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I should finally be able to get things done today, and more tomorrow. I woke up and had this physical anxiety, but it was not "inverted" as usual - it was more "normal." But I need to describe this big difference later. The brain prob was burnt off, but it came back after I slept again - nt as bad, but still leaves me vulnerable to a migraine/crash. So, if anyone were to disturb me right now, or I pushed myself, I would completely lose tomorrow, (again). I go on and on about CFS, but you have no idea how people I know are stuuck on NOT seeing the extent of the problem, and they just continue to blame, be passive aggressive, put up unreasonable expectations - like clods, even though they say THEY KNOW, THEY KNOW...

OK - here's a quicky topic: Morality. As you know, I'm not a conservative, fundamentalist busy-body controlaholic. I believe in each person discovering right and wrong through their own journey, or journal. Problem is, these people, who tumble through mistakes and trouble, end up being truly enlightened, and then everyone mistakes them for Quakers.

Well, often, morality is about people learning, through adversity, how to keep alive their innocence, or their free, wondering, open hearts. But when they impart their knowledge to those who haven't learned the same methods yet, those people spurn them, not wanting to be "controlled." That's why EXAMPLE or THE SOCRATIC METHOD becomes an important way of imparting this wisdom. HUMOUR and PARABLE are other unobtrusive ways. On the other hand, you can't teach a dam thing to someone who doesn't RESPECT you. Although, in that case, that becomes the job of the MARTYR, or the PASSIVE RESISTOR, who often ends up being abused, while the disdainful mob runs off with their possessions, only to later IMMITATE the blamed victim, and so institute the wisdom in a circuitous, paradoxical, sometimes dysfunctional way - which become mindless rituals. Well, I am not so much in favur of the latter dynamic, which lose almost everything in translation, but many in society are in a low level of moral development, or empathy, that this is the only way they learn. But it is the conservative way. However, PASSIVE RESISTORS CAN bring out real empathy in people, and progressive change can take place that way, via other groups or members in society.

Well, teaching morality is such a pain in the ass, that it should be avoided at all costs. The more important thing is to maintain empathetic human relationships, and the learning will follow. Integrity. The wise elder may do things the younger person may not understand, but at least he trusts the elder, and is open to considering the sense somehow within the elder's methods. But when they see people preaching not as they do, or even not, the as-yet-untrammelled does not see the sense, if there is any.

Those who have been through loss in relationships, or illness, or abuse, or tests physical survival, or social conflict, or war, or depression, etc., may have wisdom to impart which is nothing more than a guide as to how to survive in life. (Those who used other methods did NOT survive). But the youngers, or those incabable of IMAGINING such terrible distress in life like war or depression, generally do not see the RELEVANCE of survival to their FUTURES. The very young feel they will live forever, so what does using a condom have to do with anything? And such - you see what I'm saying. So, without seeing that, all they see is the CONTROL of this abstract thing called "MORALITY," and these dreadfully boring, presumptious people who talk about it. Fuck that, right? Well, one thing the wise elders really need to learn is how to CARE, and how to CONVEY that they care. Otherwise, it won't take. But in a society moving towards fascism, it becomes impossible for mob-socialised people to recognise care, or see its relevance to things like FOOD, or to respect it as important even if they do. Instead, they may ridicule the wise elder as just another quack, just another TeaBagger, just another pedophile - as there are already so many such FALSE PROPHETS in society, already feeding upon the innocence of others.

And, indeed, there are today SO MANY MANY more IDIOTS talking about moralities which are completely BOGUS and MANIPULATIVE, meant only to profit the worldly, aka the Kochs. And I have written so much about how MORALITY generally SUCKS A GIANT TURD, whereas ETHICS makes more sense. And that is because morality is self-based, or self-centered. Even selfless, true morality is based on building a SELF who a seldom acts in a truly altruistic or objective way, and must often make an EXAMPLE of the self, just to get a point across. But, most other morality is SELFISH, meant to preserve self, or family, or group, or nation. It is not always a natural extension of EMPATHY or of virtual ALTRUISM.

So, I do not so much advocate MORALITY, which says what the SELF should or should not do, which can easilly be taken as CONTROL, meaning exploit. I do more advocate ETHICS - which unfortunately seems more abstract, not-of-the-flesh, and even more controlling, in the technocratic way. But I don't much advance it in public, only amongst select friends, only want to exchange info, not to control. (Then, ethics may be converted into a personal morality, if other choose to do so).

I'm really not interested in controlling people. And I'm not into advocating morality much, even through hidden ways. I'm more into bringing out pictures, which say, "Let's look at would would happen if THIS were the situation." That is one reason why ECONOMICS is great, because it puts PSYCHOLOGY and BEHAVIOUR into a construction which is illustrative and possible illuminating. For example, it can say, "Let's look at what happens when everyone is free to do whatever they want, including corporations. What happens? The rich and the corporations take over, and the rest become paws and slaves, eventually. Some abstract absolutes like "freedom" can actually contradict and destroy themselves in REALITY, where there is improperly regulated economics."

But every four generations, we get to a point where the comfortably numb masses will not listen, and instead of heeding morality, since morality has been so batardised in the past, they insist that the only solution is to be able to DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. Some big hand will come out of the sky and do whatever regulating which might needs be done. I this way, objectivist libertarianism is a theology and a cult, but the members don't see it. They are in a denial-mission only TO CONVERT, or to control.

"Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you." What's that? A stupid LAW? What does that have to do with MY SELFISH NEEDS? What it has to do with is preserving your future in a functional soiety.

What are these vacuous "COMMONS"?! How do they make me better off, if I can't privatise them, control them? Why can't I just do whatever I want, since I SEE NO FUTURE? The answer is: The COMMONS not only preserve empathy and ethics and law in a durable society, they support HEALTHY ECONOMICS, and so the common growth of WEALTH, for each and all.

Why allow the OCCUPY tents in the parks, when we could be selling them for a little profit? Why not pepper-spray them, since they have othing to do with our JOBS OR OUR PENSIONS OR OUR SOCIAL SECURITY? Since we are blind, we can only blame. Like unguided children. See what I'm saying? You do.

Every four generations, there is allowed a great war. Four generations because the wisdom of the elders or the ill or the saints or Indian HERMAPHRODITES, the Tiresia, are forgotten. Four generations because most individuals must focus, at least on their parents and on their children. But, en masse, comes THE FOURTH TURNING, and there comes a socialised mass amnesia - every man for himself. Might makes right. The dollar above all else. And the wisdom of the Native Americans, to act only in a way which considers THE SEVENTH GENERATION down the road, is paved over once more. Because we live in a land of ARTIFICIALLY MANUFACTURED FUTURES. We live in a land of plastic CAPITALISM. Or the institutionalisation of selfish mores. And this becomes the same as any Tyranny - USSR, CHINA, Feudalism, Statism, etc.

Great pain again visits the world, and the world will again learn through its scars, and gain much wisdom to teach. How to survive. Should it survive.

Even as many learn, there are the profiteers at the top - the 1% to 10% - who do not, and who seek to control through any means, from advocating and promoting the destructive mass psychology of, "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!", to "DIVIDE AND CONQUER," "BUY OUR WEAPONS OF WAR," to objectivism, to communism, to nationalism, to globalism, to capitalism, to theology, from crisis to crisis... There is no fourth turning for them, only perpetual ignorance.

Fear not. Look away from their magics.

Be your self.

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