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marx - groucho


Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!


an NPR sense of fairness

Posted on 2018.01.20 at 16:22
I have so many examples it is consternating. lol... But, seriously, NPR has been so overtly and sneakily anti-Trump, anti-Bernie, pro-Hillary for years. It is just an endless drum beat.

"Tomorrow, we will be bringing you an hour with two experts telling you just how terrible Trump is..."

Seriously, that's pretty much what the announcement sounded like and that's what the show ended up being.

Then they cow-towed to Diane Rheme who had to come back because it was Trump's first year in office/// "Oh, I can predict how THIS is going to go..." Yep. It was nothing but a naked crucifixion of Trump.

And, every time they report something Trump says on direct news, they have to add, "No one really knows what he meant by that..."

There has been a building campaign to make Trump look like he was beyond Russians - he was OUT OF HIS MIND. They said he was CRAZY from day one. Which fine he is but why do I have to hear about it every hour of the day? Well, Trump asked his doctor to do a test on his mind and he was found perfectly sound. But the reporters literally asked the doctor, "DID YOU FIND ANY EVIDENCE OF DRUG-ADDICTION?!"

The doctor was like WTF?

Donald Trump does not even smoke or drink, unlike most of his accusers. I swear to god this is like Ceasarian Rome.


Now, every time I hear Chuck Schumer or Dick Durbin talkin, I just want to throw up. It's just nothing but Clinton-dictated crap. Donald Trump wanted to separate the DACA bill from this budget deal, but instead there has been nothing but grandstanding from the Dems. I cannot stand this crap anymore - from both parties@!

"And how would you say Trump is the cause and reason for all of this dysfunction?"





Posted on 2018.01.20 at 12:59
This is interesting to me because I have postulated something similar. I have seen a possible relationship between present Aussie Aboriginals and Europeans as well as Neandertals. Also, I have noticed that there have been several examples of very human-like primates emerging in South East Asia, including, "The Hobbit People," Gigantopithicus, Orangutans, and others. But, around 74-75 thousand years ago, there was a major eruption of a supervolcano down there, which surely decimated the human populations regionally, and also hit it globally. This is probably the genetic, "bottleneck," which many scientists describe. (It is fortunate that we are consequently so genetically similar, in many respects). My theory was that Erectus, Chimpbono types came out of Africa into S.E. Asia, and developed into more human forms, and then dispersed outwards, before and after the supervolcano eruption. There is a problem with apes remaining in one ape-like place, which is that apes keep other apes from diverging into alternate forms. Culling.

New Evidence Suggests Aboriginal Australians Ancestral to Modern Eurasians

Actually, I have become opposed to the whole idea of out-of-ANYTHING. Yes, migrations have had salient influences, but I do feel that the greater influence has been though cross-regional, "static," evolution. If you don't understand what I mean, please ask questions. I have a powerful migraine, lol...

THE MAPRéduire )

In my little town, there is a weird, refrigerated truck that goes around, dropping off ice cream sorts of things to desperate residents. It is one, singular truck, which looks like it was designed to drive through war zones. It always seemed strange to me. Schwan's. Schwan's frozen foods.

The other day, my computer was hit by an attack. It was harmless because I had blocked it once before. The IP was again pathologically hitting port 500, trying to get in. It just kept hitting and hitting and hitting. Trying to get into my computer. Completely out of the blue. (Btw - this is not the attack I have had to go offline to deal with, for a few days).

So, I traced the IP to - yep - Schwan's Sales Enterprises, or some such name. But, it was Schwan's, the same people who run the refrigerated truck in town. Apparently, they have an internet spy division which just kinda dithers around trying to spy on everybody in the Midwest, hoping they will be businesses, or something...

(Disclaimer: Since many IP's can contain a number of different sites/etc., then it is not 100% possible to say that this was definitely Schwan's, but there is a probability that it was).

Well, I followed this further and found out that Schwan's is no stranger to spying. I guess it made some kind of boring business history by spying on DiGiorno's Pizza. Here's what I found...

Pizza-Gate: Corporate Spies: The Pizza Plot

Once again: Conspiracies are the odour of the day.

eek /crazy - manson

Goodbye, California

Posted on 2018.01.18 at 19:58
California has always represented the American Dream, i.e., Manifest Density. From Spaniards looking for Eldorado, to the gold and silver rushes, to the building of the railroads, to Hollywood, to Mexican immigrants, to the Flower Children and the summer of 1967, to Governors Bonzo, Moonbeam and Terminator, Anaheim's ska revival, to progressive improvements in consumer safety standards, auto emission standards, confronting global warming, allowing people to vote by referendum - always leading the nation. I'd love to move to San Francisco, but prices there have all gone up, due to the latest trend: hipster and techie artificial intelligence. But, I used to dream of California. At least as a jumping-off point on my way Down Under. Now it's got weed, so nobody needs to go anywhere.

But now it's just another show. A non-stop newsreel of mudslides, fires, droughts, dwindling lakes, global warming, dying seals, globs of gunk in the ocean, Fukushima radiation, intense wind and rain storms, missiles and comets, mass-shooters, Hollywood sex abuse scandals, invasive and evasive compu-net corporations, rising prices, byzantine social welfare, homelessness - and now, a houseful of deprived, malnourished 'children'. There are feminists in California who demand that children's bodies be vaccinated against their will. There are Democrats who look like they are gaming to be the next best flavour of fascism. So much for the future of America, and its children, as represented by the promise of California.

Good luck being a kid and fleeing to L.A. to try to make your fortune. I don't think so. Have you considered Guam?

In my salad days, I went on a road trip with three of my friends, driving all around the West for a month. One stop was in San Diego, which was so beautiful and, because of all those negative ions, and sunshine, so relaxing. We stayed for a night or two with some relations of one of my friend - in a big, rich house with everything, including a pool, and a basement that looked like another whole house.

I was entranced. Especially with the daughter. We played her clarinet, late into the night. And then we had to leave, and I never knew her ever again. California was so charming, and all-around wonderful, I guess I figured that California people just go through that sort of thing all the time: Easy-come, easy go. Cool people have more cool things to move on to. Big things. Expensive things. I never once entertained the thought that this girl might have actually wanted to know or see me more - me, a guy from the lower middle-class Midwest who thought that babies were born shrink-wrapped in giant condoms. I lied about the last part.

I never forgot that night, and the 'perfection' it told me life could be. Something my life never really became. Although mushrooms came close.

Back in high-school, I was visitting a newer friend, with a few other friends. This guy had been on stage with me, and had followed our path of making movies for school. And all that. We were the creative rebels of the creative rebel scene. here we were in his house - another big, rich house - doing stuff. In our antsy awkward pushy male bonding way.

And there was his sister. Playing music. The Beach Boys...

"The warmth of the sun..."

Is there a more beautiful Beach Boy song? I was amazed at how beautiful it sounded. I felt as if I was in love. Who was this girl? "Oh, she's just, you know, doing that... She's in a Beach Boy phase..." I guess she was two grades younger than me, maybe three - but I was like, "Let's drive a woodie to a drive-in and share a sundae NOW!"

She was another one of those perfect girl-creatures that completely slipped through my life, and went away, into memory - almost as if memory was all there ever was.

I recently checked-out a copy of a Beach Boy's, "Greatest Hits: Volume 2" So, I listened to, "The Warmth of the Sun," on headphones, thinking about these things. I wondered this: I wondered if my buddies had told others of the wonderful night I had in Sand Diego, with clarinet girl, and how it really hit me. Maybe this next girl was actually trying to attract me, when I came over to see her brother, by playing Beach B0oy music - trying to remind me of San Diego! After all these years, this is the first time I ever thought of that possibility! But, by now, you and I both know: Sometimes. Some girls. They do that. Right?

Well, what ever came of any of it? Nothing. I went through fame and insane and great expectations and defamity and now this long, endless aloneness - and it seems that California was nothing but another dream I must let go of. California no more. Goodbye, California.

You had your day in the sun.

LYRICSRéduire )

Iowa boys 'kill half a million bees'

Swimmers rescued by drone 'in world first'

Also, I never ever thought that cool-dopey talk, soon made famous by Alyson Hannigan in, "American Pie," would become the stable mainstay talk of most of NPR news...

"One time? In Aleppo Syria?..."

Swimmers rescued by drone 'in world first'

Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries – video obituary

I am weighted down in spirit by the sudden death of Dolores O'Riordan. She was a beautiful, feeling person, and musician. You know, I just recently posted about my fondness for the Cranberries. In the past, they have carried me through in times of deep illness, or destitution. That such beauty and conviction should prevail over all the worst - this is close to the course of my own life.

I would sing along to her in bed, fighting to break the hold of my latest CFS relapse. And I sounded just like her - as if we were the same. Thus, I feel we were kindred spirits. The Cranberries saw me through times when there was death in my family, or of my dogs. So, "on the night of her demise," I seemed to dream of her, in my life, amongst my family. Weird things like this always happen to me. The sex was great.

(I was thinking about Match.com: Maybe I should try their free week. Because I really should meet someone. I thought to myself, "I would never date anyone over 45," and then she died - at 46. Just weird. Of course she was married w/ kids but I'm talking symbolism here).

And I coincidentally ordered the last Cranberries album, via Inter-library loan. I may be picking that up today.

A big part of my life.

I knew that the Cranberries cancelled their very most recent tour, due to health concerns by O'Riordan, but I didn't know what they were. She did say that she was affected by the stress of touring. And she has dealt with bipolar disorder in the past, like many geniuses.

But why should she die so suddenly, while recording?! Think of it - it may have been as if the career itself was killing her. Or maybe she just got hit with a heart attack out of the blue. Or maybe something else.

I plan on writing a tiny post on Princess Diana soon. Do you know what I think about that? I think it is probably that Diana was murdered - or should I say assassinated? A lot more of that stuff goes on than you might imagine. I have done posts on the subject, but not merely as many as need to be made.

So, anyway, the other day, I heard that one of the founders of, "Black Lives Matter," died suddenly. She died of a heart attack, at the age of 27. I thought that that was odd enough to file away. Because, we usually never really know the whole story of anything. She may have been knocked off by the National Security State, as a deemed threat - just like John Lennon, or any number of innocuous independents.

So, I'm just saying: File away the death of Dolores O'Riordan, as being another curious accident. Anything is possible, including that someone didn't want her coming back and making more bold statements like, "Zombie," and, "War Child," and, "I Just Shot John Lennon."

But, it is also possible - simultaneously - that she was just made frail by compassion for life, in a cruel joke of a world. She was too sensitive. She reminds me of a girl I knew in HS. I once told her I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the school, which shut up the other guys in the car. I think she ended up liking me, but was too shy to ever let me know it, even though she was uber popular.

She went and married some guy with a similar Irish name, and, a little later, died. I don't know what exactly it was, but I know she was a premie. She was born prematurely. She was, by constitution, too delicate for the whole gamut of life ahead. Too sensitive. Too frail.

Too good.

Like the war child.

I think our hearts might be less scarred and torn if we simply looked beyond blaming human nature and identified specific culprits and conspiracies that indeed forever run the world into the ground...

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The Beauty of Nature

Posted on 2018.01.13 at 16:23
Originally posted by psychologytoday. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-01-13 16:23:00.


Hug your planet

Our American Story

Posted on 2018.01.13 at 16:23
Originally posted by psychologytoday. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-01-13 16:23:00.


Happy MLK Day

Love Thy Neighbor

Posted on 2018.01.13 at 16:22
Originally posted by psychologytoday. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-01-13 16:22:00.


How to get along

Do You Feel Vulnerable?

Posted on 2018.01.13 at 16:21
Originally posted by psychologytoday. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-01-13 16:21:00.


It’s not always a bad thing

Hunt for ‘evil’ culprit after koala nailed to wooden post

The Humanity of Animals

Bakers Sue State Because Selling Cake is Illegal and Will Get You Thrown in Jail—Seriously

- (Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project).

The diligent LJ reader will eagerly refer back to the post, "Don't Let Them Eat Cake~!", wherein it is argued that a business should not be allowed to discriminate against, e.g., LGBTQWERTY, based on religious prejudices, especially if they are fatuous ones. To do so gives sanction by the state to select businesses, (above the desires or citizens, who are only customers second).

Well, in the example above, a seemingly different thing is happening: Small businesses are ebing discriminated against, (and so are their customers), based on the state's double standards concerning, "food safety", which actually favour the bigger businesses. If you don't have a commercial kitchen, you can't sell cake - except you can if, e.g., you are a church... Hmmm - kinda sounds pretty much the same: Legislate morality, against the poor, and for the religiously rich.

Clearly, this case will succeed.

But if it does, it will open up a can of worms... What if you are a girl scout or lemonade stand, and you want to sell cake? You won't have a commercial kitchen but small businesses won't need one, so why should you? I have several posts about police coming down on innocent people trying to sell lemonade, eggs, raw milk, and so on - sometimes with great violence and unfairness. Things have gone way overboard regarding this, (etc.), as if lemonade stands are weapons of mass-destruction. It is just rote, group-think stupidity - robots would do a better job of meting out justice.

Well, this will become an area where officials are going to have to do some thinking, soon. States will have to come up with a rational plan for allowing small sellers temporary opportunity; allowing small non-profits, say a 5-year grace period on not having commercial kitchens, and so forth. If they don't do this, then they will have to withdraw all their special privileges to churches and fraternal organisations, and to groups holding temporary festivals which of course have been benefitting downtowns and tax income.

Otherwise, they will indeed be favouring big business and churches, which has been the supply-side order of the day for the last 50 years or so. To continue on along that failing path would be to further and further punish the less-rich, or "less-moral", towards a state of fascism. When you keep funnelling wealth up to the top, then that means that the lower and middle classes become further and further handicapped, and so more and more in need of fair opportunities, instead of unfair controls and discriminations.

There is another option, which often occurs during such quandaries, and that would be the intervention of the centralised, Federal government. That's the last thing we want. But, this government has rationalised its intervention in such matters based on such arguments that, "growing a pot plant in one's home," or, "selling cups of lemonade on the sidewalk," both somehow interfere with interstate commerce. I guess if I exhale, and the CO2 enters Indiana, which it will, I can be taxed or charged with violating interstate commerce. Indeed, why don't we back and tax Socrates for his own air molecules? Why don't we tax the dead for polluting our cemeteries? Why don't we tax the sun for failing to cool us down, in this time of crisis?

That's all another, fun subject. The pertinent question/s here, though, is, "Can the Feds somehow come in and control local questions so that the double standards, hurting the poor, are somehow maintained, and yet taken off the hands of the states? What would the new rationalisation/s be? Or, is it ever possible for the Feds to come in and truly eliminate these double standards by exertng central or shared control?"

Can the Feds come in and say, "No, small businesses w/o commercial kitchens cannot sell cake although special people can, because... e.g., this is no longer a topic of food safety, but an issue of religious freedom" - ? Or, could the Feds come in and say, "Yes, small business and little families can sell cake, w/o having commercial kitchens, because states have been unjustly discriminating based on religion, political party, race, gender, or etc., and Federal food safety standards and controls will now be enforced above those of the states," - ?

If the federal gov't chose either, especially the latter, then it would most likely use the tax system to extend its regulation of. e.g., lemonade stands. That is always how it has handled everything from Prohibition era mobsters to Obamacare derelicts. Some on the right believe the tax system to be illegal but, as far as I can tell, the tax system is merely quasi-legal.

Finally, here is yet another example of how our rising, niggling little clashes compound to create social and economic and political entropies in our systems, call for further taxation and centralisation, as if to try to plug a failing dam. It doesn't help that so many of us are taking loud solace in the parading of our righteous egos at the expense of others. We live for the push-back. And this only brings the entropy to a rolling boil. I thought we were trying to bake a cake, here.

Anyway, the final solution usually is a lot of spying and pursuing and persecution and conscription and incarceration and crucifixion of the offensive, by whatever jackasses trollopped their way to the bottomless top.

Don't open the oven door cuz the cake might drop.

Ecuador grants Assange citizenship, seeks solution with Britain

Youtube: Ecuador grants citizenship to Assange

See, this is why I buy my sardines from Ecuador. Solidarity. One of the most Catholic countries on Earth, they uniquely ground their morality in what is real and what is ethical, more often that a lot of other countries anyway.

This could be another, "I told you so," post, except I don't believe I ever posted specifically that this would happen. Besides being swamped by life and other posts, I was also hindered from writing positively about Trump too often, because most of you would call me a Trump supporter, which I definitely am not.

However, I have predicted, and seen this developing. Trump was required to denounce Assange during the campaign in order to win the election. He had to distance himself from his Jones-Paulian pals, he had to appeal to the middle/GOP by acting as true-blue-pro-AMERICA, denouncing all whistleblowers JUST AS OBAMA HAD DONE, and - HE HAD TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE WHOLE FABRICATED RUSSIA-GATE WITCH-HUNT DIED DOWN, before he could work behind the scenes to get Assange freed. It was impossible to do otherwise, without looking like he was in support of Russians who allegedly beat Hillary Clinton for him.

I have always known that, if Trump was not pro-Assange from the start, which he probably was, he would eventually come around to commanding justice for Assange in the end. Clearly, Trump arranged to have the Swedish charges against Assange dropped, which obviously paved the way for future progressive moves. Next, Trump had lawyers declare the simple truth that Assange had only done what the Washington Post had done when they released the Pentagon Papers, and so forth. With Trump convinced that there would be no legal impediment to Assange being found innocent, he gave Ecuador the go-ahead to grant Assange actual citizenship. The next move will be, after Assange m,ove to Ecuador, a little discussion on the issue of Wikileaks, plus a slam against the Clinton/Dossier attacks, followed by an actual executive pardon of Assange.

Whether or not this all involved Trump, you must know that I fully supported Assange, Snowden, and other whistleblowers, long before Assange appeared as some kind of opponant of the Democrats, or as some kind of agent for the Russians. Wikileaks versus fake news, is what it always was.

"Wine is strong, women are stronger, but the truth conquers all!" - That's a rough quote from something I read yesterday but cannot locate right now. Hurray!


Are YOU a descendant of Robert the Bruce?  -  Unique genetic marker found for Scottish king's great grandson

2 = Scientific reconstruction

Family of Bruce, the Lion-Hearted - (and other Scottish clans and shopping)

Robert the Bruce's Heart in Melrose, Scotland

Robert the Bruce had many offspring and so descendants. So, even if you do not have the gene associated with one of his great grandsons, (King Robert III), you may be descended from Robert the Bruce, especially if you are of the Scottish persuasion, and especially if your name might be Stewart, Sterling, Sinclair, or possibly Wallace because those rabbits were all interbreeding at the time.

Half of Asia is descended from Genghis Khan, so why can't you be descended from Robert the Bruce? And look at that face. The further back you go in time, the more some Western Europeans and Eastern Native Americans look similar. We are all related. You don't have two parents you have like a billion.

Robert the Bruce got into office and a year later he was waging a successful battle of Bannockburn against the Roman-Anglo's. The Bruce, (aka, "The Boss"), fought alongside William Wallace and the Sinclairs - all of them having some kind of NORMAN connection. England was fighting for Roman Catholicism at the time, fighting off what are called, "The Pagans," which included Celts, (Irish, Gaels, Britons), Picts, and Normans who were from Norway, via Normandy in France.

Bruce Almighty won that war - rumoured to be aided by some Knights Templar, but also rumoured to be aided by the Knights of the Round Table, (See the Keira KNIGHTLY movie, "King Arthur," et al, for the latter). In the very same year of this battle, 1307, the Knights Templar were attacked by France's King Phillip la Belle, culled, and forced out of France into Switzerland, Scotland and even places farther west! This purge began on October 13, 1307 - which is where we got the superstitious stigma of, "Friday the Thirteenth," (true). The general purge continued, by the Inquisition, etc., through 1315, and beyond.

It is very possible that the Templars did aid Wallace and Bruce, decisively defeating the English at Bannockburn, although things didn't work out for the, "Pagans," in the longer run, as England was on the rise, and would eventually challenge the Roman Catholic church itself. France was in for a hell of a time...

The year 1307 is important to remember. Also, R. the B. was not a pagan - he was a Christian, who was excommunicated by the Pope, along with all of Scotland, which was largely, "pagan." Thus, Bruce was able to align himself with his countrymen, other Celts, and the Normans, who were a conflux of Christians and Nordic+Celtic pagans. Naturalists. Anti-controllists. These were the beginnings of uprisings against state and against church. I can relate to that. But I wouldn't get my DNA tested for it. It all goes into the same universal database. Know what I'm saying?

The Virgin Mary shoots milk at Saint Bernard, 1146.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was largely responsible for reviving the Crusades, (which eventually fell apart). He is not be confused with the other famous Saint Bernard (of Menthon) who is known for the giant dog.

Take note of the place name, "Clairvaux," (Abby of the Cistercians). We will return to related names in our upcoming jaunty traipse through the dauntless, beknighted Crusades...

"Clairvoyant": clear-sighted

crazy /goth - insane clobs


Posted on 2018.01.09 at 14:35
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Oprah doesn't have any real experience in government.  Mayor Jerry Springer does, so we should elect him as president, seeing as we presently have a crazy reality TV star as commander in chief.  Although - Trump does have lots of experience in realty, business, the mob, Saudi Arabians and Russians - all which supposedly garnered him over $3 billion.  Well, Oprah garnered almost as much, in her building up of various empires - and she has no nefarious connexions or does she.  Possibly, it may be impossible to become mega-successful in this world without involving yourself in the mob, drug-running, sex-trafficking, Roman Polanski, and Harvey Weinstein's ear.

One of the richest persons on Earth, richer than like 36 countries, most of which are African, Oprah has built up a successful TV show, magazine, reputation, and so on.  So, she has both the street cred and the pockets to run for POTUS.  She has spoken out for honesty, fairness, humanity, non-hamburger-meat, liberalness, and she is still overdue for giving me a car.  I think she is better than both Trump and Clinton as a candidate.  But Trump doesn't think she will run.  Why.  "I know her well."  In other words, he knows where the skeletons are closetted.  And, everyone knows, he would be the one to call them out.

So, I have to at least look at the possibility that Oprah is yet another lecherous vampiric monster in league with Satan, like every Democrat who runs for office, according to certain Republicans.  I have to consider more nonsense, such as this: Oprah Sought Women for Weinstein? Apparently, she shared women with him, stuck her tongue in his ear, and so on. So, here we go again with all this shit. Now the evil sex abuser is a beloved female...

I want out of this country, btw. Anyway, if she IS this sort of pig, and she knows it, and she knows that Trump will beat her on the issue of her depravity, unless the Dems unseat Trump based on the idea that he has Alzheimers, then it is possible that she may be feigning running for a while, just to play the cards in favour of the corrupt Clinton DNC Dems, with a little identity politics and forced naivete, packaged in her usual loving persona, (as when she said, "All those racists just have to DIE!"

But really, I wish I could cling to my old green idealism and believe Oprah to be just naturally good and progressive and constructive, but I know that every time someone like this is presented in America, you HAVE to look to see if there is another, nasty side to the story - even though I know that this gropegate campaign to bring down so many men based on rumours of sex-abuse, etc., is often contrived for political agendae, preying on the fear-driven Puritanism of many Americans. AND - a lot of media coverage is just time-wasting gossip or fake news, left and right.... AND - that is NOT to say that I do not think that some targets may not be guilty. I am saying: LOOK AT EVERYTHING. I will continue to remain skeptical like this until I recieve a car from Oprah, my special friend.  God save the queen.


"The incident was transmuted from tragedy to morbid comedy material[43] for American shows such as Seinfeld,[44] Buffy the Vampire Slayer[45] and The Simpsons,[46] and "became deeply embedded in American pop culture" with phrases such as "A dingo's got my baby!" serving as "a punchline you probably remember hearing before you knew exactly what a dingo was."[47]"

The Death of Azaria Chamberlain

  / The Stranded / Dingoes ate my baby


I told you so.

Posted on 2018.01.09 at 00:01
Bundy goes free: Judge dismisses case against rancher after mistrial

- Federal judge rules federal prosecutors committed “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct,” and dismissed case, and forbids government from refilling case.



Posted on 2018.01.08 at 21:26
I forgot to remind people but that special documentary on CFS is on PBS right now!  Check it please.

MMy brain too tired to post but not to fiddle around with this megamix I'm making and now a movie since I have no TV...

I'm buying two big bags of grain-free dog food, plus lots of different doggie snacks - grain-free, no sugar, etc.  Both bags of the dog food contain sweet potato, which I deplore, but they will only be 1/2 of the dry dog food I actually feed the dog, and THAT will only be less than 1/2 of his total meal, so - plus they are high in protein.  Well, my reward for stooping to buy the sweet potato stuff were the discounts.  The entire order comes to $107.  I will be paying only $67.  With free shipping!  See, there are some advantages to having too much time on your hands...

Charles Kettering

Posted on 2018.01.07 at 10:32
Originally posted by rwemmersonquote. Reposted by madman101 at 2018-01-07 10:32:00.


"Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail."

death cab

Dog 'lay beside dead owner for weeks'

Posted on 2018.01.05 at 20:37

Dog 'lay beside dead owner for weeks' in Hungary flat

Hachikō / Hachi: A Dog's Tale


Latest Issue! - Discover Magazine

Free download...

It's been a century since Albert Einstein proposed his general theory of relativity, and it still remains our best explanation of the phenomenon of gravity.

In this free download, we outline specific examples of how Einstein's theory has stood the test of time, from the gravitational redshifting of light, to the equivalence principle, to the deflection of light by cosmic bodies. We'll also examine the ways the general theory of relativity has been tested, most recently with gravitational wave detectors.

But, how can we tie Einstein's theory to the rest of physics? Is there a single theory of everything? Researchers continue to seek answers, and our download outlines how.

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© Global Look Press - Blue: Legal for recreational use - Red: Legal for medicinal purposes
This map is dope! Here’s where weed is legal in the US

& compare to these

Wisconsin Legalizes Hemp Farming - Weed News

Like war, Christmas isn't over 'til it's over...

christmas_365 ...

After reposting about the amazing Christmas 'Truce' of 1914, during WW1, I now find pictures and illustrations of the historical event! They were in my favourite "fake news" site, but there also pics in the wikipedia page.

An artist’s impression from The Illustrated London News of 9 January 1915: “British and German Soldiers Arm-in-Arm Exchanging Headgear: A Christmas Truce between Opposing Trenches.” Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

En lire plus...Réduire )

Also, will NASA ever succeed in its efforts to find extraterrestrials who look like Dennis Quaid or James Carville?

For The Price of a Cup of Tea!

You have probably heard about Mariah Carey's infamous request for tea during her New Years Eve broadcast. "I was told there would be tea!" Some are villifying her for her rudeness as if she were one of the latest sex-abusers or the Rat-Pack of the 2000's. But it's not like she signed a yearbook or displayed her jewels to the smut-craven paparazzi. She asked for tea - and what is wrong with tea? Tea is important. It was cold outside! If you consider that, not only was tea in the contract, and Mariah was striving so hard not to flub her appearance this time around, and it was colder than brass monkey balls in NYC - BUT SHE WAS ALSO DRESSED LIKE THIS ...

She deserved to bitch to high heavens for tea if she wanted to! Fgs - some people do not realise when someone is doing this country a big favour, trying to give us their all, even when, behind closed doors, they are often depressed, drug-swilling insomniacs with some chronic illness or another. I mean - it is like an oceans of crocodiles out there, these days.

Thank you, Mariah! Go on a vacation now, drink lots of Bermuda tea, and get your stunning profile plastered all over the Daily Mail.

'I was told there would be tea': Pop diva Mariah Carey calls her New Year's Eve show a 'disaster' as she breaks live broadcast to demand a hot drink... one year after shambolic Rockin' Eve performance in NYC

Oddly, there is mostly praise for her in the comments section of the LJ ONTD rag!

Now ranking #1, at WBUR's "Here and Now" -

'Unrest' Film Sheds Light On 'Invisible' Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - / - AUDIO

This aired yesterday. Look for THE DOCUMENTARY! on PBS coming up on MONDAY!!!

Unrest Premieres on Independent Lens Monday, January 8

Unrest by Jennifer Brea (Monday, January 8, 9:00-10:30 p.m Central Time.)

Jennifer Brea was studying for her PhD when, months before her wedding, she became progressively ill and finally bedridden. When told by her doctor it was “all in her head,” her response was to start filming other sufferers from her bed, gradually deploying crews globally to document the patients that medicine forgot. Unrest gives voice to the millions suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) — commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — telling the stories of people struggling to make a life of meaning when everything changes.


abe boombox

Breaking News:

Posted on 2018.01.03 at 14:12
Russiagates Unleash Flood of Backbiting Backlash...

Manafort sues Mueller in Russia probe

Jodie Foster Says Hollywood Is “Ruining” Our ‘Viewing Habits’

- slams superhero movies as 'cinematic equivalent of fracking'...

I agree. And a big reason why Hollywood superhero movie are so vacuous, besides trying to appeal to every market sector across the globe, including China, is because they try to make money off of all the relatively cheap, filler CGI - which they assume are a fail-safe magnet.

As I watched, "Contact," the other night, I thought how cute it was that they mainly used CGI to enhance the experience of Jodie Foster's hyperspace "dream" experience. I even wondered what she would think of today's over-the-top CGI superhero movies, in comparison. I look at the, "Doctor Strange," movie as an example of how CGI is just insane, absurd, impossible, and unbelievable for exhausted audiences, other than impressionable kids and psychopaths. I also look at the latest Star Wars movie - CGI simply was not interesting, in its bigness and absurdity, while it overwhelmed the main creativity which made the first Star Wars successful. "Tomorrowland," was also oppressively over-the-top - although this movie approximated character development, in some Disney way.

I also think that Jodie Foster, with less starring roles today, was bound to be offended by these newer movies, and would want to defend the greatness of her past movies, (namely, "Contact"), and, "Black Mirror". Well, that's how life works, so, good for her. It's like her own little, "# metoo." More and more, there has been an idiocracy growing in Hollywood, which has also bullied directors and actors. It is just one more example of an American institution coming apart oat the seems, because it is filled with people with overgrown egos and expectations. With such a gaggle of jerks, no wonder they do not understand character development, exquisite plot, or the moral needs of the American people. - (I mean "moral" as in, "the need to feel moralised or motivated about life, via art").

The many comments over at LJ's ONTD.

Breaking News:  GOP Scotsman trounces right-wing Irishman, throws under bus...

Trump responds to Steve Bannon's criticisms in new book:
'When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind'

Who is Steve Bannon?

Who is The Hulk?

Who is Luther Strange?

Attempting to create a rift between Trump GOP and the Trump-Bannon wing:  Book: Steve Bannon Calls Kushner, Manafort, Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting with Russians ‘Treasonous’

Indeed, if a man should live many years, let him rejoice in them all, and let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many. Everything that is to come will be futility.

In the day of prosperity be happy, But in the day of adversity consider-- God has made the one as well as the other So that man will not discover anything that will be after him.

Here is what I have seen to be good and fitting: to eat, to drink and enjoy oneself in all one's labor in which he toils under the sun during the few years of his life which God has given him; for this is his reward.

Eat drink shut up and die...

Sex and Death: The Existentialism of King Solomon and Ernest Hemingway

Stevie Wonder: Ecclesiastes

Amazon.com: Ecclesiastes: Stevie Wonder: MP3 Downloads

The Secret Life of Plants FULL MOVIE DOCUMENTARY

Dementia continues to chew away at my brain all day, though not as severe as yesterday. So of curse my browser completely locked last night and is impossible to work. This may have been a trojan or just Firefox. It is very efficient at blocking anything I try to do. I have to abandon several partial posts because I cannot access those tabs. Otherwise, I am going through my HISTORY through December, turning some of those pages into bookmarks, before I finally close the browser - for fear it won't save the tabs when it goes - which is what will happen because all the tabs have the same url! Everything else says I am looking at a PsychologyToday page I deleted, except for all my toolbar bookmarks: they all say the same thing: "kinggizzard.bandcamp.com" - and no accessing the sublinks. Unable to copy or past anything. However, by opening a second browser, I can at least get online. The first browser is completely beyond hope, just like my brain. I am pretty fed up with this tonight, including physically, and will probably not be online tonight. Need to rest/sleep and then maybe mx or a movie but no more of this browser hell. Nice way to start off new year.

Made an omelet.

Cleaned a pot.

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