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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!

Posted on 2017.11.20 at 21:31
I can't even remember the last time I trusted a carrot,

It's because dogs get all the meat

Erectile dysfunction pills are now the top party drug for British millennials

(Could Viagra have anything to do with all the sex abuse news lately? Hmmm...)

Pre-game 101...Réduire )

I hope to be doing a series called, "Rumpgate," of which this post is part one. It concerns the ongoing anti-Russia/Trump charade, or witch-hunt, or propaganda campaign. This here post is centered on only ONE link. I am submitting to you the following article simply because it is right on the money. It is worth reading all on its own...

Is Hillary Just the “Fall Guy” for the Intel Agencies and their Moneybag Bosses?

Post-game 101...Réduire )

For those of you who listened to the latest SciFri: I beg to differ.

It was darkly amusing to hear the proponents of geoengineering weather-manipulation saying they really didn't know what the effects of artificially reduced sunlight on plants, or coral, would be. They did something like this:

"The short answer is this shouldn't be a problem..."

+ long-winded blather

+ conclusion: "So, the short answer is, we don't know how this will affect plants."

Don't get me wrong. I think it is a good, though precarious thing, to remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere, (so long as this industry is powered by renewable energy).

However, I do NOT think it is a good thing to try to artificially reduce sunlight to the surface, especially if this is done by scattering fine particles made of barium, aluminum, lithium, or anything else. I can just imagine Right-Guard getting a government contract to lace the atmosphere with spray-on anti-antiperspirant. Cuz, we are humans, and we always know exactly what we are doing.

Because Alex Jones reads so much, many of his so-called conspiracy theories end up being correct. While it has only recently come to light that the government has been doing weather-altering atmospheric spraying, ("chem-trails"), Jones announced, (or, "predicted"), this activity many years ago. By the time the public learns of any testing by the government, the testing has likely been going on for one or two decades already.

This is most true for advanced military weapons - (one of which is weather manipulation).

Proud pundits and shills nobly stand by their arguments that, "there is no scientific evidence..." as if current lack of scientific evidence, (as when no measurements have yet been made, e.g.), is profound proof of a negative.

But, so it seems, that evidence may have been falling to the ground for some time, and the dutiful media has not been picking it up.  (Investigative journalism means wait for official press releases). So - exactly what chem-trails are or might be, is a little bit cloudy, shall we say. Like whomever really killed JFK. Doesn't mean anything has really been proved or disproved.

Some suggest that chem-trails may be the cause of Morgellen's(sp?) Disease - which may be the illness that Joni Mitchell has, (of all people).

I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It's cloud's illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all

We really don't know, at all...

But here's one short scientific answer...

Artificially cooling Earth could cause 'climate chaos' | Daily Mail Online


Personality POST. Personality TEST. Personality SMILE. Personality DEATH...Réduire )

* - Chocolate: I either buy sugar-free dark chocolate powder, or I ferment any chocolate which has sugar, including Halloween Candy.

** - Onion: I have been avoiding onions on the theory/s that they either irritate my intestines or am actually sensitive or allergic to them. I still haven't figured this one out. But I cannot imagine stuffing w/o onions, so.

*** - Stuffing: GF. I already have enough GF bread, etc., for this. Sage. Plus the dark green prepubescent celery.

**** - Extending the life of celery, by madman101: You can do this for a lot of veggies. Wash. Slice away just the brown part at the bottom of the stalk. Enclose in long plastic veggie bag, w/ a tiny bit of water in it. Squeeze out most of the air while taking a long, deep breath. Pause. Exhale your CO2 into the bag and seal it with a twist-tie, (unless you want to add another breath). Sit it tops-up, like it is in a garden - you can use some tall container to help keep it up - or not. Keep it that way in your fridge. Occasionally, and at first, you maybe want to take it out and sit it in your kitchen in soft sunlight for a day or so, and then return it into its own frigid hell. You will see it grow nice new tops fairly soon. Note that some veggies, (like spinach leaves), will simply use up all their chlorophyll when you try this with them, because they are on the verge of death, the destroyer of all. Note that most all veggies are still alive, and love to be cared for in this way. Sing to them. Discuss Heidegger. Bring them gizzards. But, for god's sake, keep them away from NPR.

Woops! There goes another rubber tree plant!Réduire )


The Wheat from the Shaft: (The Joke Part)

Posted on 2017.11.16 at 14:15
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Warning: Contains a bad, bad word!Réduire )

"This will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension."

Jesus Crust! Greggs bakery attacked for replacing Son of God with sausage roll

People are Crazy & Times Are Strange

America Breaks Down: The Anatomy of a National Nervous Breakdown

We Are Now One State Closer to Having a Corporate-Dominated Constitutional Convention

Did a poisoned fish open my eyes to a culture of fear?

Organized Chaos and Confusion as Political Control

Reviving the Spirit of Existential Rebellion in a World of Propaganda, Lies, and Self Deception

"I'm Mad As HELL!"

Why Science Says You Should Be Reading Small Independent Media

3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening


The Day New York Tried to Secede

Posted on 2017.11.14 at 14:23
The Day New York Tried to Secede



So many Earth-shattering things have come out of Siberia: The Siberian lava flats; flash-frozen mammoths; massive die-offs of grazing mammals; melting permafrost;bla bla bla bla...Réduire )and...

Let's not forget the famous Tunguska incident of 1908. That is when a massive explosion levelled miles upon miles of trees, radiating outwards, and yet apparently left no crater or significant burn marks. This article, (from my favourite quasi, faux news site), claims that this could not have been caused by a meteor.

The mystery continues: Russian scientists disprove the myth of the “Tunguska meteor”

However, I thought it has long been decided that it was probably caused by a meteoric comet, exploding in the air. End of story(!?)

Let's just look at a few curious points...

1 - No serious burn marks reminds me of the many pingo's now exploding through the ice or permafrost in Siberia, leaving no significant burn marks. Could a similar thing have happened in 1908, on a larger and more concentrated scale?

2 - There remains a lake in the area. Which COULD have existed prior to the event. Or - if not a meteorite's crater - maybe this was where the methane arose from? Or - could the lake have been a repository of melted ice from an exploded comet?

3 - There is a theory that a meteor or dirty comet/s hitting North America around 12,700 years ago could explain the mass extinctions of megafauna, etc., since it would have unleashed a massive amount of CO2, leading (after a freeze) to global warming, and weather changes. Well, if the Tunguska event WAS caused by a smaller but similar meteor or comet/s, then the record should show a blip of a rise in CO2 in 1908/1909. I wonder if anyone out there wants to research this?! (On the other hand, a methane explosion might show a blip of methane rise - although an IGNITED methane explosion would also show a CO2 blip, but smaller than from a meteor/comet/s).

4 - A meteor or comet hitting permafrost, (especially if show/ice-covered), would also push loads of methane and CO2 out of the ground - that's my guess. However, there is no evidence of any strong impact, (unless it was in the area of the lake).

5 - This article states that there were weird atmospheric conditions observed, which could at least partly be explained by dust and/or gas in the air. However, some observed conditions might also point to a general geo-electrical disturbance over Eurasia. Even though I believe the event might have been caused by a comet exploding above ground, I also believe that the next hypothesis is one of a geo-electrical disturbance. This is a phenomenon I have been postulating on my own. From my thoughts concerning recent Earth Changes, including strange, "trumpets," flashes of light, and so on, I feel it is probable that Earth core, magma, and geo-magnetic field/s are responsible for these current events - as they may have been for the Tunguska event. The interesting thing is that such disturbances seem to correlate with times of increased meteor and comet activity. But, more on all this later.

There's a Huge Plume of Magma Bulging Against Antarctica

Antarctic Danger: Ice Shelf Cracks Close British Base … Again

A massive, mysterious Hole has just opened up in Antarctica and experts cant explain it

2017 Is Slated to Be in Top 3 Hottest Years of All Time

Even a 'minor' nuclear war would spur worldwide ecological disaster, expert warns

Posted on 2017.11.10 at 12:51
Cannibal poet who ate his date’s brain after gruesome murder found ‘sane’


hardly har har

Posted on 2017.11.09 at 18:30
Terribly ill today following yesterday's removal of my AC. Before that, a virtual DDOS attack forced me to leave internet and spend a day or two working on IP blocklists. Just when I wanted to use my internet the most. I am going to say goodnight for now, but if you want some fun here are some of my funny posts. Not all of them are public. https://madman101.livejournal.com/tag/my%20funny%20posts

1. Reverence for all Life

2. Natural Sincerity

3. Gentleness

4. Supportiveness


Albert Camus

Posted in rwemmersonquote on 2017.11.06 at 06:09


"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better."

I almost bought a book by Camus while I was at the bookstore, but as usual, I did my culling, and it went into non-existence, therefore it wasn't. It was a collection of his earlier journals, and I thought, "I already do this." Another book I didn't buy was Victor Frankel's, "Man's Search for Meaning." Another rejected book also had, "meaning," in the title but I forgot what it was.

Last night, I watched, "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine," (my second Steve Jobs movie). (2015; 2 hours+). It was a somewhat loving portrait, starting off, littered with Bob Dylan music. But it eventually switched into some strong, Michael-Moore-type criticisms of Apple, and all its many controversial, or illegal, "incidents." One of these incidents concerned the Chinese corporation, "FoxConn," (i.e., the wily con of a fox). Production of its touch screens and circuit boards for apple caused massive pollution, worker health problems, and suicides. (This year, Wisconsin fought hard to bring a giant FoxConn plant into the state, with numerous unfair enticements, and numerous ignorances over the problems of the past - which shall also soon be visitted on Wisconsin). FoxConn, like Apple, like Jobs, is considered TOO BIG TOO FAIL, and therefore we kiss ass and sanctify kings. When Jobs died, multitudes grieved him, like drunken North Koreans over a Kim, not so much because they loved him, but because they loved his things. (And, yes, I deliberately rhymed right there).

No news to me, Steve Jobs was shown to be the lying controllaholic megalomaniacal boy-next-door that he was. (Not entirely unlike our great and powerful president). I watched every clip of him closely, and I could identify it. I could see him lying through his teeth - "distorting reality" - and simultaneously putting on a boyish front, to manipulate. People just ate it up.

I have wondered why Steve Jobs seemed so much like a psychopath, and yet someohow escaped that moniker. It was because he acted like he cared about people, his Apple family, his customers, usability. He started off giving the finger to the cold, megalythic IBM, yet ended up being a ruthless gigantico-capitalist himself. He claimed to be maintaining Apple's, "core values," as Apple got bigger - but what he was really referring to were the core values of control and subterfuge.

Today, I decided that Steve Jobs could be called a, "Romantic psychopath," (something of a contradiction). He had hankerings for love and family which kept going back into monkish spiritualism. He built a new structure for family and connection through his work, in the Family of Apple. But, like many rude, grandly naive and selfish Baby Boomers, he went too far with his romantic ideals and plans, and turned them into their very opposites. Long ago underwritten by his need to care, his methods became diabolical and self-rationalizing. He became the violent, overbearing father, who just really, "cared so much."

We don't always look at psychopaths as being people who care or have sentiments. But they all seem to get stuck in some emotional tragedy in their childhoods, like Citizen Kane. Ever after that, they become determined machines concerned mainly with figuring out the details, the means towards their wrongful ends. Ends that first emerged in broken adolescent hearts; and means that are constructed by perpetually adolescent minds, cold and deceptive to the enemy outside world.

In that he pretended to care, I think Steve Jobs was a consummate fake. I also think that he believed himself to care deeply, but elevated this onto a lofty pedestal of narcissism. Of being special, chosen, too big to fail - permitting any sort of lie or abuse. If you consider what might be the symptoms of being a, "Romantic psychopath," you might see that they could be indistinguishable from being an alcoholic. And so, maybe he was. I see him pictured with beers - and his workers celebrated victories by sucking on hard liquor. So, who knows.

Needless to say, he "invented" some good stuff, which is turning us into zombies addicted to a false, "techno," family. We are getting less sleep and turning into monsters. We tap into only what people who agree with us say, think and feel. We stumble over ourselves to suckle on our smart phones. Meanwhile, Apple, and corporations, and hackers, and the Government, track our every move.

If this is the freedom he brang, I'm not having it. When everyone is logged on in lockstep, then where is the chance to be better anymore? When everyone is on twitter, bitching and stabbing, including a farce of a president, then what does any of this really amount to?

"An extension of the self..."

Watch movie via the site.

beatles - george


Posted on 2017.11.05 at 04:40
This was mildly amusing. (Warning: Craigslist!)

HOUSE - oh god
Posted on 2017.11.04 at 12:49
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Posted on 2017.11.04 at 04:36
When Moslem women go to bed do they wear hijamas?

duh - zombies


Posted on 2017.10.31 at 21:41
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Musique actuelle: Scary Monsters - David Bowie
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I must be Crazy! EVERYTHING is under the cut! Don't miss these fabulous deals!Réduire )

Happy Halloween!

eek - bleh!
Posted on 2017.10.30 at 19:31

crazy /goth - insane clobs


Posted on 2017.10.29 at 15:52
This post is being retired to Cut Land...Réduire )

How is it that I have never heard of this guy? I took Latin, history, poetry, wise little snippets, and books in general. At the moment, I happen to be studying the ancient Celtic areas in what is today Spain and France, (etc). By coincidence, I come across this guy named, "Martial," who is a fellow Celt from ancient, "Spain." He wrote pithy little epigrams way before there was a twitter, and he moved to Rome to make comments on their bad hair, hypocrisy, and general rudeness, for which they paid him. He was a lazy cad, always in poverty, who cherished virtue, honesty, purity, and kids - and even made fart jokes. That sounds a lot like me! Although. I only accept money from the rich - (what money?!) - because I am seriously disabled. If I were a normal, healthy guy, I would be independent and successful, supporting throngs of prostitutes in thongs and long-nosed drunkards with their Donegal songs of toasting prawns on tongs while playing Pong and Donkey Kong. Then I'd end up in a reality show which makes me president. Wrong! Some guys have all the luck. The ones not yoked by Martial Law.  "Good God!"

He could have been a rapper. Could have been a Tribe Called Quest, Toad and the Wet Sprocket, or Chance the Grand Master.  But he lived in Roman times. His name was Martial, yo. Check this.

(For the ant, see Martialis heureka).

Mister Lee is Putin-Free!Réduire )

Live humans exist:
Email us hello@mrleesnoodles.com
Phone us on +44 (0)1202 319 188

USA: Ken Mark: +1 226 820 4321 ken@mrleesnoodles.com

Here's a good movie which is simultaneously a bad movie. The Holiday (2006). Réduire )


Left Unsaid - the True Story/s

Posted on 2017.10.25 at 11:42
About a week ago, I was doing stuff in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I marvelled at how there was never really a problem with cockroaches this year. back when I bought the picnic table for the kitchen, a cockroach showed up on top of it. A few days later, so did another one. I sprayed and put up two roach motels, and didn't even bother to launch into my militant alternative of boric acid and diatomaceous earth. I tend to kill every cockroach I see, which I did with those two. And, there has never been a problem since then. Now that it is colder, and wet, the time for worrying is over.

Do you know what a roach motel is? It is a little box about 5" long, with open ends, and basically filled with a kind of flypaper glue inside, to trap the cockroaches.

So, I am marveling about no cockroaches, and I think, "Well, I've never checked the roach motels, have I?"

So, I start doing that. I look over to one roach motel, which is on my kitchen counter next to the stove, topped by a container containing can openers... And I see that the outer edge is kind-of frayed. "What is that about?"

I pick up the roach motel to check for roaches, and it is kind-of heavy. I look inside, and there is a MOUSE caught inside!

I don't know what to do immediately. It startled me, and I had this box with a mouse in it, and the mouse jumped out... I feel this is a learning experience for my dog, and so I hold it for my dog to smell, and the mouse is hanging there, with his tail caught inside the box. The mouse is screaming at my dog in tiny squeaks, while my dog is sniffing up at him, flailing around in space.

Then the mouse comes free, falls to the ground, and runs between my fridge and the counters. In that space, he runs into a broom's bristles, or whatever they are called. His ass was sticking out, and eventually he realised he had to get better cover, and he was gone.

I know that this guy had the most traumatic experience of his life. He stayed away for a while. Then, he nibbled away some cheese on a fresh trap, without setting it off. That's always good because they will go to the next trap more boldly. Which he did. He went to a trap that I had forgotten about, and which didn't even have any food on it, and he was history.

I hate killing anything, but this has to happen.

But, that was weird, all-of-the-sudden having a mouse problem completely out of the blue. This place has been mouse-free for at least a year.

Note - I guess this "Left Unsaid" post will end up being a series....


Table 19

Posted on 2017.10.24 at 23:59
Table 19. This like, "The Breakfast Club," but for old people, and more of them, with lots of old 80's music, too.

Here's a crappy movie that's fun to watch. I don't have much regard for Rotten Tomatoes, but here's a good quote anyway...

The film's critical consensus reads, "Table 19," is marginally more entertaining than actually sitting with a table full of strangers at a wedding—although most screenings won't come with an open bar, which makes it a wash."[13]

Well, I do think this is the main selling point of this movie - and I think this is what the writers, etc., were meaning to capture: The weirdness of be relegated to the "random" table at a wedding. The movie does hit this theme emotionally a little. But there is also a lot of disjointed hokiness and quasi-drama. Not all jokes hit their mark, to say the least. Still, it's OK to watch, if you don't have a better movie lined up.

This WEDDING theme is great but it is being bled dry. The Wedding Singer, The Wedding Crashers, The Wedding Planner.... bla bla blah. My Big Fat Greek... How much more you can do on this?...

I think Anna Kendrick is fairly great. But I don't think she has even been given a movie that was really - I mean really - suitable for her. Maybe the Twilight stuff, which I haven't seen.

I also think that Lisa Kudrow keeps getting into sub-par movies possibly because that's all that is given her. I once thought she was great but now she always looks so tired and old. Now, it's starting to look like this: If Lisa Kudrow is in a movie, it isn't a great movie.

"Table 19," is a 2016 movie. You'd think that they'd figure out how to make it better by now, but all they really got the swing of was mundane dialogue like, "Uh, huh." Then they try to plug in all this quasi-vulgarity, which it never needed. WHO was the audience supposed to be for this movie? People at a rejects wedding table? Not going to fly.

Still, this movie will be mildly enjoyable if you don't have much else to do.

I cannot guarantee you that the love interest will turn out the way you want it to - as they had to re-arrange it in, "Pretty in Pink."

Boy booted from Cub Scouts after tense exchange with Colorado senator over gun control, race



Posted on 2017.10.23 at 12:09
"All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price."
- Juvenal

As I have posted, at least a few years ago, the so-called USA is covertly involved militarilly in like 56 countries in Africa. Unfortunately, that is a given.

Whenever John McCain or Lindsey Graham says anything, it is usually backed up, (and paid for), by the military-industrial establishment. The only time McCain has resisted the GOP norm is when he turned against their healthcare revamp, because his Arizona is full of dying old people, and because he has brain cancer. I guess that makes him a maverick, huh? woohoo!

Graham's state is highly dependent on money from the Pentagon.

But, whenever BOTH of these guys come out and say the same thing, you can be SURE it has been scripted. Both of them are now saying that they had no clue that the USA was ever in Niger. THEY DEMAND ANSWERS! lol

Listen, these guys are at the top of the chain in national security matters. Nothing gets by them. They always know exactly what is going on. In September of 2016, there were countless news articles about the USA having a drone base in Niger. So, this stance they are taking now is complete bullcrap.

Scripted. How many other countries in Africa are we in? 55? They pull this shit to take our minds of of the bigger reality.

OMG - what were we doing in Niger in the first place?!

Spare me.

Anyway. The big story is this. We are the new coloniser of Africa for two reasons - one reason...

We are confronting the Chinese scheme there to gain resources.

For the same reason we're in Ukraine, we are aggressively establishing control of food resources.

ISIS has been a canard.

cheers - panda

RSS readers!!!

Posted on 2017.10.23 at 07:14
This has to be a public post.

I want to give a big shout-out to my RSS readers! I really respect you guys, because it looks like you follow me mostly for the random meaty theme posts - about the universe and everything. THAT's really the central focus of this journal! Thank you for picking me up! I am sorry when you go to me, following some seemingly enticing title, only to find more mindlessness, catering to the masses. Thank you for continuing to follow me. Yesterday was my hottest day ever with you guys, with a total of how many hits?


I continue to look to you guys to see how my jnl is REALLY doing! Keep it up, and spread the propaganda! lol

I think the whole Russiagate is complete bullshit...  As my pal, Putin says... https://www.infowars.com/putin-hillary-behind-russian-collusion-hysteria-and-elites-disrespect-trump-voters/

However, this is witness-tampering... Trump justified in using RNC funds to cover Russia probe legal fees – RNC member

Like how I'm getting all my news from Russia, these days? lol


end of world

Posted on 2017.10.22 at 19:29
Just a warning: This site is insanely and weirdly anti-liberal. I still follow it anyway...

The global ecosystem is rapidly collapsing… insect biomass plummets 75% in one generation… scientists warn of “decimation”… humanity may not survive much longer

I decided to post this with its padding, because you can take it. Look at the craven climate-denial near the end of the article, which you know I emphatically oppose. That does not mean that crazies on the far-right do not have valid things to say!

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