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I am the person who will destroy China.

Giant Placebo Pill Discovered in Centre of Galaxy!

You know that, "International Star Registry"? That's a book where you pay someone to put your name in it, and that means that a star has been named after you. It's like those books where you pay them to include a poem, and then you buy the book for them and say, "What a good poet am I!" Well, these folks don't have the power to name a star after you - they are basically peddling a work of fiction. It's kind of a very rudimentary bible. Well, further down in this post, I will reveal to you how, one day in the future, this International Star Registry, (the "ISR"), came to be regarded as very important, and replaced Wall Street as the primary global stock exchange.

The regulations of the brain and heart are intricately related. If there is a problem somewhere, the regulation of blood pressure between the two can be thrown off in a bad direction. In that case, you get a wrongful loop of circulation which is hurting some areas of the heart/brain, and over-helping (hurting) OTHER areas of the heart/brain. (That's how most strokes happen). This is true of CFS, and many auto-immune diseases - if you listen to the heart, it sounds rapid, hard, clicky, and almost BACKWARDS, because it's locked in an untoward circuit. A wrongful cycle of health. Sometimes, meditation and/or medication can help reduce or even correct such a loop, but that's not so easy when there's an ingrained illness, with loops all it's own down at the molecular level.

In CFS, there's a loop wherein not enough blood pressure gets to the head, (and that can mean a field day for sinus, yeast, etc., infections, continuing the illness, in conjunction with things like HHV-6, CMV, or the Shingles virus). Lately, I have been dealing with this loop, and another loop on top of it, the "OVERRIDE LOOP". The latter has been a result of all the exertion from 2 weeks ago. Knowingly, I forced my BP up prior to the move, so as to get BP into my head, and not collapse from fatigue or migraine. I did this by drinking beer the night before, and then "forcing" away the other negative consequences the next morning. That made it possible for the exertion, but it also meant a near heart attack, and recent trouble, having to deal with this extra loop. This extra loop has been pumping hard, and causing all manner of difficulty for me. Only recently was I able to switch it off, through meditation/medication and sleep, etc. Consequently, some regular CFS symptoms returned, esp. brain, like fatigue, etc. More importantly, while the higher BP was no longer straining the heart, the reduced BP meant that arteries narrowed, lactic acid began expressing itself, injured cells called out for help, and so heart pain became far more noticeable. This is one of the times, esp. in the mornings, that heart attacks can occur. The heart remains scarred, and so now I need time for the cells to regenerate. (The slightest cell-regeneration anywhere increases CFS symptoms, just like in AIDS or possibly cancer). Well, now that the BP is reduced, I can get more oxygen to my cells - to the RIGHT cells - so long as I rest - that's the good news. I need to avoid big bad fats, etc., though - pizza - or I will surely die.

When I was forced to deal with doctors, I kept telling them that, (like people with Gulf War Syndrome), I have an ACETYLCHOLINE problem - not a serotonin, NOR, or dopamine problem. But, of course, they kept trying to prescribe SSRI's to up these latter neurotransmitters, because the drug companies pay them to medicate for conventional depression. Even my enlightened gastro doctor - (he became my main doc only cuz he was the only CFS-knowledgeable doc in town) - would not hear of the acetylcholine connection. Well, I'm going to try Zantac and I know that will help a bit. Anyway, the acetylCHOLINERGIC problem seems to have an effect of separating the front of my brain, (dop/mel/sero), from areas more to the rear. (nor/ep, acetyl). Acetylcholine is a most ANCIENT neurotransmitter, so GATING way down at the lower brain "switchboard" is broken, and ascending serotonergic neurons, nor, etc., don't connect the frontal brain to the backal brain (ha!) so well. (goggle Dr. Jay Goldstein). addition, my digetive tract sucks - immotile, encourages yeast, etc. When I'm stuck in this CFS feedback loop, I am seriously STUCK.

When the brain is divided against itself, signals saying "GO faster!" go out to the wrong places, and signals saying, "SLOW down!" go out to the wrong places. "Dilate!" "Contract!" And so you get this push-me pull-you dissonance down at basic levels of the brain where both intense signals are getting in, and so you get: migraines. And so forth.

Also, in the morning, the front of my brain wakes up and takes off on it's own merry electrical way, out of control, and I can't go back to sleep, I just want to think and write down unintelligible notes for you to read, dear reader. Impossible to correct using normal circuits of brain used to gate and regulate this. But I have been accessing a different route, i.e., thought process, to somewhat tamp this down, and allow other areas their chance to keep up, If this is not done, the result is a brain-stem and limbic FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT spiral, which can be as bad as PTSD or an anxiety attack. By the way, caffeine and/or salt, (or calories), will prevent this correction from happening. AND, these will also prevent the OVERRIDE LOOP from ever being corrected via meditation/medication. The override loop is essentially a fight-or-flight, NOR/ep, (adrenalin), driven circuit, btw. Getting BP to those F/F areas, and scarring everything else. Very hard to turn off.

That's the most clearly I have been able to explain these aspects to you, so far. Well, fuck the science: here's the weird stuff... My dog's consciousness interferes with my own. It also responds to my own. Be aware that these conclusions come from years of naturalistically observing the behaviour of three successive dogs, and have a very high likelihood of being correct. I have ruled out habit, circadian rhythms, body movements or breathing regularity etc, food schedules, smells, etc. Some of these latter sorts of events are referred to as cues which probably let a dog know when it's master will be having an epileptic seizure, or such. But that's not science, it is conjecture. And, certainly, it will be partly correct! But I am now quite certain that mere consciousness - a "psychic connection" - plays an important role as well, and probably THE most fundadmental role. All other factors being arranged well enough that uncertainty or stress is reduced, dogs are capable of sensing the state of consciousness of their masters. And vice versa. But we don't know it. We just react. Cuz it is the nature of BASIC TIME for us to move on and forget all that QUANTUM stuff that first motivated us to move, yes? Where in the brain, that we know of, is there an area not for remembering words, or faces, or emotional episodes, but all-important yet nebulous QUANTUM STUFF? The quantum stuff SATURATES ALL AREAS, and is fundamental - similar to the spatial RIGHT HEMISPHERE being fundamental and yet fairly indecipherable.

So, I may recover from a long, long relapse, and suddenly my dog runs downstairs and is all happy and excited to play, shouting, "Do not go gently into that good night! Rage! Rage!"... (This exhausts me). And yet, he had no cue. And relapses and recoveries are 1000% random. Well, he not only wakes me up with noise at 3:am, he wakes me up with his damn infernal THINKING. Wanting to go out. And if I'm struggling to shut down the front of my brain and get back to sleep, sometimes that only happens ONCE MY DOG HAS FIRST FALLEN BACK ASEEP. And this does not come from cues, but after-the-fact observations! And studious comparisons to a multitude of other observations and times. And when there are negative people about, or thinking of me, I am less healthy. And when there are people praying for me, I am more healthy. I can easilly break away out of this at any time, because quantum stuff is so sublime, but I strive to be close to it, because from that area or spiritual spring, healing comes. I am fighting to boost my ACETYLCHOLINE, damn it.

And so it is I have learnt to know when someone is thinking or dreaming about me, and all that nonsense. Because it is both a closeness and a distance. Both an acceptance of the unknown and an openness to the paradoxes of impossibility - and possibility. Even keel, even keel. Keep the ship steady. Know, and unknow. Now is not now. Maybe maybe not. And, as God always says, "Hey, foo! I don't exist, yo!" This is the way of Zen.

ok. WHAT IF?....

Those crazy Indians used to say, "Many moons, this," or, "Many moons, that." Or at least, that's the main thing they said which we remember, (aside from, "How now, brown cow?" and, "Geronimo!", or, everyone's favourite, "Give us more firewater and foodstamps or we will scalp you and rape your chickens." I'm sure they said many more wise and important things, but history only lets us read the stupid racist stuff of the so-called VICTORS). Anyway, "Many moons"! What silly Indians! Talkin about frickin stupid MOONS! They were too dumb to even have CLOCKS! Well, eh, dude... When was the last time you invented a clock? Or harnessed electricity for computers? It takes a hell of a lot of time and struggle between walking around with only 2 sticks to rub together, and having the luxury of tweeting your arrogant crap on the internet.

So, I was thinking, WHAT IF we no longer had clocks? Because we no longer had electricity, and all the clocks and batteries ran down? And the out-of-control front part of my brain said THIS:

(Btw, you know, every so often, the whole technology grid for mankind ultimately falls apart, and everyone is thrust in more dark ages and feudalism for hundreds of years or more. These days, we've got banksters and rogue gamblers betting on that sort of destruction, and pushing it, so they can make a quick idiot buck)...

Once upon a time, the price of oil was pretty high. Of course, even though oil may have been replenishing within the earth, it just wasn't fast enough. More importantly, oil companies, all a-feared of the future, were coveting their profits, which would otherwise have been invested in new technologies. Plus, when speculators saw that oil was more and more in demand, and the price could only go up, they bought oil futures and company stocks, and so on, which, uh, drove the price of oil up a lot more. This is called a rigged game - a kind of ponzi scheme, where oil is certain to go higher, and so the future of the middle class and poor, with the wealth of nations, are all suckered away into this spigot of diminishing real returns. Only a select few made a profit on oil, and they, through the highly-drugged banksters, ended up owning all the governments except Iceland. (Iceland, btw, was by this time, somehow, adrift somewhere in the Pacific Ocean).

So, the puppet leaders said, "Not to worry! We'll just go looking for oil deeper in the earth, down by all the here-to-for frozen methane, and down in a bunch of sand, and down by the old mill stream. And if it means borrowing money to do it, GUFFAW, then so be it!" And so it be beed. Oil was more and more extracted from the most ridiculous, inane and implausible places, such as they tried to get it out of Donald Trump's asshole once. Well, what they didn't count on was that the nevertheless rising cost of oil, (relative to the overall PERPETUAL DEPRESSION, of course), meant that the MEANS of go-and-getting that oil, all of which were driven by oil, slowed down to a virtual stand-still, and so, basically, everyone on Earth found themselves stuck in a kind of extinction-type TAR PIT. Everything that depended on oil broke down. All the clocks. All the batteries. All the slow boats from China. All the cellphones which were also called, "teeth." People ran around trying to pull out each other's teeth, but eventually there was no market for the damn things. Then there were these ghetto gangs who had this fad of implanting refrigerators into their mouths to look like giant teeth, just to look like they were really really rich.

So, it got to the point that only a FEW people could invest in, or profit from oil. Well, this global slow-down kept getting worse and worse, and oil became more and more expensive, and the oil profiteers became fewer and fewer, yet richer and richer. But, in the real world, oil was nowhere to be found. Some of it was being shipped to Sweden, to transport solar panels, but that's about it. It got so bad that there wsn't enough oil, OR solar energy, to run the plants which were trying to produce solar panels and windmills. So, everything stopped and everyone was trying to sell each other to Tyson foods to be made into TV healthy frozen dinner entres the size of hackie-sack bags. Any solar panels or windmills were used to look for more oil, or else power the Koch Mansion, aka, Brazil.

Finally, there was only one drop of oil left in the world, and everyone called it Bob and prayed to it, but meanwhile the oil profiteers were scheming on ways to buy it and make money from it. The price of this drop of oil had risen to be "5 planets." In other words, you had to own 5 planets, ad deed them over to the owner of the drop of oil, which was of course the Pentagon, before you could own the drop of oil. Well, planets had become very expensive, as you can imagine. Everybody wanted one, cuz things sure as hell sucked eggs on Earth. But it was difficult to decide what a planet was really worth. See, you could SAY you owned a planet, (kinda like the USA vis-a-vis THE MOON), but the REAL COST of getting to a planet and actually "conquering" it all, was insanely energy - oil - expensive. This was a very astute observation made by an economist named John Menards Krugman. (Mr. Krugman, 7-time Noble Peace Prize winner, also said that this would also be VERY LABOUR-INTENSIVE, but nobody listened to that part). So the Pope, Pope Angie, stepped up and declared that the price of a planet shall be seven stars. It had to by SEVERAL stars because stars were so far away that the reality of getting to them and conquering just seemed a little too extreme to deal with. Stars were "out-there" enough so that their exorbitant real expense could be downplayed, and their "relevant" unreal expense could be managed, now, through some kind of stock-exchange. That's where the International Star Registry, ("ISR"), came in.

The ISR quickly became the main trading hub for star ownership, star companies, planets, oil, and everything else, including valuable dog poop. Wall Street was completely replaced and banished to Antigua. And a handful of people traded on the ISR, and became rich, and the word was that since the ISR was doing so well, then so was the economy of the rest of the world. Therefore, everyone lived happily ever after, The END.


btw - the front part of my brain may take off uncontrollable in the morning, but that way leads to hell on earth. Just like the derivative gamblers in Hyperspace. And subsequent collapse. - touche meh!!!

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