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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!

* - galaxy

The Eagle Creek Fire / Mark of the Beast

Posted on 2019.10.23 at 14:36

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How do you fix broken public systems? You spark people's competitive spirit. In a talk about getting people motivated to make change, public sector strategist Abhishek Gopalka discusses how he helped improve the health system of Rajasthan, a state in India home to more than 80 million people, using the powers of transparency and public accountability. "Motivation doesn't just appear," Gopalka says. "Something needs to change to make you care."

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Neuroscientists say they have developed and tested an agent that reduces the buildup of toxic proteins in animal models of both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, and improves cognitive and motor behavior.

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A recent study has shown that adjusting GI tract viruses by repurposing existing FDA-approved antiviral drugs offers a route for effective treatment for Gulf War Illness and its myriad of symptoms.

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New research into the mechanics of cellular sleep and shutdown could shed light on the aging process and how to potentially intervene.

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A new study has revealed how common shore crabs can navigate their way around a complex maze and can even remember the route in order to find food.

Did another walk downtown, about 4:pm. Scolded farmer selling me chard for smoking. Library. Decided not to do laundry this time, although there is so much to do before winter. This was a good decision because I experienced some CFS difficulty, mainly a blood sugar problem. So hungry. Got home and made a pizza. Watched, "The Day After," (to compare to, "Jericho," series). (Both of these hold some significance to me). Now I have a headache from wine.

Also, I pruned the street tree a little, just to clear the street sign. Note that it was I who began this whole trimming thing. Then neighbours started competing with me, (esp. A-Hole Guy), in an effort to claim ownership. After that, houses started getting repaired, and so forth, (esp. after I got me front steps repaired). It's entertaining to watch them acting out of negative emotions, when meanwhile the area starts to get gentrified. That's what some people would call it.

Some neighbour continues to run a dog through this property. I know, from one dropping, that it is a large one. My dog cannot control himself, and is obsessed with licking the urine left. So, I have to YANK him away, (he is on a harness). It is completely disgusting, irritating and disappointing. While I am out, I hear new black neighbours yelling at each other in their house, most probably concerning me / my dog. They may be the ones with the dog.

The people around here refuse to mind their own business, and then they proceed to blame. Like A-Hole guy, who trespassed on this property, and then shouted at ME because he stepped in my dog's shit. Never has anyone around here cleaned up shit the way I do, and so all the more reason for them to blame me. It is completely backwards. Changing this society forever requires stepping out of this idiocy, and then leaving it up to the jealousy and anger of others for the productive imitation to begin - and hopefully not getting injured in the process. I continue to take the hits and gossip for in this way sticking out like a sore thumb. I walked into a hateful, dysfunctional neighbourhood which was falling apart, and now it is beginning to thrive, but at my expense. Just want to be left alone by it. Buggers.

I don't like how my dog ends up being punished for his urine-licking, when it really is the fault of trespassers. He has gotten the mange 2x because of them, and has also become very ill. I am trying to keep him from contracting Parvo Virus. Who knows what he has contracted in the past. This is why I want to find a RURAL setting for him, and just let him go free. It is a bother, (esp. w/ CFS, to have to dress at least 3x per day just to take him out myself, and deal with idiots as well.

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The danger of artificial intelligence isn't that it's going to rebel against us, but that it's going to do exactly what we ask it to do, says AI researcher Janelle Shane. Sharing the weird, sometimes alarming antics of AI algorithms as they try to solve human problems -- like creating new ice cream flavors or recognizing cars on the road -- Shane shows why AI doesn't yet measure up to real brains.

I was thinking it would be a good idea to walk to the library yesterday, if able. One item was overdue. So, I was well enough, and I also packed some laundry, heading off with my large serious hiker's backpack. Dropped off the books , did laundry, walked home. Since the crazy man was starting to stomp around again, thinking me ill, my outing seems to have shut him up for now. He always starts up when rain is coming within about 1 day.

Note: While on my way to library, A-Hole Guy on motorcycle stopped at intersection in front of me, glaring straight at me. Taking out dog now, at 4:am, I see weird scattered vegetation out front, and also some goon walks by. This is the sort of thing that A-Hole Guy perpetrates, ridiculous passive aggression, to try to intimidate me.

Also, when I woke up, about 45 mins ago, my left eye was swollen. No indication of anything external which might have irritated it - no red eye or itch. I think it was all the cashews I ate around 11:pm, before I fell asleep. I once eschewed cashews, because I felt they increased my fatigue somehow. But, lately, I have thrown caution to the wind. cashews are related to poison ivy, and I get SERIOUSLY reactive to poison ivy. Interesting.

I am also eating cereal again, w/ bananae - as well as pushing myself physically. And the cereal contains barley malt, (not gluten-free). We'll see how things go..

Basically, I am washing dog-throws, blankets, etc., reducing the mites, etc. I expect to be doing vacuuming soon enough. Getting the place ready for winter, but also Halloween. Would have preferred not to have been living here by now. But this cleaning will also make movign better, whenever the time should come.

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Onlookers applaud as topless protesters from Extinction Rebellion covered in fake oil

Semi-naked environmental campaigners have been drenched in fake oil at the National Portrait Gallery to protest against its sponsorship by BP.

To the surprise of visitors on Sunday afternoon, activists from Extinction Rebellion wearing just underwear suddenly assumed the foetal position while others poured the “oil” on their bodies in the Ondaatje Wing main hall, where a collection of pieces sponsored by BP is on display.

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Data reveals acute impact on people’s health and the strain it puts on emergency services

Scores of children and adults are being rushed to hospital for emergency treatment on days of high pollution in cities across England, figures show.

Each year emergency services see more than 120 additional cardiac arrests, more than 230 additional strokes and nearly 200 more people with asthma requiring hospital treatment on days of high pollution compared with the average on days of lower pollution.

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While literary fiction often sidesteps the climate crisis, eco-horror is filling the breach.

Originally posted by sciencedaily. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-19 22:52:00.


Alleviating food insecurity is often seen as one of the fundamental roles a country should fulfill. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is effective in addressing the right to food in the US, and that the program can serve as an example for countries that struggle to provide food for all citizens.


ChocolateBar . com

Posted by madman101 on 2019.10.19 at 18:33
Originally posted by madman101 in liberal_plus. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-19 18:33:00.

Here are some decent little candy bars from a company in Indianapolis! They are devoted to helping endangered species. I was so lucky to come upon these, after a weary survey through supermarkets. How great for kids and parents to get this little treat with a message!

I am sure many of you will be interested in buying some bags soon. Halloween is sneaking up on us!

Endangered Species Chocolate.

Includes links for more info, newsletter, and WHERE YOU CAN BUY LOCALLY!

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Over the course of hundreds of scuba dives, marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson fell in love -- with a fish. In this ode to parrotfish, she shares five reasons why these creatures are simply amazing (from their ability to poop white sand to make colorful "wardrobe changes") and shows what's at stake -- for us and them -- as climate change threatens the future of coral reefs.

So, I broke a rule and had a coffee today, and 2 beers and wine later. This is bad for health - it confuses and screws up the body. It is why people die of alcohol+caffeine energy drinks. During sleep, I developed icky lung congestion, and now I can not take a deep breath w/o heart pain. Great. It is all because I refused to nurse myself fully out of that week-long full-body CFS cold. Microbes want me to step aside. But, I am pretty much fully awake right now. Not in a good way.

I made some incredible catfish and rice dish yestereve. And I have been wallowing in cashews. Completed Part Two of Masterpiece Theatre version of Jane Eyre. Such a great story. Next, I will obtain my third version from la biblioteque, weirdly starring George C. Scott, I dunno.. Must again to sleep...

Speaking of death.. I want to mention that none of us would be alive w/o death. Nevertheless, death sucks balls. It is the main thing that ages us. And ultimately kills us. As we get older, we more and more see that death does not let up, it only increases, and surrounds us. Until the deed is done, and we are the last to fall. With as much a chance of prevalence as an autumn leaf. There is no getting away from it.

Feelings can point the way to mortality. If a person gets a bum deal in life, it can depress that person such that he or she soon dies of some kind of illness. Seriously, it is a wonder that I, myself, am still alive. Well, I had a dog named Kurska. She was given to me by a person w/ FMS, who became a friend. Kurska was a very excitable Husky, and barked at people who were halfway down the block. Mainly because she felt so nervous in her new home. (What a change from the last dog, who was a lovely, calm, psychic Malamute). One day, I tried to calm Kurska and she bit me. I then punished her severely. But, after all that, she eventually became deeply endeared to me. It was just her and me, after a while. We were so close that she honestly thought she was my girlfriend. (If she were capable of washing dishes, maybe even a wife).

Well, one December, Ashley showed up. Kurska was fine with that until we started making out on the love seat. Then she barked insanely at us. She was jealous of Ashley. How confused and distraught, to be stuck as a dog. During Ashley's visit, Kurska slipped out an open gate, and disappeared. Ashley patiently went with me, driving around, looking for her.

Then, we found her at the county dog pound. Everyone there called Kurska, "Kujo," because she was so vicious there. Again, lost in a new environment. What a traumatic experience, to be captured by men with long hoops, and thrown in amongst a bunch of strange, caged dogs. When she saw me, she stopped barking, and let me pet her. We retrieved her and took her to a park on the way home. It was wonderful to have her back, and alive. (I wanted to buy another dog who was there, who sat so quietly, filled with fear. Too bad that tame dog was probably soon put to sleep).

So, Kurska had two shocking experiences in the space of a few days. Not too long after that, I saw her standing in the hallway, just gasping for breath. I took her in a cab to the vet. X-rays showed her lungs congested with something. She probably had cancer from all the cigs her former owner smoked - and I also smoked a few before I quit. I did not have the money to find out if this might have been pneumonia or something. I cried as she was put to sleep. She rather marveled at my emotion, and the tears in my eyes, and then she was gone. Hopefully, she left this world knowing that I loved her more than Ashley.

It wasn't just the cigarettes. Death is more complicated than that. Because, look at how we all live. It is forever a battle of optimism and will, against an ever-present, all-encompassing threat of death. It comes in every shape and size. In every circumstance. So, it is mainly when we give up the ghost in spirit, jumping the shark, that the angels of death rush in to take us away. We are ever order standing against omnipotent entropy. Sometimes, all it takes for the leaf to fall is a sudden chill.

Four or five days after Kurska died, I was out sadly, reluctantly mowing the vacant lot next door. A happy gaggle of kids bust on the scene, and from out of nowhere ran this big happy black dog, bounding about. He ran up to me and licked my face. The next thing I knew, he was mine. And he lives with me to this day. The other day, the cab driver called him, "The Hachi Dog."

"Hachi." A good movie about death and loyalty.

I sometimes look at the world around me, and see people saying their important things. And acting in their important ways. demanding this and that. Claiming and believing. Even killing. And I think to myself that these are all just inanimate dirt sprung up from the ground, now walking and talking and breaking things. In an instant, they will be gone again. And so, what was that all about, anyway?

A wonder-full world all the more, yes?

We're lucky if we can get out alive.

With a micron of wisdom through adversity.

As for me, this indigestion is the pits.

My stomach is an amazing and expanding universe.

The Disease of Deforestation

Posted on 2019.10.18 at 06:06
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The Disease of DeforestationLooking down on jaded canopies, Blinded eyes quickly cast their Milky gaze across logging That persists without permission And wildfires that raze without restraint; Ploughing ... Read more


A.F. Moritz, 'Simile'

Posted by duathir on 2019.10.18 at 04:20
Originally posted by duathir in greatpoets. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-18 04:20:00.

Cross-post from war_poetry:


As if you'd erased the city where the house
where I was born was standing. As if I
had gone away a minute, just to see what lies beyond,

as if anything does, and you swept away my path
with your broom and rubbed it out
with your wheels, criscrossing into chaos.

As if I found my way back anyway and you tore
the house down in front of me, but I still saw
you hiding there behind a brick and a weed,

so you tore yourself into dust. As if
over the empty spaces you installed
a loudspeaker with a voice of uniform

and blank-eyed pages, blaring that I
was never born anywhere, least here. As if
the planet was vanished then, under the noise,

and I would have to find another one to live on
if I wanted to live. As if in the whole
universe, though, there were now no more,

so my own gorge would have to be that planet.

By A.F. Moritz

Have you ever noticed that the healthy food always comes in plastic that cannot be recycled? Or, the 'recycle' code is not even marked on the package? And gluten-free bread is now coming in an internal thick plastic container.

On the other hand, those foods that do show the code, and are usually recyclable, tend to be full of sugar, additives, etc. I don't see what the problem is, oh yes I do. Money.

And then there is China shipping all this lead-contaminated stuff packaged in tonnes of hard plastic that is impossible to open, with no indication of a recycle code - but then China turns around and stops accepting American trash for recycling, (which arguably the beginning of the trade war), because, "Americans don't know how to sort their trash!"

I really get annoyed when China pushes itself around the world as being some kind of know-it-all, when it has been more of some kind of environmental parasite. It has stolen much of our technological knowledge and patents, by hook or by crook. It requires all information be handed over by any corporations locating there, since China always hold at least 51% of every resident corporation - including Apple, McDonald's, and all other corporations we used to call American.

It has manipulated its currency for decades, allowing its exports to be unfairly cheap. It exploits a vast population for cheap labour. It tries to take over the China sea by building artificial islands. It is pushing its way into Africa, Europe, South America, South East Asia, etc., like some elite imperial empire. The rapacious hunger for resources mirrors that of imperial Japan prior to WW2. Its imprisonment of Moslems, use of AI policing, increasing pressure on Hong Kong, insistence that it owns Taiwan, and complete racism towards blacks and other foreigners, all along with a refusal to consider human rights issues, after Mao had killed over 60 million of its own citizens, prove it to be a mean, pig-headed punk.

And, because of all these licenses, it is either the first or second greatest polluter on the planet, in all categories. And dependent, whorish American money interests do everything they can to make China more comfortable, including using its dark money to fund political campaigns, or forever targetting Russia as an enemy. Look for the disconnects and the hypocrisies. Not everything in the news is face value - a lot of it is cover for corruption, greed and deceit. And that will certainly be true when people try to dismantle US trade tariffs on China too soon and too carelessly.

The point is, all of this nonsense and arrogance is what is behind China's pollution and hypocrisy. They go together, hand in hand. It is wrong not to speak up about any of it, out of some fear of being called a racist. We are not talking about China Town, we are talking about a corporatist elite hiding behind "communism", who's population is one fourth of that of the planet, trying to dominate, if not supersede, all other populations, economically.

But, as history has shown - it starts economically, and inevitably acts tyrannically, as the limits to growth again constrict, by the laws of entropy. You just cannot go around throwing smoke into the planet and not one day pay the price.  Everyone ends up paying the price, producers and consumers alike.  I do not want to be any part of that future.

I didn't ask for all this plastic packaging, and I don't want to end up buried in it. It is already in all of our bloodstreams. It is already an alien invasion. This is already the war of the worlds.

Originally posted by guardian_news. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-17 22:17:00.


I do not enjoy sex at all – and can only masturbate this way. Can I learn to move on?

I am a 22-year-old woman and have been bothered by a sexual issue for a few years. I do not enjoy sex at all (not just penetrative sex ). Even oral sex or stimulating the clitoris does nothing for me. I have been masturbating by squeezing my thighs together since I was very young and, even today, it is the only way I can feel any pleasure sexually. I wonder if I am simply unable to adapt to other methods. Can you advise me?

You are probably correct about being hampered by your well-entrenched masturbation style. It is not unusual for a person to develop self-pleasuring methods that do not easily bridge to sex with a partner. This happens over time – sometimes in response to environmental pressures. For example, children learn that they must be secretive about their sexual feelings and start to find ways of stimulating themselves without even using their hands. But you can change this. Start by summoning sexual thoughts and feelings without any physical motion. Once your desire is strong, embark on systematic discovery efforts by connecting the erotic fantasies with different types of movement, touching and strokes, incrementally departing from your preferred method. Spend time exploring sexual feelings that emanate from stimulation of many different parts of your genitals and non-genital parts of your body. By enlivening nerve-endings in areas you did not previously consider erogenous zones, you will begin to create more diverse pathways to pleasure – and will eventually be able to share these discoveries with a partner.

Continue reading...

I done good. I pulled it off. Prepared. Walked to CVS. Walked to pizza place. Sacked a pizza. Walked to Aldi's. Bought chicken for dog, 79 cents/pound. Bought a 10" and 8" faux granite pan set for $15, replacing my 8" and maybe my 10", record of the band that plays the blues. People were nice there, but I was too ill to socialise. Cashier couldn't hear my voice. Walked to supermarket. I maxed out my Link card for this month - but I am stocking up for winter, so I will only have to leave my apt. once a month. Finally found chocolate Halloween candy I could relate too - bought three little bags of discounted candy bars, w/ 10% profit going to endangered species. The bars might help enlighten whatever ghouls that may stop by. And, I can always melt them down. The bars, I mean.

I really squired a heavy haul. Packed it all up, and waited, with time to spare. Cab driver was a quiet female who was driving the car, playing with her smart phone, and so on. But, she knew me as the guy with, "the Hachi dog." We talked about that movie, and other Free-Willie-type movies.

I have to say, That Cal-Aieo (???) guy on World Cafe has been playing some quality music. The woman coming in to replace Talia Shlanger is another Canadian, and a star on the Canadian Indie radio scene, so that looks good. Otherwise, I would be done with NPR.

For example... This morning, they said, "Turkey's Erdowan(sp?) 'reportedly' threw Trump's letter in the trash." Seriously? You tell me something like that and you don't tell me who 'reported' this? It could have been your mother! Well, it turns out that that was not true, and Trump actually accomplished a deal with the Turkish president on Syria. Similarly, NPR reported this morning that Boris Johnson had completely failed on setting up a Brexit deal with the EU, and parliament had rejected it. IN FACT, we learn latter, the deal actually went through, and things look good for the UK. Why do you suppose we keep getting these false reports? It is more than wishful thinking on the part of a lot of elitist liberal nibs. Later...

Oh - so, my eager plan was this: Tuesday: Walk to vet, proceed to F&F, proceed walking to Walmart, etc. Catch bus home. Friday: Take cab with dog to pet store. Leave him there while I hike to stores, shopping. Cab home. The only problem is that the pet store is now closed. I find this sad, cuz I was hoping to get to know the folks there more. So, have to find out some other way to get dog bathed.

Invest in pistachios. They like desert conditions.

George Chapman

Posted on 2019.10.17 at 11:19
Originally posted by rwemmersonquote. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-17 11:19:00.


"They're only truly great who are truly good."

squirrels massage


Posted on 2019.10.17 at 11:01
Too sick to go trekking to supermarket, etc., yesterday. It appears that there has been a full sweep through my brain and body, fighting away all the riffraff that prospered during a continuing, full-body "cold." And this has been tortuous. But I managed to get to the library and farmers' market on Tuesday. And it feels like I am doing better today. I am thinking of walking to supermarket, etc., and getting a cab home, since I am boycotting the bus company. If I felt a little better, I could walk home, with groceries.

My dog has contracted the mange again. He gets this from a dog that pisses in our bushes. Some dog has also come up on my porch and peed on my wall. And, yesterday, after I heard some guys out back laughing about some dog, I saw that the dog has left a giant package of poop next to our bushes, for me to clean up. By a telephone pole where my dog pisses, the grass was all ripped up, clearly by the same, mean dog. I have seen some guy walking a dog there once, where the dog did the same, territorial thing. And this guy might be the same guy that has given me trouble in the past. So, he has been bringing his dog up onto our property just to fuck with me. This insane neighbourhood passive aggression never stops. At least a guy who walked by this morning was nice enough to give me a strong hello.

I am more tired than expected. I might do plan B: Tomorrow, take my dog in a cab to the pet store to get washed. Meanwhile, I will trek around and shop. Then pick him up and go home in a cab. I just need to find a cab company which will only charge me $5 total, each way. Unfortunately, I have not washed blankets and vacuumed, to reduce the mites. So, if he comes home clean and damp, he may pick them up again. Rest assured, though, I have been treating him myself, successfully. He just needs a full bath.

After running out of ear mite spray, what did I do? I made my own, using these:

- Kombucha
- witch-hazel
- hair growth tonic
- topical anti-flee/tick liquid
- baby oil
- tea tree oil
- oils of: lemon, orange, eucalyptus, 'Christmas tree'
- de-wormer liquid
- iodine
- pepper spray

I couldn't find anti-itch. To keep him from biting the area raw, I spray some of my anti-smell spray on him at night. It is designed to spray onto urine outside and keep my dog from licking it. It is made up of wintergreen rubbing alcohol and various mint oils. It actually works. But I try to spray it on on his fur on not the skin.

I spent last night mainly making the latest big batch of wet dog food. The whole process, including storing it away, is complex. Filling the house with meaty smells, I am sure the crazy man downstairs, who has been acting up again, due to the moon, the holiday, approaching rain, etc., did not appreciate this, but sure enough, he deserved no less.

Meanwhile, I watched, "Dead Man Walking," for the first time. Great movie with minimal flaws.

The shipment of walnuts should be showing up in the mail soon. Darn it - F&F is selling them for EVEN LESS, beginning on Saturday. Eventually, I might take advantage of that and stock up more for the winter, because I am a squirrel.

Originally posted by theonionfeed. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-10-16 10:54:00.


WESTERVILLE, OH—In a television interview where he conceded that he had made some significant mistakes, Hunter Biden admitted Tuesday it was poor judgment on his part to be involved with the corrupt Biden family. “Now that I’ve had time to step back and take stock, it’s clear to me that due to the numerous…


* - galaxy


Posted on 2019.10.15 at 20:10
I really do not want Biden for president. President Hair Plugs.

I love Amy K., and Bernie, and would support Warren, but there are others who would make good VP's.

And, for all of you who hate Trump: He has kept us out of war; and has kicked China's ass, and has called out a lot of BS. On the other hand, he turned his coat on LGBT, and has a lot of other problems. Who comes closest to him, in the Dems? Warren, believe it or not.

Anyway, I have tired off the overly dramatic ninny debates of the Dems, year after year. So, I am turning it off now..

This is interesting for various reasons, and it is also not a great movie. Combines Beatles, Sellers and Monty Python humour. Comparable to Southern's 'Casino Royale'. Sellers' character hearkens back to Chaplin in "The Great Dictator," and so do the references to war - esp. where Sellers and Ringo are playing a war game. The funniest scenes are the cop (Milligan) giving them a ticket; the end of the hunting trip, and the bidding war. It all ends in, "post-flower-power mayhem." Includes a tonne of stars, (see wikipedia). Has two great oldies songs, Badfinger and Thunderclap Newman. Music, etc., written by Paul McCartney, etc. Includes a number of very-Monty-Python scenes. It may look odd, looking back, but it was really part of an almost revolutionary movement.

THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, 1969 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE2zTnOJ94I

PS - It makes more sense to watch it realising that most of the weird things going on are being caused by Guy Grand, (Sellers). And just HOW he accomplishes these things, besides spending money, isn't always logical. Isn't meant to make sense. Basically makes fun of people who follow capitalism, racism, gender stereotypes, etc., (and not always capitalism per se). Childish and inane fun. "Satirical black comedy." More like socially-conscious slapstick.

Staffordshire figures were smallish art pieces made in England, using earthware, ceramic, lead, tortoiseshell, creamware, pearlware and/or paint, especially in the 19th century.

1 - 'Perswaition group' Staffordshire piece
2 - Glass piece entitled "Persuasion", 1809
3 - Arbour Staffordshire, 1750

It is argued that #2 (1809) inspired #1 (date uncertain), and the resemblance is strong.  Thus,, #1 must not have been inspired by Jane Austen's later, 1817 novel, 'Persuasion'.  Looking at #3, dated 1750, we can see that this theme of persuasion was not too different to earlier pieces depicting an arbour romance.  I would like to imagine that Austen's novel itself was inspired by the likes of #1.  Perhaps a figure she knew as a child or younger woman.  I think it would be fitting that the novel, 'Persuasion', would have been inspired by the likes of number one, (with spelling corrected), because Saffordshire figures themselves were emblematic of a rising middle class, becoming able to both make and purchase art and decorations.  Austen, especially in 'Persuasion', illustrated strains of class difference of that time.  Apparently, Stafforshire figures spanned from at least around 1740 to 1860.

View illustrious Wiki page.

View site devoted to Stafforshires.

Note: I actually had to correct the spelling of persuasion in Wikipedia, (from pursuasion), precisely where the text was discussing the (perswaition) misspelling of persuasion(!)

I recently viewd the movie, "Birdman," (2014).  It is a very good movie, which I gave a B-, if I remember correctly.  Too bad I don't do many movie reviews anymore.  Well, the full title of this movie is, "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)."

Today, I was paging through my Morrissey / Smiths tag, (recommended!), and I found a 2011 entry, entitled, "on the necessity of ignoring reality." It's an entry worth reading again.

I just thought the similarity was interesting.  Both titles are basically saying and meaning the same thing.  You need ignorance to get you through reality.  It is a relatively unique idea.  I put it into the Noosphere in 2011, and it came back in a 2014 film.  More or less. I've seen that sort of thing happen several times. Whether some idea was stolen, inspired directly, inspired obscurely, or shared psychically - this is something we often can never really figure out. I have seen people say or do things, thinking themselves completely original, when I could actually see the external stimuli which were triggering their reactions or trains of thought. Yet even Pavlov's dogs were acting willfully. It's all the same thing, really. Life, by hook or by crook.

A local music radio-show almost always features terrible lead singers, sometimes fronting pretty good bands. I am now listening to a not-so-great band being lead by a guy with excellent pitch and falsetto - a low country sort of voice. Band: "The Bare Handbones," or something. Show is via WNIJ - NOT YET POSTED - https://www.northernpublicradio.org/topic/sessions-studio.

I have always found it odd that scientists conclude that the universe is expanding at an increasing rate, and yet they maintain that it all began in one gigantic bang.  If the universe is in fact expanding faster and faster, then wouldn't it be far more likely that it all began in a slow burn?  Well, they believe the universe is expanding in this way because of their adherence to the idea of red shift describing acceleration, rather than distance itself, as perturbed by a different kind of gravity - (perhaps gravity as a "repulsive force").  Based on their assumption, they are forced to come up the concepts of dark matter and dark energy, things they cannot see, but have faith are there, as scientists once believed in the Ether.  It's the same old mistake, all over again.  I am sure they will come up with measurements proving these surreal forces.  But, I would still maintain: only as an alternative to other possibilities than a big bang.  I think various versions are compatible, depending on your perspective.   But to insist only on one big bang, well, that is as narcissistic as claiming there is one god and nothing else.  All other believers be damned.

And it isn't theology which has me taking this stance.  There are big bangs happening all over the current universe, and there are all sorts of other extreme phenomena, and there are universes beyond our own.  So what is this fixation on a single big bang?  I would give hearing to anyone who also maintained that the world began not in a bang but in a whisper.  Makes at least as much sense to me.  The universe is mainly cold - and raise your hand if you've ever woken up in the morning hearing the sun roaring?  And, speaking of theology, wasn't it the bible which said that, in the beginning was the word, not the bang?  lol.  Jeez, what is this, some kind of competitive space race?  On your marks.  Get set.  Go!

Is that how the WTC was built?

Is that how a baby is born?

The Worst DMV Facilities In Northern Illinois

I have been to the Rockford DMV. It was really rude, disrespectful, tedious and abusive. I am especially remembering one man who had a serious mental issue, and was fixed in a permanent scowl. He also seemed to have a special resentment of me, possibly because my respectful and positive attitude contradicted his whole world view, and shamefully almost made him crack a smile. I hate being nice to jerks who in no way deserve it, especially if they are paid by public taxes, and are supposed to be doing a public service. Backwards and dysfunctional!

So, I had to deal with an issue of my DL being revoked, (for a silly reason, related to my CFS). I had to take a by-mail course, which was intrusive of my privacy, and pretty dumb, actually. And, i had to pay hundreds of dollars. After this was all done, I received my DL, in an envelope, in the mail. OH YAY, I thought, I can drive again. So, I did - only to later find out that the license WAST STILL REVOKED. What kind of BS?!...

So, I am thinking that it was the same guy at the DMV, who must have been overseeing my case, clerically. It was probably this jackass who sent me back my DL, without so much as an accompanying note, expecting to get me into trouble with the law again. I cannot see any other explanation for the completely unprofessional action. It was equivalent to someone leaving a burning bag of shit on one's doorstep, or such. Juvenile.

You will find, my friends, in certain places, or maybe countries, when you are down, people come out of EVERYWHERE to harm you further, like an onslaught of sadistic zombies. They will blame you, gossip about you, burn down your garage, slit your tires, set off firecrackers, bang on your walls, send you derisive mail, deprive you of sleep, call the police on you, steal your friends and family, stare and glare, and even attack you physically, as my own brother did. All of this passive and active aggression, overwhelmingly perpetrated by religious people who are sure of their own moral righteousness, betrays what base animals people generally choose to be. Freedom, free will - this is America, after all!

Anyway, the centre of gravity, of all this depravity, often turns out to be the DMV, which, for all practical purposes, is charged with a mission from hell.

I don't follow football, etc.  I followed the Badgers football and hockey a little, but no longer.  The only thing that intrigues me about football are the dilapidated abandoned buildings that beacon out, to future civilisations, for study of a  bygone, ridiculous age...  Or, the ones which have been exploded like whales...  [Click Pic For MORE]:

Abandoned Stadiums That Will Haunt Your Tepid Soul

Chernobyl Stadium:

Were the Olympics ever going to be staged in the nuclear town of Pripyat, where the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe occurred back in 1986? Probably not. Was Pripyat ever going to have a major soccer team? No. But the nuke town did have a sizeable community of 50,000, and that community wanted to watch sports.

So that community built a stadium, roughly the size of a traditional high school stadium in the U.S. Sadly, the town was evacuated after one of the nuclear reactors at Chernobyl went off, creating an international crisis. The catastrophe left Pripyat an eerie ghost town, full of relics and artifacts that haven’t been disturbed in decades.

Graham Hancock -

Hancock gave a TEDx lecture titled "The War on Consciousness", in which he described his use of ayahuasca, an amazonian brew containing a hallucinogenic compound DMT, and argued that adults should be allowed to responsibly use it for self-improvement and spiritual growth. At the recommendation of TED's Science Board, the lecture was removed from the TEDx YouTube channel and moved to TED's main website where it "can be framed to highlight both [Hancock's] provocative ideas and the factual problems with [his] arguments".[22]

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