I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Awake #10 - Bringing the WAR back home

I wanted to post a video for ya but I can't access videos - so here is a lead. Go to the Iraq Soldier !!! who shows scenes of the war which never made it to our Nanny Media. http://www.youtube.com/user/democracynow

Norman Goldman apparently followed my link and read my post, and took in info from a lot of peeps, and gave ANOTHER discussion of NDAA tonight - despite having covered it TWO TIMES last night. He did hit on the points mentioned in my post. And, yet, still, I am not satisfied. Part of Norm is still living in the 70's. Because, suppose in a year or two there are a million or more protestors in the street. And the President decides not to harass them. Or the Supreme Court rules against the NDAA 1031,1032. And WDC happens to now be surrounded by a hopped up U.S. Military machine. What do ya get? I mean, WHAT DO THE BANKSTERS GET? A military COUP. What's so bad about that, huh? Now, the sky's the limit, and all Americans are fair game! They're trying to turn this country into Egypt. When government CAN take power, it DOES. There is no other point to bringing in the military, to within our decent borders, other than to quash the American people once the great crash snowballs. It's a PLAN. Just like the pipeline. Obama is in on it! You're being a useful idiot, Norm. You're being PLAYED. You're focusing on a double-edged CANARD!

Ask not FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS: http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/donne/meditation17.php

I was well enough to take a shower and shave today. Which was an ordeal cuz the water is ice cold, and cold is bad for CFS. Never made it out of house. Just going to sleep and hoping for the best tomorrow.
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