I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Awake #9 - on the threshold of a nightmare

THRESHOLD - (more R.S. Thomas)

I emerged from the mind's
cave into the worse darkness
outside, where things pass and
the Lord is none of them.

I have heard the still, small voice
and it was that of the bacteria
demolishing my cosmos. I
have lingered too long on

this threshold, but where can I go?
To look back is to lose the soul
I was leading upwards towards
the light. To look forward? Ah

what balance is needed at
the edges of such an abyss.
I am alone on the surface
of a turning planet. What

to do but, like Michelangelo's
Adam, put my hand
out into unknown space,
hoping for the reciprocated touch?

.....Madman imitates the Christian author, (for a change!): "I emerged from the CFS cave into the worse darkness inside, where things pass, and the Help is none of them... Actually, I've had a rough day/yesterday, following the activity and nonsense of Saturday, of which I may post later. This aft/eve, I have been cleaning through the complete hurryCAIN MESS the self-appointed saintly-blamers let lose upon madmankind. (Blame you-self!) Btw - that's one reason I call the poetry series, "Awake," - as in: "left in A WAKE." Salvaged some things for neighbours/kids, me, recyclers. Much more tomorrow. Laundry is finally dry, and doesn't STANK this time. ta ta."
Tags: all * entropism, alone, death & dying / mortality, entropy * & see physics / time, poetry - existential, s- awake (series), s- poetry - awake (series), thomas - r s, transcendentalism

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