOULDN'T Iran want a NUKE bomb, after it saw what we did to Iraq? GWB declared Iran one of THE THREE EVIL COUNTRIES! Nevertheless, it's Holy Guy declared that it would be AGAINST THE KORAN to have a nuclear bomb. I need to compare dates - but is THAT why some of our soldiers BURNED THE KORAN? Just like the PISSING ON TALIBAN video, selected and widely propagated? ANOTHER MEDIA EVENT TO CAUSE MORE WAR AND SEEK MORE MEGA-PROFITS?

Well, it would be naive and Puritan of me to think that we planned this BELICOSE AGITATION - but it would be judgmental and Puritan of me to conclude that IRAN NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED, yes? Cuz, if I don't fall in line with our PURITAN SOCIETY, i.e., the MEDIA, then who knows HOW I MIGHT BE JUDGED?!?! If I oppose WAR, then people will MAKE FUN OF ME! AND THROW FRUIT!

Even today, this country has the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, unfairly biased against blacks and minorities - people who like to wander about and maybe NOT GO TO CHURCH 2x A DAY... This country also has a LARGER MILITARY THAN ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD COMBINED. Oh, no, it would be non-Puritan of me to think that these things POSSIBLY might be BAD - might POSSIBLY be agitating the world into anger and bloodshed and squalour. It would be like admitting that constantly beating your child actually ends up growing a very fucked up child who also likes to beat his children. Or put them in STOCKS - and BONDS...

Look at the fervour in which the big L libertarian right wishes to destroy our economy. It is so intense, it is so absolutist, it is SO THEOCRATIC, that gladly will a billionaire here or there throw himself on his own sword, accidentally, as if by zombie logic, (of which I have spoken above), losing his entire wealth and career, in the way of Madoff, or Enron, or Lehman Brothers. In the service of Goldman-Sachs, the Golden Calf. As if acting without a mind, or with a mind called WORMWOOD. Riddled by the sins of their own genetic and petrochemical pollutions... We all throw up our arms in angst and anxiety and shout that Iran must be punished, but, basically, it is only because we are getting FILLED UP WITH SHIT.


So, Republican candidates are out saying dumb things like, Obama is a "SNOB" for wanting all kids to be able to go to college. Well, if I were an actual snob, who has been to LAW SCHOOL like Rick Sanatorium, I might say something like, "I'm in a special club. I've been to college. I don't think other people belong in college. Or in my special club." Right? That's what a SNOB ould say. But, instead, Sanitorium kinda flubs everything by doing this weird appeal to the common man, which plays like this, "Even though I've been to LAW SCHOOL, I am just like you. I'm stupid, I'm hard-working, I don't want nobody telling me to become a weel-off PROFESSOR, or CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT, or anything sophisticated like that! Cuz them folks all be SNOBS and therefore I should not aspire to better wealth, health or welfare or INTELLIGENCE. The whole idea of EVERYONE GOING TO COLLEGE IS COMPLETE COMMUNISM, therefore, SNOBBERY!!!"

Yes, my friends, not only are corporations people, but Communism is Elitism. And Hitler was a Communist. And they've twisted everything inside out. Cuz the only thing they are able to sell IS THE NOVELTY OF TRUTH IN PERVERSION. I, myself, don't need to hear that crap. It's like the brain hungering for mor twisted-up prion proteins. Novelty is not equivalent to truth. Exposing a lie does not mean that if you ACT like you are EXPOSING something - ANYTHING - the act itself does not mean you are speaking the truth. Letting everyone go to college is the VERY OPPOSITE of snobbery, fcs!!!!!!

And so, too, is Raw-money foot-in-mouthing. I heard about his showing in the empty stadium via ED SCHULTZ today - and of his ridiculous statements about the 2 Cadillacs, or knowing people who OWN NASCAR companies, etc... "Hey, you guys out there in cheap PONCHO's! Looks like you really SPRANG A WHOLE MINT ON THAT RAIN-GEAR, HA HA hhhhh.... eh???...." See - Romney is also trying to appeal to the common man, and exposing HIMSELF as a complete elitist, removed from reality. The ACTUAL SNOB, trying to snooker the masses. It's the same damn thing... (And, listen, I'm not that fond of Obama either, just so we're clear about things. He's got the same Wall Street, Goldman Sachs electrodes wired to his brain).

Well, here we have this ongoing farce of the GOP debates, with millionaires and billionaires pretending that they are the Jerry Springer show, brought to you by this new thing called CITIZEN'S UNITED... Infinite corporate money poured into super-PACS which not-so-invisibly favour particular candidates. And Obama, deliberately, consciously, late to the party, has revised his prediction of his own 2012 campaign war chest from $6oo million up to $ONE FUCKING BILLION. But the bigger picture is that this infinite money is only making the political contests more "competitive" in that the money BOLSTERS UP THE ALREADY-RICH, or the ALREADY PRE-SELECTED CORPORATE PAWNS, and crushes the poorer, newer, more TRUTHFUL, and LESS SNOBBISH candidates - which, of course, includes ALTERNATE PARTIES. No surprise there.

So long as we have this unlimitted money and lobbying keeps pouring into the political perversion of democracy, we are going to have these idiot rich candidates pretending they are commoners, trying to sell us nothing but UPSIDE-DOWN, INSIDE-OUT propaganda SUBSTITUTING FOR THE TRUTH. But if you realise that this economy is only going to limp along another few years, and ultimately undergo an even LARGER COLLAPSE THAN IN 2008, you can look at this nonsense, ad just kind of smirk. Like the little commoner snob that we both know you are. You look at it and think, "All this corporate money, all for naught, but the eventual invasion of China, it is only a further HEMORRHAGING OF RETARDED CAPITALISM. So fuck it. Just watch their money evapourate. Watch them cry for that money to be returned when all they have to eat is their yachts. ha heee." But don't tell anyone about your opinions on the subject. Because you will be punished.

For the truth they defend not. For the Trumps and the Gecko's and the INVISIBLE HAND they offer as false gods. They pass currency to us, at the point of a Gun, and demand our trust, and expect us to see GOLD therein, not paper. And expect us to see GOD therein, and not gold. And if there is no rice, why not? Because I know that food is ground from the Earth. That food is directly connected to truth. That I am directly connected to truth. And that a mob that is hungry is a mob that is angry. And do you think they are stupid - THEY KNOW THIS TOO.

Endlessly, the GOP candidates and spinsters say things like, "The auto industry bail-out was communism!" What they seek to hide is the TRUTH that Wall Street failed us, because of the castration OF GOVERNMENT'S ABILITY TO REGULATE DISPARATE GREED - the greed of thousands of separate individuals and companies. For some reason, the further up in the pyramid a go-getter gets, the more he seems to "NEED." He needs the snot kicked out of him. We need to kick the snot out of him. And that's why there's government. Because the people who deserve to be punished should not be the people WHO END UP FRICKIN PUNISHING US, brandishing words of religion and absolutes and gods and free trade and all that THEOCRACY...

Well, because Wall Street failed us, the banks seized up, and the private banks, just like greedy, cautious, anxious, self-interested individuals, did not want to lend out money to the auto-industry - OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS. Why should they do that if in their own personal lives they go to Church when expected, and they treat their children well, and they give a little to charity, and they want the things they want? Why should they do that when THE GREAT INVISIBLE HAND, mistaken for GOD HIMSELF, should sort all the injustices and deficiencies in the market - and so somehow the auto industry should somehow magically pull itself up by it's bootstraps, or else CHINA WAS MEANT BY FATE TO TAKE OVER OUR AUTO-INDUSTRY, as it has been taking over everything else.

That is the fairness of their religion. What a sad, terrible thing, when the consummate force of greed is mistaken for GOD himself. What a grave, grave false god, inevitably to fail us!!

But who other than the government could have - SHOULD have - stepped in and loaned to the auto industry, thus reviving it, reviving a VAST network through the economy, multiplying currency use, and SAVING ONE MILLION JOBS - as well as the state of Michigan, at least for one fleeting moment, perhaps?! This was NOT what they lie about, calling it a "BAIL OUT" - this was a legitimate LOAN programme, from the government, WE THE PEOPLE, which was miniscule compared to the TRUE BAIL-OUT EXTENDED TO THE BANKSTERS, CEO's, EUROPEAN BANKS, THE FED - all of whom remained tight with their credit, despite being given a free ride in exchange for their $600 TRILLION IN DERIVATIVES GAMBLING LOSSES! THEN - the GOP called the STIMULUS PACKAGE a bail-out, and of course tried to waterlog it with tax-cuts for themselves...

My god, there is so much mis-truth abounding these days it seems almost too spiritually expensive just to breathe... Reward, we the criminals, and punish the poor - I am disgusted...

Similarly, they crow that the KEYSTONE PIPELINE WILL BRING JOBS AND LOWER GAS PRICES... What crap. It's a pipeline for CANADAN OIL to be shipped to CHINA, etc.

OK - I wanted to focus this post on the concept of sin...

We've discust the ambassador in stocks, the fruit, the Puritan blame ethic, which is supposed to make the world go 'round... We've discust the PRIONIFICATION of the truth. We haven't even touched on how the HUGE TRANSFER of wealth from the middle classes up to the global 1%, especially in recent years, has been accomplished by a MAMMOTHLY CRIMINAL SHIFTING OF BLAME FROM THE RICH TO THE POOR, ETC., as to Fanny May or to irresponsible homeowners or even to the U.S. auto industry -

- but shifting the blame from hyperspace gamblers and hedge-fund-raiders, (the likes of GOLDMAN-SACHS), to entire governments of countries, FORCING AUSTERITY ON THE POPULATIONS because "everyone needs to bear the responsibility" is a perversion of the blame ethic of unbelievable dimensions and it is mind-boggling that millions of gullible people are eating it up and consequently going hungry. Decent people with consciences, wanting to do good by their neighbours, wanting to help, to shoulder the burdon - like the unions in Wisconsin giving up benefits to subsequently be RAPED by Walker - believing in the integrity of THE DOLLAR when the snobs at the top have done nothing but whored the dollar away...

Let's get back to basics... I was thinking about "sin." You amble down the street, and somehow fail to go to church, or maybe tilt your hat in a certain way, and the next thing you know you are in stocks looking at flying fruit. You have "sinned." Your act of rambling down the street is no longer something you - in your body, in your mind, in your heart and consciousness and life - did, it is now officially CLASSIFIED. It is classified information. It is FILED AWAY in legal tomes as an official affront against god and society, as REGULATED BY THE STATE.

You have sinned, and therefore broken all manner of law. Everyone agrees, sheepishly: YOU ARE TO BLAME. For whatever. The weather, perhaps. Meanwhile, pigs in suits are praised for all that goes good with the economy, even though they are idiots, mucking up things widely, but unseen, with their graft and extravagance. You merely amble down the street and all of Wall Street is brought down on you. You sit in the park and are sprayed in the eyes with pepper-spray for the weight of your thoughts. You have sinned. Because we punish you, you have sinned.

A sin is like a chair. The official authoritrons describe your errant ramblings, and in their own magic way - in the same way they might, say, PEDDLE LIES - they transform it into something "concrete" - something they can grab onto, and move around, like a piece of furniture. Your free will, your choice, your judgment is now a piece of furniture they can carry around. It is a chair they can put here or put there. They can put the chair behind four solid walls and a locked door, with you still in it.

They can put the chair on the edge of a cliff and have you rock there for the rest of your life. They can take you for a swim in your chair, your waterboard, and make you say anything they want you to say. For you have sinned.

Because you have sinned, they now have the right to PHYSICALLY MANIPULATE YOU, YOUR FOOD, YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE. Because you have sinned, you are, by degree, a slave to their own moralistic, generally retarded, amblings and ramblings. They may strip you of clothes by this magic they have - this magic which has no substance of its own - no clothes of its own - but the collective judgments of others, sheepish or not, though they all be errant in greater ways. Your sin has landed you into the INVISIBLE HAND of the market place, a kind of piece of meat to be bartered and battered about, for great is the hand of god...

And cruel is the hand that must hand you your punishment. This old testament god is something of a bully, isn't he? And this is the god we are being returned to, these days. A kind of involution of progress of time, like an ingrown toenail or an ingrown sibling, where all is stasis and dread. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want for myself is to be forced to become this kind of CONSERVATIVE, by some idiot, or company, or group or government, TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THAT I HAVE SINNED.


And they elevate these absolutes into laws and countries and gods, but all they mean is to coerce.

Look at the back of a dollar bill. Look at that perfect pyramid - that PLATONIC IDEAL... Look at that eye up there winking at you. That is the upper 1%. Maybe 5%. That is their self-appointed self-illumination, they the IllumiNAZI's. That is the top of the economy where money is magically created out of hyperspace, and gambled back into it again, having no real meaning or value, other than THE ELITE HAVE THE RIGHT - THE RIGHT TO CONTROL, TO LIE, TO CHEAT...

http://www.livescience.com/18683-rich-people-lie-cheat-study.html, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/cheat-lie-break-the-law-chances-are-youre-rich/article2351690/

We are the mass of the Pyramid, holding them up, slaving away, counting our dollars and our days. Measuring our estates with coffee spoons. We count by one's and two's. We share and share alike. We do unto others. We toggle back and forth in a static, frenetic mass tit-for-tat, while the elite just look back and laugh at our futility. Our trust in real numbers and values. In hard work. Laughing at our paced mortality. For they - they think themselves immortal - and who wouldn't, with dollars that fly from the ass of god?

"In God we Trust," we profess. We are told to profess. We trust in their false prophesy, is what we do. They have handed us a paper mache god, an phoney IOU. Like those phoney cafeteria the Sophomores tried to sell you when you were a Freshman in high-school. We dance for them like fools. The thing we call money is nothing but their means of rationalising manipulation, of destruction, or RIGHT OF WAY. How ironic that they look down with disdain at us, when their empire is nothing but a house of cards? How deeply sad. The immortality they fancy is more of the devil than the divine.

Their illumination, their divination, it is all a blindness - while they careen at the forefront of history into a future impossible, a future of nothing but catastrophe, and yet they are lusting into it as if it were something full of life.

"Incompetent People Too Ignorant to Know It: A growing body of psychology research shows that incompetence deprives people of the ability to recognize their own incompetence. To put it bluntly, dumb people are too dumb to know it. Similarly, unfunny people don't have a good enough sense of humor to tell." http://www.livescience.com/18678-incompetent-people-ignorant.html

We, joining the ignorant, will trust in those technocrats and priests who tell us where we are going, when we choose to know nothing of this expertise? We elect more idiots than leaders. Thinking the great invisible hand of corporate lobbying will somehow map out a path to light and living wages? We elect these people to set out the PLAN, to choose which countries and MONSTERS to depose, to dig the sinks for our moneys, and then bow down to the punishments they mete out for us - FOR WE HAVE SINNED?! We have sinned, perhaps - but in in so far as we have erected this false pyramid CHURCH - it is our own FUNERAL PYRE.

Do not think that this dollar bill is something real in your hand. What is real in your hand is your grasp of the truth. And what is true is what is real, what is physical, what breathes with love and pain. What exchanges a wave or a lending hand or a smile with you. What is real is the hand of your daughter in yours, together ambling off into an enlightened future. What is real is the hand of your father working away to put food on the table. What is real are the five fingers by which you count the days. The steps you take. Your heart still beating. What is real is your own voice proclaiming the light that shines through your very own eyes. I AM ALIVE!



"Freedom is the freedom to say 2+2=4." - George Orwell


"The end of the film finds Trentino caught in makeshift stocks, with the Brothers pelting him with fruit. Trentino surrenders, but Firefly tells him to wait until they run out of fruit. (Mrs. Teasdale begins singing the Freedonia national anthem in her operatic voice and the Brothers begin hurling fruit at her instead)." ... A reference to how our insanity shall continue until the day that we run out of the great abundence that we have enjoyed in these last centuries? Today, the fruit we throw is Chinese or Mexican or painted in eColi or GM... How long shall we be caught in this narrow-minded game, pelting a few examples of Wall Street's follies, using up fruit and resorting to garbage, when it is all of us who are prisoners of STOCKS... and BONDS... and FALSE CURRENCY AND FALSE IDOLS...


Do not think that this dollar bill knows better than you. It is not your master. It is not "THE TRUTH" any more than it is a LIE wrought upon the leaf of a tree. It is not your GOD. Do not let it punish you.

"MISTER Wordsworth!........."

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

* stocks: A device consisting of a heavy timber frame with holes for confining the ankles and sometimes the wrists, formerly used for punishment.
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