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marx - groucho


Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!


Inchoate Update

Posted on 2018.02.20 at 22:45
My dog has a number of 'instinctual behaviours' wherein he is incapable of exercising anything approaching morality or discretion. Now, I know most of you think that dog's do not have morality anyway - that all they do is feign it to impress humans or what-have-you. No. When dogs are at peace and relaxed, they have true glimmerings of morality. But certain dogs who are closer to wolves, like the Akita, have certain times when they certainly live in an alternate dog-eat-dog reality. An there is nothing you can do about it.

- My dog sees a squirrel or cat or anything running, I am history.
- My dog smells urine especially of the female persuasion, he turns into a rabid fiend capable of pulling a train.
- I can hold off my dog before food, but afterwards he will wander around for another 10-15 minutes thinking of nothing else.
- If we cuddle or chum up, then he follows me everywhere until I trip over him.
- Like a wolf in a pack, he is inexorably loyal and protective. Nothing I can do about that. Stupid dog.
- If I leave him alone in the back bedroom, he will go into the futon an paw at it until all the blankets are removed. Absolutely nothing I do before during or after this is capable of changing this really annoying and taxing bedding behaviour. He will do it, and then slip away, not even sleeping there. I think he defiantly asserting his secret authority or something. At least he does chew anything up, or eat food off of tables, etc. He became passive aggressive after so many years of passive aggression from the neighbours below. He normally wages this against them and no me. But, if he is just happy or confident, he will trot around with his big paws, instead of walking, and this thumps the floor. So, like, after a few days of the crazy guy downstairs being quiet, my dog will get sleep, start feeling more confident, will trot around, and so the crazy guy will start banging on the walls. Although, the trotting problem really isn't that bad, esp. not these days.

Me: Everything was going along fine, and then all of the sudden my brain was attacked by CFS again - like it was suddenly being eaten alive. This put me out for some time, yesterday/today. Total down time for Bonzo. But it inspired a pretty good post - tbc. Eventually, I pushed myself out the door, and walked briskly to the library. On my way there, I pass a young woman yelling at her big barking dog on a vacant corner lot. I thought how it was maybe a big improvement to see someone actually disciplining their dog, compared to when I first moved her, and people called the police for me disciplining my dog. Maybe people have come to respect what I know about dog, about my doggie, about life the universe and everything.

After the library, I doubled back to see the movie, "The Greatest Showman," which I shall write about later. After that, I walked home. On that same vacant corner lot, now, there were two police vehicles, with a large dog barking in one of them - at me as I passed by. It was a K9 unit. I smiled. This town acquired a new K9 dog, btw. I just thought that was a cute coincidence. Like after I had those run-ins with that dude the other day? Later that day there were firetrucks and ambulances sitting wailing there, at that same spot. This sort of thing happens all the time. Because place has memory.

It's origami, Watson.

One of these days, I will gather together a list of the influences of the Beatles, most prominently George Harrison, on Rock & Roll, etc., via guitar, composition, philosophy and voice. For example, these folks all owe a great debt to George: Bad Finger; Eric Clapton; Derick and the Dominoes; Alex Chilton (Big Star); Romantics; Tom Petty; Jeff Lynn (ELO); The Byrds; CSN; Camper Van Beethoven; Dawes; Eric Idle; Dani Harrison; The Beatles; New Age Music - the list goes on and on. "Don't call us, we'll call you..." Until then, I will just make little posts, bit by bit. Like THIS one...

Leave a Light On - sung by Belinda Carlisle

I was hearing this song on the oldies station last year - a song I have heard so many times before - and I said to myself, "Hey! That's George playing the solo guitar!" I looked it up, and sure enough, it was...

"Leave a Light On" features George Harrison on slide guitar; Carlisle recalls: "Rick [Nowels] said we should get someone cool and with a distinctive style to play the lead guitar part. I thought for a moment and said 'What about George Harrison?' I had met George briefly a few years earlier in San Remo Italy and Morgan [Mason, Carlisle's husband] through his work on Sex Lies and Videotape" - a film Mason had produced for Harrison's HandMade Films - "knew someone who was close to [Harrison] and able to get word to him. George responded right away, saying he'd love to help out."[1]

Wiki: Tahitians

Tahitians divided the day into the periods of daylight (ao) and darkness ().[8] There was also a concept of irrational fear called mehameha, translated as uncanny feelings.[9] The healers, familiar with herbal remedies, were called ta'ata rā'au or ta'ata rapa'au. In the 19th century Tahitians added the European medicine to their practice. The most famous Tahitian healer Tiurai, of ari'i, died aged 83 during the influenza outbreak on Tahiti in 1918.


Princess Poedua by John Webber, 1777.

When British Captain Samuel Wallis "discovered" Tahiti on 18 June 1767, the natives were eager to trade, especially in iron nails unknown to them.[10] Philibert Commerçon (1727–1773) in his The Tahitian Savage to the French wrote: "They have a fruit instead of bread. Their other foods are equally simple". Commerçon also described the practice of public sex,[11] which he said Tahitians engaged in while being cheered on by applause and musical instruments.[12] In the marital relationships Tahitians closely approached the situation where all women were the wives of men and the wife of every man was also the wife of his friend.[13] Louis Antoine de Bougainville described a scene, where a young girl came on board, placed herself upon the quarter deck and carelessly dropt the cloth.[14] Charles Darwin also wrote on Tahitians during the voyage on the Beagle: "There is a mildness in the expression of their countenances, which at once banishes the idea of a savage; and an intelligence, which shows they are advancing in civilization".[15]

The European ships however brought such diseases for which Tahitians had little or no immunity, such as dysentery, smallpox, scarlet fever, typhoid fever and tuberculosis.[16] As a result of these changes by 1797 the population of Tahiti decreased to 16,000 from estimated 40,000 in 1767, when the first European ship HMS Dolphin touched on the island.[16] The 1881 census enumerated about 5,960 native Tahitians. The recovery continued in spite of a few more epidemics.

Read about the social contradictions involving the Tahitian-European people of Pitcairn Islands - descendants of the Bounty...Réduire )

I decided a nice place for me to live would be in Burnt Pine, on Norfolk Island. As an Australian citizen, I have residency rights there already. This remote island has a moderate subtropical climate all year. Pine trees and large fern trees! And the town sits 330 feet above sea level - I don't think the seas will ever rise that much. However, the town has only has about 130 people. Even so, it has a cafe, bowling alley and cars. James Michener, and the Thorne Birds author, both lived there. Helen Reddy has a house there. I should ask her if I could live in that house. In return, I would civilise her.

eek - bleh!

Kettle Black

Posted on 2018.02.18 at 23:08
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Rod Rosenstein is the lynch-pin in the establishment's effort to overthrow Donald Trump. So far, Trump has been unable to dislodge him, due to some clever para-legal maneuvering by the deep state. Recently, he announced that the evidence that Russia tried to meddle in USA elections is incontrovertible. I appreciate being told that by some so-called authority because I am unable to think for myself. Where is this all this 'public domain' evidence? They keep pulling this trick without presenting real evidence, usually claiming that the really solid evidence cannot be revealed due to national security concerns. Just like the Clinton Dossier Memo might tarnish the reputation of the FBI - um...

Well, let's say the Russians have been tampering, which all countries try to do. So what?! Where is the COLLUSION being screamed about since before the election? Big nothing-burger woop...

That’s It?   Mueller Indicts A Few Russian Nationals For Troll Campaign to Influence 2016 Election

Ex-CIA operative says US has long meddled in elections, but it’s OK since they are ‘good cops’ ...

“We’ve used posters, pamphlets, mailers, banners — you name it. We’ve planted false information in foreign newspapers. We’ve used what the British call ‘King George’s cavalry’: suitcases of cash,” Johnson said, recounting that in the late 1980s he was told by CIA operatives that they used to plant reports that fit the US agenda or bluntly fake news in foreign newspapers by the dozen. The number of such daily “insertions” ran in as many as 70 to 80 publications, he recounted.

But when the US does it, it's for the greater good, the scholar and the CIA officers claim.

Of course, I cannot be trusted to give an objective view. I am biased in favour of Russia because I don't want to lose my LiveJournal.

Meanwhile, Trump pushes the Oxfam Haiti scandal investigation - another set-up to eventually expose more Clinton crimes. Hillary Clinton already has three other investigations going against her. We never hear much about those.

goth - wuthering oscar

The Princeton Blog

Posted on 2018.02.18 at 19:58
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Scott Page: Why hiring the ‘best’ people produces the least creative results

While in graduate school in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I took a logic course from David Griffeath. The class was fun. Griffeath brought a playfulness and openness to problems. Much to my delight, about a decade later, I ran into him at a conference on traffic models. During a presentation on computational models of traffic jams, his hand went up. I wondered what Griffeath – a mathematical logician – would have to say about traffic jams. He did not disappoint. Without even a hint of excitement in his voice, he said: ‘If you are modelling a traffic jam, you should just keep track of the non-cars.’

The collective response followed the familiar pattern when someone drops an unexpected, but once stated, obvious idea: a puzzled silence, giving way to a roomful of nodding heads and smiles. Nothing else needed to be said.

Griffeath had made a brilliant observation. During a traffic jam, most of the spaces on the road are filled with cars. Modelling each car takes up an enormous amount of memory. Keeping track of the empty spaces instead would use less memory – in fact almost none. Furthermore, the dynamics of the non-cars might be more amenable to analysis.... READ MORE

Ian Hurd: Everything I know about International Human Rights I Learned from The Clash

In the constellation of fake holidays, International Clash Day is a new star that burns a little brighter every year. Invented in 2013, February 7th is a celebration of the British band who in the late 1970s added sharp politics to the energetic, polyglot music of punk rock. Their message embraced human rights but with a twist: they saw the rule of law as the enemy of human rights rather than its savior, and they mocked both liberals and conservatives while charting a third way.

In contrast to the nihilism of the Sex Pistols and the cartoonism of the Ramones, The Clash offered a rock ’n roll course in political philosophy. It begins with seeing where the sharp end of the state is felt by regular people. Their songs speak of people’s daily lives in the face of police, the military, courts, and laws that all carry the possibility of violence.

Joe Strummer and Mick Jones were the principal songwriters. Their song Know Your Rights amounts to a primer on the difference between rights in theory and in practice. Billed as “a public service announcement… with guitars” it tells the audience to Know your rights - All three of them... READ MORE

Blue: Ten Surprising Facts about the Color Blue

We all know the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, and the flag is (red, white, and) blue. Some of us have blue eyes, or blue blood, or are in a blue mood. And chances are you’re wearing something blue today. But how much do you know about the history of the color blue?

In Blue: The History of a Color, historian and symbologist Michel Pastoureau takes readers through the different meanings and uses of blue throughout Western history. Pastoureau’s fascinating anecdotes and lavish illustrations remind us that “color is first and foremost a social phenomenon.”

Originally published in 2000 as the first title in Pastoureau’s acclaimed series on the histories of colors, Blue is now back in print.

Here are ten surprising facts about blue....READ MORE

How we see color - Colm Kelleher | TED-Ed

May I also suggest?...

Why Isn’t the Sky Blue? | RadioLab | 21:39 - HuffDuffer

When Did Humans Start To See The Color Blue? - I F L Science

No one could see the colour blue until modern times - Business Insider

Colors - RadioLab


The Conversation



Waking Times


Future Timeline

Which Heretic are You?


war of the worlds

Posted on 2018.02.18 at 16:21

crazy /goth - insane clobs

War Spending Will Bankrupt America

Posted on 2018.02.17 at 11:44
More fake news from those crazy far right wingers...

The Military Industrial Complex Strikes Again: War Spending Will Bankrupt America

Why throw money at defense when everything is falling down around us? Do we need to spend more money on our military (about $600 billion this year) than the next seven countries combined? Do we need 1.4 million active military personnel and 850,000 reserves when the enemy at the moment — ISIS — numbers in the low tens of thousands? If so, it seems there’s something radically wrong with our strategy. Should 55% of the federal government’s discretionary spending go to the military and only 3% to transportation when the toll in American lives is far greater from failing infrastructure than from terrorism? Does California need nearly as many active military bases (31, according to militarybases.com) as it has UC and state university campuses (33)? And does the state need more active duty military personnel (168,000, according to Governing magazine) than public elementary school teachers (139,000)?”— Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

I watched, "Pirate Radio," (movie), last night.  Not a blockbuster.  Quirky and silly and right on the edge of being boring.  But good enough to watch.  I have an interest in the subject of pirate radio.  As of 5 years ago, there actually was or has been a "pirate" radio in the North Sea, although the revolutionary enterprise ended in 1967.  Cute little 1960's dances and montages.  It's energy keeps pushing on like, "Hairspray," with with less polish and coherence.  Also comparable to, "Sing Street," as an homage to pop music.  A blend of psychedelic Beatles and Monty Python humour is attempted.  Features Tom Wisdom - and the New Zealand comic actor I like, Rhys Darby, who has a fuller role in Jim Carrey's. "Yes Man."

Yesterday evening, I got a few regular kitcheny things done and, looking back, it is kind of impressive how much I get done sometimes, even during rote tasks. Last night: I got the coffee brewed, the grounds+spices rebrewed; I cooked up some pinto beans which turned out great but required several pots/etc.; I built up the fermenting veggie juice and set it out; and I built up the fermenting chocolate drink and set it out. Later, I added water from the boiled beans to these two drinks. I have found that bean juice is a great complementary food for fermenting microbes. Great for the chocolate, because it is kinda like chocolate, and it all gets added to coffee when I do my mocha in the morning. Simple things, easilly done while I focus on the computer or a movie. But, when you think about it, that is a lot to get done. I call this: "Efficiency."

I pushed myself out the door this morning, immediately after I was out with dog. I walked towards the Human Services office, in order to expedite food stamps, etc. Some younger black dude jauntilly saunterred from the other side of the street and deliberately started walking right at me, meaning to intimidate me, and force me out of his way, like any other white coward around here. While he was still 10-20 feet away, I yelled, "You wanna walk RIGHT INTO ME?!"

He didn't expect this so I repeated myself just as he approached, and so he just said, "No."

"No. OK." and I let him pass, no worries. I never budged, btw.

Got the stuff done did at the welfare office, and headed back home. As expected, there he was, further up the road, grouping and gossipping with a black female, and then standing out in the open just waiting menacingly for me to approach.

As I did approach, I casually checked for the little baton in my bag, then I flipped my hand 'round back and pulled out a knife, which I then slipped between my left hand thumb and the compact umbrella stick I was carrying, easilly accessible to my right hand. I was ready to go to town on this joker, despite feeling a bit ill and woozy. I also had an axe under my jacket, protecting my heart. Sometimes I also have a large chopping knife. Why? Because I have been threatened by a lot of new idiots around here.

The guy saw my movements and realised I had at least one weapon, and that very quickly sharpened his senses, and he passed by with ample bearth like a perfect gentleman. This is called: "Efficiency."

Later this evening, I took my dog out, and young black dudes in hoods and groups were all over the street. The gossip had instantly got around. Even the evil jackass from next-door came out and started mulling this way and that, in front of me, showing off his all-important cellphone. This is what they do for a living. But nobody bothered, shall we say, to start trouble with me.

I heard someone on NPR arguing that all immigration issues amounted to a problem of space. Immigrants are seeking space for homes, for schooling, for jobs. And that's right. And that's what it is, here, and in all tough neighbourhoods: A battle for stupid, irrelevant space. Territory. The right to walk down a street and push a white person out of the way, thus asserting that the street, "is MINE." The street is "owned" by the blacks. Well, if I support that, then I support racism.

So, it may seem that I am being a testy male cracker, but I am doing folks a favour, refusing the racist or bully crap, which the majority of older and family blacks dislike anyway. I am more and more known among them as a good white man, "but he don't take no shit!" And that's something they respect. I could do without the whole business. And it could all turn on a dime, when they go back to thinking I am a crazy white person again. I'm not from around here, did I mention? I come from Planet A.

Back inside, I cooked up some amazing faux-meat, from those beans, some pea soup, an egg, garlic, salt and chili - for my tacos. What a fun and wonderful meal. I eat tacos for the fiber and veggies too. Earlier, I had some left over green bean casserole - just a little - but it's like I'm living in a restaurant, even as I lack my food stamps. It's all because I practice an art of highest quality outcome, for least amount of energy input. This is something I call: "Efficiency."

Why efficiency? Why me? I have no choice, having CFS, which consumes away most all of my energy and my life. My only choice in life is to go Zen.

I speak with a kind, quiet, manly voice when I call to set up my bus appointment for tomorrow. they always know who it is when I call. There is a female dispatcher named Jesse who answers. whenever I meet a girl named Jesse, it's like, "Woe! That's the kind of name to make me have sex with you! I dunno what it is!" Well, it's not really as bad as that, but I like that name for a girl. And this female has a nice voice. Once, after I told her I was going to the book sale, she asked about it, and I invited her to meet up. She never did. Or it was a somewhat plump girl who bopped in and then out again. Which is fine.

This time, I set up my bus appointment with Jesse, and she explained that she had to write it down for the afternoon people, while I just kinda said, "I know, I know...". When we said goodbye, I noticed that she did so briskly and kinda weird. Later I thought, "Hey! Maybe she was trying to tell me that she gets off at noon!" I'm going to ask a bus driver if she's cute/nice. One of the bus drivers reminds me of Rhys Darby.

This time, I am not taking the bus to combine grocery shopping with thrift shopping with laundry with the library with buying wine with dropping off and picking up at the pantry, etc. This time, I mainly just need to go get more sunflower seeds, with my own money. By bus. That may not sound too efficient, but you don't know sunflower seeds like I know sunflower seeds.

If I can do this without having to deal with hoodlums, or human beings in general, including bus drivers and Jesse, then I will consider myself to have had a very efficient day. The main thing, dear reader, is that I conserve all energy for when I am back home with you, writing all about the horrors of my life, which symbolize the full collapse of civilisation. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon; and for the rest of your life...

Some months ago, I began writing a post about CFS, which I thought I would also post over at my site for real-life friends and relatives, as a part of my Xmas letter.  I thought it would be good to post, especially for my doctor to read about some particular insights I had gained.  I never finished it, maybe I never will.  So, this is the text of that unfinished post....

(Caution: This post has no entertainment value whatsoever).

CFS - In ParticularsRéduire )

The crazy man downstairs is back at it...Réduire )

Craziness. CRAZINESS!

What movie did I watch?Réduire )

At least the main character in the second part of this post confronts the need to grow up. That doesn't happen with the main character of the first part of this post.

This entry was originally posted at https://madman101.dreamwidth.org/1861678.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

I recently checked out a DVD movie: "North Country" - which I remember hearing about when it first came out. Great movie, and also a little biased - but that's a topic for later. Well, it starred Charlize Theron, whom I had never heard of before. Beautiful yet plain, and very good acting. Who is this person? Tonight, I walked to the library, grabbed a few more DVDs - including another movie w/ Charlize Theron, just by chance. Then I walked to the cinema and saw a movie. As I was leaving, I saw a placard for an upcoming movie called "Gringo" - staring... Charlize Theron!! What is going on?! To quote from Seinfeld: "Is everybody Charlize Theron?!"

What movie did I see tonight? Put the following movies together..

Raiders of the Lost Arc
Hotel Budapest
Beauty and the Beast

That's right, it was, "The Shape of Water." An excellent movie. It has everything - except for an actual chase scene. Highly recommended. There were a few little flaws, mainly 'anachronisms'. Don't bring your cat because a cat gets eaten by a fish in the movie, an ironic twist of fate, wouldn't you say?

I am posting about Bonobo's because they are amazing. They are an encouragement to the human race, even as our stupidity sends them out of existence. One of my favourite, "Empathy of Animals," posts is about a Bonobo. You are encouraged to find out more via my tags.

It is apt that this species is named Pan. Pan was the wistful god of creativity and fun. He unleashed chaos upon the world. And when you think of Pan, you may think: Pan-sexuality! Blame it on Pan.

Also, I FINALLY found the story abut the man who is related to Bonobo's, as are we all. I always loved that story as an example of how we are all related, not in some hierarchy, but across geography, across species, across time. So, I am making this post not only to highlight Bonobo's, but to emphasize this point. We are all related. We usually do not evolve via some hierarchical lineage, or via one single, "out-of-Africa," sort of scheme. In the same way, my take is that we did not all come from some universal, "Big Bang."

In the same way that the, "Out of Africa," theory is said to be a Christian, racist rationalisation of Euro-evolvement, overseen by One God, I think that the, "Big Bang," is a rationalisation of planetary evolution based on another Biblical concept of time. That is NOT to say that I completely discard hierarchical or linear influences in any evolution, which would be absurd. However, I always argue for a more nuanced understanding of time, which includes multifactoral influences, correlations, and co-creations.

Bonobos Join Chimps as Closest Human Relatives

Endangered Bonobos Reveal Evolution of Human Kindness - (Ironic!)

Unraveling the Bonobo's Genome, and its Secrets

Study: The Bonobo Genome Compared with the Chimpanzee and Human Genomes

The father of all men is 340,000 years old | New Scientist

The family tree that rewrote human history

African-American who traced ancestry to Cameroon...

Speaking of kindness and all that... The sweetest people are in Cameroon. And they have the most amazing music!!!

I talk about the origami universe. How it dynamically manufactures meaning for the least of its subjects. In such a way that the so-called god doth have infinite mercy on hith thubjects, even though he must putteth them all to death, or else we would have no universe to begin with. So. Lets take an objectivist view of all of that and just say that nothing gets out alive, so why even bother: It is all just a complicated ball of chemicals.

I talk about the universe being shaped like a Maltese cross - I am talking BIG here. Big galaxies clustered together with millions of big galaxies in big clouds of massive stuff which look diminutive compared to other clouds of massive other stuff. All together, it forms a Maltese cross, so we say. Somewhere, somewhere to be found in this silly little X is our own supposedly vast galaxy, and then our own little world, which we are killing with pollution, and wherein we extend all our meaningful gripes. Ad infinitum. We lucky apes who paint our toes.

How, I ask you, how shall I ever convince any among any of you, that the horrors of my ignored illness are superhuman? Believe me, today, I have had a day of it. Then I drank wine too early, and then that made things all the worse. I go to my grave early, and pray it is not a portal to further absurdity.

NPR is something that reigns supreme in our day and age, which is neither here nor there. Tonight, "World Cafe," (which is a rip-off of a community radio show from my home town of Madison, Wisconsin), played a little Bob Marley, One Love. One Life. It took me back to days of wonderful community protest, in Ye Olde City, in Madison, and as far as Chicago, Philly, NYC and WDC. We was fab. We meant well. Bob Marley was what I loved, and my friends remember those days from my Bob Marley. God bless us all. But this. Nothing much has changed. Feel alright. The fleeting moment called rock and roll.

Back before I sensed that gluten was bad for me, along with everything else, I was online on LJ and was something of a phenomenon, because everything was new back then, as you may recall. Big deal that anyone cut any kind of memorable profile, right? Ashley came along and played into my narcissism, while I drowned my lifelong loss in wheat beer. This unlikely pair became one, in some sense. Some kind of one that sticks on a soul I will take to my grave, (see above). It was all just more sickness. Feel alright.

I was endeared to Ashley in many ways. The way she reminded me of Drew Barrymore. The way she was inanely insane about Buffy and Spike. The way she was secretly, creepilly obsessed with peeeling the lables off of her bottled of Bud, just like in the Sheryl Crow song, it turns out. It turns out. How much of who we know is really beyond anything ever learnt via the media? MY difficulties with Ashley first began when she began asserting her love of Foreigner, and such, over actual, music, lol. Foreigner?!? That's like saying Cher is Indie music. Why choose something so past tense when you've got things like Black Keys out there. Or whatever. Anyway, we all go through all this stupid nonsense. It means nothing. Nothing more than the meaning that compels us each to breath.

Tonight, before, "World Cafe," played Bob the Marley, they played Sheryl Crow, "All I Want to Do Is Have Some Fun." Right? That is where Ashley got the whole thing about peeling labels off of bottles of Bud. Just like a lot of Indie people got their own ideas from Yo La Tengo, Belle and Sebastien, King Missile, Bongwater, Morrissey, XX, or earlier Liz Phair. What difference does it make? We choose each other because of wisps of music or particular moody dance moves, and proceed to make more people out of them, as if we know what we are doing.

I thought of Sheryl Crow, and how she appealed to Eric Clapton, and had reflexions of George Harrison in her music, like the twangy singy guitar, the jangly guitar, the I'm-in-a-box sound which was perfected by Jeff Lynn, and so on - not to say that she didn't have her own and other influences, which she did. But, if you thought about it, her relationship with Clapton could start looking Weinstein perverse. If you had the bother to go that far.

Really, who the fuck cares if you peel the labels off of Bud bottles, other than someone else who is also stuck in the Sheryl Crow song with you? What does anything ever really mean?!...

Otherwise the bar is ours, the day and the night
And the car wash, too, the matches and the
Buds, and the clean and dirty cars,
The sun and the moon...

Do you hear that? The sun and the moon. They are ours.

I got a couple a people to think about me and my illness - a coupla people to sorta understand. I got nobody loving me, feeding me, bringing me home dead sheep. I kinda let go all of those boyish hopes of ever owning the moon in this thing called love but there are those out there who do persist. I gotta tell you. Those who do succeed in this? They so far have been the greater part of our race. And look at our multiplicitous situation now. What we see and beleive is not always what is right and real.

"The sun and the moon..."

Have I not written about how people yak about the planets and the weather, like they owned them, only to blame these influences on the evils of each other, like ants beneath some burning magnifying glass?

"The sun and the moon..."

Here is another person who will die and turn to bone and eventually be forgotten with all of civilisation, singing like she owns the sunshine - or the moonlight.

But, look at this. Take a needle, onto a map of the globe. Stick it where Sheryl Crow is. You can barely even see the prick. Even if you could see the other pricks she has influenced, you can barely see the prick called Earth, in comparison to our distant star called the Sun. Big fucking woop. Some little peep telling other pointless peeps all about the sun and the moon, when they are as big as NOTHING. NOTHING! Little NOTHINGS singing about IMPOSSIBILITY! How is this even possible? How is there even meaning here?

There is a cold wind blowing through the window and it will not include you or me - it just happens. It will happen whether or not you or I talk or sing or extrapolate about it. It will happen whether or not we even have the ability to know it is happening. The Sun. And the Moon. They will happen no matter what we do. And they need not carry the names we have projected on to them, for them to do as they will.

Our voices are vastly, vastly diminutive and unimportant.

The Entropistic philosophy of Existential Transcendentalism says that we must completely own up to this.

Paradoxically, we get to live our own stupid, meaningful lives. In that perspective:

The universe exists for our peeling of labels off of bottles of Bud.

Preferably Bud Light.

About a third of the things that Trump does are good things Bernie might have done - things like INFRASTRUCTURE - even though the latter is, like most things he does, tainted by GOP or philosophical irrationality. (BTW - I am pushing myself through the three-part "Atlas Shrugged" Trilogy, and you will be glad that I did). Another example: Trump will sign off on DACA, once he gets his demands, which is where I always knew he was on immigration. I knew he wanted to save Dreamers but wanted to use it as a bargaining chip. More examples: NAFTA, TPP.

Less than a third of the things that Trump does are arguably good things which Bernie might not have done, and they may have come from anywhere. These include very forward, "America First," politics; eventually pardoning Assange; coming down on the Clintons; bringing the dollar down, and being a successful asshole to another asshole, Named Kim Ill Ooong, or whatever his name is.

More than a third of the things that Trump does are bad things, or very bad things. Again, these things can come from Trump, the GOP, insane philosophy, or the far right. (BTW - I have decided it is now a mistake to call the far left the "base" of the Dems, and the far right the "base" of the GOP. That is not the whole reality). This includes the GOP mantra of increasing military spending; drilling in the Arctic or off-shore of the USA; flouting Climate Change talks, although this is meant to be a coercive 'bargaining' chip and meant to appeal to his Oil-Industry-influenced base; and a ballooning budget deficit surpassing anything the "tax-and-spend" liberals ever amassed, etc.

The social issues are what get most people's Irish up, but the more important issues are those which attack online/privacy, civil rights, independence from Corpocracy, personal wealth, or freedom from an out-of-control National Insecurity,ty State or a perpetual War Machine, or just plain WAR itself. Most of the time, not just Trump, but the FULL mainstream of BOTH PARTIES step right up to support these deprivations... McCain and Pelosi, side-by-side. It is here, when I see Trump in line as well, that I most despise Trump - as well as the rest of them. But, Trump continues to fail me - and often his base - on issues concerning the poor, wealth mal-distribution, or the environment. There is no doubt that I am not happy that Trump is president, but please look at the overall picture...

If Clinton had been elected, we would not be having an ongoing plowing through of WDC corruption; rewriting trade deals; investigations into the Clintons - lol; we WOULD be having a continuing war against Russia rather than just Russiagate against Trump; we would have a no-fly zone in Syria which could have brought us WW3, etc. If there is corruption in WDC, I want it addressed, even if it involved Obama and Clintons. While you may be trying to stop me short here, just keep in mind that if Bernie had been elected, then things would have as well been better than as under Clinton, and as under Trump!

It may surprise you that, although Trump really tries to keep his campaign promises more than any other candidate I have ever seen, Trump has been disappointing his base in many regards. Most of the time, this has to do with him selling out to the GOP, which is inevitable. Some of the time, this involves the long tradition of the GOP selling out to the same controlling corporate elite which also buys Democratic candidates.

But, Trump's true base does not want to see war; they do not want FURTHER messing with net-neutrality; they do not want NAFTA AT ALL; they do not want amnesty for Dreamers - although many of them do; they certainly do not want budget deficits; they do not want Jeff Sessions allowing cracking down on 'legal' marijuana; - and there have been several moves which have not been so appreciated by the working class which are hurting Trump.

The point is, in the best of times, and in the worst of times, it is ALWAYS going to be a mixed bag. I happen to think that the global environment IS the most important issue on Earth, and should not be put off decade after decade. Trump is failing me on this, OF COURSE, he is a Republican. He is doing a lot of other things which I deplore. But he is also doing several GOOD things. He is no Bernie, but he is still better than the establishment GOP or the status-quo DNC Dems.

One of the bad things that Trump is pushing now is this: Instead of cutting SNAP (food-stamp) benefits to the poor, let's cut those benefits in half while also requiring recipients to eat a basket of required food: Cereal, pasta, and other processed foods, every month.

Here, we have a true, "BASKET OF DEPLORABLES"!

Can anyone guess one or two or three - or four - reasons why this is an insane idea?

End of Part One.

cheers - applause


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Choose Sleep

Sorry to sound like a Sorry to sound like a Sorry to sound like a ...

Trigger Warning: RANT AHEADRéduire )

I want to post about movies soon, but can't right/write now.  So, I will give some hints of some movies I've seen lately.  Can you guess the movie?

1 - Man Wrongly Imprisoned Dies - (September, 2001)

2 - Sam Rockwell returns with a beer-belly; and the town is full of white trash loonies.

3 - McDoormat and Herrelson did this even before #1. Soundtrack was largely Bob Dylan but maybe it should have been Prince, since it was set in mid 1980's.

4 - These two movies were mentioned in the rant(?) So, I next have to see the one with Portman and Kunis...

5 - This wedding-themed movie had a couple of knuckleheads, with both fine acting and sloppy crassness mixed together.

6 - This Irish young woman with the strange name tries to play a teenager again: movie?

7 - Made by a renowned cultish director, this dystopic movie was a bore, ending with a gun to the head.

8 - Preceded "Eternal Sunshine" and succeeded "Matrix" - kind of a heady flop w/ a great soundtrack!

9 - Trying now to really study HS coming-of-age movies, I watched this where the girl actually has sex w/ teacher - (a devolution of the John Hughs movies)...

10- Speaking of which, I need to see one of my old favs, starring someone who starred in #5. Hint: someone who worked on this movie just died.

methylene blue

Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Methylene Blue - Selfhacked

Common antioxidant could slow symptoms of aging in human skin: Methylene blue improved physical, biochemical and genetic aging markers in experiments with human skin cells and simulated skin tissues -- ScienceDaily

Methylene blue - Wikipedia

Methylene blue (oral and injection) medical facts from Drugs.com

Buy Methylene Blue Solution

Where can I purchase Methylene Blue? | Yahoo Answers

Methylene Blue, buy anywhere? (MB retailer) - Retailer/Product Discussion - LONGECITY

BlueBrainBoost - Nootropics and more!

Methylene blue has been demonstrated to have nootropic effects in diverse conditions in animal models, including: inhibitory avoidance, spatial memory, fear extinction, object recognition, open-field habituation and discrimination learning(1).

Methylene blue prevents cognitive impairment induced by mitochondrial dysfunction(2), anticholinergic drugs(3), cytochrome oxidase inhibition(4), and experimental models of Alzheimer’s disease(5).

Methylene blue is a potent antioxidant that readily crosses the blood brain barrier and enhances mitochondrial function by behaving as an artificial electron donor and acceptor.

Methylene Blue’s ability to support REDOX (reduction-oxidation) reactions in the mitochondrial matrix is hypothesized to enhance ATP synthesis and improve the energetic status of neurons.

In principle, Methylene Blue would have a synergistic effect with creatine supplementation, since creatine phosphate has an extremely high-energy phosphodiesterase bond that allows creatine phosphate to phosphorylate ADP to ATP and thereby regenerate the available pool of cytoplasmic ATP. Note that genetic X-linked disorders which result in a defect in the creatine transporter (necessary for the efficient uptake of creatine into cells), results in extraordinary intellectual disability, highlighting the importance of the ATP status of neurons to optimal functioning.

- source

Methylene blue, also known as methylthioninium chloride, is a medication and dye.[1] As a medication, it is mainly used to treat methemoglobinemia.[1][3] Specifically, it is used to treat methemoglobin levels that are greater than 30% or in which there are symptoms despite oxygen therapy.[3] It has previously been used for cyanide poisoning and urinary tract infections, but this use is no longer recommended.[1] It is typically given by injection into a vein.[1]

Common side effects include headache, vomiting, confusion, shortness of breath, and high blood pressure.[1] Other side effects include serotonin syndrome, red blood cell breakdown, and allergic reactions.[1] Use often turns the urine, sweat, and stool blue to green in color.[3] While use during pregnancy may harm the baby, not using in methemoglobinemia is likely more dangerous.[1][3] Methylene blue is a thiazine dye.[1] It works by converting the ferric iron in hemoglobin to ferrous iron.[3]

Methylene blue was first prepared in 1876 by Heinrich Caro.[4] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.[5] In the United States, a 50 mg vial costs about 191.40 USD.[6] In the United Kingdom, a 50 mg vial costs the NHS about £39.38.[3]

- Wiki

Experts Say Ancient Greeks Sailed To Canada And Built Colonies In The Year 56 AD

Discussion101: Although this seems like a tenuous hypothesis, there are several reasons why I think it may be correct.  I believe that there were ships going between Europe and North America before the sea rose 9,000 years ago, and covered up most evidence.  In fact, they had probably been operating at least as early as 13,000 years ago, prior to the catastrophic comet impact(s), when there was fairly advanced civilisation going on, on various coasts around the world.  There is recent evidence that ship-building may have gone as far back as the early aboriginess.

Prior to the devastating eruption of Santorini, around 1500 BCE, (3517 years ago), Minoans, Phoenecians and Greeks had a great command of trade shipping and sailing.  We all know these earlier civilisations were highly attunded to the movements of the stars, planets, and "gods."  It is noteable that the repeating, 30-year celestial event descibed in Plutarch was actually found by evidence to have been real.

After the Santorini eruption, tsunami, and climate changes. Phoenecians and Minoans settled in Greece, Egypt, probably Palestine, and certainly in other lands far and wide.  I believe it is probable that they influenced Polynesian and Micronesian shipping, and somehow affected places like Easter Island.

Ancient Egyptian mummies have been found with cocaine and coffee (and chocolate?) in their systems.  These 'delicacies' are only indigenous to South and Central America, (possibly called the land of 'Punt').  The only way the royal Egyptians could have obtained these would have been from shippers, probably from Malta.  Malta would later become the base of the Crusaders, (who later transformed into Masons), sporting their Maltese Cross.

Also note that recent LIDAR is revealing a treasure trove of many previously unknown ancient Mayan cities in Guatemala - a civilisation of as many as 10 million people.  Since we Sapiens Sapiens all generated from the same families, and we try to maintain our contacts, in general, there is no way that a civilisation of this size could have been unknown to Malta, Egypt or Europe.  There are ancient stone temples in Cambodia which are amazingly similar to temples in South America.  And the whole pyramid thing is proving to have been so pervasive throughout the world, there is no way that it was not part of a shared, 'world society'.

There has long been association between France, Britain, Greece, Malta and the Middle East.  As our human family expanded, simple and organised trade grew.  Trade and shipping routes developed, as did wars to defend them.  Some of the first trade items, going back tens of thousands of years, were beads (as 'money'), pottery, and possibly such animals as Dodo's and chickens.  Ceramics were traded into the Middle East from China, (and Japan?), as early as 10,000 years ago - and probably earlier.  One of the most beloved uses for pottery was as containers for wine, and beer,  Since wine is a liquid, we don't have much evidence of it - but we do have some: Wine was a very big business in olden times, throughout the Mediterranean.  Wine shipping and trading routse went from Greece to the Gaulis city of Vix, the wine capital of the world.

Recently the earliest known date for wine consumption has been pushed as far as 8,500 BCE, in Turkey.  First Wine? Archaeologist Traces Drink to Stone Age. (2004 story). And, like ceramic pottery, wine also has early roots in China:

The earliest archaeological evidence of wine has been found at sites in China (c. 7000 BC),[1][2][3] Georgia (c. 6000 BC),[4][5][6] Iran (c. 5000 BC),[7][8] Greece (c. 4500 BC), and Sicily (c. 4000 BC)[9] The oldest evidence of wine production has been found in Armenia (c. 4100 BC),[10][11][12][13][14]. - wiki: History of Wine

So, with all this going on - including the use of narcotics, and so on - you can bet there were trade routes and shipping. You had the beginnings of the Silk Road, and you had proto-Phoenecians running wine literally throughout the known world! And all of Eurasia was interconnected: Like, the mythology of pre-Vikings were connected to the Babylonian/Sumerian and Iranian religions of Baal and of Zoroastrianism, etc.

There is linguistic evidence of a relationship between Algonquin, (etc.), and Celtic languages. There is a Jewish genetic trait in some Cherokee. When Vikings got to Newfoundland, where the article above claims ancient Greeks had visitted to grow wine, what did they call the place? Vinland. Wineland! Remember, the climate in that area was not the same as it is today. But even NY state today grows grapes for great wine.

There have been certain interactions between North America and Europe after 9,000 years ago, when the ice-melt slowed, and the sea level stopped rising. But long before this, there was a lot of ice covering the North Atlantic, and much of Northern Europe. Ice-age type hunter-gatherers, and basic farmers, probably used long-established boats and ships to travel along the edge of the North Atlantic ice sheet, hunting seals - before there were even expansive currents available northwardly, due to the ice! So, over the centuries, as this ice receded, it would only be natural that sailors and shippers would vbery capable learn the new currents and winds that emerged! Therefore, by 56 AD, certainly the Greeks, well aware with the Solutrean legacies of Southern France, with the legends of Atlantis, could have very capably travelled the extensive route proposed in the article above, guided by currents and celestial bodies.

I am not saying that any one of the hypotheses mentioned here are known to be true. I am saying that they all fit together, especially in a model of human dispersement and evolution which is pan... word?.... not hierarchical but diffuse. The legend of Atlantis probably referred to great civilisation/s of North America prior to devastation by the commentary impacts of est. 12,800 years ago, and the vast fires and dust storms which followed. At that point, the main involvement of the Solutreans in North America would have vastly diminished. But, as I said, further involvements between the two continents did continue. See also:

Stone-age Europeans 'were the first to set foot on North America'


Wiki: Solutrean hypothesis


"Not to be confused with America."

"I have a nose tuned to the smell of the death of an empire, and I smell it now."[3] - Dave Wakeling 2012 -  (The Beat, General Public).

Dave Wakeling and his California-based version of the English Beat band recorded two new songs that feature prominently in the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated episode "Dance of the Undead" which aired 26 March 2013. It features a zombie ska group called Rude Boy and the Ska-Tastics who come back to life in order to turn people into zombies and make them dance to ska music forever. According to an interview with the San Francisco Examiner, he said: "This was my first opportunity to do anything for television as a gun for hire, and I actually managed to record and mix two songs in 12 hours. It was like running at double speed with no brakes, but it was exciting, and Warner Bros. really loved them. So the zombies have a song called 'You’re Dead Right, Mate,’ and the Hex Girls have one called 'We’re the Good Bad Girls,’ which has a definite Ramones-Runaways vibe to it, but frankly, I’m really happy I did it, because I’ve always loved ‘Scooby-Doo."[2]

The English Beat on last.fm HERE.

BEAT Official Website.

Beat - What's your best thing?

Tears of a Clown video

YouTube BEAT video page!

Panda dancing wildly to AfroPop

Fela Kuti

One thing I haven't posted about lately is my long abiding love for African music. Juju Music, Nigerian Highlife, Prince Nico Mbarga, Fela Ransome Kuti (& see Remain in Light, Branford Marsalis), Franco And Tabu Ley, King Sunny Ade, Ladysmith Black Mbazo (& see Paul Simon's Graceland), Jaluka (Scatterings), Hugh Masakela, Bombino (& see Black Keys), folk and pop music from Mali, Seychelles and Cameroon - and Caribbean musicians like Yellowman, Buena Vista Social Club, and Bob Marley and the various Wailer spin-offs: Rita Marley, Ziggy Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Possibly my favourite group of all time, The English Beat, was deeply influenced by West African music, and by ska, Desmond Decker, Reggae and Punk. This group has had an amazing, quiet yet exciting influence on subsequent pop music, via David Wakeling, Pato and Rankin' Roger, The Specials and the Special Beat Service, General Public and Fine Young Cannibals! Tenderness! She Drives Me Crazy! Of course, they also influenced No Doubt, ska, and Reggae DJ Hiphop. I am a Beat aficionado!

Check out the albums by General Public - they are great.

One of the advantages of living in Madison, WI, was all of the concerts, including free concerts at the Student Union, and including the annual world music festival, as well as the community FM radio station, WORT. Filled with endlessly eclectic music, their schedule also included a Reggae show and an African music show every Saturday morning/afternoon! (I know the reggae show continues but I am not sure about the African show). I have to tell you, summer on the lakefront, with the Reggae show going on, made Madison complete LOVE! And there was always some damn Nigerian on the African show, showing off his latest vinyl and CD finds on air, sometimes dug up in Africa itself. THAT is research!

I was into African rhythms even before this, as I researched on my own, digging up anthropological recordings by the Smithsonian Institute! And so I was also into Afrobeat before I ever came upon NPR's wonderful weekly music show, "AfroPop Worldwide." Add to this the completely awesome weekly music show from Wisconsin Public Radio, "Higher Ground," and I have been NEVER WANTING in my supply of wonderful pop music from Africa!

Plus, ever since I was a kid, I have had a deep love of Al Green, soul, reggae, and so on - you might as well call me black. Like Van Morrison was black. Like Morrissey is black. BTW - I heard an interview of what's-her-name - the former singer from Yaz - on NPR. I totally think she should get together with Morrissey to put out an album of old 1950's "crooner" songs! Can I get a witness?!

And, I guess I am truly what all my present neighbours want to tell me I am: a terrible white-man racist. Because I actually studied Africa in college, because of my great love.

My great love.

So - NPR's, "World Cafe," did a, "Sense of Place," series on music from South Africa, which was so great. That included an entire hour with Johnny Clegg, best known for his renowned biracial group, Jaluka. I can no longer find any kind of podcast for entire hours from, "World Cafe." They just stopped doing that, apparently. IF YOU CAN FIND THEM, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Because, I think it would be great for everyone to listen to this entire hour with Johnny Clegg, esp., my LJ friend, "space_66". Why? Because it tells the rollicking story of a white man breaking through Apartheid, just for the music that celebrates the soul of South Africa. (Suid Afrique - which I once tuned to on my short wave receiver as a very bored little, transplanted boy). The story reminds me of, "Slumdog Millionaire," among many other true-grit adventures. Cutting through fences. Knocking on walls.

More than this: During that interview, Clegg said something I wish I could quote to you, but I nether can find a transcript of the show. Promoting his latest album, "King of Time," he spoke of how every human being has to figure out how to make his or her way through time - making decisions, creating time, making time, choosing or losing. It would be a great quote if I could get it.

Well, this quote would fit well with my latest posts on TIME. Because that's what it is. This irrelevant musician babbles out some inane thing about time and finding your way, and it never really sticks to history - but it is all we are ALL about.

Afropop Worldwide.

We are the Scatterings of Worldlines.

Oh, mama - yey!

Out there in the universe, on a grand scale, things look

pretty random. There are indescribably massive filaments of

collected dust, stars and even galaxies, branching across

countless light-years. There are bizarre configurations of

gases and stars. Galaxies are flying around almost as if

there never had been, and never will be, any order or

regularity to their interrelationships.

Time Warp Again...Réduire )

crazy /goth - insane clobs


Posted on 2018.01.31 at 09:03
I got this via punkelfe_kiara, who hasn't posted for a while. I wanted to post "countries/states visitted", but it doesn't work for me, probably because I block so much of Google. I cannot vouch/4 how well any of these work....

Projects of Douwe Osinga!



This entry focuses on the phenomenon of clinical delusions. Although the nature of delusions is controversial, as we shall see, delusions are often characterised as strange beliefs that appear in the context of mental distress. Indeed, clinical delusions are a symptom of psychiatric disorders such as dementia and schizophrenia, and they also characterize delusional disorders. The following case descriptions include one instance of erotomania, the delusion that one is loved by someone else, often of higher status, and one instance of Cotard delusion, the delusion that one is dead or disembodied.


'People who think they are a woman trapped in a male body are completely deluded. I certainly was. I needed counselling, not a sex-change operation'...

Charles had a sex change - then hated being Samantha so became a man again. Now he's getting married. So is his fiancée barmy, brave... or just in love?

7 Reverse Sex Change Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Because of limitations in my own memory, and record-keeping, and LiveJournal, it gets really difficult to keep theme-post series running along. I start some series about time, or how we process information, and then it loses steam, as I lay in bed for a few more days, looking at the ceiling.

There is an advantage to this, though. I can keep starting the same ideas, over and over again, so if you merge them all together, they actually begin to seem clear and important. In theory, that is. So, you can always go back in time and surf my tags and see what you can piece together. Some day, someone will come along and fit things together into a book, and he or she will subsequently be guillotined by the NAZI Communists.


So. If you can plow this about for a while, I hope to next get to this thought: BEING is the way of balancing out this apparent annihilation. Time is more than most can imagine. I have a lot more to say. Stay with me on this.

"Catfight" (2016) - I had no great expectations for this movie. I'm not big on Anne Heche. I accidentally picked this movie because it includes Alicia Silverstone, but I was thinking of Amanda Seyfried instead. But it turned out to be a cute, wry movie. It has been likened to a Vonnegut novel - which is not something I would have thought of on my own, but I can see it. The humour is subtle and aching and sometimes absurd.

Then you get to the actual cat-fighting, and the women throw punches which sound like they have fists the size of breadboxes. Pow! Bang! Clunk! Unreal. In fact, I didn't need the violence, to like this movie. But I guess part of it's target audience would be people who would go just for the 'sexy' violence. I have to tell you, even the violent scenes, sometimes funny, are well acted. But it was the rest of the movie I liked.

This is a kind of mutant commentary on the pointlessness of war and, more specifically, the anger that begets was, and is inflamed by war. But the focus is on the relationship between the two decidedly dysfunctional women, and their places in the world. It is surprisingly sophisticated.

I have always thought of Anne Heche as being the whitest of the white. Her opponent is the wonderful Sandra Oh, who is of course Asian. Is it possible that this movie is a deliberate or unconscious premonition of some kind of war between the USA and China? I wouldn't put it past, "Cat Fight".

There is obvious character development or maturation, which inevitably becomes undermined by the anger and the fighting, all over again. That makes this movie a kind of dark slapstick or parody. It also conveys a feeling that we are all stuck in this stupid messed up modern world. Which. I think we can all relate to that.

So, there is no final moral to this story, (as in morality), other than it all sucks, and whatever else the viewer might choose to add to that. Considering this theme, the movie was nicely entertaining anyway. Certainly not like any goofy-preachy average romantic comedy. Or drama.

The apparent lack of a moral reminds me of two other movies I've seen lately: "Three Billboards..." and "Daydream Nation." After a while, it can get rather irritating when movies careen at their own immoral pace, never wrapping it up with anything but a message that the world is made for psychopaths. I think that is kind of depressing, and has gotten old, and is one reason - along with insane CGI - why movie ticket sales have been falling off. However, "Catfight," was fun, and I recommend it.

"Smart, suitably nasty, and well-cast, Catfight lands narrative punches just as fast and hard-hitting as the physical violence doled out onscreen."[6]

There are always more than one side to every story.  You don't believe it, ask your Grammy.

And the award for most sexist, misogynist bunch of vile hypocrites goes to… the Grammys!
By Piers Morgan

Alex Jones despies Piers Morgan, btw.  Not everything is so cut and dry.  Except maybe TP.


animal REPOST check it out

Posted on 2018.01.28 at 13:51
https://solivini.livejournal.com/ -

4/4/15 11:58 pm - If you haven't, you must

Animals Are Beautiful People is my most favorite movie of all time. Please watch this immediately if you have never seen it. It is hilarious and endearing and the best part about it is that the animals themselves are the stars. Sure, there's human commentary, but the animals are what the movie is about. And, it was filmed in 1974, so it is way raw. None of this Meerkat Mannor bullshit. Just excellent badass animals living life in the Namib. I know anal retentive fuckers are all about criticizing the drunk segment, but here's what: fuck you stick in the mud jerk faces who want to go and ANALyze a collaborative effort of footage and commentary that results in hilarity.
Here is a preview:
Oh, you tryin ta fuck wit my egg?

Oh, I don't think so motha fucka! I will fuck yo ass up!

I am dying. This is pure genius. (Currently watching btw)
Also, this is probably the 1794th time I've seen it.


Alastair Sim - Reminds me of my father.

I swear to god I am going to personally solicit Donald Trump to seperate the news/politics departments of NPR from all the great music and science stuff. Then, if you want NPR news, you will have a choice of NPR and REAL news and so on. This has just gone too far.

Anyway, back to the post...

The movie is, "A Christmas Carol." Scrooge suddenly realises that people are more important than all the riches in the world. He dances about like a giddy school-boy. A wonderful boy - an incredible boy. Well, that's what I was like when I realised that I have a little more in savings than I thought.

Yo. The bald-headed asshat downstairs started slamming doors at me again a few days ago, so I once again had to crank up my music - because he simply never learns. To get away from this pleasant annoyance, he apparently drove away to some motel where he could get some sleep. Which is fine because people SHOULD pay for their own fucking bullshit.

That means that I have been partying with my dog and wine in the back bedroom, just like in the old days, despite the fact that migraine and dementia keep trying to pop back in. Sometimes, it is permissible to live on the edge. This philosophy has got me where I am today. lol

But I am so happy. I remember pleading to my mother lost in the night, that she might help me in some way, because life was just too fucking fucked. Then, what do you know? Then this happens. I am a strong believer in being a strong believer.

So, I was up at like 3:am this morning, and had to lie around and wait until a more proper time to take my dog outside. When I did, I saw that the ghoul's car was still gone, yay! Theh I had to lie and wait for PRI's, "Livign On Earth," to come on the air at 6:am. Like some wanton classical greek, I imbibed this, my favourite show, with a cup of wine and my dog's head snuggled over my private parts.

Which reminds me. I can get a sex-change if I want to. Or, I can upgrade to a better apartment/town. Or I can get a new front tooth. In fact, I can get chipmonk teeth, which totally rock, as everyone knows.

Can you believe that Ellen Degenras is like 60 years old? But I did her dance anyway. And some other punk-era person is in that same age range. Freaking me out. It's like, being alive is all about watching everyone else die.

I will post more later, but you have got to listen to the latest TED TALKS. One segment discussed how money can in fact make you happy, if you spend it right. This I have known. But the secret is: Happiness comes from spending your money on other people. This I ALSO know! So many times, I have conveyed to you folks that an attitude of humility and generosity was one of the best keys to happiness.

Damn - I still have not posted that planned post on depression and how to get out of it - while I am presently threatening police action against the latest LJ friends who are saying they want to kill themselves. "Kill themselves" is about the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard of, right? Right. Stop it.

Well, the TED TALKS segment neglected to mention one other key to money = happiness. It is this:

Don't spend your money on THINGS. Spend your money on EXPERIENCES. That's a fact. I mean, when it comes to being selfish, this is the way to go. Don't watch a Travelling Pants movie - BECOME the travelling pants experience! What great experience would I personally spend any money I had?

That's easy: I would spend my money on not having CFS. Wooo fucking hoo!

Note: I just want to lament the passing of one of the world's greatest musicians, Hugh Masekela. His version of, "Grazing in the Grass," is better than the original, yet qualitatively different. A major influence in jazz and pop. One of my favourite, "Specials," songs, "Free Nelson Mandela," was roundly impacted by his sound - in fact, maybe it even included his trumpet on the track, idk. But yeah. Him and Ladysmith, they both rocked my world.

Oh - ha ha - btw - Remember I said I had a friend who is now a millionaire in SF? Well, it turns out that I have another friend in SF who is also a millionaire. He is a buddy from Madison who is now successful in real estate and capital investment. I also might have another successful buddy from Madison who has something to do with the Russia-gate thing, but I can't confirm this as fact. I do know that another of my Madison buddies is now a successful professor in North Carolina.

We dated and slept together and now she is a lesbian. Which is fine because so am I. Nirvana.

Median wealth of black Americans 'will fall to zero by 2053', warns new report | Inequality | The Guardian

Article: The Great Danger When Blacks Commit Racist Acts | OpEdNews

The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks… Bombshell Health Ranger lecture documents race-based crimes against humanity – NaturalNews.com

The real reason black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton — and how to fix it - Salon.com

Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race | World news | The Guardian

Race issues | World news | The Guardian

Mass Incarceration Is A Major U.S. Issue, Georgetown Law Professor Says : NPR

America's shameful history of voter suppression | US news | The Guardian

Black woman gets probation for kidnapping white mentally ill man tortured on Facebook Live — RT Newsline

4 out of 5 cases of cancer among blacks can be prevented with vitamin D

Black women voters don't want to be a moral compass. Just give us a voice | Briahna Joy Gray

Why are black poor Americans more optimistic than white ones? - BBC News

World's top 1% earned 82% of wealth generated in 2017


More Unbelievables

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Nutella 'riots' spread across French supermarkets

Baby born after embryo frozen 25 years ago

China to develop Arctic shipping routes opened by global warming

Democrats and Republicans Just Teamed Up to Pass a Bill — You Know What That Means

Evolving Beyond the Two-Party Duopoly: Two Projects to Represent US and "WE-Distribute" Political Power in America

Julian Assange asks UK court to drop his arrest warrant

Trump plan to offer citizenship to 1.8m undocumented immigrants

'Blatant and brazen' Trump accused of blocking abortions for undocumented women

Donald Trump denies report he tried to fire Robert Mueller in June

Museum offers gold toilet to Trump instead of Van Gogh's work - report

‘I’m not racist’: Donald Trump would apologize over retweet of far-right Britain First (if asked)

‘US Democrats engaging in Neo-McCarthyism’

Dozens of Puerto Rican families had FEMA housing funds cut: report

Dutch reports on ‘cyberattacks’ adding fuel to US anti-Russian hysteria – Kreml

‘Addictive’ social media should be regulated like tobacco industry – tech CEO Benioff

Facebook and Instagram outages reported across US and Europe

Facebook avatars: Full ‘body masks’ on the way for social network

Employees who thrive under abusive boss may be psychopaths

Experts on how to spot if there is E.coli in your salad

Experts warn 'zombie deer disease' could spread to humans

Lost Continent? Scientists Find Parts Of North America In Australia

Oldest known human fossil outside Africa discovered in Israel: Human ancestors left Africa far earlier than previously thought
- (Note: This supports my ideas leading up to "The Out of Australia" theory - (which occurred later) - See earlier post of same name.

Cryptocurrency market fails to take off after meltdown

Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe All Named In FISA Memo, According To First Leak

This is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject. I've done posts on it in the past but have more posts and links for you in the future...

Scientists Find Plants Can Feel The World Around Them

"Despite the fact that plants lack eyes and ears, they can still see, hear, smell and respond to environmental cues and hazards, especially to virulent pathogens, note researchers."

Source study (in Nature): An extracellular network of Arabidopsis leucine-rich repeat receptor kinases

Best TAG for this: plants - secret life of plants

The Secret Life of Plants FULL MOVIE DOCUMENTARY



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What is this all about?Réduire )

Silver bullion, and a few other alternatives.Réduire )

The serious quarter-ounce coins!Réduire )

Some fine gold collectables with less gold content.Réduire )

The church that thrives in a ghost town

For many years, there has been a fire slowly consuming this town in the woods of Penn's forest. Forget vampires, this is worse! You could be walking along your way, in this town, and suddenly your leg plunges down into the soft ground, eaten up by the burning hot coals below. In other places, there is smoke everywhere. There has been a war between once-loving residents, as to whether to stay or to go...

This is a real interesting human, um, interest story, and I suggestibly encourage you to surf for more, if you dare!

When I first saw or heard a long programme about Centralia, PA, I thought they were talking about Centralia, IL, I think. (Or, maybe there is another town in Illinois being eaten away by the fire down below. I now that that one city next to the Indiana border is unlivable, but maybe because of pollution, or something else). I wondered if I should move there because of them, um, collapsing housing prices - only to soon be swallowed away into the ashley earth - or if I should resolve never ever to go near there. It was a dichotoholdame.

There is another place where this is happening. It is a south-western suburb of Saint Louis, MO, (possibly beginning w/ the letter, "T"). A covered garbage dump has been burning - closer and closer to old dumped RADIOACTIVE NUCLEAR WASTE! Things seemed very close to mass disaster a few years ago, as reported by Joyce Riley - but then she died, and I don't know the rest of the story. Do you? I mean REALLY?...

Maybe there some kind of, um, cover up...

Also, some little mountains in Afghanistan are naturally on fire, since forever. Underground methane, (natural gas), is so intense there, and it is on fire! - so the mountains are smokin'! (Kinda like at Yellowstone). Maybe that's where the whole 'walking-on-coals' practice first began.

Of course, methane is blasting massive holes out of Siberia and Canada, as the planet warms. While methane rises from the Arctic permafrost, it also rises in rivers of bubbles from the ocean floors. This intense greenhouse gas will soon tip the scales vastly in favour of hell on earth, and we shall all be lost souls indeed.

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