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Same old stuff

Very healthy day. Now I have a mustache. Went to Meg's. Lindsay was there - she's doing this thing where she thinks I shouldn't be encouraged, so she's trying to avoid me - and trying to get everyone else to ignore me. However, I'm doing a far better job of ignoring her. God, I hate jealous people. Yesterday, I left a little of my notes, describing the gossip=>crucifixion psycho-logic, which so suits her. So, she appeared to realise I don't appreciate the crap that's been going down. I did my writing - this time beginning the letter of complaint to Starbucks Corp. And, when I left, I left a woman's bra on my seat. Har har.

My dog smells so nice - and so soft and fluffy.

Just basically enjoying the day.

Gave a little play keyboard to neighbor kid.

Got letter from S. Dion, who sold her car in Chg., so I won't be driving it to Philly as we thought.

Getting late in year - I have to start work on our retaining wall soon.
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