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Go West - Part Two

Posted on 2017.07.06 at 16:44
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So, what is the new LJ POST EDITOR like? Should I take the plunge?

Before I proceed, here's this: Every once in a while, a word comes along...

In high-school, I started a, "word of the day club," before WOTD ever came to the internets. It was kind-of like guerrilla gardening: Trying to do something good even while the forces of evil are opposed to anything good. The only reason there were forces of evil opposing my club was, as far as I can fathom, because my high-school was Catholic. Either that or the teachers were being inspired by the god Aires, i.e., Mars, and were therefore actually Martians. Which, is something a lot of students really feel is true, am I wrong?

Anyway, the idea was that I would come up with a word each day, and deliver it to the masses during homeroom or in the halls. Then, my minions would spread out and covertly write the word on chalkboards throughout the land. So, this actually happened. And people were all coming up to me for the new day's word. It was just one of the kooky things that garnished my strange popularity. I was seriously popular, to all cliques, and I had my own group too, who all shared in the glory. We was fab.

Some teachers were really cool with this, and let the word stand. But some teachers were complete dorks. They'd show up and immediately wipe out the word, knowing what they were doing, even as I sat before them. The humiliation was bed-wetting. After a while, I got bored with this, and people kept badgering me for words. I was also getting tired of tending to try and outdo myself with each new word. And, dudes, if such a pro-education club would be persecuted by several teachers, then... then...

Why not create the most horrible club possible?! So, that is when I created the, "Dead Baby Club." One very sweet girl dared to ask me why I had a Dead Baby Club, which many guys were already a part of. Well, it was because I was some kind of free-wheeling upstart - but I told her, "Well, I thought I'd start a club as a joke - and the worst club possible. What could be worse than dead babies?" Believe it or not, she actually joined the club, lol.

Thinking back, I don't really like the idea, because I have had too much experience with reality - and friends who have sadly had abortions, etc. The dead should be left alone. But, on the other hand, I was making a statement of freedom and absurdity - just as I did at the basketball game where everybody rose for the national anthem, or pledge of allegiance, with their hands over hearts. And I just sat there. I am so cool. This was way before that ball player who did the same thing.

I think one of my clubs got into the yearbook, but I don't remember which one. So did some of my drawings, and pictures of me, such as the one where I was wearing a desk around my midriff. I was a John Hughs movie. Here is what happened the first time I pulled that stunt.

I had a crush on one shy but exotic looking girl in English class. I also got to the point in my popularity where I was able to pass notes with one of the hottest girls in school, Kitra. What a nice name, huh? Oh, and the boobs, lol. Seriously, she was great - I had some really wonderful friends. They were all freaking Catholics, at a time I was being branded as an atheist. What a bag of trouble I was.

Anyway, the English teacher, who was also hot, had to leave the class for some duration. While she was gone, things gradually became more and more erratic amongst the natives. As was in my nature, I attempted to cool down this chaos by focusing attention onto the me. Therefore, I somehow got the idea to slip myself into the book-area of my desk. I had to lie down ground-wise to do this. Once I was in up to my hips, I stood up, wearing the desk. At the most awkward of moments - (how could there be an awkward moment?) - the teacher walked back into the classroom. I was in proverbial deep shit. Or... wait... The teacher totally cracked up! It was great. For days after this, I was legend.

I was asked by the roaming yearbook photographer to repeat this stunt for her camera, and it ended up in the yearbook. I did lots of other fun stuff, like singing a song with pals on stage, about chocolate. I descended from on high sitting on some long hoist above stage. We through chocolate kisses to the audience, but they threw them back, lol.

Once, while I was sitting in another English class, I was quietly laughing and joking with a friend. The teacher got mad and told us two to read some play for the class, which we did. For some reason, maybe as revenge against some guys who had ogled us, he told us to read the exact same play AGAIN. It took up yet another class time, which was fine with me. Just weird. Anyway, it wasn't long after this that I ended up - really by chance - becoming prominent in school plays. I influenced a lot of people, as did the director and choreographer. These students went on to make it big in Hollywood and on Broadway.

So - enough of that. Today was day #3 of my incessant activity. Pushing myself. I walked to the liquor store for a bottle-o-wine. The cashier asked if I would simply stash the bottle, "In you satchel?" A satchel? I have a satchel? I thought it was a book-bag. But - isn't, "satchel," like a Western kinda word? Like, I am a cowboy? I'm a cowboy!

Then, I got to the Slavation Army. It is now under new directorship. But, they still dole out massive amounts of meat. It is rather disgusting and there is seriously no more room in my freezer. But, they also have fresh-enough veggies, so. And, I had gone there precisely for the meat, so I could throw some into my giant batch of dog food, which I shall be making soon, today. But, there is so much overload, I am scrambling to find ways to fit everything into my fridge and freezer. Trying to cook things up just to save space. Hot and humid today - not so great to be cooking, but, this is god's plan for me.

Strangely, one of the guys at the pantry looked like some rancher out of, "The West." His accent confirmed this. Nice to see this cowboy dealing nicely with a black guy who's ancestors were slaves. In poor America, you will also find abidance. God-or-not, bless the meek. One woman went out forgetting a bag. She returned and told some black guy that she forgot her bag. He just laughed abidingly. And, you know what? Even though that seems stupid and mundane, this is the glory in our humanity. This is it right here, and now. Laugh stupidly, if you must. There are darker days ahead, we all shall know.

I loaded up my bags with my loot. Pantries are now the remnants of what were once gold rushes and land rushes. No spare mule. No land. No chancy guarantees of freedom or absurdity. Just food for another day. Anyway - as I loaded up, sitting on the floor, expertly, someone said of me, "This isn't his first rodeo!"

It is kind of weird how reality mimics what one studies in one's heart. Perhaps the rain does not follow the plow, but hapful coincidence follows the earnest heart. Go west.

Go west.

"People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them." - James A. Baldwin

I lugged my hoard a mile through the sweltering sun, although - I don't think that suns can actually swelter. Maybe we shall see by August. But, my trek was demanding - as through the barren wastelands of yore. There continue reverberations of the struggles of those early settlers, even today, in our squalour and our poverty. I don't think so much of myself as some wandering cowboy. More: as some kind of misplaced Aussie. Aiming home through the heat, for but a tilt of a dram. Or, maybe, not so much. Maybe I think of myself more as being dirt poor and pathetic, through no fault of my own. Yes. That is it. And that is what made the West, doncha know?

Btw - I realised that I have something in common with Trumply Dump. Neither of us likes to expose our plans or intentions. Despite his apparent idiocy, that is a very, very wise penchant to carry.


meowmensteen at 2017-07-06 23:26 (UTC) (Lien)
I had a feeling you were up to something. Maybe my problem is that I have no secret plans. No agenda whatsoever.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-07-07 02:17 (UTC) (Lien)
Then, consider yourself lucky. For the time being. You do, of course, have daily plans, and such. But, the Native Americans lived like that, and all was well in their world. Except for one little prophesy eventuating, yars.

Whether or not one has plans - I think the most important times to keep them secret are the two times that all society seem to be weighted against you, (figurative). That would be when you are either spiralling upward, or spiralling downward.

Loose lips. Voices carry. Wipe that smirk off your face.
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