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I am the person who will destroy China.

from the flaming antisocialist

I can only conclude that the guy downstairs is on crack. The stuff going on down there is just plain beyond dysfunctional. Now I know why the rent is so cheap, ha ha... huhhhhhh...

I thought the set-up was this: Woman with breathing problems pays her bills by doing laundry for neighbours. She does this from about 10:am until about 4:pm, producing an intolerable BUZZING on my AM radio, and filling my apartment with toxic fabric-softener fumes, in addition to the second-hand smoke and the incense. Because she has breathing problems... And this woman has a messed up son and a messed up daughter, the latter who has a dog. The son and daughter fight at all hours.

But maybe this is wrong. Maybe there is no mother. Maybe the two youngin's downstairs are actually boyfriend/girlfriend, or married, god help us. Things are so nuts, I really don't see much of a motherly influence putting any brakes on things. And a mother would have kicked the son out by now - unless he helps pay the bills, which I've been thinking was the case.

The two fight at all hours, and pound and bang and run around, and there was the night she was screaming. Tonight, he apparently came home at 2 or 3:am - which is later than the bars close. I thought he had been kicked out - but if he actually does get kicked out - or kicks HIMSELF out - it never lasts long. So, he was back in here running around downstairs and making the dog bark. He's most probably trying to make his dog into a big dangerous angry monster because the guy is afraid of MY dog, and has some personal private passive-aggressive war going on with me, and my dog. That's a bad thing if he is on crack.

Actually, it was kind of a relief to conclude he is on crack, cuz I can no longer take him seriously in any way. I can't really lower myself to have grudges against him for such things as banging on the walls or pumping his stereo 100%. I just have to accept the fact that there are a hell of a lot more fucked up people in this world than I ever expected. And 99% of these people live in this country. I was kind of hoping he was only on pot. But pot don't shake like that.

But it's not fair that I have to keep my dog settled down during all of this crazy ruckus. Because that's completely unnatural for a young male dog like mine. Last time there was all-night ruckus, my dog got some serious dysentery. And that whole thing wasn't great for my CFS.

My CFS relapse is now finally abating. It seems that the whole relapse was more a symptom of successful, slow RECOVERY, rather than a reaction to exertion, (although that was part of the equation). The Synthroid, (and all my other efforts), is starting to pay off.

Btw - the dose I take is a mere 1/4th of what was PRESCRIBED BY MY LAST DOCTOR. OMG I'm self-medicating!!! And PEPPERMINT TEA!! Surely that will KILL ME!!! I'm so reckless! Taking 1/2 of a Zantac per day! It's just as bad as doing crack!

We are so CONCERNED so now we are going to ATTACK EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! Because we CARE!!!

That latter bit was a reference to my being attacked in an LJ community by a freaky old TeaBagger hag. She barges in accusing me of not being a scientist, basically, but she was here to tell me what other scientists WOULD say if they were there - but she was somehow their spokesperson instead. Because all TeaBagger types kiss the ass of authority figures, which makes them authorities. Well, she starts off telling me that HHV6 having an affinity for the left hemisphere was completely wrong, (cuz again she is a pseudo-scientist of greatest importance). And when I tell her it is a SCIENTIFIC FACT, she starts off her next comment not addressing such FACTS, but by shouting that I am "comparing dicks" and illegally using CAPITAL LETTERS!! (I didn't even read her whole comment). So, like I said, you just have to accept the fact that there are fucked up people not worth your time, and move on.

But since she fits the profile of the TeaBagger hag type, (which can include some NPR listeners btw), who has had a propensity for attacking the likes of me out of the blue, (cuz they are still stuck in the 1950's American Dream/DEMAND, and they hate their lives/HUSBANDS), I might do another post on that subject, called, appropriately, WORMWOOD, in reference to BRAIN ROT. Ain't taht wut crack do? It bein the end of the world and all. Ack!


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