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jesus blessing

The banks raping you? Blame you-self!

Posted on 2011.11.02 at 19:02
Someone actually said this:

"Christ died so we could be rich."

(Think of the implications).

I ordered pizza to celebrate relaxing and not worrying about anything for a while. The nice pizza guy showed up and when it came time to give him a tip, here was my tip: "Listen to Norman Goldman on 92.5 FM." I also gave him $2.

It's nice to have a little extra time, (following another bad relapse, which still isn't over), to deal with life like I was a normal human, approximately. I have extra time because I'm not on Craigslist constantly, and I'm not viewing apartments, applying, and so on. It was so TRYING, doing that but also not knowing my future, and ALSO figuring out this whole infinite packing project. I talked to the realty girl about the lease and she assured me that, even though they were telling me what kind of toilet paper to use, and so on, they were not really NAZIs. Speaking of NAZI's, there was a house showing today, (which I struggled to meet, since I was in relapse), and it was an Italian realtor, a little old smoking lady with a heavy German accent, and a big round black girl. It was the unlikeliest troop. I thought I was back in Philly, (being a guinea pig for the German drug companies). They might have been interested, but I'm betting that the Hispanics, coming in a few days, will end up being the buyers. Anyway, I won't be online so much in the next month. I still have a huge amount to do.

I closed my Chase savings account, and am working towards closing one of my 2 Chase checking accounts. This is just as much to save me money as to make a protest. Closing the checking account will result in an extra $12/month. And dropping JUNO and my car towing company will bring that up to about $35/month - maybe $40. I decided I wouldn't go ahead with a tiny investment scheme, so I'd have enough $$$ to move, including getting shots for my dog, etc. Hence the splurge on pizza. Which apparently all dogs really love, and all dogs get BAD STOMACH from.

Norman Goldman is again on the money. Hermann Cain was telling everyone, "If you don't have a job, BLAME YOURSELF!" Of COURSE! What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?! It does nothing to solve the problem, and completely lets the WALL STREET JOB-DESTROYERS off the hook. And all it does is prop up the narcissistic ego of Herman Cain and minions. And it doesn't seem to apply to, say, the BANKS who sneakily funneled money into Greece essentially illicitly and who now are going crazy, worrying about a Greek default. They shouldn't blame themselves, they should ask for more bailouts, or steal our savings when their $$$$$$$FDIC-backed derivatives ultimately collapse. And the top 1% of our economy shouldn't have to blame THEMSELVES. And, when Herman Cain gets targetted by KARL ROVE for his sexual assault history, and all his subsequent equivocations - no, no, Herman Cain shouldn't have to blame himself - in fact he blames everybody BUT himself. HOW SURPRISING, yet again, we have one more puppet Republican opportunistic bastard revealing the complete HYPOCRISY of his words, and yet a few retarded TeaBaggers still chime in in his defense - as they do for Christie. "Blame yourself!" OF COURSE! Silly me! But Noooooooooooo, Herman Cain is beyond blame, even when completely at fault - FOR NON-CONSENSUAL sexual harassment, btw, (as opposed to Clinton or Edwards - consensual). Once again, another GOPper reveals what an inconsistent ass he is, and yet goes on blaming everyone but himself. And so, um, isn't he advocating war with Iran now? Hmmmmm. So unpredictable, they are.

Other stuff happened lately, not much. Encountered this girl at Subway whom I decided I could totally decorate with sequence, if you know what I mean. I'm so bloody tired...

Earlier post started - didn't make it too farr... May be served later - all about how THE PANIC is beginning...


Evil Tracey
eviltracey at 2011-11-03 04:10 (UTC) (Lien)
I hope you weren't eating Godfather's Pizza.

The neocons' thing is "Blame yourself, unless you're one of us, in which case it's always someone else's fault."
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2011-11-03 22:10 (UTC) (Lien)
No - I've always found that local Italian families make the best pizza - but you have to sort through a lot of places first. Godfathers disappeared from this city long ago. I tried them when they were in Madison but they were mainly like assembly-line products - trash food, nicely packaged, at a high price. I forgot the name of the pizza place I always went to in Madison. I'd often go just for an ice cream sundae and coffee, not realising that I was ordering this crap because I was nosediving into CFS.

Right you are. You know, I'm not just sick of this obvious hypocrisy, but at the little hints of it in almost every human being I meet. It's like everything is infected.
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