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mothers against bastards

(Yay! Wins for Unions, Women, Hispanics and RIGHTS across the nation! btw - this post is dedicated to Toe Sucker, Joe Walsh, who owes $100,000 in child support: "One term Congressman chides citizens for their inability to understand why we must destroy all unions: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/09/joe-walsh-blames-empty-st_n_1084753.html)

Paterno is resigning, Burlesque-oni is resigning. And

Rick Perry is behind this!

The anti-businessman machine is behind this!

The liberal media is behind this!

The "Democrat" Party machine is behind this!

I don't know this woman!

I don't remember meeting this woman!

I know nothing of the settlements with the other women!

I maybe paid off those women in the settlement!

We paid off those women a year's pay!

I don't know the Kochs!

I am their brother from another mother!!

There are weapons of mass destruction in Disneyland! Let's all go attack!!! (huh?!)...

I did absolutely NOTHING inappropriate to ANYONE, PERIOD!

Excuse me! EX-CUSE ME!!!...

"Some people don't like liars. But I don't like people. So, blame you-self!"

*Cindy Sheehan's letter refusing to pay the I.R.S. http://cindysheehanssoapbox.blogspot.com/2011/11/we-will-never-pay-so-stop-harassing-us.html or http://www.cindysheehanssoapbox.com!

(I'll find the links for ya later!.........)..

*Citizens for Tax Fairness expose corporation tax bums: goggle

*Ron Paul says that Israel has already declared war on Iran: http://www.dailypaul.com (sp?) or goggle

*Boston OCCUPY surrounds Israeli Consulate: goggle

You won't see Germany denouncing Iran much, as France is doing. Why? Germany realises it will be holding the bag for Europe's debts, caused by aggressive U.S./world Bankster Gamblers). So, Germany is quietly considering backing out of the Euro Union, and forming an alliance with Russia and Nordic Countries. (Well, Sweden and Germany are the big "post-NAZI" countries - who once despised Russian COMMIES, but Russia is now crazy capitalist). Russia has no debt, plus more oil than any other country, (not to mention the unexplored melting Arctic). And Russia is a close ally of Iran, (whilst the U.S. and Israel seem to be stuck in the Cold War). I believe the Obama/Sar-cozy "flub" about hating Niten-Yahoo was deliberate - MEANT to be overheard, to put comfy distance from Israel while they actually back Israel against Iran, (despite what our Military wants). (Same deal with the Obama's statement criticising Israel's home-building expansion into Gaza). BUT - some are saying that the U.S. would ultimately have Iran as an ALLY in a coming cold war with China. If that were the plan, then this anti-Iran thing is a fake-out, towards an eventual Arab/U.S. attack on ISRAEL! But China also favours Iran - plus China is in a military/economic alliance with RUSSIA - meaning we might end up fighting Germany one day! I have no idea where Iran and/or Israel would stand - so they'd be the areas of discord. And the alliances may stack up like this:

U.S., France, UK, Italy, (Israel?), Poland, Greece?, Turkey?, UAE, Libya, Egypt, India, Australia (possibly neutral), South Africa, Canada, Philipines, etc.

Brazil neutral. Another eventual battleground? NZ possibly neutral. Taiwan "officially neutral." Indonesia unknown - probably invaded by China.

China, Russia, Germany, some Nordic, Pakistan, (Iran?), Japan (possibly neutral), Chad, South Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique, Somalia, possibly MEXICO!

This would spin into an Arctic oil war as well.

*100,000 marchers escape detection by corporate media: goggle Occupy Oakland

*200 county Sheriff's converge on Las Vegas: http://www.cspoa.org / Sheriff Mack

*OCCUPY WALLSTREET marches to WDC SuperCommittee den of thieves: http://www.occupythehighway.com

*MERVS: Bill Maher interviews Joe Biden: goggle

*PA county rejects MERVs: goggle washington county court case

*Electric power meters know what TV shows you are watching: Wired Magazine

*TSA "VIPR" teams dispersing throughout TN highways: goggle

*Government uses cellphone records to track the innocent: goggle

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