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As it should be, I am puttering my way to getting a lot done. I don't know if I can build this up, and keep it going, past Monday, but I am hoping. I convinced the adamant realty lady that it would be better not to show the house in the morning. I mainly appealed to her own self interest - so, I sold the seller. (Too bad they can't sell the house!) But, really, I thought of it more as trying to delicately avoid saying to her, "You wouldn't like me when I'm mad."

Morrissey has been resurrected from his premature grave and is crooning in the master bedroom. "I would love to go... back to the old house... But I never will... I never will..."

This post is about today's, "The American Life," (NPR). One segment of today's episode, "Trying something so crazy that IT JUST MIGHT WORK," featured a music composer and an experimental scientist, collabourating on a whacky idea on how to cure cancer. Zapping them with electromagnetic frequencies. Not amazingly entertaining, this cute segment told of the two very different men's relationship, and their different ways of seeing things. Taken to extremes, the composer was the irresponsible bipolar artist type, and the scientist was the bean-counting control freak. But they liked each other.

The scientist kept demanding more tests, more tests, warning that no other scientists would ever take them seriously w/o more tests. The composer was all gung-ho for more explorations, and was content with the "proof" they had. In fact, he had run out of money, via this project. But he started a website to help him raise money for more tests.

"This is wonderful!" said the scientist, betraying some slight condescension, when he added, "My only reservation is that you be very careful not to claim anything that isn't proved..."

But the composer responded that he had approached three other scientists, and they were all excited and entranced, just as Mr. Bean-Counter had been when he first fell for Mr. Silly-composer. (Ah, those were the days of wine and roses!) Well, that really pissed off the scientist. Jealousy? I'd say yes. I'd say there is an extension of psychology into professionalism for a lot of scientists, who are simply in this rut of control, control, control, to the Nth degree.

I'm a big fan of science. I've done science. I'm a huge believer in highly controlled experiments, and lots of tests. I don't talk much about that side of my thought, because it's pretty conventional. I'm also very artistic, and I know all about following your inner Daemon - and I know this so often goes too far with many people. In fact, we're kind-of having a contest in America between these two types right now: The status-quo-defending technocratics are chiding the irresponsible masses who want and need NEW CHANGE and invention and HUMANITY - the "anarchists." It's a contest of the technocrats trying to control the masses, and the masses are resisting and controlling and out of control and pissed and helpless and moody. And the latter have lots of ideas and internet info and they don't like not being listened to as if they're idiots, but a lot of them ARE idiots. The composer might have done an idiot thing, by revealing the incomplete study to other scientists - but to him, it is all PROCESS OF DISCOVERY. And we're talking about CURING CANCER here.

The scientist may have been thinking about getting his name on a paper definitively proving a cure. But scientists don't like to admit their ego is such a factor in science - but it is. Science is science precisely to control for over-eager egos, and such. Including those of the ARTISTIC types. But this scientist was over-controlling the wrong person, doomed to be disappointed, tainting their love relationship, not getting published, felling, "Well, I knew it all seemed TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Woe is me."

One main reason I am mentioning this show is that it mentions how science has become stagnant, since it is overly reliant on skimpy, uninformed, or political or conservative funding sources. BIG GOVERNMENT. And this echoes what I have said many times in my journal. Scientists condense like fossils along the entrenching bureaucracies of research and funding and government and policies and agendae, etc., and they follow the funding RULES because they want to KEEP THEIR CAREERS going. And I add, again, not only does science stagnate in this manner, it also does so based on assumptions inherent in conventionally theory, conventional methods, conventional society or psychology. Science often falls short precisely because of of errors in, or intrinsic to, controls or math or method. One example is retrieving stress-induced psychological responses from a controlled rat, yet not accounting for the stress of the experiment itself. Control is not the foundation of science, imagination is.

Science was thrown for a loop when they discovered the great UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE, which was a complete slap in the face of experimental methods. The REAL world WON'T be infinitely controlled. It refuses. But even where methods and measurements SEEM to work, in our middle realm of the Medicosm, there is no accounting for some chance, AND: each additional control in any experiment is a tiny HYPOTHESIS IN ITSELF, containing it's own assumptions, logic, expectations, reasonings, etc. Thus adding more controls doesn't asymptotically approximate 100% mechanical control - no. Rather, each additional control adds a tiny tiny fraction of CHANCE, and there comes a point where accurate measurement becomes unreliable, (a la, uncertainty principle). And so on. (The generally unseen flaws in science is a long running theme of mine, and I could write a book - but others have written much about it).

Similarly, repeatability becomes unreliable. A la, cold fusion. So, we come up with this mathematical system called "chaos theory," and so forth.

Just as each new cog in an experiment, meant to overcome chance, also adds a tiny element of OFTEN MORE INVISIBLE chance, so do all the added cogs in scientific theories, or in science itself, (and certainly in bureaucracy and politics themselves). I'm not saying that these DISPROVE any theory, but "proof" is never absolute. Always out there in some distant margin is the black swan, as potential, waiting to contradict the whole white swan theory.

And so we need the fool - the artist - who is willing to go against the funding milieu, and invest his or her heart in trying and trying and trying again, until even THE MOST CRAZY possibility just might be the most correct answer! Insanity is necessity. And the FREEDOM to be a silly insane artist type - that is necessity. The left hemisphere of science, controlled experimentation, is NOTHING without the information and inspiration from the RIGHT hemisphere of IMAGINATION. Most great scientific break-throughs have come from actual DREAMS, if not from art. And so, you see, there is no sense in quashing the voice of the daemon among us, for want of funding, or for some ego-driven need to control the other, and calling it "science." The exuberance of exploration and WILL and creativity - the luxury of FREE ASSOCIATION, which is being taken away from us in our COMMONS, with our stupid consent, by those imagining themselves AUTHORITIES, when they are merely WELL-FUNDED.

NATURALISTIC OBSERVATION, and the contemplation of superstitions and nuances, and the contrapositive, is absolutely essential to the progress of science, and so of our species. AND OUR PLANET.

Science was not born to be a parasite. We have Big Pharma milking and bilking us. We have the military-industrial machine robbing our wealth. We have pencil-pushers and bean-counters rationalising imprisoning us within the walls of our own communities. And look at the out-of-control quants, technocrats, on Wall Street, with their unregulated lightning-speed-trading computers!

Privacy has been shorn from the freedom of choice - of association - of will. It flops about on the floor like an assumed dead cadaver. But who holds authority here? Hmmmm? The media? The technocrats? The cost-benefit analyzer corporations? They call it objectivism but it is RAPE. Oooop! I'm a wee bit moody, eh? ha ha...

Again - I am exceedingly pro-science! That's why I see how and where it can go wrong. I am not outright judging the scientist in, "This American Life," as being wrong, although I sense he may be. I am saying that there were no greater scientists throughout HISTORY than those represented in the nonsense of our irresponsible, madman COMPOSER! The master of the RIGHT hemisphere!! And, I say, there is a cold, creeping cynicism pervasive now that apes itself as "RIGHT" which is strangling our future. There is no end to it's reductionist logic except in a politic which denies it's own political nature, reducing us all to numbers, and then graves. You know what happened in technocratic NAZI Germany - the experiments, the spying, the euthanasia, the genetics, the bombs, the body bags, the holocaust. This is "scientific?"! IT CAN HAPPEN HERE. Do not agree! Follow your heart. You are the king of all Daem-ocracy!

Well, I wanted to say more about how this show brought up important points related to, "The cycles of health," and other shtuff. But I can't, why? Because, although the experiments by this unlikely duo - this pondering brain - may have failed, assumed to be because of INSUFFICIENT CONTROLS, I seem to have a good idea of what went wrong. They were swimmingly destroying cancer cells, and suddenly it all fell apart - and I'm pretty sure I know why. In other words, I may have their answer to curing cancer, (and yes it is a bit poetic). I say again, If you've been reading my journal, you may know what that answer is. Well, once I am all settled, I'll write to one of them, and give them my ideas - and maybe I will get some money, which, GOD KNOWS, I deserve by now!! ha!

The question for you is this: If you knew what I knew... If you possibly had the solution to these guys' flawed experiments, which one would you tell? The scientist, coveting control ad infinitum? Of the loopy composer, who leaks the incomplete experiment's information to other, competing scientists?? So, if you like, here is the link to the show... http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/450/so-crazy-it-just-might-work

And, hey! Yesterday, I came up with a much BIGGER money-making idea - an invention. I need someone who is skilled in working in ceramics. I'd also need to file a patent. But, eghhhh, patents... They have become Chinese food.... OK - I guess my post is done, bye.
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