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doing nothing, versus doing nothing

I was going to do a post about Penn. State - how abuse of young boys under the flag of football is a form of bullying, and then of fascism. It's about power + corruption. I'm not writing that post, really, right now - just an informal post...

Right now, "The American Life," is doing a whole programme on Penn. State and the scandal. I missed some of it, but it's a good show. It's great to have these kinds of added dimensions on the news. Well, one always resonant idea expressed by a woman in the area was this, "How could GOOD MEN stand by and DO NOTHING?! - That's what's so hard for me to understand!"

Well, that's what I've been talking about. "All that evil requires to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing." Right? Fascism happens that way. That's what I'm talking about. The truly good simply stand aside and hope for the best. Because the concept of "GOOD" has become corrupted by false gods and MONEY. The UNTRUE "good."

Bernie Made-off, and family, believed themselves to be "GOOD." (See earlier post). The people who take homes and render people homeless believe themselves to be, "GOOD." Everyone in Penn. State all believed their coaches and leaders were, "GOOD." And that was the adulation and inspiration for corruption to take hold. That's the very problem, plus this whole thing about having no future in post-industrial America. "Take, take, take, TAKE ADVANTAGE WHEREVER YOU CAN, because it isn't wrong if you can get away with it." Well, the administration, the cops, the judges, the community, incestuously allowed those in authority to GET AWAY WITH WHATEVER, because they were GOOD.

And what makes them authorities, there? Not principle or sincerity or etc., but the part they play in bringing in MONEY! MONEY! Money, for what? For Nothing, but a GAME. Games are not reality. Games are not morality. The laws and fanfare of games do not trump the MEANING of LAWS - but in Penn. State, they did - they continue to. And thus, morally inspired, democratically created laws become lost and confused and perverted, while this OTHER thing creeps in, while the GOOD people smile, called, "MIGHT MAKES RIGHT." There is none so blind as he who will not see. How did a fun college town suddenly become so tainted? How could progressive Wisconsin produce the reign of Scott Walker?

So, when I write about these issues - the internal provocateur; the coming "gay crisis" in the NFL; the dysfunctional mentality of leaders born from large post-industrial cities; the psychological problems in economics; the threat of fascism; closet militant "gays" in power, just for the CRIME of it, little baby bastard bosses, etc., many people want to dismiss me. "Conspiracy theorist!" Because they are invested in the "GOOD" authority system, which has become based on the TRASH SYSTEM OF CASH. And then, when something like Penn. State happens, they are completely taken by surprise. And their reactions tend to be destructive, instead of progressive.

I wrote of how, at a recent get-together, males congealed into a football group, while females congealed into a gossip group, near the end. And I described how destructive this dynamic could be, as it tends to be pro-bullying, ultimately. The weak and scared and jealous seeking refuge in paradoxical mob psychology, and the authorities steering it. I was not being reactive, I was talking about something REAL.

And, when I was a boy, a popular priest was investigated for playing, "Choo choo," and towel-snapping, etc., with young boys in the shower. And I was somehow held to be "BAD" because I simply reported what I knew of the incident(s), when questioned - not taking sides, but just giving FACTS. Remember facts? Those were what made America the great scientific and industrial leader of the world - that and the emergence of economic corruption, and the like. UH - again, I am the "problem."

I've had a sibling who constantly accused me of whatever - he was a bully who based his power on getting attention via this. It never ended. Even years later, if I dated a street-wise, of-age girl, 8 years younger than me, suddenly I was a CHILD MOLESTER OH MY GOD!!! But if I dated a girl exactly my age, he (they) was silent, and tried to find something else to attack. Finally, I just plain kicked his ass, because he was, I realised, AN ALIEN.

I like Pittsburgh. But when I was there, I talked to some dude, and he described how he could have sex with skanky young girls, cuz there were so many available there. I eventually noticed that there seemed to be this pedophile streak running through Western PA and West Virginia. So, I wasn't shocked by Penn. State.

And, I had an LJ friend from that area. I was going to comment her with a joke pic, which was funny porn. I knew she was over 18, but I had to ask, FOR THE RECORD, since I don't want THE FERRET shutting down my journal for no real reason. But this girl was nearly OUTRAGED that I asked if she was over 18. After that, she stopped commenting me, and did some passive aggressive jokes in her own posts, about being 12 years old, etc. So, yeah, there's a problem out there to do with pedophilia and denying pedophilia. NOT WITH EVERYONE! With a MENTALITY that many may share.

On the other hand, Pittsburgh is great. Inexpensive. There's a little movement there "outlawing" the right of corporate personhood - EXCELLENT. I've considered moving there a number of times. But, if the economy REALLY goes south, I don't need to be stuck in a "big city," where a lot of conflict would erupt.

And, I've thought of moving to College City, (Penn. State UNIVERSITY CITY), not only because I ultimately NEED to be in a progressive college town, but because I need to get around to taking a class or two, and completing my BS. (CFS won't let me do that, esp. in the area of FRENCH). The reasons I decide against College City are: same as Pittsburgh; Party School does not always translate into PROGRESSIVE CITY; I need peace and quite right now, not a lot of social events; and just this WARINESS of the School in general, where rowdiness and football are so important.

But I am also wary of POST-INDUSTRIAL psychology, not being forward-looking, but full of contradictions and assumptions and small-town-blame-on-crack and so forth. If there were forward, sane places in western PA, I might consider - cuz I love the treeful, Sylvanic mountains. (Oh - I lived in Philly, which was OK except stultifying, in a similar but more sophisticated way than is THIS town. And NJ is fucked up. So, I am very wary of the entire rust belt stretch).

This has been a dreadful morning, with relapse continuing in left hemisphere. So much I need to do. Thrown back again.

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