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brainfreeze 11/11/11/11/11/11/11

I'm not sure if a big glitch I'm having is starting at port 53, but here's some "old news" i found, about COMCAST SNOOPING: http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2009/6/10/comcast-and-port-53---theyre-no-longer-fucking-with-it.aspx

I was hoping to get to store early today, since my dog is out of main food, but eyegraine. Lots of other loose ends i really need to deal w/ ASAP.... erg...

NOTE: I predicted Market would go up 75 points yesterday - it went up 113 - pretty close. Predicted gold would go up $25 but don't know what happened. Market is now up by about 250 today, but my prediction is that it would end up 200 or so, impossible to go higher than 250 - if it tries that, it will drop suddenly. Here's something i wrote yesterday or was it before that... (Note - most of the links i was going to fill in on the earlier post can be found at post at o_c_c_u_p_y).

I had a pretty fun dream last night, which included lots of people I know. In part of the dream, I was driving somewhere in my rented van, and I ended up coming up against the annual Halloween Parade, which was kiddies in costumes and floats and cars. So, I ended up having to do some excessive maneuvering to get out of there and onto a free street. I drive across the river, and start walking. All the while, I am holding my favourite old pot to my head, with the handle pointed forward. This is supposed t help cure my migraine. But someone comments on it and so I joke, "What? I'm a pot-head!"

Then I run into a good HS friend who was a football player. We were happy to see each other, but he said, "So and so told me YOU CCOULDN'T GET A FACE IMPLANT." I said, "What?!" This was weird, but I realised that I had made a joke about getting a face implant and this guy had thought I was serious, so he passed on the info to this football friend. So, that cleared that up.

In another part of the dream, I was at home, and then I travelled down a shoot into a big room that had nothing but a music center and some painted white cupboards which were almost not visible. There was some kookie kid down there, part of a football game - and there was some issue with him. After that, it opened up into a full football game of friends from the past. A big dog ran in and grabbed the ball, which was a tennis ball, and hid away - but the movements of the game, or whatever, kept going on. An older woman was there, intently observing. She was on a heart machine. We later realised that she was not interested in the game, but was waiting to watch the BALL - ("keep her eye on the ball"). The dog came out and she observed the ball - and (her?) process of paying attention to the ball.

Much of the football/kids stuff was due to my going to sleep while thinking of posting about bullying and the Penn State football/pedophile/riot thing. But the rest of the dream was about healing. I woke up and my migraine was oretty much gone, and I was more capable of CLEAR ATTEnTION!

BTW - remember, maybe a year ago, or less - I predicted there would be a "gay sex scandal" in the NFL - or national football. Well, here it is, in College football! I'm sure a similar scandal will eventually hit the NFL, though. It wasn't too dificult to predict. It's all about the corruption of trusted institutions and "authorities" in a dysfunctionalising empire. And it only makes sense that football would involve macho guys with gays. But I still need to post about the Penn State thing... http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=penn-state-students-rioted-defied-joe-paterno ... In the mean time, (talk about DUMBASS)... goggle that Perry video if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.livescience.com/16985-cleaner-shrimp-murder-rivals.html

AND HERE'S A SNIPPET FROM DAYS AGO: An odd day. 99% of the day, unable to access phone/internet, due to rain. 80% of day spent burning off dire life-threatening gunk at back of brain, then ordering pizza and beer. Throwing caution to the wind and actually listening to music.

The Euro breakup is developing almost as fast as I can predict it. Gold has gone down with the falling market - that shows shear fear. If that were to continue over a longer spell, it would spell out a deflationary depression. But Wall Street is full of reactionary sissies. They only get half the news. Then they only listen to half of that. Then they react to only half of that. And when they react it is completely insane half the time. Wall Street has nothing to do with the real world, other than its connection via the banks/ gambling houses.
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