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Amazing Lives post!

Michael Feldman interviewed a writer, John Jeremiah Sullivan on "Whad'ya Know?" about his book, "Pulphead." http://us.macmillan.com/pulphead/JohnSullivan . He's written about Michael Jackson, the mud/ mound people of the TN area, and Constantine Rafinesque, https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Constantine_Rafinesque , this really interesting botanist type guy from the times of Thomas Jefferson, who was important to the study of the Mayans, and other things. Interesting... http://www.notmuch.com/Show/

wow. Bob Edwards interviewed a woman who wrote a book about the JIM JONES massacre, (https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Jim_jones), and it is a complete reversal of conventional wisdom. She spoke of one black woman who spoke out against the mass "suicide" the night before. She was shouted down by the crowd, who were all pro-suicide. They remind me of the Jerry Springer crowd at the GOP "debates," who booed, or cheered for letting people on Medicare die, or applauded Cain's idiocy, etc. And they remind me of the students at Penn State, who booed the firing of the football coach.

And Jim Jones' whole scheme to sucker 1,000 people into a religion, and then kill them in Guyana, (while sending a member to flight school for the plan), reminds me not only of the 9/11 conspiracy theory, but the whole GOP/NWO scheme to sucker us into an economy, and then collapse it all around us. For the profit and control. It's a fact that those 1970's GOP schemers like Cheney, Aires, Kochs, etc., actively studied PEARL HARBOR as a FALSE FLAG set-up, and then Cheney says of 9/11 - "We needed a Pearl Harbor event to get us into War with Iraq."

So, Pearl Harbor as a model. Fascist Italy as a model. The Jim Jones massacre as a model??!! Jim Jones is so like the Village Idiot - insidious, paranoid, scheming, controlling, playing the victim, cowardly, etc. It CAN happen here, when there are so many screwed up people like this, and people who trust and support them. The same glue: FEAR. It binds them all together into doom. Julia Sheeres, "A Thousand Lives", http://www.bobedwardsradio.com We wonder how these people can be so crazy, and yet they are everywhere amongst us now! Are you one of them?! https://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/09/books/review/a-thousand-lives-by-julia-scheeres-book-review.html?_r=1

It is very hard to keep my train of thought together because of all the noise from the neighbours across the street. And apparently, the Village Idiot has parked his van in their lot, facing this house, with its spy cams. Anyway, I am having a really hard time recovering my brain, etc., from all that activity of about a week ago. I have more giant posts in the hopper, which I can't get around to doing: "Meat is Murder," "Dysfunction," and "Leverage."

Cooking, (Later that day): Crawling to kitchen, I rediscover this concept of food. Wishing myself out of relapse, I venture into a project of cooking omelets. (What is the name of these sentences I have structured? I forgot. We learnded it in English)... Anyway, I was considering spinach salad, but couldn't find a grater for carrots, so... I fried most veggies, including tofu cubes, and then added them to the egg mix. Tomatoes and mushrooms are always healthier if they are cooked a bit - and onions are better for ME if they are cooked.

Omelets were delicious, and better than last time - very colourful. But again too liquidy. And I think using yam powder as a milk substitute is a bad idea - gums things up, etc. But a little is good, as it seems to brown things quicker at a lower temp. And for this reason, I am suggesting you add it to your turkey basting!

Well, the eggs slightly helped my myelin-deprived left hemisphere, but I've lost ANOTHER day. I need tomorrow as a putter day now, then tuesday as a prep day maybe, and then Tuesday or Wednesday for the big day of activity hopefully. Just the act of PAYING ATTENTION has been quickly burning out ALL my fuses.

Speaking of Sullivans: Laura Sullivan, NPR's Sunday Weekend Edition: Good interview w/ Bill Maher. There was a theatre in town for many years, arrogantly called, "New American Theatre." I walked by its building, and it's now stupidly called, "The New Sullivan Theatre" - the main guy had named it after himself. That's par for the course here.

I love how creative WCPT Chicago's Progressive Radio is becoming, with it's new director, on Sundays: Nothing but RELIGION AND FOOTBALL. Jeez. (Except for about 2 hours at night - Ring of Fire Radio).

+ The symmetry of chaos, like a Rorschach Test: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/realtime-update.html - 11:11, 11/20/11
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