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I don't know if it's still aired or not. But did you know that the Jerry Springer show was a right-wing think-tank? A lot of policy and GOP legislation were first generated there, along with toxic fish-heads. AND - that's where the whole TeaBagger movement started. The first TeaBaggers were created there and many many more were recruited from the audience, and shipped into Glenn Becke rallies, or guns-only toon hall meetings, or the progressive Madison protests, where up to 100,000 people were speaking out against the GOP war on UNIONS, while Fox news only filmed the TeaBaggers complaining about unions. Pretending that 100,000 people were complaining about unions. Although, some of those TeaBaggers stupidly were complaining about overpopulation, overcrowding, and their bunions. (And - an entire army of TeaBaggers was created to invade Cuba but they were poisoned to death by correxit at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, where their Walkers remain).

Many people once wondered how the FauX Network, home of FauX News, (a la, "THIS ISN'T THE MEDIA! THIS IS THE REPUBLICAN PROPAGANDA MACHINE!"), could ALSO air such "liberal" shows, like Jerry Springer, or 90210. (The correct term is actually, "LIBERTINE," which is related to, "ANARCHO-CAPITALISM," which is related to, "FEDERAL RESERVE POLICY." Well, it was a scheme to get people caring about the greater demons of our nature: Money, bickering, gossip, mockery, back-stabbing, and so on. They usurped the liberal idea of opening your arms to all diverse groups, and let loose a rabble of racists, and NAZIs, and exhibitionists, and sociopaths, and morons, and on and on, and more... So that no one could sleep with all the stressful stress going on. Eventually, Roger Ailes hoped, the American public would be induced to give birth to REPTILE CHILDREN, (goggle), who would be as functional as people who had had their frontal lobes lobotomised, except for the fact that their hind-brains and LIMBIC, (i.e., Reptilian), brains would so hyper functional that VOTING would eventually be easilly substituted by RAMPANT CANNIBALISM, and very few people would notice the difference.

And now we live in a world which is smoothly run by the zombie children of Jerry Springer. I say "smoothly" because rule-by-catastrophe" is actually the Libertarian definition of, "running smoothly." For example, the World Trade Center comes down, there is mass terror, and somehow it brings the country together in an orgy of flag-waving, phone-tapping, and sexual abuse by the TSA. And women become excited by the bulge in their boyfriends' underpants for entirely new reasons. And Abu Ghraib is imported into Oakland, California, where somehow it eventually leads to the re-election of Barack Obama - who becomes the greatest thing since THE ABORTION ISSUE, as far as Republicans are concerned. Yes, the propaganda now just writes itself. And everything is good in the world, seen through lizard eyes. And monoclonal zombots whistle away whilst they scrub Wikipedia of sensitive information, and replace "*lol*" and its derivatives, with the much more wholesome "*giggles*". Not really so much because it's more wholesome, but BECAUSE THEY CAN. And if that's not a higher moral imperative, I don't know what is.

Yes, so there's this OCCUPY girl who was thrown into a cold concrete solitary cell, left to crap herself, out in Oakland. All because we have all become the SPRINGER BORG. Goggle for the interview of James Coxx (?!) by some guy named Jacobs. And the Chief of the Oakland police comes out and blames the MAYOR for the police brutality. Well, the police in Albany, NY, (where Jerry Spring was never aired?), had no problem REFUSING to do the violent bidding or their city officials, with their political agendae TO PROTECT THE ZOMBIE LIZARD KINGS AND THEIR EGGS. But, in Oakland, the Chief is saying that a general order from the Mayor to, "clear the park," was why the police had no choice to use rubber bullets, (oh wait - hadn't they DENIED they used rubber bullets?), tear gas, and giant tickle feathers. And, similar to the 3 incidents of horny cops in WDC suddenly punching the Tranny apples of their eyes, some gop - I mean cop - hauls back and punches a femme gay guy in the face, for "refusing" to walk on a sidewalk (that was packed full of people). You can goggle for that viral video, too. Meanwhile the girl in the Oakland Abu Ghraib jail cell is pulled out and is being beaten and manhandled for not removing her shoes, and she's trying to tell them, in her best PeeWee Hermann voice, "How can I remove my shoes when you've got me by the arms?!" Well, aren't NAZIs the silliest things! Anyway, this police chief is explaining why the police are not at fault, AND HIS WHOLE SHPEEL IS COMPLETELY RIDDLED BY NONSENSE MUDDLED THINKING. You know, code words, flawed logic, insinuated blame, incoherent associations, implied snark, constrained "I'm better than you" pomposity, and so on. I don't have time to diagram this, and show how it was all clearly constructed ENTIRELY BY A BRAIN-STEM, but it was amazing and tragically sad. And, darn near just as he spoke, paid provocateurs were goading the police into more violence, down on the docks, Never daring to show their faces, like true OCCUPIERS. Oh, wait, what was that truism from the Jerry Springer show, "IF YOU'VE GOT NOTHING TO HIDE, THEN WHY DON'T YOU... [fill in the blank]." If you've got nothing to hide, then why should you care if we stand in your bedroom and watch you have sex? Why should you care if we subject you to water-boarding for the greater good? Um, and how about this: "WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE CARE, RUSH LIMBAUGH, IF THEY RAISE YOUR FUCKING TAXES?!"

Why should we care? Because all our spindle cells have been shipped to China. Now what we want is what truly matters: CONTINUING TO APPEAR MORE RIGHT THAN ANYONE ELSE, which strangely requires and infinite supply of worthless money, and strangely results in a foolish tragedy of chair-throwing and hair-pulling.

People who throw up smoke - who step out and throw stones at individuals they don't even know - for no reason whatsoever, seeking only to draw people in and then BLAME THEM FOR THEIR OWN CRAP WHICH IS PROJECTED ONTO THESE OTHERS, well, of course, they are complete cowards who don't have a clue about the purpose of RESPECT. Who feel the right to react abusively - as in rape or sexual harassment (power) - when the cherished symbols of their egos, NOT THEIR ACTUAL SELVES OR BODIES, are felt to be attacked. So, make fun of Rush Limbaugh, who they TeaBagger types BELIEVE THEMSELVES TO BE, and suddenly they are pulling your hair like crazy little sissy girls. And down they go with one punch. I should know, I've kicked Republican bully ass in the past. AND I HAVE FUCKING CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME! Anyway, these cowards tend to hide within the shadows of the mobs. But they are the first to throw stones. Now, why would that be? Because THEY ARE WITH SIN. Without fail, each and every one of them is trying to hide something in their personal lives. The are trying to distract attention, to prove to their own limbic minds that they are RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT, when in fact, somewhere in their own lives, THEY ARE KNOWINGLY BREAKING THE LAW. If only THE COMMON LAW - the COMMONS - COMMON DECENCY. But, usually, it's something more criminal.

And if these cowards have nothing to hide, well then, let's have their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., and let's see how they feel about being INVESTIGATED.

Oh, that reminds me. The BANKSTERS are a lot like this, ya know, aren't they? What could THEY possibly have to hide, whilst calling us "USELESS EATERS," "PARASITES," or, "THE SMALL PEOPLE," and proceeding to bleed us straight through our wallets, and fill our heads with such Springer Zombie Logic as, "SHARED SACRIFICE," and, "AUSTERITY," "BECOME ONE OF US!"

And the criminals sing, "If you've got nothing to hide... If You don't have a job, BLAME YOU-SELF!"

NOTE - Aliens are actually humans from the future. Whereas having a limbic brain as big as a pseudopod, due to Springer-induced seizures, was one reason for the evolution of humans into the so-called "GREYS," a larger reason was the new medical practice was the chemical removal of all senescent body cells, genetically reducing people into looking like little big-eyed babies with that hyper-aging disease. Another cause was a diet consisting of nothing but clothes-drier lint. You would be able to read about all this in Wikipedia but it hasn't been written yet and when it is it will be sanitised, as per mentioned above. Also, bubble butts eventually disappeared from humanity due to all the butt cancer caused by sitting around too much. PS - Jesse Ventura's lawsuit against the TSA was just dismissed. Of course.

Oh, and here comes that war with Iran. Of course.
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