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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!

gaga line-up

Public Post for M.L.

Posted on 2017.06.24 at 17:17
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A sad goodbye to LJ friend stardustnprison, (stardustnprison). She was one of my special readers/posters.

I hope you - and your friend - are alright.

I have been meaning to see if I could start a FB, but I am very opposed to their privacy and control practices. But, if I can start one, I will hopefully send LJ posts there, etc.

You are invited to maybe start a new LJ (or open your old one?) and add me, just at least if you want to read non-public posts, and/or to stay in touch. (I am also on DW). I really liked having you as an LJ buddy. Good luck for now!

goth - morticia

How to start a conspiracy theory.

Posted on 2017.06.23 at 19:00
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This is actually fairly interesting. But, one coincidence does not make a paranormalcy theory. Or does it? No, it doesn't, lol. The writers over at this site are blatantly desperate for clicks. That's how it starts.

"And he shall be Elon!"

I watched, "Far from the Madding Crowd," today - a well-done representation of the novel. (I have several of Thomas Hardy's books, but have never even read, "Tess." However, I have always praised him as a poet, and was given a nice collection of his poems by a relative). The main character in this movie was a progressive, independent woman, ahead of her time. On the other hand, some of that was just naivete, and she was constantly undoing herself by attachments to men, making it seem like it would be impossible for a woman to be independent and still love a man, who have this problem of tending towards being controlling psychopaths. Hardy must have chosen the name, "Bathsheba," to rouse salacious public interest, but, like the figure in the bible, THIS Bathsheba was so attractive that she had a swirl of men falling around her, respectfully, of course, because this is England.

Bathsheba's last name was, "Everdene." What recent character had almost the same last name? That's right, Katniss Everdeen, from the Hunger Games. This was a tip of the hat, by Suzanne Collins, to Bathsheba's independence - with a flawed proclivity to attract damaging attention.

Bathsheba Everdene found herself conflicted between three men. Of course, the formerly well-off "peasant", who stood by her all along and was the source of much of her 'independent' success, ended up being her final love. Naively, she had been sexually seduced by a dandy soldier, whom she married, and who was later shot by her obsessive wealthy and older suitor. So, because of the trap of her paradoxical lust for a male asshole, and her idyllic wish to be free forever, and her blind stringing along of the two other men, what happened? What we wanted to think of as a strong woman ended up bringing men to battle each other, somewhat, as a result of her weakness and indecision.

Strangely enough, I have also been studying the Apatow-Sandler movie, "Funny People." It's kind of a similar story. The female tries to make this move and that, blindly seeking revenge or whatever, not really knowing what she is doing, but being 'independent', and the result is that three men get into a big fight in order to resolve everything.

Now, I would like to think that the 1870's were a time prior to real female ascendancy. And maybe I would "like" to think that 2009 was already a year marking the waning of female power in real America. But, what if this is the same as it ever was - throughout the ages? The female moves a little this way or that, screws up the psycho males, then a war happens, and eventually everything settles back down into some numbingly acceptable status-quo? If so, what was female empowerment all about anyway, in the first place? I like to look to people like Nightingale and Alcott. But, the men in their lives were also critical. I just don't know anymore. Methinks that the female species is born to play off of men, and enrage them, ergo the race, all for a crib.

Related - I was thinking this weird thought even before seeing this movie: Facetiously, I thought, "What is love to men? Love means working pathologically, forever, to keep from being consumed by her control. Paradoxically, this is declared a triumph of pride or wealth. What is love to women? Love means forever testing the man's strength, toying and taking, just enough so he continues to blindly tag along. Ironically, this is declared to be proof of his power and strength, and of her beauty and value." - Well - that wasn't exactly the thought, but it is what I can remember of it. Love, like most everything else, is a delusion of narcissism. But, if you read my more physical posts, you will see me qualifying that, yo. And, please recognise that I am generalising here. I myself would not hang out with anyone who would fulfill these depraved positions.

Note: See also past posts on "dualism" - where men are drawn into a zero-sum contest, often by female mustering, or something. And men are all agog over honour - even more than over real world, real life love and commitment. I think these things are basically played out by adolescents. I think that only in recent years have some people managed to transcend this adolescent way of thinking. At the same time, ours is an age of insane backlash from psychopaths, in roles of leadership, or terror, all of whom are of the severely adolescent stripe.

I think that, "Far from the Madding Crowd," was not so much invested in promenading a strong, independent female for the future. Instead, it was more concerned with bringing out the honesty and value in the common people, in the English countryside, versus the madding crowd in London. Thus, the strong female eventually gave up her flirtations with London duplicities or corruptions, and turned her back on big wealth, and returned to the strong man who was always there, as part of her community. This is entirely consistent with Hardy's sentiments. That is not to say that Bethsheba Everdene was not also an example for future womens'-rights and suffragette movers and shakers, including the best of them. So, what I ask, then, is that in our progressive strivings today, we not forget how they should connect to our origins, or farm, and health, and sanity, and the wild, and the common sense, found living in the common man. And woman. Hardy can be an oracle for our age.

We are evergreen.

Today was a charmed day, as I went out. Finally, I am reaping the benefits of post-CFS HORROR. I always dress conscientiously. But, today, I happened out with one white sock and one rich tan sock. Everything else was excellent. And, I guess it is the fashion, so. People were really nice and respectful to me today. On fairly nice weather days, this happens to everyone. But, I think there was something more to it in my case - something in the news, or who knows. This was especially reinforced when I was in an elevator with a bunch of people, and they all shouted, "All hail, the Anti-Trump!"

Just in time for the Fourth of July, an abundance of picklish animals are showing up on the West Coast. I'm guessing that this is another indication of global ending.

Millions of mysterious 'sea pickles' swamp US west coast

"Pyrosomes are tubular, gelatinous creatures that are actually moving colonies of tiny organisms." - Other examples of such colonial organisms are the Portugese man o' war and the Potatoid meowmensteen.



Posted on 2017.06.22 at 13:26
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"The Better Care Reconciliation Act." LMFAO. This isn't going to fly. Too many Trump supporters are on medicaid.

Readership: I don't understand how I don't really post anything of worth for like a week, and yet my LJ User ratings says my journal is more popular than ever. Just imagine what it would be if I could post as much and as intelligently as I would like to. I would blow you rookies out of the water, bwa ha. Do you know what I think it is? I think that so many people have fled LJ that there are like 5 people left. Woohoo.

But, yes, this course is what I wanted - to gradually build my readership. Not necessarilly comments. Because I have something to say, and am fun to boot. My RSS readership is up to about 65 per day. And I keep getting these large bursts of non-LJ members, which I totally cannot explain. Although, I think a lot of this stuff is coming from overseas, because of the times of the day they increase. Too bad I don't add Russians or other aliens, and don't allow comments from strangers, because it would be nice to know how I am doing over there. - Oh, and, bizarrely, one of my recent posts made the LJ Top 15, for some reason. I have enough trouble trying to figure life out - then I also have to figure out LJ...

My winegrain tottered back and forth this morning so I bought more wine to drown it and now it is only worse. I knew that would happen. Did you know that Ashton Kutcher is now married to Mila Kunis?!?! She was 14 years and he was 19 when they kissed on the show. What with the whole Demi thing, there is something weird going on with that guy, age-wise. Or maybe Mila just always remembered that first kiss and never stopped having the hots for him. She's great, btw. I wish I had kissed her first. But I am not a freaking pedophile like the liberally beloved Ashton. He's great, btw. I wish I had his readership.

PS - I agree. Get rid of status quo Nancy Pelosi, who is as slimy as the worst of the others, sorry to say, cuz she totally doesn't look that way. Fuck you, San Fransisco. How about some Millenials - of ALL genders!


You Don't Mess with the Lohan.

Posted on 2017.06.22 at 06:08
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I don't know why everyone cares about Donald Trump getting emoluments. Why not? And if it's really such a big deal, all he has to do is go to a different hair salon.

'Are you straight, bro, are you straight?' He squeezed tighter and tighter, as if to test if it was a silicon breast.Réduire )

Did I hear a new song from No Doubt on the store intercom? Does No Doubt have a new single?!?!?!?

PS - I just realised that if I move, within the USA, I should move to a Northern state, that has few blacks. Why? Racism. Not mine. You see, in Southern states, the programmes for the poor really suck, because the whites think they are being taxed to help blacks. In Northern states, whites think that they are being taxed to help whites who are poor, and so the programmes are better. That is not to say that Northerners are not latently racist. They usually are, once lots of minorities move in, Iowa, case in point.

Note: I watched another Adam Sandler movie, "Funny People." This (extended version) was actually an OK movie, especially as a home DVD movie. The problem? Way too many references to penises. While this movie got moderate reviews from the critics, it did poorly with the public. I can guess why. It's kind of like the whole DNC blindspot. The director allowed his little girl/s to act in the movie - yet he did not allow them to ever watch it, lol. I think that tells you something. And, maybe they could have advertised it by saying that virtually all the actors were comedians, (other than the extras). That would have been a superb selling point. Lots of cameos! Leslie Mann is great - she was the best thing about, "The Other Woman." She did a funny mockery of Eric Bana's Australianness.

Posted on 2017.06.20 at 21:24
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So, what are your thoughts on carrageenan?


With days like these, who needs nightmares?

Posted on 2017.06.18 at 21:08
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This is day 6, 7 or 8 of serious brain probs, pain, CFS, etc,. But, once again, I consider it day 1 of the rest - or unrest - of my life. Gonna pick myself up off the ground. Was too besieged to even be able to order AC online, even though the funds were there. Fortnately, nice weather today. Dog was happy merely because he flushed two sparrows out of a bush. That makes me feel so sorry that he doesn't have a much greater life. Anyway, posting blitz is being delayed by another day. I have been baking Brussels sprouts, asparagus and mushrooms. And now I am just going to watch Amadeus. I feel that, by tomorrow, my brain will be up to the challenge of being me, again. Although, my computer is starting to freeze up which is does about every four days. But married people have it worse, so.


"you don't know s**t"

Posted on 2017.06.16 at 06:00
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"Our knowledge is a little island in a great ocean of nonknowledge."
- Isaac Bashevis Singer

I have a continuing interest in the Blackhawk War. Said battle occurred in 1832.

This was a time preceding the invitation to easterners, like Thoreau and Emerson, to come out and visit the wild American frontier. Now that the Indians were vanquished. Also, there was a tussle as to where the borderline between Wisconsin and Illinois should be. It almost happened that Wisconsin would have included Rockford, Illinois, and surrounding areas. Also, this time preceded the emergence of the many great circuses, which were centered around Darlington, Wisconsin, which invited people to gaze upon the great wildness of creatures framing the fringes of our great Empire. I hope to post about the latter, um, later.

This day in History!

The Blackhawk War


night of the eternal fartknockers

Posted on 2017.06.15 at 22:15
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I think it is fair game to post a right-wing assessment of what is going on, Trumpgate-wise. Because, according to me, and my followings, there has never been any proof of any kind about the Russian hackings. AND NOW ALL NETWORKS ARE TALKING LIKE IT IS A GIVEN FACT. No wonder everyone else thinks this country has gone nuts. Sorry. This whole subject has an infinity of angles and agents and links. So. Do you think I can serve you now, after I have not been able to keep up with it by posting, because of my illness, all this time? Just believe me, if you will - all of this is crap. If my illness allows it, I will elucidate why.

But WHY?

WTF cannot YOU do this? Seriously.

What? Anonymous sources again?!

CIA backed Washington Post cites “anonymous sources” saying Trump is under investigation for obstructing justice

(Boy, do I have more to say about this!)

Court: Permits Allowing DAPL to Cross Missouri River Violated Rights — And the Law

I have to say, "I told you so," because you might not learn otherwise: Didn't I say that the courts would thwart Trump's most feared moves? Yes, I did. It was fantastic. I am the greatest. Kiss my hair.

Head of National Nurses Encourages Bernie Sanders to Start a People's Party

Even if you attended the 4,000-strong Peoples Summit in Chicago on June 9-11 organized by folks from the Bernie Sanders campaign and National Nurses United (NNU), you might have missed the most significant moment of the gathering. It was a seemingly offhand comment made by NNU Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro during the Saturday evening session when Bernie Sanders spoke to an adoring crowd, but a comment that adds kindling to a potential 2020 fire.

The audience in the packed Chicago theater included volunteers for a new effort called Draft Bernie for a People's Party. They waved Draft Bernie signs and throughout Sanders' speech, urged him to launch a new party.

The group is made up mainly of young staff and volunteers who worked on the Sanders campaign but were so disillusioned by the Democratic Party that they are determined to start a new one. They are sympathetic to and want to collaborate with the Green Party and other existing third parties, but they want a new, fresh progressive party like the European ones that captured the public imagination and made sweeping gains. While their focus right now is getting Sanders on board, they say they'll build a People's Party even if he refuses to join.


Other, "People's Party's," in the USA past:
People's Party (1891)
People's Party (1971)
People's Party (Chicago)
People's Party (Indiana)
People's Party (Utah)

Extra special added bonus: New head of Huffingtonpost.com argues for a transcendence of the right-left paradigm!  It is not left versus right.  It is the haves versus the have-nots! (Heard on NPR - sorry, no linky linky).

Don't get drawn into the stupid rhetorical division and fear!!!

PS - Anyone remember that Nurses march on WDC from a few years ago? It involved an activist nurse fighting against the ignorance of Gulf War Syndrome. She went on to have a national talk show. Her name is Joyce Riley. I supported her, in honour of one of my heroes, Florence Nightingale. We all have interlinking illnesses. But, of course, we cannot listen to her. She is fake news. She is right wing. She is FAR from a feminist.

She is dying of cancer.

For serving in the Gulf.

Check the title of this post again.



Posted on 2017.06.15 at 20:31
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Grievances.Réduire )

"Something like that."

PS - The Chewy shipment arrived today, (so that meant that there is no way I could could afford winging an AC w/o a loan). This was welcomed as a special moment which my dog and I share, opening the box, talking, smelling, tasting cookies. Smiling. Lollygagging. For $50.00, I got a great deal this time, with free shipping. 5 bags of grain-free treats - meaning no more spending money on treats this month. And, a super-discounted bag of grain-free dog food. And, 6 cans of gf wet dog food. AND, a big jar of fish oil. Since my dog gets plenty of fish oil in his dog food, I got THIS for ME. But, on the label, it says, "Not for human consumption". PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THIS IS OK FOR PETS BUT NOT FOR HUMANS! pfft!

And - I did go to buy an AC, but the one I wanted was out of stock. Stay tuned on this continuing drama. One big mistake I made in my life was in giving away an AC when I moved out of my last place. But I have SO MUCH STUFF ALREADY.

And - yesterday, I was out with my dog, and I heard all this female shouting or screaming. I thought it was a couple of girls just having fun. I really couldn't figure out precisely where it was coming from. Then, some black male started walking from that direction, in my direction. He then turned that corner, and went back into the direction from which he came, (via a dif route). Meanwhile, the female voice seemed to scream loudly something which sounded a lot like my name. (?) Was she warning me about him? Was he pretending to come and hurt me? When he returned to her, her screaming was, like, screams from violence. I have no idea what or where this was all about. But, it's the kind of thing I first encountered when I moved here. It was probably just more stupid sex games, basically, based on psychological dysfunction.


A discourse on the hole in my head.

Posted on 2017.06.10 at 12:11
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I've been walking around with this front tooth out. It is an embarrassment when I try to smile. It messes up my speech so I sound like a derelict in a Dickens novel, pronouncing, "F", and, "V", as if they were, "W". Someone forced me to ask for olives at the grocery store, and it was the weirdest sounding word that ever issued from my lips.

I haven't been worried. I just wanted to find out a few things, first. Like, if I super-glued my cap back in, would a dentist be able to remove it later? Or, how toxic is superglue? I recently discovered that it would be OK to use superglue - especially if I buy some medical grade superglue. So, I decided I would wait until I bought some, before I replaced the cap.

During this interim, I was getting my recycleables together. I was collecting useless plastic bottles off a shelf, and I believe I might have grabbed the plastic bottle top that my tooth was resting in. I can't believe it. It is apparently gone forever, unless it fell on the floor somewhere, or such. How weird is that? To get a new one put in will cost me an impossible amount of money. I am condemned to live in a Dickens novel for the rest of my life.

I am so shocked that I am just going to watch another Adam Sandler movie.

crazy /eek - raptor raver

Homo's in Morocco.

Posted on 2017.06.10 at 07:01
Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story: Idea that modern humans evolved in East Africa 200,000 years ago challenged by extraordinary discovery of 300,000-year-old remains in Moroccan mine

You have all seen this news by now, and would win the question on, "Wait, Wait! Don't tell me!" I am posting it because it is important.

Only a few weeks ago, we got the radical news that humans may have been in California way longer than expected, like as long ago as 130,000 years ago - and maybe they were Neandertal.

Now, this latest discovery is claiming that homo sapiens were present in Morocco around 300,000 years ago. (That's 100,000 years prior to our supposed split-off from Neandertal - which makes me call THIS into question).

I find this completely reasonable. Homo Habilis roamed these areas widely, and was very similar to Homo Sapiens. Also - I have ALWAYS thought that the scientists who made conclusions based solely on excavations on the Great Rift Valley were arrogantly naive. The Great Rift Valley - yes, it was long frequented and populated by opportunistic hominids - but it has also been a very exploitable land formation. Relatively easy to extract bones there. That does not necessarilly mean that mankind originated there! There should be competent finds scattered all over Africa - and the globe - if only circumstance allows for their discovery. That's what happened in Morocco. Yo.

Regarding this find in Morocco: Beware of morphology. Can be a red herring. DNA is better.

However, the Chinese believe in a less hierarchical tree for the emergence of humans, than is presented in the out-of-Africa scheme, which is based on DNA. The Chinese have arguments against the DNA methods being used by the West. They believe in a more generalised, distributed, interactive emergence of mankind. Even though this view might be fueled by racism, we must keep our minds open to it. It takes all kinds. I, myself, feel that a less hierarchical, more distributed, view on evolution makes more sense. However, there is no reason why select populations would not have arisen out of such a soup, like stock market bubbles, to majorly influence evolution. Such has happened in later years, with the assistance of new technologies, like dogs, hoes, horses, weapons, and so forth. In fact, both the West and the Chinese are probably right in some way.

I posted about her plight here and in three communities, including crisis_911.  I don't know who responded, but someone donated a full $350.  I really want to thank this person for this sensible and compassionate gift.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - Gandhi

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pinball gizzard

Posted on 2017.06.09 at 20:32
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Just another day out.  This time, I stopped by the bank and began looking for a banker.  I totally predicted what would happen next.  Indonesian Girl started yelling across the bank, "Can I help you?  Hellooo..."  So, I yelled really loudly and waved my arms over my head wildly, "HellOOO!"  This made American Girl laugh.  Indonesian Girl is really annoying.  She is a self-inportant little control freak.  American Girl likes it when I don't make life easy for her.  Polish Girl stands by and watches in amusement and confusion.

I asked the banker if she would give me a micro-loan based on collateral.  I showed her an uncirculated 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle, currently worth $381.26.  All I wanted was a couple hundred for an air conditioner.  They don't do collateral loans, unless it's an auto.  Stupid business decisions.  She advised me to get a store credit card.  I told her I make as much money as a Southern black sheer-cropper in 1963, which is true.  I told her that if I needed to, I could, "sell," my coin - but I didn't want to.  I said I was waiting for Donald Trump to destroy the economy so the price of gold skyrockets.  Which is basically true.

When I was leaving, American Girl went out of her way to give me a big kind smiling face and greeting.  And, I tell ya - I am tired of it.  I don't know what to do with her.  She was so weird last week.

I took out 5 more movies at the library - always good stuff - except two Adam Sandler movies this time, lol.  Then I caught the bus.  The short Hispanic guy in the fedora picked me up.  He was drinking something from a cup.  It really smelled like beer.  I preferred to rest and yawn, rather than try to focus on him, talking, with the air-conditioner behind me drowning out his voice.

"Elvis would have loved this town."


"The bus rides are all shook up."

"Oh, ahuh.  His hips would be shaking."

"I just made that up right now..."

Then he kept talking about roads, but I couldn't hear him.

I got to the big box manly store.  One guy was so infinitely nice, explaining how to apply for a credit card, showing me AC accessories, etc.  He took up all my time.  Sometimes, these townies.  And, in Walmart, people would turn left into a lane, but they would cut the corner so tight, they'd end up coming down the lane right at you.  I mean - they don't observe the rules of the road: "Stay to your RIGHT."  So many people were doing this I swore some camera must have been punking me.

This weekend will be super hot.  Not good for dog.  I don't know how or when I will get an AC.  I must install it from the inside, so I checked out braces for ACs, and they cost another $35.  I have to figure out what I can do about this.  My dog food is being shipped to me soon, and I have to decide whether to cancel it - to try to afford an AC.  (I couldn't even afford stamps). Even if I did afford one, somehow, I couldn't use it because there is no way I could also afford the brace, at least until next month.  Here is an AC that looks good, except not a quality brand name(?).  http://www.shopko.com/product/entity/164149.uts  Any comments or leads?

hal sparks says thanks


Posted on 2017.06.09 at 19:45
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I can't think of any current LJ friends who go back earlier than glitterophelia. She became ill some years back, and then became homeless. Now she and her family are homeless again. What a tough life she has been having. If you can help her out, please try. We LJ people need to stick together.



Wall of Sun

Posted on 2017.06.08 at 21:05
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Of course, I think this is ridiculous.  But I give it an A for salience...

Trump backs proposal to build border wall using solar panels

Sounds like a great idea, which also makes it insane, when it comes from Trump, of course. A very crass political attempt.


World Gone WILD - Part One

Posted on 2017.06.08 at 20:14
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You should have seen, "March of the Penguins," by now, uh. In this docu-movie, we encounter what appears to be the most vile mammal on Earth, the Leopard Seal, who makes a career of viciously swallowing innocent penguins. (Also featured in related documentaries). When I saw the horrid exploits of this seal, I could not help but feel anger towards it. But, in the following interview, you will see that this species of marine mammal is not so different from the beloved Killer Whales, who have a demented proclivity to toy violently with their future food. All species are worth preserving, even mosquitoes and moths. All species are in danger, especially now, (while this is as it has always been).

Fresh Air: Humble Underwater Photographer Shares His Amazing Experiences - Leopard Seals, Penguins, Polar Bears...

(Is this the same thing? - sorry!)

(Notice how this girl seal is at her wits end. If the strange humanoid is not here to mate, or to attack, then what is he up to?! Therefore, she gets all OCD. Almost freakish, in the Aztec sense. Note how she has permitted herself to be, "courted," into higher wonderings. Notice how she didn't fucking kill the guy. This is a great interview. Terry Gross is the best that NPR has to offer).

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This Day in History

Posted on 2017.06.08 at 14:24
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June 8, 1967 - Israel's dirty little secret, (one of them). It's not like Israel (and Saudi Arabia) was not also involved in 9/11, ISIS, anti-Iran, and so forth. And I don't know anyone who would deny that the expansionist Israeli abuse of the Palestinians has not been NAZI-like...

The Intercept: Fifty Years Later, NSA Keeps Details of Israel’s USS Liberty Attack Secret

Here are two links on the subject, which I cannot link to, and so cannot vouch for...

(Mind you, I am an official Mensch, in case you don't know).

Israel's CLEAN little secret! - (Note that this link will come again in another post).

rockin' 1967 - The year which unleashed all the crazy gay people! (lol)

(Note that I have one or two other significant posts on the USS Liberty, which have apparently not yet been tagged).

Voters Head To The Polls In The U.K.

The other day, Theresa May stood up and addressed her minions on the terror of Islamaniacs, and how she expects to keep the UK strong and so on. It was as if all three of the recent terrorist attacks might even have been scripted, (just before the election), just to bring this conservative massive support from the cowering masses, (similar to such plays in other countries, perhaps). Like Hillary Clinton, Theresa May was putting on her strong woman suit, pretending to be the UK's Modern Churchill, Margaret Thatcher. But, there are some big differences between the Margaret Then and Theresa Now, such as:

Thatcher had:
- Ronald Reaganism
- An 'economy' improving on her watch
- The Falklands victory

May has:
- Donald Trumpism
- An economy continuing to falter
- Three tragic terrorist events on her watch

Even though she says that she may be willing to suspend some people's rights for the salvation of Security, (yay!), people know that she has slashed the budget for anti-terror Police in the past. Even though she insists on supporting Brexit in the future, people know that she was against it in the past. Even though Jeremy Corbyn is apparently something of a flaky knucklehead, albeit progressive, people know that he might not be worse than May in being tough, once they got past their fear and saw that she didn't prevent those recent terrorism events. Something of an emotional revelation.

Instead, she is giving a Conservative (& Clintoneque) song-and-dance, promising safety, while being responsible for the threat. This is not unlike the standard conservative promise of a better economy, when the conservatives themselves are responsible for destroying the economy, (other than the economy of their friends).

Young people are coming out to vote for Corbyn. (Young people are what helped Bernie, although urban young tended to vote pro-Brexit in Britain). And, it just may be possible that many of the old-fashioned British bulldog types to throw up their conservative hands and say, "At least Corbyn is a man." So, an upset is possible. The momentum is with Corbyn, the liberal/progressive. Races here have shown that the polls don't always update close enough to the election to represent the momentum, and so to be reliable.

The UK election for Dummies...Réduire )

crazy /eek - raptor raver

Reality Altercept

Posted on 2017.06.07 at 20:49
If you are very pro-Trump, then you should be reading Alternet...

Alternet: Trump Is Selling a Privatization Scam, and Calling It an Infrastructure Plan

Note: By now, we all know we need our infrastructure completely revamped, which is largely a, um, pipe-dream, of course. Because of the nature of entropy in economics, a complete revamp would send us all to the poor house, before it ever managed to catch us up to the newer, "Asian Tigers." But, clearly, there are SOME things that need to be done! - We need about a trillion dollars of repair, improvement and replacement which needs to be done! I have been shouting this battle call seemingly all my life, along with a call to stop throwing money away by sending into wars, war-contractors, weapons, death, and graves - i.e., into one big pointless hole in the ground. Instead, we need to dig in, dig up, and plant seeds of industrial and social health and wealth.

Trump has taken up the movement to re-infrastructure. His perspective comes from big business, big concrete, big money - maybe even big Mafia. As a billionaire-turned-political-leader, (like Rauner, or Koch-Walker, etc.), he can be expected to want to work via PRIVITISATION. That is their mentality, under the category of, "Governments can be better run like BUSINESSES!" - Wrong. When you hear the word, "privatisation," think of the words, "corporatism", "corruption", "boondoggle", "inflated estimates", "subsidies for the too-big-to-fail", "money for the rich", "taxpayer bail-out", or, "end of democracy."

I know that in some ways, business and market competition can do better work in some projects, compared to government, especially when the business is efficient and the competition is free and rational, and not all big-boy-network corruption. It is such corruption that Trump may tend to encourage. We don't know this for sure. But here's how to find out:

If Trump does not garner the support of most Democrats, then the chances are that he is indeed pushing a privatisation plan, which will inevitably become corrupt, instead of a rational, jobs-oriented, community-up re-infrastructure plan. If Trump does garner most Dems, (including Sanders, and such), and lose many GOP, then the plan would probably be much better. If trump garners many Dems, (excluding Sanders, and such), but retains many GOP, then what we are probably looking at the same old status-quo, Clinton-Bush type alliance, full of partisan earmarks, not so many jobs, and perhaps a lot of Chinese steel.

Since Trump is a monster created by the populist movement which included both Right-Wing Nationalists and Sanders supporters, the is still a modicum of potential that Trump can be pushed away from the plan he is most likely to offer, towards something more progressive. I am not saying FULLY progressive. I am saying there is hope for political compromise.

And, here's more anti-Trump reading, for the pro-Trumpers, of course...

The Intercept: Trump Injects Himself Into U.K. Election by Lying Again About London’s Popular Mayor

Zero Hedge: NSA Leaker Called Trump A “Piece Of Shit”, Is A Fan Of Bernie Sanders - (go to link for full/original)

Alternet: Get AlterNet In Your Mailbox

PS - btw - fyi - lol - Some may wonder why I provide so many links to stories found in "right wing" sites. One reason is that some of their stories are worth reading. Another reason is that most LIBERAL sites don't provide RSS feeds! Unfortunately, they are still thinking of themselves as old-style paper magazines. And they want people not to be followers of specific links, but to be followers of their magazine cult.

This I refer to as, "ironic," or, "making stupid business decisions."

(I just checked and Alternet now has an RSS. Slowly but surely, catching up to Progress. I think Mother Jones began one as well).

Bats are confusing. Scientist continue to have a hard time, putting them in their place, phylogenically. They are not flying mice. They are more closely related to camels. Camels. Maybe that is why they, along with camels, have been spreading MERS, (the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus infection). And, the Megabats are very different from the Microbats, even though there are small Megabats and large Microbats). And, no, Microbats have nothing to do with T-ball. I don't really have a scientific bat article for ya, but here is Wikipedia.

Many animals are very unrelated, and yet end up looking and acting the same because of living in similar environments. One good example is: dolphins, compared to fish. Bats, compared to birds - or maybe even to each other. Tasmanian Devils, compared to wolves. There are many, many examples of similar morphology in unrelated species. It is something extremely important to remember when studying biology and evolution. (It also helps to keep this rule in mind when studying sociology or politics). Here's an interesting site to explore...

Cracked: 10 Animals You Won't Believe Are Closely Related

Standford Encyclopedia: The Genotype/Phenotype Distinction

You may see some insect that resembles a dangerous wasp, yet it is only aping a wasp in appearance, so as to keep birds from eating it. Insects, animals, and plants mimic other beings or conditions in their environment, as if they are all part of some infinite roaming eye, by the coincidences of natural selection. (Similarly, animal languages in the jungle are widely understood, if not shared). This establishes the so-called, "balance of nature," when, in fact, dynamic change and punctuated equilibrium occur in the bigger picture, as does climate change and environmental adaptations.

So, differing species may be similarly moulded by their similar environments. Some animals, like cuckoos, mocking birds and parakeets, may ape others, to gain acceptance, despite being genetically different. Mammals are notorious for adopting, or even loving, very genetically different mammals, despite the rule to, "be kind to same-DNA, above all," (as opposed to being indiscriminately helping or altruistic).

We humans are at the pinnacle of the food chain mountain, and we have generally conspired together, helping ourselves. We have generally been kind to our own DNA, while mowing over the rest of creation. Ever following in the wake of this blood-and-chlorophyll-shed, there always emerges a contrary band of humans advocating for the rights of fish, or trees, or aborigines, or cattle, or foxes - because we CARE. Because, are we all so different, after all? What is the difference between a whale and a microbe, when both hold life?

And yet, we also go to war with each other based on how each clan parts its hair. Egads! What a difference! It is like we are each from vastly different corners of the universe, the way we differently butter our bread! A Moslem says, "God," and a Christian says, "God," and somehow this gross disparity eventuates in world war three. In fact, it is this constant slashing at each other, and this slashing at the Earth, combined with our ever endearing love of self and all, which expands our population above all others, in perpetual madness.

One day, you may see, walking down the street, what appears to be your Doppelgänger. Looks just like you. Acts like you. Sits in the same coffee shop. Will you sit down and chat, and love this person, because his or her DNA is virtually yours? Will you shower upon this person all the love and expectations you have for yourself? What about all your self-limitations, doubts and hatreds?

Or will you be suspicious? Will you be angry that this Other is stealing attention - your social identity? If you put them up - would they steal your clothes, your food, your friends?! Would they be so similar, that you would become so bored with their predictable sameness, that you would both just disappear into some foggy blur of depression?

Or, would they be so different, since they are there and you are here, that jealousy will swell up in you all the more violently, that you would want nothing other than to kill this identical clone, because it is so vastly, vastly not you? Would you envy this photocopy so much, apart from you, that you would want nothing more than to become it, replace it, put your body and life exactly in the space which it inhabits? For, do you not have that right? Has not a crime been committed here - a case of identity theft?

This is how we are as human animals. We hate that what is genetically different from us, especially if it might eat us, or interfere with our easy day. But, we love and reward our genetically related kin, and clan, and even our religion - albeit full of unrelated cuckoos and mocking birds - other races and kinds. For those whom our words call, "Same," we will go to war, we will perform heroic acts of altruism, we will grow our children to do the same for them, or even to be sacrificed for them.

So, why not do the same for your identical twin from another land? You would think you would - and you would - but you can't. In human animals, there is always this tension of how to regard another being, whether it is 100% identical, or 100% different, even while the wider rules are being applied. That means that in every human animal, there is a continuing conflict between the conscious and the subconscious/id, with each sometimes being supplanted by the other.

So, you might go through life, following all the golden, wider rules, only to find that all your so-called friends have mainly done nothing for you but dig you an early grave. Unless you understand this natural paradox in human nature, which is related to 'physics', you will innocently and ignorantly become depressed or sick, and indeed die young. Or, if you only believe the opposite, that all are inclined to kill you, (the psychopath), then you will find your own hell awaiting you.

What if I told you that your Doppelgänger, walking down the street - the one you'd be so wont to love, yet so wont to kill - was not a human at all? Not even an animal. What if I told you that that living image of you was a machine - a computerized android?

Is that different enough for you to leave it alone, or love it?

Is that same enough for you to love it, or leave it alone?

How do you, at the same time, KNOW the difference of its mechanical nature, and yet NOT involve yourself in emotional antipathy towards it, an inert object?

How do you, at the same time SEE the exact similarity in its physical form, and behaviours, and yet NOT involve yourself in empathy?

Conflicted feelings are our greatest accomplishment.

Bat shit crazy.

Jack White & The Legacy of the George Harrison 12-String

The Beatles celebrate the completion of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at a press conference on May 19, 1967. - John Pratt/Courtesy of the artist

Was 1967 The Greatest Year In Music?

World Cafe Guest: George Martin / 1967 Playlist

'Fresh Air' Interviews With Beatles Ringo Starr And Paul McCartney

"Echoes" plays a full "recreation" of Sergent Peppers - (find)

50 Years Later, Producer Remixes 'Sgt. Pepper' To 'Bring It Into The Modern World'

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - [Amazing 50th Anniversary Remaster]

Across the Universe - The Movie

crazy /eek - screaming ashtray

Dog day after wine.

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And more at LiveScience.

cheers - crackie

Horses in the Wild, (Why I love).

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The Secret Life of Horses

Observations from long-term studies of wild horses show that the conventional, male-centric view of their power dynamics is wrong.

In fact, females often call the shots, employing tactics such as cooperation and persistence to get their way.


They call the wind Pariah.

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Trump 'does believe in climate change', says US ambassador to UN
life on earth


The Enigma of Nan Madol.

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Just another ancient submerged city.

Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf is within days of completely cracking

Trump Pulls Out of Paris: How Much Carbon Will His Policies Add to the Air?

Unfortunately, the ice shelf break-off will not be enough of a catastrophe to shock the Trump/GOP into working against global warming.  It is merely ironic.  It shall have merely gradual effects.  And.  So.  As we experience this our 6th great extinction,  Ironically.  Time is on our side.  Delicious irony is like bulimic puke.

Half-Indian, gay and 38: Ireland's next PM

I went to Goodwill yesterday, for three main reasons: to get: a little paintbrush to use to bleach my teeth so they catch up to my bright and shiny cap; a laser mouse with scroll function, and DVD's. It was an apparent success. I found one of my recommended movies, "The Day After Tomorrow." I also amazingly found a CD soundtrack of, "Slumdog Millionaire," which really rocks. (Before this, I got some DVDs at la library). However, at Goodwill, there was this large older white male who could not talk unless it was really loudly. It was so annoying. And he had the female workmate just playing into it, talking loudly and aggressively, and running around like a rabid bat. It reminded me of the j**kass at the main food pantry, who wanted to take control of everything, and clearly pushed Bee-girl into a slump. Bee-girl runs the pantry, btw.

I don't know, maybe such white males in boondock towns like these simply never learnt how to shut the hell up and make way for the concerns of women, minorities, the disabled, animals, etc. And this reminds me of the two ammo guys talking and looking at hunting supplies in F&F, where one of the guys completely glared at me for no reason at all. I swear to god. Not to mention the black assh**e guys here. And, it wouldn't be a problem if the stupid women didn't back them up. The men are like, "I can't be wrong cuz I have women supporting me!" Therefore, why not release all your inner sadisms and go to war, right? Why not kill every damn thing? Cuz women support you?!

"This is how our country WORKS, hippie!"

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that PC busybody do-gooders are not also a plague from hell.

Yesterday, I also shopped at la supermarket, where this tall but fairly cute girl checked-me-out. She was too young to check out my wine. (Illinois is really stupid. And it puffs out its chest like it is god's gift to humanity, when it hasn't even had a budget for two fuck*ng years). It was nice that she thought I was sexy. (Cuz I'm the neo-hippy anti-establishment sexpot with hair that women fantasize about and always end up getting souls like me in nothing but trouble).

I also did my laundry. At one point, I wanted to see how much money was left on my laundry card, so I put it in a washer - but it just took $2.45 off the card. I explained to the older white male attendant that this was a mistake, an that I thought I had to push buttons before this might happen - but he refused to care. This is not how our country WORKS.

Later, I was outside with all my laundry and groceries, etc., waiting for my bus. This car drives up and this little woman gets out with a comforter and goes into the laundry. After that, a little half-black girl with great hair starts carrying laundry into the building. She was maybe seven years old. She makes about four trips, while the woman is inside, not helping her at all. She dropped one load and things fell all over the place, so I helped her. After that, she was acting cute. She kept spraying something into her mouth. I don't know if this was some kind of girlish flirty ritual she was doing, or if the poor child had asthma.

My bus arrived and I started loading my laundry, etc. The little girl comes out of the SUV with a large basket of laundry, topped by a smaller kiddie basket of laundry. I asked her if she needed help. You know, it is really refreshing to ask someone if they need help, and they don't act like a mound of plaster, but instead actually say, "Yes." So, I took the smaller basket and carried it inside for her. She said thanks and so, of course, did the woman, (who was white). So, of course, what did the white male attendant have to do? He had to exclaim loudly, "Thank you sir!" Why? It had nothing to do with him. He had not cared about me, but now he was sure to step in and steal the credit for my natural act of kindness. This is why I hate adults.

One reason why kids refuse help, etc., from adults, is because adults are generally a-holes. Other lurid adults are always sitting around waiting to blame or grab credit, for whatever happens. So many times in my life, if I even smile at a child, I get Puritanically evil looks from adults, already accusing me of being a pedophile. These are the very Christians who delight in the fable of Jesus, urging, "Suffer the children to come unto me." But, the whole damn reason Jesus got crucified was because so many suspicious adults concluded he was, among other things, a pedophile. You're not going to hear THAT in Sunday school, mind you.

And, of course, all gay males are pedophiles.

Society so desperately needs examples from kind males, to counter these loud-mouthed bastards who are WORKing our system. Instead, the women and dorks who support them are deluded into assuming that all kind males are subversives and pedophiles. Maybe I am a subversive, just by chance. But the last time I remember ever being a pedophile was like when I was six years old.

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