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Trends and prophesies for 2012 and beyond...

GERALD CELENTE - http://whatreallyhappened.com/content/gerald-celente-top-12-trends-2012

BOB CHAPMAN - http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com , http://bobchapman.blogspot.com

LINDA SCHURMAN - YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhcswzziBbc

You can listen to both Celente and Schurman on COAST-TO-COAST's annual predictions show: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2011/01/05

Bob Chapman is a regular on the above show, on Alex Jones, and on shortwave - (ask me for info on latter). Alex Jones also did a predictions show, which was re-aired today.

Celent1's trends for 2012, USA/world:
1 - Economic Martial Law
2 - Battlefield America - (NDAA, etc.)
3 - Climax
4 - Invasion of the Occtupy - the OCCUPY People!
5 - Technocrat/bankster Takeover (fascism)
6 - Repatriate, Repatriate - bring back jobs and manufacturing!
7 - Secession Obsession
8 - Safe Haven - flights to Norway, Uruguay, etc.
9 - Big Brother Internet - possible close-down of internet freedoms
10- Direct vs. Faux Democracy - grassroots uprising/politics
11- Alternative Energy 2012
12 - Going out in Style - resist! Buying QUALITY products and investment.


And here is BEN BERNANKE'S National Economists Club 11/22/2002 SPEECH GIVING AN OUTLINE OF HIS 5-POINT PLAN TO "CONFRONT DEPRESSION" WHICH HAS BEEN IN EFFECT IN RECENT YEARS. Phase 5, devaluing the dollar, is yet to come. https://emsnews.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/bernankes-2002-japanese-depression-speech/

See also: http://www.prophesyclub.com; & Jeremy Rifkin.

"Outrageous Misfortune": Remember those crazy lab bottles which were round at the bottom, and narrowed to the top like a pyramid? I think of the world population's economic peril like a little people floating like cream on the top of the fluid in this bottle - or more, a lot of people, mucking about. The sides of their bottle have been inclined inwards for years. And the people, with the liquid, have been heated and expanding upwards, through obscure actions by nefarious corporations and governments. And the populations naturally increases as well. The gradual movement of corporations to monopolistic control, and buggering via government, forces the people in the bottle to rise, and more and more of them to sink down and drown, pushed down by people's thrashing feet. Less and less room at the top. So, the banks gradually increase their fees, as fewer and fewer of them take more and more control over us. Union rights are gradually, and then widely, attacked. Voter ID, gerrymandering, voter-machine-tempering, harassment, false advertising, etc., have been increasing, turning marginalised voters into disenfranchised voters. State governments do not clear their records of small businesses that are dissolved, or people with resolved driving violations, etc., so that many who have been involved with the state end up harrassed and charged wrongful fees by the state, corporations, the Federal IRS, etc. Police expand, through increased taxes, and become Federalised through benefits from WDC, and scrounge more and more like hungry wasps over a castrated population, looking for ways to charge more fees, make more money. Private corporations promote laws which throw people into private jails - people who are mainly innocent, but who are hung on absurd technicalities, and who are thereafter regarded as criminal scum. And, said to have freedom of speech and assembly, peaceful OCCUPYers are assaulted with pepper spray and force, over a host of nickle-and-dime, bean-counting city health code ordinances, and such. So, all the innocent people are forced higher and higher in the bottle, as these oblique attacks come from all sides. And soon, there are only a few people breathing the oxygen in the air at the top. But to remain there, to remain free, they must accept an invitation into the tube that takes them to the slave quarters of the top 1%, where their main requirement is to kiss the boots of RAMPANT SOCIOPATHIC NARCISSISM AND GREED. Tight in the pocket of the mad scientist of fascism. And, what's this? He has no heartbeat?

Possible 2012 headline: "Lower Court: Monsanto has Free Speech Right to Exterminate Jews"
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