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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!

It is an important and popular fact that things are not
always what they seem. For instance, on the planet Earth,
Man had always assumed that he was the most intelligent
species occupying the planet, instead of the *third* most
intelligent. The second most intelligent were of course
dolphins who had long known of the impending destruction
of planet earth. They had on many attempts tried to alert
mankind but their warnings were mistakenly interpreted as
amusing attempts to punch footballs or whistle for
tidbits. The last ever dolphin message was misinterpreted
as a surprisingly sophisticated attempt at doing a double
backflip through a hoop while whistling the star-spangled
banner but in fact the message was this:

'So long and thanks for all the fish'Réduire )

The congregation of dolphins in the Pacific,
urging humans to wake up to our global tragedy.

crazy - insane bikini

cerebellum outta control

Posted on 2017.02.19 at 23:32
Brain Song - (by White Mystery)

Couldn't find the lyrics, but I did find, Buttheads From Mars

This is my first post specifically devoted to asthma - but its about a whole cauldron of stuff, really.

Draw a Ven Diagram, with three circles.  There may be three big influences in the development of asthma: Stress; genetic predisposition, and environment.  But, we all know how these things really are conjoined, like stress and genetics in EPIGENETICS.  And, toxins in the environment may attack health and genes, making one more susceptible, while allergens in the environment come in as a kind-of consequence of previous encounters or toxins.  Its similar with CFS.  Lots of chronic illnesses share this somewhat warped Ven Diagram.

We know that one vector in urban situations often comes from cockroaches.  I am sure that pollutants is another one.  But, other less known vectors or allergens are dust mites; a certain kind of yeast, and a newly-studied protein in wheat.

"Although cockroaches, flies, ants and termites are pests people commonly associate with homes, said Anne Madden, a postdoctoral researcher and microbiologist at North Carolina State University, they also uncovered an entire food web based on plant-hoppers and aphids (Madden called them “the antelope of the savanna of our homes”) living on house plants, complete with aphid-killing parasitic wasps (the lions)."

First, let us look at dust mites: Why Do Dust Mites Seem to Shun the Western U.S.?

Let me mention something about my dog.  He is having a problem which looks like Mange.  I have discovered that it is not so much the mites themselves which cause mange, but the bacteria which they carry.  Mites can carry various pathogens, including fungus/yeast, as they do in destructive diseases of bats and bees.  Mites may also carry a variety of allergens, especially amongst these pathogens.  All it takes is a one small protein, considered to be erratic by some sensitised organism or person.  In mange, antibiotics or antifungals may work better than insecticides, (or even antihistamines).  And so it may be with other illnesses.

Now, let's look at new research on a certain kind of yeast: Yeast found in babies' guts increases risk of asthma. Not only were some biota found to be helpful against asthma - others were found that encourage it. I think this is because we are all balancing, in our niches in nature and society, good influences against bad, just trying to stay afloat, like every other creature. We are largely massive cruise ships for the various biota within us, who are constantly duking it out with each other. If we slip, we might make it easier for the bad guys, and this can snowball into severe illness. Here is a rough little example of the little war that has been going on all around us, (often between animals/bacteria and FUNGI):

Three-way dance between herbivores, plants and microbes unveiled

In CFS, I believe there is a huge, destructive role played by Candida Yeast, which has THREE forms. One form is a spiralling, burroughing form, which goes beyond the gut and into the bloodstream and all other organs. It produces toxins like formaldehyde and vinegar - and I believe it competes with body cells for sugar, oxygen and other nutrients. It contains receptors similar to our very own serotonin receptors! And it resembles gluten! But, really, all it needs to do is carry protein allergens into the bloodstream, for all hell to break loose, inside the body and beyond the blood-brain barrier. An infestuous allergen, like this, is enough to provoke asthma, as well, especially given predispositions. But, having a Candida yeast infection may be, itself, a predisposer to other illnesses such as asthma.

(Most doctors do not agree with this, "Yeast Connection," {by William G. Crook - see tags - his bio in Wikipedia no longer exists}, and see it as quackery. But there is a germ of truth to it - and more has been learnt since it was so dramatically debunked decades ago).

Finally, the subject of a newly studied wheat protein. No, it's not gluten! This, btw, is good news for everyone who suffers from health problems from wheat, even where there is no gluten. It is the beginning of legitimisation of their illnesses...

New study links protein in wheat to the inflammation of chronic health conditions

There has been a release of radioactive iodine across Europe. from an unknown source - possibly from Eastern Europe.  They say that there has been no threat to human health but, for one thing, they always say that.  For another thing, I wonder what the health effects are at ground zero?  (Because, you know, breaking news like this makes me a little skeptical: Fukushima Aborts Latest Robot Mission Inside Reactor; Radiation At "Unimaginable" Levels).

GO HERE: Mystery Nuclear ‘Incident’ Detected Across Europe?

Even if there is little harm to health in Western Europe, this unknown accident is seriously worth posting about. Why? To show that the nuclear problems are still going on - bubbling like a witches' brew in a massive fireworks factory, in a city we call Planet Earth. Forever, radiation leaks are occurring and being covered up - just like endless oil pipeline leaks even as we speak - as you may have seen HERE. Meanwhile, we are silently weathering the understated fallout of past nuclear tests, Chernobyl and Fukushima. And we wonder where all of these new illnesses and cancers are coming from, or why the marine animals are dying.

Here is earthfiles.com taking a look at this unknown nuclear accident: Is it fallout from a January Arctic accident? It would be kinda nice to know these things, yes? Cuz we are the Guinea pigs. In a world of mediacrisy, NO news is FAKE news.

Clyde Stubblefield was about the best drummer there ever can be. He was hugely influential in Jazz. As reported by NPR, he was also influential in Funk. He worked with the revolutionary James Brown, and his beat/s were the most resampled in history, including in Hip-Hop and Punk. But, he was more than a James Brown appendage, as NPR briefly conveys. While it was James Brown who devised the signature first-beat Funk rhythm, by voicing it to his drummer, it was Clyde Stubblefield who played it out in infinite ways, creating more Funk beats.  "Stubblefield is one of the most sampled drummers in history, the man whose uncanny ability to deconstruct pop music's simple 4/4 rhythms into a thousand different sly syncopations laid the foundation not only for funk, but for most of hip-hop, as well."[30]

Stubblefield had a life beyond James Brown, first working with Otis Redding, and later with Randy Sabien. Madison and Wisconsin are not exactly the greatest incubators of jazz or the blues - but they have a thing, (and they produced Les Paul). In the area of Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, Stubblefield and Sabien were a part of a bunch of musicians who regularly played the clubs - in jazz and folk, which included Jim Post, Corky Siegel and John Prine. In Madison, Stubblefield played along with Sabien's jazz musicians, sometimes in the UW Student Union 2, filling the place with music, casually, and without fanfare. They also appeared on Prairie Home Companion and Madison's "Whad'Ya'Know?"

"For over twenty years [Clyde] played Monday nights with his band, The Clyde Stubblefield Band, in downtown Madison." - wiki

So, he died today, in Madison.  Legendary Prince helped pay his medical bills, prior to Prince's death.  Stubblefield, one of the greatest musicians in American musical history, had no medical insurance.  That is unforgivable.  But, I guess he just kept on living for his music, in the same way I keep living for this LJ. The day the Funky Drummer died.

SAY NO TO MEAT! - Book on sale at the Power Mall - $5 - call 1-877/817-9829.

See main page - (be sure to surf via side bar on the left). Lots of health products and books.  (Radios!)

More close-out specials HERE!

How is it that Clinton got help from Bush's to defeat Trump - and Bill Kristol was backing the "Never Trump" movement - and the DNC Dems now hate Russia - but along come a couple of die-hard progressives standing up against the CIA, etc., movements against Trump? More on this important subject later, but here is the specific story: Leading Progressives Say that Even Americans Who Hate Trump Should Defend Him Against Attempted Coup by the “Deep State”.  Also HERE.  See also this: The Enemies!


Pope Francis appears to back tribal land rights in Dakota Access pipeline fight

Pontiff says need to protect native land is ‘especially clear when planning economic activities which may interfere with indigenous cultures’

More Indigenous News:Réduire )

You know we are back in the Middle Ages when THIS.

AZ investigates ‘unlicensed’ cosmetology student over free haircuts for homeless
American Mirror - Montesdeoca, a Tucson cosmetology student, received notification that he’s now under investigation by the state board after he offered free haircuts to the homeless in late January, a mission he took upon himself after his Regency Beauty school closed in September, Tucson News Now reports…. Montesdeoca set up shop at Santa Rita Park and has given dozens of free haircuts to the less fortunate over the past few months. Montesdeoca also reached out to others on Facebook to solicit their help for “free haircuts, nails, medical and love for our homeless people in need, on the streets” for a special Jan. 28 event near the downtown library, according to a flyer for the event highlighted by KVOA…. Montesdeoca’s charity work, however, was cut short when he received a copy of an anonymous complaint to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology submitted through the agency’s online system on Jan. 26…. Arizona State Board of Cosmetology executive director Donna Aune refused to discuss Montesdeoca’s situation, and instead pointed to a state statute that states “A person shall not perform or attempt to perform cosmetology without a license or practice in any place other than a licensed salon,” Tucson News Now reports. Aune alleged it’s a “real risk” to receive a free haircut from an unlicensed cosmetologist because of safety and sanitation issues.

I think that even the most caring of us might miss what it is that the Water-Protectors and Land-owners are fighting against, in the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, (et al), incursions into sacred and healthy lands.  But, maybe you were there, in zero-degree weather.  Maybe you scrounged for respect and health, for future generations.  probably not.  Probably you, like me, only had some fingers-ful of empathy.  Maybe all you had to go on was imagination and a deep inner burning desire for justice.  BUT DO YOU KNOW?  Do you know everything - about the dangers and terrors of mining and piping for oil?

Do you have any idea of how fracking oil is so deeply infused with extreme toxins, even beyond you car's 10W40.  If you changed your oil and some of it got on the pavement - you could be arrested.  But the crimes of perpetual pollution that these oil mega-corps are guilty of - they get off the hook.  THEY GET PAID MORE FOR POLLUTING MORE.

I hope you all can check this out!  Talk about Respect in a song - HOW ABOUT RESPECT IN REALITY?!

The incredibly fact-deep PowerHour interview! (See February 13 - or just go by this...)

Whistle-blower JOHN BOLENBAUGH of Michigan joins to tell his story of the catastrophic tar sands spill in 2010 and his successful efforts to expose the company's cover-ups. As a cleanup worker for S.E.T environmental John became the whistleblower for the largest tar sand oil spill in north American history. John will share his thoughts on what is currently taking place with the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Website: http://helppa.org
Follow John on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnBolenbaugh
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/johnBolenbaugh
Fundraiser: STANDING ROCK asked me to finish Documentary ASAP! Organized by John Bolenbaugh
**Note: National showing for this film is February 20, 2017

Feb. 13, 2017 (hour 3) - Guest John Bolenbaugh

I urge everyone to check this out!  THE MOVIE: http://helppa.org/


"Don't even listen to NPR..."

He did a lot of drugs.  But, there was a time in my life when I did marijuana, and I ran straight for the notebook, to record my really amazing insights.  (Once again: that multi-million-dollar notebook was stolen and lost in Madison.  It is now lost beneath a pile of urban garbage).

Terance McKenna, having a name not far removed from my own lineage, was a pot-head - but at least he THOUGHT.  At least he searched for answers!  Anyone who attempts as much will be sure to find at least a 20% valuable return - which shall comfort them on their death-bed, if not in their obituaries, or tombstones, yars.

Yes, he came up with some strange pseudoscience. But why does it have to be called, "pseudoscience"? Why can it not just be called, "philosophy." After all, SCIENCE is also a philosophy, yars. Let it be clear: I decidedly despise creepy old smelly hippies. But, now that he is dead, at least we can deal with his thought in the cleanliness of our own inner sanctums. Am I wrong in this?!

My coverage of this dastardly, profligate thinker is in concord with past and future posts. So, be sure to comprehend his philosophy, when you go to WikiPedia, yars. Groovy.

Terence McKenna’s Explanation of Why Our Culture is Killing Itself

WikiPedia: Terence McKenna

Regarding all this huff about Michael Flynn chumming up to Russia before the election, and getting Putin not to retaliate against the USA...

Post begins by saying, 'First of all...'Réduire )


Sometimes, comedians should not be trusted on political issues, because they are a bit off to begin with. On the other hand, some comedians can be a mine of political power, because they resist status quo stupidity. It all depends. All I know is that I have always wanted to be in bed with Sarah Silverman. Because of her large sexual organ, her brain.

Finally - this little issue of people supposedly funding anti-Trump protesters, as denigrated on NPR and mainstream media... I can tell you: IT IS HAPPENING. If you don't think it is happening, then you are a political fool. Kochs funded the Teaparty. Soros initially funded OCCUPY - as well as BLM, and fighters in Europe. IT SERIOUSLY HAPPENS. It is a primary way that the wealthy try to play us off against each other - I am not just whistling Dixie here, y'all dudes! It is happening. End of post, yars.

I don't really know what, "yars," means, but I created it, and I think it speaks some kind of volumes, yars.

I fought against Bush while in office. It took a while, but I fought against Obama - and status-quo Clinton. Have no fears! I have past and future shit to level against Trump! NO DOUBT. But I am not talking about particular people, sometimes. Sometimes, I am just talking about fairness and justice, left or right, y'alls. Yars.

What is consciousness?  Well, the very asking of the question already, "begs the question," doesn't it?  (A large part of the meaning of life is just the ability to be able to ask, "what is the meaning of life?")  Ever since you were born, everything you do, everywhere you go, is written on the dynamic slate of your consciousness, a priori.  So, how can we question or measure something that already contains everything, as it was in the beginning?  It would be like trying to measure out one cup of water whilst being submerged in the ocean.  How can we ask what it is, when our very asking is what it is? There is no way to step out of it, to get around it, and look back at it to study.  We ARE consciousness.

Discussion 1: Consciousness is real, but is being overtaken by techno-insanityRéduire )

"Big Data Revolution"

Either way, technology has the power to encroach. So, at this point, I recommend you listen to the RadioLab episode: Man vs Machine

"Are new ideas and new inventions inevitable? Are they driven by us or by a larger force of nature? In this episode, we look at the things we make—from spoons to microwaves to computers—as an extension of the same evolutionary processes that made us. And we may need to adapt to the idea that our technology could someday truly have a mind of its own. "

Discussion 2: Consciousness is ALSO an 'illusion'Réduire )

I heard this story on NPR's, "Living on Earth."

"Conservatives could support a carbon tax if it also reduced EPA regulations and made payments to consumers to offset the costs, say advocates led by Republican elder statesmen, including former Secretary of State James Baker. They have proposed an ambitious Carbon Dividend plan that could entice bipartisan support, pay families $2000 a month, and cut greenhouse gas emissions more than Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Co-author Ted Halstead of the Climate Leadership Council explains its appeal and mechanics to host Steve Curwood."

Discussion: Another Trojan Horse for the corpocratic rich?Réduire )

So many important environmental stories, please check out: E. H. N. / DailyClimate | EarthHeal   -    And:

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns: It’s Time to Cut Industrial Meat and Dairy to Save the Climate

Fortune 500 Goes Farming, Nestlé, Monsanto, PepsiCo et al: The GROW Disaster, Destroying Family Farms Worldwide

Environmental Destruction


Isn't it Time?

Posted on 2017.02.12 at 13:23
What's Your Chronotype? - (Take our 45-second quiz to find out)

Revealed: The best (and worst) times to argue, have sex and fall in love - according to your body clock!

Almost every weekday morning at five:AM, I have the "Farm Show" playing on the FM radio-machine.  I don't do it as much as I used to, partly because my radios are too loud to be near to, all because of the creep downstairs, who is a psychopath, which is the worst kind of animal.  But, without fail, every morning, there are two, three, sometimes as many as four little reports on how GMOs are good for us; how people who disagree with this are unfortunate idiots; how Monsanto is being persecuted by healthy food advocates; how environmental protesters only want attention, and have nothing better to do with their lives; how the TPP is (was) the best thing for the economy ever, since it is so good for BIG AG; how pesticides are not only a good thing, but they are on sale today at a discount; how Climate Change is a big con-game by stupid scientists, and so on.

Oh.  And they like to blame the Humane Society, and the ASPCA, (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), for persecuting the USDA, (U.S. Department of Agriculture), over the rights of farm animals not to be abused.  Apparently, the Humane Society is worse than PETA - worse than Earth First! - worse than Students for a Democratic Society - ("Therefore, National Students for a Democratic Scciety calls for a day of action on February 15th to resist Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant executive orders and agenda").

It is rather aggravating, this (nation-wide) content, especially when one knows that even if normal people, or Democrats, or urban people, or humane people and non-farmers, are not hearing any of this, at five o:clock in the morning, it is still quietly trickling up to become Republican policy - from state to state, from Wisconsin to Washington DC. From tractor to Trump.

You may know that, with the installation of Trump, there was a whitewashing of the EPA's website. You can search online for that story. I saw this beginning when the same thing happened in Wisconsin. Government sites were recently scrubbed of any acknowledgement of global warming. This occurred that, despite this apparent political, top-down censorship, Wisconsin has been in the forefront in dealing progressively with climate change! But... The virus spreads...

USDA removes online database that included animal abuse; activists cry foul - (reddit commenters react).

Remember that autistic woman, who did TED talks, and etc., who successfully advocated for improved conditions for cattle who are being lead to the slaughter? It would be nice if that great lady came back into prominence today. I mean, the cattle are already being slaughtered - we are already killing them - and all that people like the Humane Society want to do is to see that agricultural animals lead a somewhat decent life while they are the way to the slaughter? How much is that to ask? How radical and revolutionary and threatening can that be - (other than to the easy profit margins of a dying mega-industry)?

There are a few things I like about the morning "Farm Show" - like their spot with TalkRadio News Svc., etc. It is aired over about 5 stations in the area. The owner of this regional radio corporation is also the host of the Farm Show. He is a really bright, nice, fun, conservative guy - who nonetheless likes his creature comforts. Maybe that's why he advertises for a local strip club - a manly meat market.

While listening, I sometimes fall asleep, and dream about conversing with him. Then he becomes the most irritating, demonic person I have even met - because he never shuts his mouth to let me talk! Possibly, he is Satan. He apparently cancelled the regional progressive talk show host, who used to feature John Nichols, Russ Feingold, and other greats. A butcher at heart.

Well, Spring will soon be here, and...

So - I'm sure you know of this freakish story by now. (Cockroach removed from head).

The universe of statistics is curved in upon itself. Often, you can only go so far with some extreme probability before it indeed expresses itself, way before it was ever expected. Remember the RadioLab episode, (I think), where a girl in England lost her balloon, and some other girl in England found it - and they both had the same names, and so on, and so on? Unbelievable coincidence - extremely unlikely chances. Impossible to win, betting on something so improbable - one in a million - or a billion - or maybe a trillion. Yet, it all happened. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

The nature of the meaning of life...Réduire )

Try Physics - for POETS...

Physics for Poets - by Robert H. March / obtain / obtain

A kind of Syllabus - Physics 12: Physics for Poets - (Everything You've Wanted to Know About Einstein's Work, But Were Afraid to Ask - (See required reading).

Honourable mention: JAMES McCANNEY - and his hyper-real ('fake') site HERE. Note: James McCanney is so far out there, most people do not know when he is right or when he is wrong. But, he did some mathematical calculations which suggest that H. Clinton could not have had as many votes as she did. It is on his site/s somewhere, but I could not find it. Maybe you can.


A stay on a stay (on a stay?)

Posted on 2017.02.09 at 20:50
Ha - what is more indicative of status quo perversity than this?!

But, what did I tells ya, huh?  Didn't I say it?  Didn't I say it?

"The courts will moderate Trump's insane behaviour."  (para)

Don't get so lathered up!  This is a good thing.  He is adroitly stacking the deck against him.  In  four years, if he is still around, the Bernie populists will easilly be able to draw away his angry populists.  If the DNC Dems have any sense, they will gear up towards such a move.

However, as far as this matter in particular is concerned...  Remember: this is the 9th Circuit.  It really might not survive the Supreme Court.  The president really does have agruably limitless authority over matters of immigration, when it comes to "national security."  This is because he is Commander in Chief.  And it can be argued there that the rights of immigrants are not as solid as those of USA citizens.  Being a green-card holder, myself, I have not been ignorant of these legal developments.  But I would kinda like being deported to Australia for whatever.

Reminder: This is only a temporary stay of a temporary halt.  Don't frickin go to war over it.  There are bigger fish to fry, coming down the Pike.

btw - the crazy man downstairs has shut up completely today. He wasn't even watching TV at 6:pm. He always quiets down whenever the barometer drops - but this seems even more than that. I really think he is unstably pro-Trump, and so Trump's defeat shut him up. He has been temporarilly stayed. But of course, the moon is full. So, maybe he will be up all night again, trying to destroy me.

abe boombox

The Rudeness Ethic

Posted on 2017.02.09 at 10:41
What is going on here? I will tell you what is going on here. It is the Rudeness Ethic. Can I get a witness?

From the overly outrageous Aussie, observing America...Réduire )

That is what our freedom has allowed.

All stand proud. All espouse. The Ethic of Rudeness.

Let us make a religion of it.

* My term.  Innitiated here at madman101 for your own thinkable astonishments.


The roots of Disco - Preface

Posted on 2017.02.08 at 19:20
One thing I love is trying to figure out how one type of music evolved from others.  I have written about Disco before - like here and here. Lately, I have been researching the origins of Disco. This came after listening to oldies radio, and also watching, "Hairspray" - which one would not associate with Disco. I have too many links - my post will take too much time right now - must do it later.

But, what I have decided is this: Disco had many influences: soul, funk, German electronica & minimalism, psychedelic music - even the Beatles! Where did it come from? Although it evolved out of Detroit Motown, it didn't really become Disco until the orchestral strings and horns and smooth soul were added from the Philadelphia Soul Sound. Disco was born in PHILADELPHIA. Stay tuned for the post - which is currently going into the hopper.

My browser is all plugged up because of all of the open tabs again - and so is my brain. I must spend time correcting this again. There should be a system in browsers where the overload of tags should instantly go into a bookmarks-type dump, not taking up memory, but easilly accessible. In a world...

Imagine a little boat near a rocky shore. Giant waves are crashing against the rocks, dashing the poor little boat every which way.  That's how some people feel about their lives.  Now imagine that the rocky LAND is smashing back at the ocean.  That is me and my body and my so-called mind, except there are not just two crashing forces, there are about seven going on at the moment.  Excuse meh.

You probably already heard this blip.  I had it for you as breaking news, yesterday, but the RSS link failed. - US dog food recall after euthanasia drug found

I didn't want to post the entry of infinite progressive links without doing a follow-up, cautioning all from falling into one label or the other.  Left versus Right is very much a controlled false dichotomy, exploiting the hopes of money-giving sheeple, and feeding the excess, amorality and ultimate tyranny of a "higher" authoritarian elite, made up of corporatists, banksters, New Money, Old Families, Big Pharma/Agra/Med/etc., the military-industrial complex, technocrats, and billionaire psychopaths.  (Just because I paint a colourful picture does not mean it isn't so).  This "higher authority" controls and recruits both left and right, while simultaneously playing them off against each other.  That way, they keep us ALL divided, dazed and confused.  Out of control.  Handing over our wealth every which way.  So: BUYERS!  BEWARE!

Beware The Authoritarian Right And Left

Once you allign with either side blindly, you fail to see how both sides are joined at the hips, in corpocratic copulation. You fail to see that black-versus-white is a vice, designed to fit you into an endless game of chicken: Win this term, lose next term, etc., etc... Nothing progressive or truthful ever gets accomplished. Platitudes, false promises, and bones before swine, are thrown to obscure the mechanations of the vice at large: Taking with one hand, demanding with the other. Good cop becomes bad cop, and vice versa. Left is right and right is left - but not as long as all the people keep being duped into seeing - into defending - a false dichotomy.

I In comparison to the graph offered in the article, I see left-right more as a croissant, pointed at the top, where the "higher authority" oversees the push-me/pull-you dynamics of the left wing and the right wing. But, sometimes, the two pointy, "libertarian," tips of the croissant stretch out more and more, and finally meet each other. We almost got there in 2016, but the tips were drawn back by Central Authority, so that one tip was anger, and one was naive hope, and the angry populism is what won. I will say it every chance I get: This was the DNC Democrats fault, for selfishly forcing Bernie to lose the primary.

But, sometimes the two tips do indeed meet up, in a synthetic populism. Then, the croisant becomes a donut! And, it is possible that this new part of the treat becomes even fatter, and more popular, than the top part - where NEOLIBERAL/ NEOCONSERVATIVE blue dogs and RINOs once held us all together - thins out like a dying epoch. Stooges like McCain, Lindsay, Feinstein, Bush's, Clintons fight with lies to defend and extend the life of dying EMPIRE. But its days are numbered - and Status/ Quo will never be the same! "IN A WORLD..."

That is what I mean by the "Faux Middle giving way to the NEW MIDDLE. The new middle eases out the wrinkles and dissonance, attracts more and more into its more rad, rational, progressive, trustworthy camp, away from the old, false middle. That is a true revolution. And inevitable, with concurrent technological revolution. Unfortunately, with the stupid loss to DONALD TRUMP, it becomes more likely that any revolution will not be sensible, but will be violent. And, a violent "revolution" is just what the "higher authorities" want, because it excuses their use of military and police force, as well as extortion, with the plan of breaking the new movement - which it has the physical power to do, but not the spiritual - or moral - or sensible. Their machines are fueled by the gasses of lies.

So - I have written a lot about bringing the left and right together in this way - peacefully, democratically, constructively. Via the extending tips of the croissant - NOT through the coercion and temptations - the stick and the carrot - of the authoritarian vice, overseeing the fat, bipolarised, center of the croissant. See what I am saying? Nader wrote about this in, "Unstoppable." There is lots of room for agreement, instead of letting social and moral wedge issues continuously divide us. And, there is still time. Trump is just some mad, passing Chimera, leading to a greater age - unless we allow him to destroy us. For more on progressive right+left, please explore my adventurous hashtags, which are also tasty for breakfast.

Here's a great listing of progressive radio sites, streams, etc!  But, is not in alphabetical order, and it wrongly includes the defunct RFPI, (Radio for Peace, International) - see below.

Progressive Radio and Media!

WCPT, Huffington Post, and others, have extensive links to progressive sites and blogs.  I want to make a gather a complete list some day.  And that would include links to alternative media often called Alt Right / Fake News by the left, such as some of THESE.  But, here are three things I started on several years ago:

"Links to Various Progressive and Random Sites!"



More from OpEd: Classics of Liberalism - A little skewed, yes - but not to worry, here are more progressive books, some with a utopian or dystopian slant:

A Progressive Reading List (If you are into this, check out the hashtags as well). If you have any of your own to add, just drop them in the convenient mailbox already fashioned for you below by the industrious LiveJournal, Russialand.

Where to find RADIO FOR PEACE programmes today...Réduire )

Oh, and don't forget this - many hosts, many shows - available from many streamers:

BREAKING: Police Are Raiding Standing Rock Camps -  Feb. 2, 2017   -  I didn't hear about this until now.  Probably due to Trump.

Veterans Returning To Standing Rock As Fight Against DAPL Continues - February 4, 2017

Prehistoric FAKE NEWS!  -  From 2006!

Oh, wait! This sounds like it is insulting Monsanto! This is just when Oprah insulted hamburger, and the global beef industry tried to shut her up! We cannot have any mockery of processed food and additives! And wasn't a vegetable insulted once? Or maybe it was ketchup, also a vegetable, and probably GMO, and full of Aspartame. I refuse to be un-American and join in this rabble, even though Aspartame makes me sick as hell. Why, just look at this fine recommendation, obviously written by Monsanto folks, with nary a mention of danger - except headaches maybe. Aspartame is sweet and nutritious. It is NutraSweet!

Remember, this Wikipedia entry is scientific! It is NOT fake news! It is the opposite of fake news - because it is corporate - and it loves us! That's why Monsanto also gave us Agent Orange, Roundup (glyphosate), GMO tragedies, and so on! Never insult your food! Sit up straight!

(Before using, read hashtags carefully).

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As you may know, the English actor, John Hurt, died recently - (at the same time that, 1984, and so one of his movies, Nineteen Eighty Four, are becoming popular again, in the age of post-truth*). We've all seen him in important movies, but I never really committed the name to memory. I am better acquainted with my favourite blues artist, Mississippi John Hurt. I kinda hoped that maybe I might find a movie of his at the library soon, to see if he was whom I thought he was. Turns out that one fell into my hands quite by accident, (along with a William Hurt movie or two).  It was, "Cry of the Penguins," (AKA, Mr. Forbush and the Penguins), wherein a rich, womanising cad ends up studying penguins in Antarctica, which turns him into a better man.

Here is the best place to find a summary of it. (You might be able to stream it from this site, not sure).

This is an odd, childish, interesting movie. As the DVD transfer was so bad, I first thought that the movie might have been from the Silent Age. It was off-colour. But, it turned out to have been made in 1971.  It begins by following a rich Biology student, who lollygags about London, looking for beer and girls.  His appearance is ridiculous, because he is totally MOD, with long hair and silly 1960's clothes.  The comedy is so subdued as to be almost non-existent. The jokes are banal, yet English. However, there seems to be one or two witty jokes buried so quietly, that they may be considered brilliant witticisms, except for the fact that they may go unnoticed.

The "MOD" scene in London was in the mid-later 1960's.  It came from around the time of the Beatles, "Hard Day's Night," and Peter Sellers, and Twiggy, and seems to have moved through psychodelia towards the Glam Rock era.  But, by 1968/69, it was starting to go, along with the hippies.  Certainly, by 1971, after all the assassinations, and with the anger over Vietnam, it was dead.

So - I think this partly explains why, "Cry of the Penguins," was a relative flop: It was all mod, and so behind the times when it was released.  It wasn't released in the USA until 1973.  I don't know when the original book was written, maybe like 1965, but this "hip" movie must have just taken too long to be made.  That is supported by the fact that the beginning was redone; a new lead actress was put in, and there were several directors.  That seems odd, because it was such a simple movie.  But it was all the penguin footage which was mainly the problem.

This movie is no, "March of the Penguins," (a documentary).  It is crude, by comparison.  However, I must say, it managed to somehow capture many of the same looks at penguin life: A huge blizzard; returning to the same nests from last year; the courtship behaviour; the leopard seal; the human-like squabbling, and the stark existence.  However, they did mess with the penguins.  A helicopter in the movie was obviously trying to scare away the great mass of penguins, which it certainly succeeded in doing.  One penguin in the movie had to be sacrificed for science, and apparently it was actually sacrificed for the movie itself.  And, John Hurt himself told how the crew actually dined on penguins.

Inhumanity not forgiven, that was a different time.  And the final message of the movie was that mankind is being stupid in trying to kill either penguins or their predators, because every animal depends on the existence and role of every other animal, (so that a kind of equilibrium is maintained).  This was the same message of, "March of the Penguins," albeit a little less evolved.  That was back when the English Empire was assumed to have been something of a good thing for the planet, and the Emperor Penguin, prior to the gaseous hangover called Climate Change.

By the time of the movie's release, in the beginning of the 1970's, its important environmental message would have been right-on, and progressive, despite the movie's other flaws.

Interestingly, I also watched, "A Beautiful Mind," about famous mathematician, John FORBES Nash, (game theory), who was a kind of lost genius-innocent, (like the kid in, "Artificial Intelligence").  This movie was also partly set in the late 1960's.  Nash also learns to be a better man - by eschewing the desires in his wanton mind - for schizophrenic hallucinations.  And Nash comes up with a game-theory version of the same kind of natural equilibrium I mentioned above, which is famously called, "The Nash Equilibrium."

John Hurt's character, Mr. Forbush, starts off his landlocked adventure in a large cabin stocked with wine and fancy clothes.  His struggle, in some ways, reminds me of my own.  I may not always have been fighting valiantly against severe winter winds, keeping a frozen upper lip, but I've had more than my share of it.  And, most of my life has been analogous to such a lame-ass, unnecessary struggle.  And, my life has not so much been an adventure as a fanciful little imprisonment - something that RLS, the boy, would have understood.  With the main antagonist being intrepid Time, (and the crazy bald guy downstairs).

And, I have indeed lived through years without heat, waiting for global warming to kick in enough to save me.  Finally, I do look a little like the early John Hurt, with long hair now, but having less of a tired, puffy face, despite my CFS, and all its Hurt.  God knows I love my fancy clothes.  And wine.

To continue...

Forbush continues his silly studies, and learns to empathize with the penguins.  He becomes protective and a tad insane.  He endures demanding conditions previously alien to his awareness, and he seems to eschew the more carnal desires of his wanton mind.  It seems that his girl up in London is losing interest in him and his madness.  But she ultimately loves how he has matured as a person.

A curious thing: I think this movie, (i.e.), book, was originally inspired by an idea that a roguish bloke who lusts for and misuses, "birds," i.e., females, goes to learn a life lesson by having to respect actual birds in nature.  Huh?  Probably!  I know how those crafty writers think.

See also movie, "Alfie," (1966) - a mod sort-of classic.  For possible access to, "Cry of the Penguins," try the underlined link above, or try YouTube, eBay, Library.

* - This phenomenon happens often. Carrie Fisher died as her book was out, and her cameo in Rogue One made headlines. Bowie and Cohen died with the release of their last albums. And so on. But people more often die when some emotional thing satisfies them, such as winning an important prize, or seeing a child succeed or marry, etc. Or, some emotional thing can shock them into dying, such as the death of a mate, or the election of Donald Trump.

You say you want a revolution?

"The Evolution of Life on Earth and the Revolution to Save it." - Wikipedia

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Rob Stewart:  Missing Canadian film-maker's body found in Florida


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Includes some stuff about lies and lying, which would be a good intro to upcoming post.

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The day may be coming soon when we, oh pigs, will FLY!

Discussion:We know that many people, especially the politicians and filthilly rich, are psychopaths. Psychopaths are basically children, emotionally, who are, in turn, animals.Réduire )

"Was it just a dream?" he whispered, as he fell towards the knives, "Some fake news fairie - or a fleeting chimera of empire?"

Well, I had something to repost to you, from an LJ friend, but she took it down.  pffft.  It was about death, the universe and all that.  But, I do have the latest Tao: Give up learning, and put an end to your troubles. I love Taoism, but sometimes it is like the sound of one hemisphere clapping. It is fine to be aesthetic about reality, but there are good reasons to fight to survive, as well. And all that. In Western society, the minute you even CONSIDER that you are nothing but a paltry lotus, floating down the yin-yang, there will be wolves at your throat, of the primate persuasion, but also the other kinds. Don't get me started about cats. And dogs who act like cats.

That's odd - I just now was reading about Taos, NM. Is it a sign? They are selling cheap land nearby, in Colorado.

Oh! I like Chinese! They've got Maoism and Taoism and chop-suey ice-cream tacos!

Today's Tao basically says, give it up. Stop doing things. What's the point? (I think this was also a major propaganda tool of Mao, yo?) Anyway, I saw a trailer for a Ben Stiller movie, where he decides to do nothing. Then he gets the hot young chicks, or something. This seems similar to his, "While We're Young," wherein he hangs with 20-somethings and gets a hot young chick. Is this why he makes movies? So he can kiss actresses? I can't stand Ben Stiller - but I guess I can, because I end up liking his movies, despite the fact that he's in them. "While We're Young," was pretty good.

Anyway, it has been my experience that if you do nothing, you eventually get into a lot of trouble - from the wolves. I am perfectly aware that, here I am, just watching movies, and so I feel a great deal of dread hanging over my head. But, actually, it's coming from inside my head, because I have had some serious health/brain problems lately. So, I have no choice except to do nothing, and watch as the zombies approach.

Here's something I learnt from a movie: If a capable wolf decides to strike on on his own, then the pack goes after him and kills him, for the better good of the pack. That's asswards back. That's why they're still brutes. Because of society. Every time I see animal behaviour, I see psychopaths - and vice versa.

After the trailer, came the real movie, "A Serious Man." This was a good but mildly irritating movie, especially because the first ten minutes was something that had nothing to do with the movie - in subtitles! It was about 100% Jewish, but set in the Midwest. It reminded me of all the Jewish people who were once a part of my life, but somehow disappeared. It also referred me back to the dysfunctional Jewish family in, "Taking Woodstock," a movie I loved. It reminded me of other movies where the central character is somewhat dry, and bad things happen to him/her. In this case, the, "Book of Job," was an obvious inspiration.

What I liked about this movie was the "misanthropy" that some critics disliked: It showed how, when you just live your life, in a movie or a mould, and basically stand still, the universe will shift under your feet, and bad things will happen to you. People will turn on you. It will seem like a completely different reality coming at you, where everyone has gone mad - yet they are insinuating or hoping or charging that, no, YOU are the mad one. When I try to navigate the kitchen in my illness, trying to consider all the tiny noises I am not supposed to make, and what loud banging or stomping will next be coming from below - keeping me from writing again...

I think that this is worse than a movie - it is a nightmare demanding me to do nothing. And the guy downstairs is only the full representation of how American society has gone full-metal-jacket mad, and set itself against me, for no sane reason. And, if I am not careful, my head can spin, and reality becomes like a wall of voodoo, overwhelming me, insisting that I black out. This is what the real world is like - like my illness. And, the critics described, "A Serious Man," as being both unsettling and delightful, "kind of like the unreal experience someone has just before they get their next migraine."

Stand still, and the whole world starts spinning around you, like a pack of jackels.

And so: "When the truth is shown, to be lies..." It is only the Rubics Cube, or combination lock of the universe, all turned into some unfamiliar configuration. You are locked out. Twisted. The only answer is love, because all is madness. So, at the end of this movie, they took the easy way out, and simply closed the movie by showing how powerful the universe is, compared to our ephemeral whimperings. The truth has been turned to lies. The X-ray scan suggests cancer. The son is caught in the sights of a devastating tornado.

Although this was a cheap ending to the movie, I think it did say that MONEY, on which two characters has been somewhat obsessing, was completely irrelevant, after all is said and done. And that was a message from Jews, to Jews. Well, what was another movie which ended in a similar, cheap way out? Life of Brian! Funny how these two movies are related, largely in their display of human stupidities.

Just as, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," was crassly and abruptly ended by police cars taking over the m ovie set, "Life of Brian," was hastilly ended by a crucifixion of Brian and friends, but more-so, with an abruptly contrived little ditty, by Eric Idle, called, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." This song turned out to be pure genius, though. It is an example of, "existential transcendentalism," wherein the message is given that we are born from NOTHING, and we go back into NOTHING when we turn to dust. Life is an incalculable bugger. So. Why not? Why not, Always look on the bright side of life?! (LYRICS).

So, that is basically the answer left to us, to Job, to A Serious Man - to Brian - and to my Brain... We are all endangered still-points in a crashing, amoral universe. (And that is why I was going to repost that cosmic convo from a LJ friend, RE: The cheeky transmigration of souls). I also recently watched, Monty Python Live, 2014, ("One Down, Five to Go"). This was a global simulcast. Near the end was the deceased Graham Chapman singing that everyday is Christmas, because it is, "Christmas in Heaven." And, there was an appearance by Stephan Hawking, the disabled physicist, during Eric Idle's singing of the Galaxy Song, wherein he runs another physicist over with his wheelchair. Then, he and his wheelchair float away into a black hole at the center of the cold, crashing universe. (Interestingly, the experience of Woodstock, on LSD, was depicted as a stage at the center of the universe, in the movie, "Taking Woodstock").

Stephen Hawking sings Monty Python's 'Galaxy Song'

The guy in, "A Serious Man," was also a physicist. His specialty was explaining the seemingly berserk paradox - the law - of Schrodinger's Cat. You have heard me speak of this before, many times, (see tags). Well this ultimate uncertainty, which exists at the quantum level, yet everywhere around us, is the fuse that always brings our mortal world - our logic and sense - our sense of truth or reality - to an abrupt - perhaps profane - perhaps cheap, end. It is this fundamental flaw which always collapses this mortal coil - our best-laid-plans - our money like leaves in the wind. We are done for, so why not? Sing! Dance! Love! Do physics!


For, you should know by now, that is the root of all that is divine.

"Acts of Random Kindness - an ARK!" - Evan Almighty

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eek /crazy - manson

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