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ANIMAL LOGICS - (expanded)

Posted on 2011.12.27 at 19:38
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MEAT IS MURDER, Part ??? - Puttering continues. Having to cross warm bath off list - not enough energy. Anticipating: collecting and putting out recyclables; cooking dog food; possibly washing clothes, even though no detergent, (or drier). Some of these will also be crossed off. Exhausted from looking for a phone number. Left message for commie guy. Lots of place are closed. Hope to do a lot tomorrow: license, banks, call humane society, other calls, send AzureStandard food order, P.O., and maybe more. But I'm in such bad shape I could drop dead at any time. I need to rest...

"Scientists are charged with bringing us new ideas and visions; technologists absorb and implement them. We have had such success in immediate application of science in recent years that I fear we have lost sight of this critical distinction.

"New Ideas cannot fail, for they are only the food of technology, but we can fail to understand and use them properly. When a people send out a hunter they do not say, "bring us beef bourguignon," they say, "bring back food, we will prepare it and it will sustain us.

"Let us hope we remember that our continued success is not ordained, but rather a result of our combined, sincerely taken risks and efforts. A society that starves its hunters and explorers, its artists and scientists, will surely watch its very existence fail." - Letter-to-Editor, "Science Envisions. Technology Absorbs", NYT 12/28/95, Keith Harrington, Port Angeles, wA

- see also my post: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1011544.html , and other more critical posts about technocrats and bean-counters. And also Laurie Anderson: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1030567.html

The hunter analogy is ironic, because today we have a rising technocracy - BIG SCIENCE: Big Pharm and Big BioTech and Big Med and Big Military - which more and more regards we, the people, as livestock, as sheeple. Indeed, there is a guy out there making legal challenges to the Medical Industry, asserting that WE ARE NOT ANIMALS - we are "made in God's image," and we have INALIENABLE RIGHTS. For more on his views: http://www.thepowerhour.com/schedule.htm

I am an Animal, and glad of it. I am a Simion - a Primate - a Mammal. And, like all animals down to bacteria and beyond, I have a soul - a link to all. I REPRESENT. I have honour and I have relevance. When I say, "I am an Animal," it is because I honour animals with respect.

But I never expected these ravenous right-wingers to latch on such a thing and tear me into pieces of meat, thinking me more abhorrent than an animal, because I say I am an animal. I'm fine that it's a fact of science. I've got 2 legs. I animate. I'm an animal. But they takes this as some militant insult upon them, and so they must attack! And the funny thing is this: It is they who display a more CARNIVORE LOGIC, (more on this concept later). It is they who are ruled by their Reptilian brains, holding up crosses and flags, as our tanks in the Mideast are festooned in skulls, and 666, and etc...

"I am NOT AN ANIMAL!!!!" I am NOT an animal. I am very much not an animal - if by "animal" you mean this same right-winger, (a convenient, generic adjective), concept of an animal, which is: "1 - A creature of god for our amusement and happiness which roams about and bites people unless we eat it first. 2 - A soul-less piece of living flesh having no self-respect or higher values or consciousness or sentience, or similarity/connection to humans, deserving of our full control, which includes the following, "hunting, culling, experimentation, en-cagement, genetic modification, romanticisation, petting, walking, talking to, eating, sending into outer space, and anything else. 3 - A Jew, A Negro, A Christian Armenian, An Illegal Alien, often the poor, the disabled, the foreign, the counter-sects, the gay, the maxed-out, Occupy Wall Street, Al-Q.aida, Canadians, the homeless and future-homeless, the underwater, students, the elderly, liberals, ron paul supporters, and so forth."

I find the last definition somewhat unsettling. Maybe it's just me. Does it mean that since a lot of humans are defined as animals, then they can be hunted down and abused by the hunter-scientists, who are now functionaries of the corporate technocrats? Are we processing into being their food, of sorts, if only by last resort? Because we owe the debts of the bankster gamblers, we must turn to living in squalour, losing our jobs, our houses, our land, or wealth, our privacy, our self-respect, our rights, our HEALTH? NO, I am not tis sort of animal. I do not accept your definition. I know I differ with your zombie stock-holders.

I believe, and don't believe, in the so-called "paranormal", because the so-called "paranormal" believes, and does not believe, in me. (Anyway, "para-normal" is just "almost normal", or "around normal" - you know, the outer 2% - the "supernatural"). That would include Animism, EdgarCaseyism, CarlJungism, JesusChristism, and talking UFO's. So, when it comes to the "BELIEVING IN" side of the equation, I believe that our spirit has two lives after we die.

The first life extends perhaps a month after we die, when we are contending and conversing with bacteria, because our cells and molecules remain quite potent with MEMORY and electrical/quantum interaction, (FAR beyond neuronal), and so some sort of field is maintained around the body, maintaining the spirit of the deceased. This spirit also maintains interaction with loved ones and locals, and even enemies, in the living world. Gradually, the body is given over to other bacteria and tiny world-lines, and even these will carry on some approximation of the spirit and the memory - because that's how nature is. Nature exploits yet conserves. Least resistance. Maximum safety. And such.

I don't know how long the integrity of the spirit is approximated in this manner. But gradually, the spirit is also give over to the same symphony of spirit which is the universe and, somehow, it can interact in our world through strange synchronicities, dreams, etc., as prayer may interact, so long as the rest of the universe is OK with what it's doing, (see also my post: "Origami Universe" - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1027487.html), AND, SO LONG AS YOU BELIEVE IN THE PARANORMAL AND IT BELIEVES IN YOU, which should be set at: NEVER/ 50%/ Always.

In other words, what I am still saying is this: Imagination trumps science. Yes, I know the mind plays tricks. But usually the brain has it both ways: crazy and magic, superstition and schizophrenia, I mean... madness and marvelous universe of chance and superluminal "SPIRIT".

Imagine what it would be like to die, slowly, as someone with, say, Alzheimer's Disease. Your memory slowly falters. You've got all these other physical issues. The range of your mobility diminishes bit by bit. Soon, you are walking to the bathroom and back, and that's about it. And then, it's up in bed, or down in bed. And then, you are locked in an immobile body - because your brain is immobile.

But in your brain is a wee willful wizard. It's running, up and aboot, knocking on doors, opening memories, feeling for people, imagining. That is your mind, still active, in it's way. Soon, though, that wizard is up to it's bathroom and back. And, then, either up in bed or down in bed. And then it is immobile. Locked away. Thinking nothing anymore, but feeling?

Within the mind of that wizard is another wizard called the spirit, which half exists and half doesn't. And it is up and aboot, running around like Egyptians in the Grand Canyon, knocking on doors, finding new things. Talking to the elements, and stubborn fungus and such. That wizard carries about at least a month after the death of the body. And from the mind of that wizard arises the soul of the universe, and many, many things are put right.

And MEMORY never disappears, because consciousness was never a INDIVIDUAL or ATOMIC affair to begin with. Although. It had to convince itself it was. Or we'd never get on with anything, would we?

Like the left side of our brain, we need science to both set us squarely in the objective world, and open windows into those worlds of wonder we momentarilly forget in our mortality.

And moreso in our CARNIVOUROUS LOGICS. Woe, I say...

So, bless this food.

But beatify these animals.


Or slave?


And, so. How far would you go in honouring the dead, the apparently inanimate? Would you not wish to maintain for your loved ones the same rights and privileges of the living? So. How far would you go in honouring the inanimate or disabled? would you not want to cherish that bird somewhere lost in there, somewhere in their foreboding cage? You know it is there, because you are there. You would not discard the dead or the ill as if they are road-kill or dog-food, would you? You would not use them to build retaining walls, rendering then no better than slabs of meat. You would not make slaves of the inanimate so why the ANIMATE?

Is is only because you see no deep mirror of the ANIMALS, reflecting back to you the bird of your own soul? Let me tell you, it is there. It is aware. It is vigilant, it animates, it wills. We may bow down to "survival of the fittest", social darwinism, and the will to power - and the cool abacus-tapping invisible hand of objectivism - but that does not for a minute mean that all other life in the universe has consented to these theories of ours, and thus lose their spirit merely because we refuse to see. We may throw a rat into a skinner box, a dog into a Pavlov experiment, or shock the monkey, learning a thing or two about billiards, but we have not achieved a higher calling, nor wrung the blood from our hands. We do not have souls by virtue of the erroneous fact that animals do not!

Animals are not meat. MEAT IS MURDER. So, please, my friends, I urge you, kiss a goat today. Preferably a living one. http://www.goatsfortheoldgoat.com

I prefer to think of scientists as GATHERERS. Like OWS.

Azure called back, and they're checking if the driver will agree to add a quicky "residential" drop, since I'm right on their route.

PS - I need to post about $gold soon, falling euro/ rising dollar, vs oil/ Iran closing the straights of hormus. Is that how you spell it? Or Hermes?

This has become a long post, how 'bout dat? SOMEWHAT better, confidence rebuilds - exertion seems more POSSIBLE - deadlines less threatening. I forgot the other thing I was going to say. I do feel I will be sufficiently better soon enough.

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