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Isochronal Dreams

what's that sound

Posted on 2011.12.05 at 19:23
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Tried to post this Saturday (?) then rain or LJ DDoS or something killed computer. I'll update about weekend later.... ta

Three things in three significant places: Chicago - Several deaths, (drive-by's, drowning, etc). Portland - Several arrested after a history of complete nonviolence by the protesters. Stillwater, OK, (OKC/Ashley) - Football crowds rush stadium and 15 are injured. The latter follows, (like Penn State), the loss of cherished sports authorities. It also follows, (like San Fran), a bizarre multitude of small earthquakes, (which should now be referred to as "Earthquacks," or maybe, "Earthfarts").

My friend from Portland wasn't too UP on OCCUPY when I talked with her in Early October. But the next day, she told me she had learnt that the protesters and the police were getting along great. And I said, with a kind of melancholy, "Yes. Because the police know that their jobs are threatened, too," (or something like that). She looked at me with confusion on her face. I think she thought I was trying to discount her or patronise her.

But I had talked to her before about how redneck racism and violence could one day erupt in Portland, simply because it has been so lily-white all these years - and wasn't 100% inherently PROGRESSIVE. So, what I meant to suggest about the police, (and this is because I am deeply aware of how the political/economic cards are stacked), was that, (similar to racism/violence), there was coming a day when there would be a clash with the police, no matter how pretty things looked so far. The powers that be WANT a clash. But I won't get into that. And so, that's what has happened. And next year it will probably be worse - and certainly will be worse next year. But around the time of the elections, things will get hot.

The OCCUPY movement exists throughout the country, (and throughout much of the world). But it is greatly a strong phenomenon in the northern or coastal "Liberal/Democratic" cities. And it is generally white, because the majority of the population (affected) is white, but also because blacks (in general) have so far not been doing severely badly during this "recession." (And, importantly, most blacks insist upon loving Obama).

So, you've got a lot of disenfranchised whites - NOT the racist old TEABAGGERS who FEAR the dark specter of INCONVENIENCE lurking around the corner, (i.e., privileged Eisenhower yuppie boomers fearing old age and DEATH, and projecting that enemy onto blacks and Democrats).

A lot of them are young, because they have awakened to the realities faster, and see their futures being stolen. Well, see, the boomers were never like that: they always got to luxuriate in the moment, not thinking much about the future, borrowing, borrowing, etc. - ergo, "TeaBaggers", etc.) (I use the term TeaBaggers loosely, meaning a generational, right-wing thing - not the handful of idiots paid by Kochs to ride in buses and sleep in hotels, etc). But the thing about the OCCUPY folks, in Liberal cities, is that they are missing some of the CAUSATIVE economics.

Of course, many of them, many "leaders" etc., do see these things. But, in general, they don't see everything - like the involvement of government, the Fed, taxation, conspiracies, etc. And they reject people from the far right who are concerned or obsessed by such issues. OCCUPY folks are waking up far more than the Right or the Middle, but they often reject all of the far right or the libertarians. (And of course the LATTER are FAR MORE EXCLUSIVE of the OCCUPY/progressives and far-left, because they view the sins of the conventional/middle Left, and call it all COMMUNISM. Either "extreme" blames the other for the PARTY-LINE crap of the other, which neither really or completely are adherents of!)

But, anyway, the OCCUPY folks also are somewhat blinded because they have been bedazzled and befuddled by their former guy OBAMA, and they just can't go that extra mile to consider that Obama might be a significant part of the problem/conspiracy. They would not be able to entertain the thought that they have been masterfully duped.

But even if this were not so, they are still caught in the fact that they have been generally associated with the Democratic party in the past, with Liberal policies and governments in the cities, and with academic "politically correct" assumptions and habits.

Now, look at the conservative South, or conservative cities. On the FAR right, you've got racists, and conspiracists, and Alex Jones people, and Ron Paul Libertarians. And most of them are shouting about Big Government and the Fed, etc. This stuff sometimes dovetails with mainstream Limbaugh/Beck/O'Reilly bullshit which blames everything on liberals/government, not on corporations or the elite(s). (I guess one uniting, transcendent bond between most of these is RACISM).

However, the mainstream southern right, which is often the MIDDLE, isn't really rising up against the Fed., or the OCCUPY boogeymen like corporations, and this may be for three reasons:

1 - They are stuck on blaming things on Blacks and Liberals,

2 - They are stuck in religionism or moralism,

3 - They are ignorant.

They are not ignorant in important things, like how to fix a lawn-mower, they are ignorant of abstract things, because they are all distorted by dissonance from other absolutes fixed in their heads.

People in Texas and Oklahoma are used to blaming things on northern politicians and bankers, i.e, "LIBERALS," - (or, "The New World Order," for the far-right). That's nothing new; and they know that BIG OIL sucks, but that's what butters their bread. So, FUCK IT, is one of their official slogans. And their main occupation has been to watch football.

But, now, even southerners are sensing something is wrong. There has been a severe drought, which clashes with their denial of global warming. There have been Earthquacks, which clashes with their FUCK IT alliance with BIG OIL. They have less and less beer money every year. And their sports AUTHORITIES are taken away! Well, that's the last straw. TIME TO RIOT IN THE STADIUMS!

Yes, sports riots are greatly the South's version of OCCUPY marches. Now, when both movements finally coalesce, as they must and shall, imagine the scenario.

I love pecans. They are so delicious - I can't help thinking they are lovingly giving deliciousness of themselves. Because pecans love me. We are getting engaged.

PS - I said Gingrich would be a front runner, two years ago. Look who's going to get the nomination. (Unless some true patriot throws a banana peel in front of him). That's what the whole Gingrich vacation in the Greek Isles was about, I'm telling you. However, Ron Paul does have a good chance of pulling it off, believe it or not.

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