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This post is an extension of several other series, such as: "EXPLODING SUN," and, "REACTIVITY," and, "I AM OPPOSED TO GUNK." I have time to write, since I am recovering from a relapse, needing to rest, and the phone/internet is down.

"35/40 or BUST!!"...

COOKING: As you know, I keep trying to make the perfect pseudo-Hispanic cornbread, and I am never satisfied. Yesterday, I tried it again, and it pretty much turned out as I had idealised. The goal is to make it like tamales. The secret was to use 1/2 corm meal and 1/2 corn flour. Also, I have had a problem w/ it being too dry and crumbly, vs too wet and yucky. Using no eggs, the secret is to partly cook rice, so it is still slightly hard. Use that as a binder. Yam powder also helps. So does quick oats, which I don't boil, and which I tend to soak with oil, or with egg when I use egg. Any extra grains, like cracked oats, should be boiled a little first. I used no chili spice, and no onion - although onion would have been fine. Hot powder, pepper, OK. Mexican cumin, oregano good. No turmeric. Slight tomato powder. Spices were pre-boiled w/ the rice. Oil, salt, BS. Also used small amount of chicken broth to replace some water. Contained some fat.

I also attempted omelets on Sunday, and failed. Started with too much liquid, ended up trying to compensate w/ more eggs/flour - not enough. Ended up more like quiche, had to cook like small pancakes. But they tasted great. Spinach, tomato, mushrooms. Greek yogurt + yam powder = "milk". Basil, oregano, pepper, oil, salt, BS. If I had used onion/powder available. Most spices are packed away.

BIBLE THUMPING: I collected a bunch of post-it notes, and I am burying them in a cave for 1,000 years. One note says, "And the Lord came down and said, "Straight people have the right to get married." Another one said, "Gays definitely do not have the right to get married. OK? Is everybody clear about that one? I am saying it right out. This is not an opinion, because look, I am writing it down. Gays SHOULD NEVER MARRY. End of conversation. You heard it from Me." Another post-it note said, "Stop eating Kangaroos. The only way you can eat Kangaroos is if carrots are included in the dish. And the Kangaroos must be slaughtered by space aliens in checkered pants. While standing on their heads. Facing Albuquerque." Another one said, "If you can't reach me, leave me a voice-mail." And, finally, "What's the deal with airline food?"

So, someone will dig these up and put them all together, into a Book, and hopefully that will clear up any questions as to whether or not gays have a right to get married. On a Thursday. Oh, I should include the right to kill abortion doctors...

CEDAR OIL AND FLEAS: Later that morning: I managed to sleep, and now my HORRID, mind-gripping super extra relapse of this weekend is disappearing. BUT, that doesn't mean I can suddenly get things done. More rest required. PLUS: Now it is raining, so the phone doesn't work, and so also too I cannot log on I cannot. Last night I dreamt I was in a Shakespeare play - put on by regular people, just reading. Well, I don't feel like describing that. But, I do want to say that I opened up a wee bottle of aromatic CEDAR oil and added it to my super-secret cologne, which already contains musk, patchouli, sarsaparilla, hemp oil - for taht "burnout" touch, cinnamon, etc. Oh, and pheromones, of course - female - so I can attract lesbians. Because I am a lesbian. But the cedar oil gave it a nice, fresher, rounder accent. It will also help keep flees and mosquitoes away...

Of which I speak: There is an advertiser on Chicago Progressive Radio, for "CEDARCIDE.COM" - a product to kill flees and bedbugs, developed by someone for the Military, to fight GULF WAR SANDFLEAS. Of course, the Military chose instead to use to inject it's soldiers with a TOXIC PESTICIDE instead, giving them GULF WAR SYNDROME. Of course. GWS is almost identical to CFS, and is similarly dismissed as "HYPOCHONDRIAC'S FLU". As you know, cedar chips help keep away moths and vampires. (Mothballs, on the other hand, are EXTREMELY toxic, as well). I think my CFS first really bloomed after I lay on the floor where the house had recently been flea-bombed, next to a new couch full of ALUMINUM OXIDE, a fire-retardant, (more on the latter, later). However, I started having serious immuno-trouble after walking through a stream filled with pesticides, and having sex with a girl with a bad yeast infection. Not at the same time, of course, (but yes I have had sex while walking through a stream before, with a giant mollusk strapped to my back, btw). AND, your supposed to put a toxic pesticide on your dog's skin, so it leaches into their blood, and the fleas drink their blood and die. Well, I always wondered why there was no alternative to this therapy for dogs - it surely was no good for Kurska, and now I refuse to use it - and EUREKA!, (which was recently hit by an earthquake), I HAVE FOUND IT! CEDARCIDE!...

I didn't have time or money to buy cedarcide by mail, so I went to find cedar oil at the supermarket health/supplements section. Apparently, all the liberals who listen to CHICAGO'S PROGRESSIVE RADIO had gotten there first, and they had bought all the bottles of cedar oil! But, even though my mind was askew, I realised that they had bought all the cedar oil which came from THE JUNIPER TREE, popularly called, in America, the "Cedar Tree," which it isn't. The cedar oil here is not really cedar oil! Juniper oil may sometimes be substituted for true cedar oil, but I'm not sure how well it fights insecto-pests like bedbugs_plus. (And I'm not even sure if CEDARCIDE might actually USE Juniper oil in the first place). But I scanned through the other aromatic oils there at the store, and just by luck, I found bottles of, "Atlas Cedar Oil" - from TRUE CEDAR TREES. It was more expensive, but it will go a long way. In cologne. In my first-aid and camping kit. And, I'm going to mix it with "BIOKLEEN," a natural cleaner containing lemon and grapefruit-seed oil, and wash my dog. Luckilly, my dog doesn't mind the smell of the cedar oil. But he has been driving me crazy lately, scratching constantly, and subsequently loosing his harness.

FIRE AND RUST: Later that morning: OK, I'm going to talk about Alzheimers and Earthquakes. To lead into both topics, I will mention COLD FUSION. But before I do that, I will mention fire and rust...

When something bursts into flames, it is OXIDIZING. Fire is in fact a chemical process, but it's contagion exists in the THERMODYNAMIC WORLD - in the MACRO world, not the microscopic,(more appropriately, in the "medicosmic world," or the realm of the familiar, which I termed, "THE MEDICOSM" - the middle earth, where we humans live, day-to-day... thermodynamic, statistical, neither quantum or relativity-like). Fire is a phase transformation in our Medicosm. It feeds off of the availability of a lot of OXYGEN. (Note, fire also involves electricity, btw). But there is another, microscopic form of fire - a "cold fire" - and this is called RUST. Rust is a discrete CHEMICAL process, only partly or slowly contagious. It is not a phase transformation, but a chemical reaction, nevertheless involving the same OXIDATION.

(COLD) FUSION: Similarly, we have this process called NUCLEAR FUSION, which can be compared to fire. It is a contagious phase transformation impinging on the thermodynamical Medicosm, and it is extremely HOT. But it is more than a chemical reaction - it is more of a QUANTUM MECHANICAL process, impinging upon the chemical world. A nuclear FISSION reaction is similar. You may have an out of control nuclear reaction in a NUKE plant core, but the EXPLOSIONS normally occur when OXYGEN is introduced, and the emerging superhot HYDROGEN consequently becomes OXIDIZED. Similarly, you can have nuclear FUSION occurring in the center of the sun, but the flares occur due to electrical and chemical interactions related to hydrogen.

But I have long felt that it is entirely possible that a COLD form of nuclear fusion is possible, just as there is a cold form of fire, (i.e., rust). This is called "COLD FUSION," and it hasn't sufficiently been proved yet, but it may be, as there is a guy named ROSSI currently doing some compelling research. The theories as to HOW cold fusion may be possible are loose but credible. The possible process may be analogized as a kind of nuclear rusting, between the chemical and quantum realms. That is to say, quantum changes may affect chemistry in such a way that subatomic particles are induced into new behaviours or positions - or compositions/masses. But more on all this at some other time. The important thing to note is that excess heat and even some mass may be created in cold fusion processes, and these processes may be associated VIA SOLAR ENTANGLEMENT, INSTANTANEOUSLY, with nuclear activities WITHIN THE SUN, so...

NUCLEAR PLANET: My theory that a moderate HOT nuclear reactor exists as the Earth's core, which is affected by solar events, and which can be CREATING WATER, may not be necessary. There may exist, at the core, and throughout the Earth, a COLD fusion occurring, which has not yet built up enough to phase transform into a HOT core reactor - (yet). There was once a large nuclear explosion which seems to have put Mars out of business, and scalded one side, (the "DARK SIDE"), of our Moon. Such nuclear explosions are possible in nature. Solar "nuclear flares" may also be possible, in my opinion. Stars do explode. And one theory is that aliens attacked Mars with nuclear weapons, as a punishment for Martians screwing up their own environment. A kind of euthanasia. But one hypothesis that should be maintained, according to me, is that some planet may have exploded, due to some phase-transformation nuclear reaction at its core...

Anyway, the next point is this: With increased solar activity, the Earth does not simply heat up as well. The Earth, in my fairly good hypothesis, also experiences increased cold (and possibly hot) nuclear fusion (and/or fission), slightly increasing Earth mass and energy. So, the Earth does not expand simply due to the EXTRA HEAT, from both processes, but also to added mass/energy. If only because of statistics and gravity/pressure alone, heating is most intense AT THE CORE. This is why the Earth's ocean DEPTHS have been observed to be warming much faster than the planet/atmosphere at the surface.

GLOBAL WARMING AND EXPANSION: So, we have slight global expanse, and central heating. (Plus more underground water STEAM and melting METHANE - an associated hydrocarbons - and geologically produced OIL). That makes plate tectonics move more easilly and often, increasing friction and so heat. That also makes earthquakes and volcanic eruptions more frequent. That is what is making land bulge in Bolivia, threatening an extinction-possible SUPERVOLCANIC EVENT. The same thing is happening, to a less extent, in the supervolcano under Yellowstone, (which would explode NORTHWESTERLY, btw). These events occur in rough, Mayan cycles, in relationship to cycles of waxing solar activity, (etc). (Waning solar activity can also have some geological influences). Further, the climate becomes instable/volatile, and a swing into an ice-age is as possible as a swing into a greenhouse phase, depending on what gasses are released from the Earth, ETC.

When the Earth expands, there are lateral AND longitudinal lines of stress. Just look at tectonic faults along the ocean floors - they stretch for thousands of miles, but also have many trenches extending outwards at a 90 degree angle. So, we can have, with the transition into winter, or into summer, a kind of action where part of the globe further north wants to twist off like the lid of a jar, while the "jar" is the more southern part of the globe. But, along with this great line of stress from east to west, this would ALSO include many lines of stress emanating northwards, and emanating southwards. REMEMBER THIS THOUGHT. Why does this strange stress grid happen? Because the Earth is a fricken GLOBE, where every point comes back and affects every other point. The surfeit stress has no where else to go, but to end up as this 90 degree/grid arrangement. Another point: General global expansion, (which is an extension of matter being perpetually created throughout the universe, as opposed to a "Big Bang"), would NOT be uniform across the Earth. Most places would expand, but there would also be some massive CAVE-INs, or submergences, of great expanses of land, as a matter of chaotic compensation. SO: It is possible, and history and odd geog/ology lends support, (imo), that a plunge of the center of the USA, as predicted by the often reliable, (and theoretically possible), Edgar Casey, (I use the wrong spelling of his name, I know). It MAY be possible that the center of the country may one day, maybe relatively soon, covered in water. POSSIBLE. NOT PROBABLE. But, we have had a lot of unusual earthquakes, (etc.), in the center of the country, from Toronto to Arkansas and Texas, and from Yellowstone to WDC. Fracking, maybe. Cheney, maybe. Secret drilling for geothermal, maybe. But there's a lot more going on.

INTERMISSION: Well, look at that. It is 11:00 am, but my wall clock has stopped at 8:44. Of course, the battery is weaker. But look also to spurious, coincidental, precipitating and synchronistic events and possibilities as well. "Punctuated equilibrium." Always. That's how life happens. That's how phase transformations happen. "CHAOS." Well, the last time my clock stopped, it was at the very same time we were hit by a sunspot/flare/CME. I did not correlate the time exactly. But this time I can do that. So, we may have experienced a solar event, around 8:44, Chicago time. MAYBE. (Or, it may be the failing battery plus humidity from the rain). Well, this would relate precisely to what I am writing here in this post!...

UPDATE: Correction - I keep an hour late during winter, so it was actually 8:44 EASTERN time. Accounting for light/electricity travelling 8.25 minutes form sun to earth, that puts the time at exactly the same time as a large CME from the sun - EXCEPT for one thing: it is exactly one day BEFORE the actual event. That's even weirder!

[Later that day: My CFS is similar to earth stresses. Like earthquakes, I have relapses that come and go. But there are bigger, cosmic relationships and frequencies going on, as suggested in my "CYCLES OF HEALTH" series. So, some stresses an become cumulative, and reinforce a broader, deeper illness, which I often call, "The underlying symptoms - or the life-threatening symptoms." These are a LONG-TERM illness, or a "frequency", which is not only a result of cumulative relapses, but is also a "frequency" in relationship to other or larger influences or frequencies or stresses from other directions. Like a harmonic frequency, or the eye-storm circle on the planet Jupiter, they can survive on their own power, in a feedback loop, for a long time, possibly until death. It's like going about your day-to-day life, but being silently, slowly heated inside by rays from a big microwave oven. Like cancer, or our bastard economy, it is the installed illness that needs to be broken through radical, and through discrete, actions. A corrective phase shift. So long as I have to deal with all the stuff I am dealing with right now, I cannot achieve this healing, this restoring of the correct cycles of my health].

QUANTUM REACTIVITY: OK - remembering the jar-lid idea, (along with the 90 lines of stress). I am adding THIS point before continuing on that:

Back during the Fukushima, crisis, (which continues to this day), I discussed "REACTIVITY." I suggested both that the volatility of fissionable materials is increased by solar activity, (solar entanglement). I also noted that increase solar activity has a direct influence on life itself, most measurably in microbes and plants. (In fact, there is a theory that interstellar communication, and even "time travel," can be accomplished via the assistance of microbiota). I also suggested that there is, (in keeping with these concepts), a correlation between social protests and solar activity - as there is between scarcity and solar activity, (and possibly between human generations, economy, and solar cycles). So, I noted back then that the Arab Spring, and the Madison Protests, coincided with increased solar activity. THIS IS A SUGGESTION OF POSSIBLE CORRELATION. THIS IS NOT SUPERSTITION. ALL GREAT SCIENCE BEGINS IN WHAT IS CALLED "SUPERSTITION."

SOCIAL REACTIVITY: Well, now we've been having the OCCUPY protests, in coincidence with high solar activity. And where have those protests been confronted with the most retardia from the police and politicians? Oakland. Denver. There has been some serious bizarre discord in those cities, coming from both directions. Why? Maybe no particular reason. Maybe the people in those areas are over-excited by something. Maybe they are overly REACTIVE. Not thinking straight, using baboon logic, etc. Tinder boxes. Arresting and beating innocent bystanders. Etc. Like puppets in some larger tragedy, or comedy. As Gandhi suggested: Live your life freely and responsibly, and the symbolism will be presented to you, and you will become RESISTANCE within the machine, running it down." Just as the sun presents the symbolism of crop circles, hypothetically, for our calm contemplation and amusement. But things in Oakland and Denver aren't going occurring to the Gandhi model. Sure, that is likely due to Federally planted provocateurs. But, for the sake of imagination, maybe there is more to it. Nothing in the universe happens according to one logic and one logic alone! SYMBOLISM is the substance of nature. INFORMATION is FIELD. (Quote me on that important statement - I will discuss it more later).

OK - Oakland and Denver. Both located between the 35th and the 40th Parallel. What else is located between the 35th and the 40th Parallel? The Earthquakes in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Denver, WDC - and now in SAN FRANCISCO. Where the lid meets the jar. The line of stress, with more lines emanating north and south at a 90 degree angle: up the CASCADES, or down into Texas. So, there you have it. What I am saying is this: At THE VERY LEAST, allegory or symbolism suggests that there is large a geographic line of stress going across the country, within the 35th and 40th Parallel. (Note, the WDC Parallel, included, was very important to the Masons - who derived their knowledge from earlier civilisations, as did the Mayans). So, this cross-country line of stress may also be exciting human and animal (and plant/biota) populations. But, of course, we don't notice or credit anything so oblique. (We barely even dare to talk about sex, which, as it happens, has an awful lot to do with world lines and the experience of existence). We are more in the habit of selfishly seeking victims out and blaming or criticising them, in order to puff up our temporal power/appearance, in a dysfunctional habit of obtaining more red meat to consume, and such. Let us prey... We are more confined by the mechanical, base logics of stats and science and basic science: The Medicosmic stuff. We are not in the habit of taking quantum or relativity phenomena seriously, or factoring them into our day-to-day. But, in fact, these forces are EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTHING. That is why psychic phenomena is important to take seriously, whilst also realising we are insufficiently wise in any department. Judge not...

Henceforth, I shall refer to this great 35/40 stressline as the national, "BUSTLINE." I still think of it as a statistical average, for scientific purposes, but I like to think of gigantic breasts.

ASTEROID and COMING BANK CRISIS: Later that day: So, an asteroid, YU55, is passing near the Earth any minute now. Some say it is 200 meters across, some say 400. Some say it is a remnant of comet Elenin, ("Extinction Level Event, 9 in November"). Some say it could be blown this way if a massive flare CME emerges from gigantic Sunspot (3039?), and smacks us in the face, as the spot turns towards us. Some say this is one reason why Barack Obama and FEMA are doing their emergency infomercial tomorrow. (This immediately follows Obama's official statement that alien UFO's never existed). I say the Obama thing would have more to do with the BANKS. You see, as I explicitly predicted, BANK OF AMERICA IS DECLARING BANKRUPTCY, WHICH MEANS WE ARE SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR THE $79 TRILLION OF BAD DERIVATIVES WHICH IT PUT INTO FDIC-INSURED ACCOUNTS, ILLEGALLY, BUT WHAT DOES "ILLEGALLY" EVER MEAN ANYMORE? Meanwhile, idiots yell at me, "YOU ARE DUMBASS! ME AM CLEVER! ME AM RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!" Listen. I know from experience... Actually BEING right is not all it's cracked up to be...

EARTHQUAKE, SAN FRANCISCO: Well, to continue, my main point is this: SAN FRANCISCO MAY BE HIT BY A VERY LARGE EARTHQUAKE SOON. Here's how I break it down:

1 - San Fran is overdue for a very large quake.
2 - Solar activity is increased, and there is a good chance that a large event/CME may hit us head-on soon.
3 - San Fran is both in the San Andreas/ Cascades north-south stressline, as well as in the east-west 35/40 Bustline.
4 - Abundant stress and release of stress has been occurring on the continent, mostly to the east. That builds up stress - potential energy - on the San Andreas/ Cascades axis.
5 - San Fran has been relatively quiet compared to increased seismic activity worldwide. Chaos, global inter-relatedness, and mere chance increase the probability that a quake will focus in the SF region/locale soon.
6 - Full moon! (Also, pressure change and rain in the center of the country).
7 - People in San Fran area have been getting stranger and stranger. And now, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE. Humans are only different to animals before a quake - or during seismic pressurisation/electricity - merely in that they focus their stress on blaming each other or destroying the environment. They even get weird half a day before a rain shower, fcs.
8 - The far right needs another GOD event to blame on the gays.
9 - A small quake has occurred in the area.

That's it. I say INCREASED chance. I am NOT saying this WILL happen! But I have been right in the past.

The phone/internet is (sort-of) working at the moment. I am posting this, and leaving out the ALZHEIMERS bit, to be done as a PART 2 later. It will key into ideas of fire and rust; to chem-trails, ("meant to deflect CMEs"!), and GUNK in general. ta ta for now. You'll prolly see the "end of world" post even before the Alzheimer's thing, and THAT (end of world) post will need to be followed by a Part 2 as well, probably called, "I am always right, sadly."

TOE-SUCKERS PART ONE: PS - I was not well enough to catch Alex Jones on Coast-to-Coast last night, darn. I have still to write the post about, "the end of the world," relating to the FEMA/Obama test tomorrow. And I have had an amazing revelation about the nature of Pi, but all that madman T.O.E. stuff is way too much to write anytime soon. But, by the way, it occurred to me: People who creep into someone else's LJ and call me "dumbass" or "crazy", thinking to themselves that they are somehow being clever in doing this, by merely judging and putting others down, with nothing of substance or wit or intelligence in what THEY THEMSELVES are saying, are doing nothing more than making fools out of themselves. And it is pathetic. They never change, and they only amp up, full of their own crap. As Jones said, "That's not what these cowards do. They don't ever see and admit that they are wrong - they only push more and more, denying that they are the problem, advancing the corporate police state." (para). And what are they upholding? The original ideas of the now-dead, which have become tokenised and self-caricatured and bastardised and abused and brandished for POWER, such as the ideas of ADAM SMITH. And whatever which does not connect, (in their prejudiced minds), to these false gods is fair game, to them, for crucifixion. Any original thought, upon which may become the core of future CONVENTIONAL WISDOM, and so craven conservative leaches, is attacked as: "Crazy!" That is their only game and substenance. How can they live long like that?

MORE TOE-SUCKERS: Uh - yeah... The Chicago Board of Traitors released fliers over the OCCUPY protestors, which were insulting and idiotic. They also threw papers out their windows, onto the protestors, telling them to, "GET A JOB!" If these aren't official provocateurs, who needs official provocateurs?! They MEAN to incite violence, and call on the militarised policia, yah? Like the cowards that they are. (I've noticed something these bastards all have in common... (Besides being 100% out of touch with any wisdom the older generations may have gather by living through the 1929 Depression or WWII), they are all sociopathic BASTARDS living off of DADDY's MONEY. ALL of them. From KOCHs down to the local Bully-wanna-be's like the VILLAGE IDIOT. They are RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT, because they are spoiled, coddled COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS. Hermann Cain, as an example. "Oh, no! Hermann CAIN couldn't possibly be a COWARD! Because, he's got a BIG MOUTH and is surrounded by MONEY and CHRISTIANS!" Oh, abusing power LIKE A LEACH and not owning up to SEXUAL ASSAULT is not BEING A COWARD?!

Well, at a meeting - WDC or Detroit or somewhere - the Kochs were conferencing with the same old buttfucks and the OCCUPY people were standing outside, protesting. And one of the KOCHs walks over and looks out the window, at all the people protesting. Then, he went back into the meeting and made his speech. In the speech, he included a picture of the protesters. And he said, "Here is the PROOF of our success!"

Insulated up there in all his stolen money, his logic was completely DYSFUNCTIONAL. No engineer or builder or home builder talks like that, "See, the house is falling apart. PROOF of our success." Because normal humans are invested to a good degree, IN THE COMMONS. That is what human logic and communication is for. (DESTRUCTION IS TO BE USED ON THE BEASTIE MONSTERS WHO PREY ON US,and who no longer exist).

DYSFUNCTIONAL CAPITALISM: At some point, up the ladder of unregulated capitalism, there naturally exists a PSYCHOLOGY which is ANTITHETICAL to natural human psychology. It is upside down and inside out. It is the psychology of psychopaths and serial killer cowards. It is a psychology of bitter revenge and hatred and feared, mustered at about the age of 3, and never let go - never matured into something more transcendent, productive or empathic. It is a psychology of theft and cruelty. Wherever we see hope, they see a chance for exploitation. Wherever we see pain, they derive pleasure. Wherever we keep a promise, they stab in the back. Wherever we love, they rape. That becomes the edifice of empire in decline. That becomes the method of FASCISM and WAR. And smirk they now on our Gandhi games. God help us all.

GOD AS BANKSTER: Have you heard? The Pope is jealous of Goldman-Sachs, "doing God's work," and so he wants to create his own national bank for the world. And we won't need debit cards anymore, we'll just pay our fees and indulgences through retina scans and ID chips and talking street lights...
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