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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!



Posted on 2016.12.03 at 17:04
"The possible ranks higher than the actual."
- Martin Heidegger

wiki - Being and Time


Bernie buddy hacked again

Posted on 2016.12.01 at 22:30
Dudes. Once again, I have been hacked into, across LJ. Cross-scripting. They found my IP address, and went from there. You need to stay with me because they would not be doing this if I were not posting THE TRUTH. In every which way. They mainly attack the little guys, because they get too much flack when they attack the big sites - although there is now a Hillary putsch against all the so-called alt-right sights, and "fake news". Guilty by association so fuck. I have so much more to say, but as you can see, my internet has been crippled. We are in BAD TIMES people.

Unfortunately, I must drop one of you because your activity suggests possible involvement.

LJ will let you report bots but not hacks. Stupid fucking fuck fuck, yes?

Hopefully, I will be able to make some rudimentary posts soon, even though it takes me an hour to log on, if at all.

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the worst unworstable!

Posted on 2016.11.26 at 06:37
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I'd only like to take this opportunism to bemoan the passing out of my dear crazy Uncle, Fidel.

Fidel - or as the world knew him, "Caster Oil," - was a blessed plague upon our extended family get-togethers. Many were the time he would laugh, "pull my cigar!" And we wee kiddies would giggle at his grossness, as foretold by our parents. "Don't cavort with that madman!" they would chide... "Or you will contract for malaria!" But we paid no never mind, and sometimes invited him into our tentative basement tents, where he exposed the tantalising tentacles of exuprative* imperialism, as expressed by the nasties of nonsense control-peddlers we have learnt to all know and love. Like Aunt Sadie. Or Uncle Bob. Or aging, aching, angling, Aunt Bonnie Bones!

Ah, yes, Uncle Fidel! How he careened in irrepressible disgustion, on anti-capitalism, and anti-anti-anti-capitalism, which was so distilled, it applied only to salamanders. But, he was happy in his heart, and who were we to smart the unsmartable? The world, I say, is a big fart. Fidel knew this before anyone else, save Sartre. He was a hurricane and a shark and an indomitable earthquake in the dark, peddling his wares in Leningrad Park. By flirting with Russia, he brought the world to its needs, and helped secure the legitimacy of American anti-Communist Neo-Liberal, Neo-Congame, for the next 1/2 century - of blithe fear - despite the fact that a silent coup was occurring in America over all these decades.

I remember how he used to send us sugar-cubes, covertly wrapped in tightly-rolled and packed newspapers from our beloved Havana. We then sold these for multiple dinero on the streets, which was better than drugs, because the price of sugar was jacked so frickin sky-high by our benevolent anti-commie GOP/DNC leaders, the only alternative was profit-by-crime.

And, when I said I liked this crazy uncle, and was coughed down upon, then the only alternative left to me was to rebel, for reasons superlative. Because - you try to separate me from all of what all is humanity - then you only ask for revolution. You try to control the fuck out of me, and I will see you fall, through every agency available to me. If, and when, I have the time, because, most of the time, in my strife and in my poverty, I live a life of lonely happiness.

Which was all he was about.

* - Not even a word.

Posted on 2016.11.26 at 06:00
Wow.  There are some pretty good movies out there lately.  I'm gonna go see them.

The land around you is alive with song.  The things in your room all have frequencies, in harmony and dissonance.  The space, the things, the beings, the memories, all around you, surrounding you, enfolding you - they hold music.  This claim seems like silly nonsense, but it has everything to do with physics, and beyond.  Three dimensions in your time, and other times, and dimensions, all dynamic and electric.  Everywhere you go, there is a code to unlock.  And, when you do, you enter memory.  You dance.  You dream in AUSTRALIAN.

b hat

"Shoot that horse!"

Posted on 2016.11.25 at 13:40
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"This is why I talk about it. You can’t look at me and say I’m lazy or that this is someone who wants to avoid working. The average person who has this disease, before they got it, we were not lazy people; it’s very typical that people were Type A and hard, hard workers. I was that kind of person. I was working my tail off in college and loving it. It’s exasperating because of the name, which is condescending and so grossly misleading. Fatigue is what we experience, but it is what a match is to an atomic bomb.[17]"

- Laura Hillenbrand, (author of, "Seabiscuit"), on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

HOUSE - spare me

Policy Paper.

Posted on 2016.11.24 at 23:43
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The Clever Way Females Fend Off Male Fish with Big Genitals

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These are the good old days.

Posted on 2016.11.24 at 23:10
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Gratitude, Not Attitude

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

We should all know by now that the best way to live is in a state of mindfulness or grace.Réduire )






I watched the movie, "The Martian," with Matt Damon.  Somewhat boring, esp. the first half.  Otherwise OK.  But, "Intersteller," was better.  This movie had lots of space visuals, CGI, etc.

Then I started on making my green bean casserole.  1/2 was green beans, 1/4 was yellow wax beans, 1/4 was artichoke hearts.  In Alfredo sauce + Parmesan + mushroom/juice.  Lots of black pepper.  Soy sauce.  Onions.  Onion powder.  Etc.  Topped by some GF pasta, topped by chunks of blended whitish cheese.  Cooked up well, but maybe too liquidy.

Also threw together the stuffing, which was a lot.  Turns out is is almost all corn: dried corncake, GF bread, corn pasta, Corn Chex.  So, it doesn't taste exactly like traditional stuffing, and it doesn't taste like cornbread stuffing.  I cooked it in one large pan.  But I had a smaller batch which I only partly cooked alongside these two dishes.  I will use that batch to stuff the turkey tomorrow.  Oh - I also set the turkey in spicy brine today as well.

As I boiled the spicy brine, in prep, a cockroach from downstairs was on the wall in front of me, looking down, surveying things.  I had to put an end to that sort of thing.  I hate having to kill critters like this, because I am fully aware of how amazingly intelligent and real they are.

The crazy bald guy needs to stop sending up his little envoys.  Seriously, he was completely quiet all day.  This happens every so often.  I wear sifter shoes and turn the music down.  Nevertheless, he resumes obsessing over the slightest noises I make - like quietly whistling to sitar, and David Grey, etc., tonight.  (It's not like I suck.  I am talented.  I was once a theatrical STAR).  It is certain that he will start up again, in a manic snowball.  He starts taking revenge again me or my dog, if he hears a car make a noise - or thunder - or a mousetrap.  He thinks I am deliberately causing these things.

Now, I'm going to watch a DVD about America's wild horses and mules...


Russia is the future

Posted on 2016.11.22 at 23:38
It is amazing to watch my stats. I watch my my anti-establishment, anti-Hillary, anti-GOP posts and they garner readership way past when I post them. These posts pick up readership as time goes by, especially in Russia. So, I thank you - for thinking! For knowing to come out of the propaganda crap. For believing!

Morrissey is asking GM to start using vegan leather interiors on their cars - Detroit Metro Times

Marr suggests a Christmas single to relaunch the Smiths - BBC Newsnight

Watching, "The Perks of being a Wallflower," it was awesome to see, "Asleep," being so prominent, ("Sing meh To Sleep").

Creepy how the Smiths are so alive after like 30 years, but they are great and path-cutters. Poor rock icon, Steven, will die from cancer, after never have had a real life beyond corporate rock and roll.

Some girl walked by all dressed in red, as was I. She fluffed out her hair, and then looked back at me, sexily. I stared at her masculinely. It was like the old days. But the whole idea of thinking that, somehow, something in THIS world will somehow rescue me from THIS world, no longer washes clean from me. If I nabbed a girl from here and took her to Tonga Tonga - it would still be like I was living here, because her own BS local customs would come out trying to bring me down. Call me mister Bummer Man.

I need to move out of here before my dog dies. I really owe to this stupid dog at least one year of a free life filled with nature and destructible chickens.

It's either that or lose the dog and run away to Sidney, which, "World Cafe," has been making it reeeellly tempting. But not. And what is my one compensation?

Whiny, stuttery, nasal, kiss-up-assy David Dye will no longer be hosting! Hummmm. Since he STOLE THE WHOLE IDEA OF THE SHOW FROM MICHAELA MAJEUNE, then who do you think deserves to host the show now, especially since she rocks in every way??? Not going to happen, because this is AMERICA. Land of the man-money.

Posted on 2016.11.22 at 15:56
What?  It took me 2-3 hours to finally get the internet to let me post here?  And now I am supposed to care?  I need to fucking get out of PEOPLEPC.COM - obviously an establishment Dem vehicle.

I have been so extremely brain/fatigued lately. I can pinpoint FIVE causes of it, four of which I can mention: A walk; wine; stress from Mr. Bald Guy causing lack of sleep, and these nice Mexican things I made: I mixed black and pinto re-fried beans plus some condensed Campbell's bean-and-bacon soup. This was to be used as my meat-substitute. (I think it may also have had some ground DEER in it too, because I have to make use of what the food pantry gives me. And they get the deer because people are TOLD to hunt deer, because there aren't enough wolves anymore to cull the deer, whom we have decided are too numerous for our civilisation. We are just one big problem). Anyway, almost all Campbell's soup contains wheat. So - even the tiny amount of wheat in my fake meat mix was enough to cause me days of terrible trouble. (I get rid of most other wheat stuff I get from the pantry. It's rather unfair: I cannot eat wheat or sugar - so I must get rid of all pasta, and anything with ANY sugar which I cannot ferment, OR: I simply take less from he pantry, and they do not compensate me. So, although they are helping me because of my poverty, they are discriminating against me because of my illness. But, the pantry that does this is run by my pal, the Bee-Girl, {whom I ran into yesterday}. I really don't care. I am thankful in most ways. This morning, I giggled when I got under my cozy covers, for I am grateful).

I think the soup only contained, "wheat starch." But, apparently, it may not be (only?) the gluten in wheat which is bad for people with wheat sensitivity, which probably includes all people with CFS-like illnesses. It has recently been discovered that there is another protein molecule responsible for this(!). Just to complete my description of those Mexican things: I warmed up the fake meat, (oh - which also included mushrooms, etc.), while semi-frying onion and garden-fresh green pepper slices. I put all on top of some hard tostadas, covered by garden-fresh tomato slices, and slices of cheese. Then I heated these in the oven. The cheap cheese slices did not even melt, which always annoys me. I had thought that I had an extra pack of non-Koch shredded Mexican cheese somewhere, but I could not find it, if it existed. But these (spiced) Mexican things were awesome - except for the minuscule amount of wheat!!! The tostadas became more moist and pliant. They really worked out well. I am doing well as far as food goes, this month, while I restrict my grocery shopping and concentrate on buying new shoes.

But let me tell you about these tostadas... I always buy corn tortillas, which I use for tacos, occasional hot-dogs, and cheesy creations. (The probability that they contain GMO is high). But corn tostadas are a good ancillary alternative to tortillas. They look so odd, stacked in their cylindrical packages. But, they store very well. And, you can break them out and eat them like corn tortilla chips! Not bad at all! Now. Let me tell you. I have bought tortilla chips in those big brown bags, with a plastic window, which come from Mexico - and they have a lot of fat. And, most American chips/puffs are up to 15% RDA fat. You can't even find organic chips which are less than 11% fat. But these round tostadas, which you can eat like chips? they somehow manage to have ONLY 3% RDA fat! And they are from Mexico! So, if Mexico can do this, then why the hell can't the AMERICAN CHIP INDUSTRY? I mean, someone could make a hell of a lot of money selling corn chips which only have 3% RDA fat! Why isn't this happening? Or I am I beginning to sound like Donald Trump?

"La Banderita's" Tostadas... "are the freshest, most delicious tostadas available, because they are made daily. These thin tostadas are especially made with our own blend of corn to be crispy and flavorful. Perfect for your favortie [sic, ha ha ha] meals."

Another reason I have taken a vacation from LJ is because I am so sick of bullshit politics. I am tired of explaining to LJ liberals how there is the possibility of an AGREEABLE left-right movement, when all they do is whine and blame. These are the same people who were convinced that the Bundy gang were terrorists because they had their legals firearms legally strapped to their hips, even though one of them was ruthlessly murdered by the feds. They don't even see the connection of this movement to the Native Americans fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, even though those Native Americans are, themselves, in a coalition with local, Bundy-like, land-owners. I am telling you, I am not a conservatives, but some of these reactionary liberals are complete lame fucking idiots. They know not that their ridiculousness only fuels the very reactionary GOP/conservatism that they hate. Their anti-American protests are just as dysfunctional and racist as were the GOP/tea-party intransigence over Barack Obama. I just feel like I am living in CRAZY LAND. And I am seriously, again, mulling over going back to Australia. This place IS NOT ME. And these crazy people, en masse, RUN THE FUCKING PLANET. This is the man-eating plnat that has grown out of exceptional, imperial AMERICAN NAIVETE.

And, another reason why I have been off LJ is because I needed to watch some DVD movies, so I could return them to the library. BYW - just watching movies feeds CFS relapses, because it involves exertion by neurons related to thinking and to viewing/light. So, it contributes. But, as I told a bus driver, WHO ACTUALLY RESPECTED WHAT I WAS SAYING, "I push myself." So - I walk. And, even though it is extremely harmful for my illness, I drink wine. I would not drink wine if it weren't for the bastard downstairs hammering away at my PTSD symptoms, my reactive heart, my fatigue and sleep, etc. Anyone can tell you: wine is BAD for CFS. But, as I have no life, and I also HAVE NO ALCOHOL ADDICTION GENE, I do force myself: BY DRINKING WINE. What do I like best about it? Not so much the getting drunk, although this dulls my senses, so that the loud bangs and slams and stomping from the bald baby boomer idiot downstairs do not hurt me. Rather: I like the sexy giddiness I experience AFTER I am drunk, because I am so full of wine estrogens, making me the girl who I really am inside! But, then, a day or too later, I am paying for my wine again, more-so, when I land in the throes of CFS HELL.

OK... So... Yesterday, I finally minimised my illness, to the point where I could go out. I walked by the pantry, but it was locked because it was Friday. So, I continued walking, to the library. I was STILL so very fatigued and in brain-pain. I was pushing myself. (Pushing yourself? With CFS? Not so good, to say the least. CFS takes anything you DO, and buries you with it, in extreme pain. So, anyone who looks at me and acts like I AM NOT SICK - I have nothing but complete repugnance for these people!) I first stop in at the Post Office, and buy and send a card to someone. Nearing the library, I notice some people have seom kind of stand, with cans of food. I avoid it, due to my pain, but then realise that it is the pantry people, and Bee-Girl says "hi" to me. So, I chat, etc. Nice - but difficult because of my illness. Then I get to the library and return 5 DVDs and pick up 5 more. Then I walk to the nearby bank and make a tiny deposit. Then I walk to the scratch-and-dent grocery store: and it is empty! There were guys moving it out! No more convenience! And great NYC gluten-free cheap food! And no more crazy Iraqi guy! Oh well.

Then I walked to the liquor store. Now, let me tell you: One of the females who works there never treats me nicely, even though I am clearly sexy and wonderful in all possible ways. In fact, earlier that morning, I thought about her, and thought that maybe she had once had a bad relationship with a white guy, and now hated white guys. Who knows. But this time, she called me, "honey," twice. And she kinda tried to cover her usually-predominant boobs, as if she was wanting to look thinner or decent for me. What had happened?

I like thinking about these sorts of things, just to try to figure out people. I thought: Maybe now she likes white guys more, cuz Donald Trump won! Ha ha - isn't that hilarious?! Now I am suddenly more appealing because some white asshole guy wins the White House?! People take politics far too personally. Or - maybe it was because I was wearing some dark black, new-looking jeans?.. even though they are girl's jeans, (with the "Guess" icon ripped off). Or maybe it was because I am growing my hair longer. Every white person in the town is basically, mmmm..., redneck white-trash hillbilly post-Hippy nonesuch. If they live in town, they are liberal, and all the rest are conservatives. So, I guess my longer hair makes me look like one of the liberals, instead of the get-things-done big city operator that I am, vacationing in redneck town because my CFS allows me no energy to even plant a fig.

Or, maybe it was because I had a mini-conversation with the big black guy who works there, who is possibly gay. Maybe she felt that: if I had credibility with big guys, then this meant that I also had sexiness, in her eyes, OR:

Maybe she felt that: "If he flirts with gay guys, then I will be responsible for losing this male to the dark side. My mission in life is to attract guys before they become gay!" Ha ha ha - who knows.

So, yesterday morning, the crazy bald guy was punishing me for, basically, breathing. I almost sent an email to my dubious LL about him, but was too overwhelmed by fatigue. This guy tries to fuck with me whenever he thinks I am sleeping or resting or sick. But, to do this, he gets up at 1:am or at 3:am, to pound his noise at me. And, so, he ends up making his own damn self sleepless. He always loses - because he is crazy. He is the definition of insanity, constantly expecting to win. Well, at about 7:am, a guy from the LL's agency stopped by to drop off my annual turkey - which I get for always paying rent early. I greeted him heartilly, and basically proved to the bald guy that I was up-and-at-em, so early in the morning. Plus I managed to go out later on. So, these combined to make him crawl back into his crazy shell, at least for the time being. But he'll be at it again soon enough. I swear to god, almost all old baby boomers are closet passive-aggressive fiends. They are the main reason why Donald Trump was elected.

cheers - yay!

The New Yorker

Posted on 2016.11.15 at 14:14

squirrels massage

Off Balance

Posted on 2016.11.15 at 06:53
I expect to write a post or two on why Trump won, soonly.  Enoughly.  So, I might mention this again: Notice which states H.Clinton won.  She won the coasts, which is normal for a Dem.  But she lost midwest states which often go Dem.  Not enough support from urban, blacks and women.  But also: These are the lands of the failed middle class.  The small towns that look like they have been bommed out.  People in these nether regions have had enough of "free" trade, and that is one reason why they supported Trump, who was outright opposd to the TPP, since they could not vote for Sanders, who lost due to the Dems stupidity.  "It's like they were cheating so they could LOSE." - My thought exactly.

But, Clinton won the coasts.  The coasts are not so opposed to "free trade".  Even progressives on the coasts support the TPP.  I am speaking of Howard Dean, and the Oregon senators.  Now, Dean is angling to become the new DNC Chairperson.  And Ron Weyden, Oregon Senator, is shouting out about how the breitbart.com guy is anti-Semitic.  I want you to see a little deeper than the face-value politics which is going on.  I want you to see how the forces promoting the TPP are at it again - and this time it is trying to work through the agencies of progressive Dems from the coasts.  This is what they do: They use buzz-words, like "racism", and so forth, to advance deeper agendas.  I've seen this so often, I guarantee you that this conspiracy theory is correct.  Just keep your eye on things.

So, the head of New Balance once said something good about Trump, and now he is under fire.  So, this is what is possible:

Say you are against the TPP.  And you support this part of Trump's platform.  So, of course, some stupid Neo-NAZI, white-power group officially supports you, because you said something good about Trump.  You didn't ask for that, and it makes no sense.  But, because it happened, (as it happened to Trump), all the Democrats start castigating you because you are "associated with white racism."  It doesn't matter that they are the ones generalising, and so being racist, by pre-judging you to be GUILTY BY their own ASSOCIATION, i.e., assumptions.  Because so many Democrats act like this?  It's another reason why they are losing.  People are sick of it.  The more they do it?  The more they fan the flames of the very racism which they decry.

If you are opposed to TPP, then you are a "nationalist," which means you are, "alt-right," which means you are a racist anti-Semite, etc.  But, what about those corporation-people who SUPPORT the TPP?  How come they don't get called names?  How come selling out your country to globalist profiteers isn't considered anti-American, and so anti-middle-class, and so anti-Protestant, and anti-white, and so racist?  This is all garbage, folks.

By the way, I usually use the term "middle class" instead of "working class" because it includes more groups, all of whom have been hit by the bad economy, from blacks to Native Americans to now-homeless to professionals to poor.  It also suggests that a New Middle is possible, replacing the present corporate-owned middle, shared by both party establishments.

Oh - btw...  Guess who is sponsoring NPR this morning.  No, it's not the usual ADM or Lumber Liquidators.  It's Koch Industries!  And "Hisdick's Insurance".  And The Candida Fund.

Sounds like some kind of STD, urinary problem.

goth - morticia

Um - No! - cuz - RIGHT?! - So....

Posted on 2016.11.14 at 20:24

The defeated left turns to HATE: Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder of Trump supporters

HOUSE - spare me

Russians on the perimeter!

Posted on 2016.11.14 at 15:17
My journals stats have been off the dial! Do you know where most of my popularity comes from? AT LEAST two thirds of my readership is Ruskie. Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would one day be the land of the freest of the free...

I like to think that my ideas here - from the Aussie trapped in Amerika - may one day help progress occur in the land which is protecting one of my heroes, Edward Snowden. I am sure that my Ruskie friends are quite happy that pro-Russia Donald Trump has won, (even while he is ass-backwards on other issues). We were on the precipice of a nuclear war, with Hillary and Obama castigating Putin for things they could not even prove. I do believe that Obama did step in and de-escalate things - something that will not be released until 40 years from now.

There have been so many issues - Ukraine, Odessa, Georgie, Syria, Clinton email scandal, etc., where Russia has been blatantly propagandised against, by our corpocratic media. I have disdain and disgust for what has gone down, and have even more for the silly dupes who have believed this crap. Once again, I apologise to Russia, as I have to the planet.

I know that Russia wants lots of people to move there and repopulate - yeah! If you can pay me like Alaska does, then I might think of it. No doubt, Siberia is the place to be - which is something Trump will have to slowly learn, since he believes, on little-boy-gossip, that global warming is a bad thing, and therefore is to be blamed on Democrats.

It was the NAZI's and the Neo-NAZI's who invaded Ukraine, partly subsidised by George Soros. Ironically, you learn this stuff by reading factual articles from such sites as, "breitbart.com", which is now widely being castigated as being anti-Semitic and racist and everything else. The perpetual separatism, because it benefits a few assholes at the top, is what bothers and amazes me most. We stupid fucking human beings - we can't just let it go AND LIVE IN PEACE. Stop picking the fucking scab! Ughhhh!!!!!!!

"Russia is people!"

I have long been saying, as have others, that we are headed into an era of Banana Republicanism. It started with Reagan, who innitiated supply-side, debt instead of taxes, NAFTA, the great sell-out to China, and a general optimistic meanness. In 2007-2008, we went through a major crash in the economy, from which we haven't really recovered. The inequality between the wealth of the rich and the paltry wealth of the poor has only widened, and accelerated. This is why #occupywallstreet arose, but was partly undone by the same old divide-and-conquer tactics of the bankster elite, as through Soros-funded black-lives-matter, and violent false flags and exhausting little wars. Behind the smoke and mirrors, we were destined to become poorer. One day, I predicted, there may be starving kids with swollen stomachs, and flies in their eyes, within our own borders. And so, we have been becoming a Banana Republic - as symbolised by the election of Trump and a majority-Republican government. Because of greed and stupidity in both parties, we went from the hopeful populism of Bernie Sanders, to the anti-immigration, etc., angry populism of Donald Trump. I will refine my definition of Donald Trump in a later post - how he has largely been misrepresented, partly by his own fault. The gist of the present post is the symbolism, backed by the GOP, and the DNC establishment, points towards one big mess in America. We have been edging into another "Gilded Age," ever since Reagan, while our Empire has been hemorrhaging power and money. We have built up American mega-corporations to become Chinese and global juggernauts. And now, we are indebted to them - the moneyed globalists. One day, they will try to force overt austerity on us, taking our cash, and so forth. Thus, like a third world country, we are beholden to the now-outsiders. These capitalist exploiters.

What will the world look like, when we squabble together in squalour and disease? It will probably look like life during the 1700's, when pirates ruled the waves. I have recently watched the Canadian mini-series, "Moby Dick," (staring William Hurt), and also RLS's, "Treasure Island". (More on the former later). Both Ahab and Long John Silver were charming, controllaholic psychopaths, (like the nut downstairs).

Life will be like being on a terrible old ship with such fools, with too much salt and too little vitamin C. The social dynamics become wanton and base. The logics of death rules the hearts of all - all desperate for just one little, "slice of heaven." At the helm will be a confused, LIBERTINE billionaire, who may eventually don a peg-leg, just to complete the nightmare. Like Ahab and Long John, he will find that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

The, "Treasure Island," movie had me asking the question: "If you forgive the Devil, are you in league with the Devil?" Or, are you just being a good Christian-sort - like someone who would give a thirsty Hitler a glass of water in the desert, even though that person somehow knows that Hitler will slaughter Jews, et al? Chew on that one, until we discuss this all again.

One message given by RLS is that even the elite are as corrupt as the pirates. That mirrors our age fairly well. There is one part in the movie where a good thought is offered: YOU CANNOT SEPARATE COMMERCE FROM THE HARM IT MAY DO TO OTHERS, int he profiteering. I liked this so much, that I transcribed the entire convo in the movie, here for you:

Fools over gold...Réduire )

squirrels massage

Joni Mitchell

Posted on 2016.11.12 at 17:43
Joni Mitchel has always been the tops, in mine eyes. She is also dying of weirdness. (Research weirdness on your own). Even if I don't see the video, I tend to accept thing like this.....  (Let me know if it is crap).

What did make you smile today?

Just saw videofootage of Joni Mitchell, doing a song...

Proof That 100 Years of Voting for the “Lesser Evil” Gave Us Trump and Hillary

Julian Assange Issues Statement On The US Election Day

Standing Rock protesters sit out the election: 'I'm ashamed of them both'

I almost completed a good, long intro to this post, weeks ago, but it was erased by an unexpected "refresh" by my NoScript. I will probably write something similar to it later. The gist of it was - is - that the long-degenerative economy, correlated to the sucking of wealth to the "upper" 1%, has given rise to something which I called, "The New Middle." NPR recently did some stories on this, using the same term(!), but it failed to take account of the political dynamics behind the declining middle class.

The New Middle is a populist, uncertain uprising of those who have been marginalised by the failing economyRéduire )

July 30, 2016: Hillary's Convention Con - by Ralph Nader...

The 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia was a multi-layered, raucous display of political theater. A host of delegates loyal to Senator Bernie Sanders were inside in large numbers exclaiming “No more war” during former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's speech and raising all kinds of progressive, rebellious signs and banners against the Hillary crowd. Although Hillary addressed them directly in her acceptance speech, “Your cause is my cause,” those dissatisfied delegates in the hall saw her rhetoric for what it was: insincere and opportunistic.

She said she’d tax the wealthy for public necessities, but declined to mention a sales tax on Wall Street speculation that could bring in as much as $300 billion a year to support such initiatives. She opposed “unfair trade agreements,” but remarkably omitted saying she was against the TPP (the notorious pending Trans Pacific Trade Agreement backed by Obama that is receiving wide left/right opposition).

She paid lip service to a “living wage” but avoided endorsing a $15 an hour minimum wage, which would help single moms and their children – people she wants us to believe have been her enduring cause. Few people know that it took until the spring of 2014 before candidate Clinton would come out for even a $10.10 minimum wage. News reports noted that Clinton, a former member of Walmart’s board of directors and Arkansas corporate lawyer, was wrestling with how to support $10.10 per hour without alienating her Wall Street friends.

“Caring for kids” doesn’t extend to encircled Gaza’s defenseless children, hundreds of whom were killed by American-made weapons wielded by the all powerful Israeli military. Gaza is the the world’s largest open air prison and under illegal blockade. Remember, as Secretary of State, Hillary fully backed war crimes, condemned by almost all countries in the world. On the stage in Philadelphia, she spoke of backing Israel’s security without any mention of Palestinian rights or the need to end Israel’s illegal occupation of the territories.


And why whatever...

Posted on 2016.11.08 at 05:47
Oh, maybe I should have mentioned in the last post:

Fortunately, it doesn't matter who gets elected, because that person is going to be SMASHED by a collapse in the economy - plus all the war issues coming home to roost. So. Hillary. Donald. Bad news for the establishment, just keeps coming. And, my prediction was that real change wouldn't happen until 2018 - and so that would mean the real, significant elections won't come until 2020. And, that's kinda cute. We live in bedevilled and daring times. My apologies to the planet.


Why and Why Not?

Posted on 2016.11.08 at 05:45
Why Hillary Will Win... or not...Réduire )

Take care. Vote whatever. Just keep reading, because truth and imagination goes far, far beyond this. AND THAT IS OUR FREEDOM. Oh - just let me note: In contrast to how so many Americans can be timid in reading this journal, I seem to be doing kick-ass with the Russians, and I think that's great. Recalling the prophesies of Edgar Cayce: Russia will become a land of great, great freedom. Believe me. It will be fantastic.


Troubles with Trump

Posted on 2016.11.07 at 21:47
You see, I wanted to write out my own analysis of the Trouble with Trump. But it is too late for that now, and all I have for you is a shell of a theme post: the links. Awesome links. But, I will give you a few mini-thoughts, which I would have expanded upon, if I had my druthers.

I meant to tell you, way, way before anybody ever caught on: Trump does not know what he is talking about. He reads other people like they are an encyclopaedia. Then, he spits them out as his own political platform. The big sources for Donald Trump have been Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and his family. He figures that because so many people are crazy for Alex Jones, then this means that, e.g., the Alex Jones claim that there is no (man0made) global warming is REAL. It is something to plug into the Trump platform. Clubs and gangs may work that way, but science does not - reality does not - and, eventually, society does not.

Trump is riding half of the great rise of the new, populist middle. The other half was Bernie Sanders. Bernie went away to support the establishment DNC candidate. Trump went on as the representative of the movement, sans the Bernie/Clinton deserters. Trump became the FIGHT leader of the movement, while the FLIGHT phalanx, well, it ran away, with hopeful delusions. Either arm of the movement, alone, was not strong or tasteful enough for the old middle establishment, of both parties.

Even with that, Trump could have gone on and represented the greater part of the movement, inviting in old Bernie supporters. Instead, he was saddled by the GOP, and all its old game-plan. He went through a time of personal confusion because of this, and he sank in the polls. Then, he thought he threw off the establishment Paul Ryan chains, and he got back into rough-and-tumble fighting. But, he didn't know what he was up against. Trump would now be nowhere if it were not for Wikileaks. However, there are some who believe that Wikileaks is a function of the NSA. And, the corporate media is insistent upon a somewhat 50%-vs-50% horse-race, so they can make their profits.

Well, that's all I'll do for now. I certainly have a lot more to say about all this, but not now. I am sure I'll be posting election stuff for a while, because I am not out to influence votes, so much. I am far more concerned with conveying what I think to be the truth to you's all's. What I cannot say here, maybe the links will say somewhat.

You will hardly believe it.Réduire )

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A Call To Vote Your Heart

Posted on 2016.11.06 at 19:41

The Election Deception Of 2016:  A Call To Vote Your Heart

A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold 'Historic' Mass Gathering for Standing Rock
Roughly a hundred protesters and clergy members shut down the North Dakota state Capitol with a lawn prayer circle

"It was very moving to be there in solidarity," said Philadelphia-based Bishop Dwayne Royster. (Photo: Steven Martin/National Council of Churches)

In a "historic" show of interfaith solidarity, 500 clergy members prayed along the banks of North Dakota's Cannonball River on Thursday where they "bore witness with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation," which has faced intimidation, violence, and arrests for protecting their sacred land and water supply from the threats of a massive oil pipeline.

According to the Episcopal News Service, "The interfaith group spent more than five hours on site, marching, singing hymns, sharing testimony, and calling others to join them in standing with the more than 200 tribes who have committed their support to the Sioux Nation as they protest the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)."

Later, roughly a hundred protesters and clergy members held a prayer circle on the lawn of the North Dakota state Capitol in Bismarck, forcing the police to order a lock-down of the building. "Highway Patrol Lt. Tom Iverson said 14 people were arrested in the Capitol's judicial wing for refusing to leave the building. Iverson said the protesters, who were holding a sit-in and singing prayer hymns, faced disorderly conduct charges," AP reported.

Read more, see video...


Latest: Turning Point at Standing Rock? Resistance and Renewed Hope Against Dakota Access...
Is this the turning point for the Dakota Access Pipeline? Word spread through the camp on Friday of a discussion between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that could mean a breakthrough. “This proves that our prayers are really strong from the Oceti Sakowin camp,” Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous...

[Note - see more at Common Dreams, Global Research, or sites listed above.  See my tag - "dakota access pipeline".  BBC: "The Week in Pictures." On The Media: "Checking In" On Standing Rock + "On Shaky Ground," (audio)].


The Psychopathic Elite, Order Followers, And WWIII ...

"Governments will always do what government always has done … lie, cheat, steal, and KILL for control; but Governments are fabrications. They are human constructs of the mind. They have no real power without the people who comprise them and the order followers who enforce their draconian laws without any critical thought. Without YOU, the individual, their little chess game is OVER."

I would add that most governments assume themselves to be functionaries of mega-corporations, and serve their rapacious need for profit at any cost, as if corporate board "fiduciary responsibility" were somehow the obligation of the taxpayers, on borrowed time. But...

When money talks, what are Words Worth? - (Full: The Obsolete Man).

"I'm mad as hell..." - ?

First attempt in thinking about Moby Dick, and, There Will Be Blood...Réduire )

Long before I was ever born, I had a gumption to see a political transformation occur in this country, where the truly progressive Left, (not status/quo sheeple running away from the "liberal" label), join up with the truly progressive (constitutional-libertarian) Right, and cooperate to the benefit of a "NEW MIDDLE" - to replace the faux middle that the establishment and corporate media have bought up.

More fire, brimstone and green tea here...Réduire )

You can add other 101 communities, trying to do the same thing, more seriously, like, liberal_plus. By the way, I forgot to mention in the recent post: Yes, the article was from a conservative, but you get the idea. And, there are other articles recently in that same site, (WakingTimes), which you might like to check out. Finally, I have been listening to, "American Roots," featuring songs relative to elections. Very good. Listen here. But, nothing beats, Higher Ground.

PS - In case you think I am only anti-Clinton/DNC - look at this post I found just now. But those were different times as well, already - remember them? Remember EVERYTHING!

Come join with us.  Become one with the great white whale.

Official Reality is Psychotic – You Are Not

"Listen, kid, we're all in it together." - Harry Tuttle, Brazil (1985).

We are the saving way, and they, they are the bane of damnation.

A professor's notes on dystopia.

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