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I am the person who will destroy China.

Urine Nation - Part 2

I enjoy being able to fire Blahhh People, in quiet rooms, and then tell them, "If you don't have a job... Blame You-Self!" It is predicted that Mitt Romney will fall like a stoned Bob Dole eventually - and we will be left with Newt Gingrich, basically. (Not that Ron Paul doesn't have a real chance - but he's just too easy to take down). Mitt Romney is another perfectly affable lib-me-tarian SCOUNDREL who has made his fortune like other hedge fund managers - off of corporate-raiding and investments taxed at 15%, rather than your normal 35% income like everyone else -plus he's managed his books to basically bring his taxes down near zero. Well, the President and the other GOPpers are asking him to reveal his books, and when he does, that's when his plummet may begin. Because he represents everything that OCCUPY and THE MIDDLE CLASS envy - I mean DESPISE. Plus, he straps the family dog to the top of the car and drives around for hours. I'm sure he has SOME empathy, like, he prolly relates to the whte men on our paper currency, cuz, he's just like a Founding Father! Who secretly worships Gluten! Newt Gingrich has actually produced a video on Romney that is worth everyone's while to watch, called... "When Mitt Came to Town," (or something like that). Well, did you know this?... Mitt Romney became CEO of Blain Capital (Investment Fund) the minute it was formed. That's the mega-corp which slashed and burned it's way into profits, destroying jobs and sending work and wealth over to China - (to our ex-patriot, traitor corps over there). And Blain Capital is boss of CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS. That is the disgusting radio monopoly which is the equivalent of FAUX NEWS, (aka "GOP TV," which was it's original name when pitched by Ailes, etc., to Nixon back in the early 1970's). CLEAR CHANNEL crowds other radio stations out of local markets, and then airs RUSH LIMBAUGH, SEAN HANNITY, AND SO ON AND SO ON, even though their ratings are poorer than those for more progressive voices. Why do they do this? It's called a political AGENDA. It's PROPAGANDA. It's a way of FORCING the public to buy what you choose to sell. That's the whole thing about SUPPLY SIDE economics - it's meant to serve the wants and control and superstitions and moralisms, etc., etc., of certain elites - just like the whole KOCHS set-up. The Kochs, btw, were the sons of the main guy in charge of the nortorious JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY - so, their whole "libertarian" philosophy, which sucks blood from the public trough, is not economics - it is moralism, neo-Royalism, meant to service the narcissism and sociopathology of a handful of crapsters. Well, Mitt Romney remains a "retired partner" at Blain, (Clear Channel), so, he still has the microphone of Limbaugh's mouth, etc. But if that will actually play out in his favour, I don't know - I don't think it will run far. I think most GOP talkers realise Romney won't get the nominations, since he's a Mormon, and a "moderate." There are also greater powers telling them to root for Gingrich, (as I've always predicted). But, it just goes to show you, CONSPIRACIES are very real things. Just like Obama's economic staff, or so may of the new leaders in Europe, all being associated with GOLDMAN SACHS. Or - who was that influencial guy associated w/ Moody's or S&P? My mind is still recovering from severe relapse. Then, of course, there is the pedophile conspiracy stretching from Santorum to Penn State to Boys' Town to George Bush. It's all just one big interwoven pack of whores.

(This part written later-that-night of "Urine Nation - Part 1"): So. Most things don't happen in WDC unless there a conspiracy of at least 3 powerful people behind it, pushing it. Usually, everyone is frozen meat, meaning to cover their asses, mainly keeping to their golf scores, lobbiest contributions, and covert sex trafficking - until a time comes to push something for political advantage, and sometimes for strategic gains. No one ever dies in WDC. They get disappeared, snuffed out, or badly bruised. No one does anything wrong in WDC, they only get exposed for pedophilia or cavorting and colluding with the prostitutional enemy. As the political or strategic agenda dictates. That's how our country is run: nothing is done until leaks and innuendos roar and run around the media circus arena. Plants. Ploys. Plays. Cesarean plots. And, obviously, with government running itself like this, via superficial gossip, basically, it is clear that most things the parties or the government are trying to accomplish ARE FUNDAMENTALLY CORRUPT OR INSANE, and most certainly UNFAIR. The government by and for the people seeks to accomplish business through ghosteries and lies, because it ACTUALLY SERVES NOT WE THE PEOPLE BUT SMALL HANDFULS OF CEO'S, BANKSTERS, ROGUE INTELLIGENCE CLUBS, ELITE FAMILIES, MILITARY CONTRACTORS, AND THE INTRACTABLE INERTIAL FORCE OF BEHEMOTH ZOMBIE CORPORATIONS AND BUREAUCRACIES WHICH, BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPERHUMANS, HAVE ACQUIRED A TRANSCENDENT LIFE OF THEIR OWN, with we their subjects. If lives get lost in the process of making a strategic news leak, there is no concern. There is no concern if entire populations are crushed, whilst racking up profits for mercenaries and contractors and oil companies and investment banks and currency traders. Like the bigger the lie: the greater the genocide, the greater the cause. It would seem REAL without the blood - and would harldy seem NEWSWORTHY, either, no? And, most people who eek their way up into the hallowed hollows of the belly of the beast DO INDEED bring along a highly sadistic inclination to their cowardly ways. (And just how this is so, psychologically, I have learnt much lately. Too much). Figuring out WDC comes down to a connecting of the dots, punctuating equilibrium, on the gothic BDSM mask upon Lady Liberty's digruntled mug. Justice is blind. Liberty is blind. Our great grasping juggernaut of greed is blind. All gone blind by a thousand dots from chicken pox. Luckilly, the general public wants to believe that its fine American government, et al, is up to only the noblest business. And the last thing anyone wants to be called, by connecting said dots, is a CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!! And so, the great ass of corrupt government is quite easilly covered in this nefarious, circuitous way. Virtually anthing can be done, anyone can be knocked off, any war started, and profit made, just by doing it via sneaky leaks and bumps in the night, because conspiracies, we have been taught, can't POSSIBLY exist. We just gaze blankly at the pleasant TV screen and say to ourselves, "Hmmmph. Well, imagine that. 74 astronauts just fell out of the sky."

So. You can be sure that this great to-do about 4 soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses exists for a reason. Let's be real. There is no dearth of similar videos and abuses out there, viral and not. If they wanted a viral video, they could create one in an instant. Because all of Afghanistan is a frickin out-house. There is a virtual INFINITY of crap going on there. And an INFINITY of sadistic retarded mercenaries out for a laugh. More later.

Oh - PS - I heard one new story about the guy talking about gun safety to a school class. He's boasting all about how he's great with guns. And he's waving his gun about. And the gun goes off and shoots him in the leg. Now, that's a fine example of a prevalent phenomenon in today's America which I refer to as, "Idiocy." Very dufus, very Cain-like, very Jerry Springer or footsy in the men's room. Just plan STUPID. So, what will he become, like, the new poster boy for the gun-rights TeaBaggers, replacing the Underpants Bomber, or that airline guy who said "FUCK YOU" and jumped off a plane, down the emergency shoot? A HERO!?! Well, see, the stupidity doesn't want to stop there, it insists on digging it's own grave EVEN DEEPER STILL. (Just like my relatives - who rush headlong into poltical, bank employment or graft, and mortgage catastrophe due to MURVs). Well, this guy wh shoots himself in the leg tries to sue someone for making the video of his faux pas public, ths causing him EMBARASSMENT. Rightfully so, his suit was thrown out of court, and again by an appeals court. But, you have to wonder about such an idiot. Here's a guy who just sees no demarkations of this crazy concept called RESPONSIBILITY. You wave your gun around boasting and blah blah and BANG you shoot yourself in the leg and you want to make money by blaming someone else for it, basically? Blame someone else for their harmless freedom of speech VIDEO, when HE was the one enda*gering lives WITH A FUCKING GUN?!?!?!!!! BLAME YOU-SELF!! So, OK, do you get my drift? Well, then along comes another news story but a minute later... Ah, OK, I remember it now... It is reported that many more bats have been dying due to white nose disease than originally estimated. More like 7 million bats in the last 7 years, than the estimated one million. Well, I'm pretty certain that white nose (fungal) disease is predisposed or caused by PESTICIDES - possibly GMO bt, or nicotinoids. But the report contnues, "Bats are voracious consumers of insects, so farmer may have to start using more pesticides to compensate for the disappearing bats." THUS KILLING MORE BATS! FUCKING IDIOCY! MORE FUCKING IDIOTS SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE LEG, and I'm waiting for the newsman to say, "And farmers want to sue scientists for publishing info about the role pesticides play in white nose disease..." And I'm like WAITING FOR THE FUCKING URINATORS TO SAY THEY WANT TO SUE SOMEONE FOR RELEASING THE VIDEO OF THEM PISSING ON DEAD TALIBAN, CUZ IT EMBARASSED THEM. Um, dudes, YOU COMMITTED A FUCKING WAR CRIME! And, yo, folks, you don't even have to wait for THIS cuz it's already happening: If you take videos of the police, within your rights, you will get thrown in jail for being, "Anti-police," i.e., EMBARASSING THEM. BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY ARE ACTING LIKE IDIOTS fcs!

The main problem with this country right now is that everyone's head is spining arond so fast they are flying off into orbit like zany UFO's and it all began with this pompous habit of shaking the head "No!" because everyone was so damn important when everyone had lots of credit cards, but now we all fall down, and blame the poor, the free, the innocent. When will this end? Refer back to my post of the tree-trimmers in the trees. Overly self-inflated tree-trimmer disease. btw, I think all our problems would be solved if bats would just stop doing cocaine

Vernon Hershberger now in jail... http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/95576149.html http://www.greenpasture.org/fermented-cod-liver-oil-butter-oil-vitamin-d-vitamin-a/emergency---support-needed-for-farmer-vernon-hershberger-now-and-rally-wednesday/ http://www.thecompletepatient.com/journal/2012/1/15/why-conflict-over-rawmi-need-not-hurt-food-rights-movement-o.html

Which America do you prefer? Urine or Raw Milk? Note: If anyone can post in o_c_c_u_p_y and/or madison_fights about J.Jackson OCCUPY THE DREAM; OCCUPY THE COURTS; OCCUPY AMERICA; OCCUPY CONGRESS, and/or 3 TONNES (OVER 1 MILLION SIGNATURES) IN RECALL SCOTT WALKER EFFORT - that would be swell - cuz I'm really not physically up to it. Thanks, night night.

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