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2 LJ notes -

Posted on 2015.05.12 at 14:41
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Newer LJ friends should know that it sometimes takes me a while to get back to comments, or to commenting, or to posting. I have illness difficulties, which have several different aspects to it. Do not adjust your screen. This is not a test.

Also - I discovered that a new community of mine has a style created by, "Yoksel." I am suspicious of this. I went and saw that this guy has designed a lot of styles, recently - or it appears so - ? True? Since I ave had many problems with my own journal, suggesting hacking, and also causing lots of loss of some functions, I am wondering if this guy is possibly secretly spying and messing with some people. IDK. He's Russian. If he's BAD, then he can easilly use code in the designs to get into other people's journals. Maybe not. But it might be a lead. (?)

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