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Posted on 2025.10.31 at 15:54
This journal is ALMOST FRIENDS-ONLY!

See, here, now!

Indigenous peoples have bravely taken the lead in fighting DAPL. The Standing Rock Sioux reservation is immediately downstream of where the pipeline will cross the Missouri River. They get their drinking water from the river, and they can see the handwriting on the wall.  

#NoDapl protesters display a lighted sign at [Standing] Sacred Rock camp in North Dakota on September 2, 2016. (Photo: Joe Brusky)


ALL CREATION. - (EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. All things are finding balance. We are the monkey wrench).


Although it is clear that Wikileaks has not been known to release false documents, the DNC and Clinton campaign, along with cooperative media, threw up a smokescreen, claiming that Russia was responsible for the leaks, (and so the hacks into the DNC). Since Russia has been painted as evil for the past several years, and is known to do nasty spy stuff, (just like our government does), then the Wikileaks documents could not be trusted as being true. (That reminds me of when the Sanders campaign was blamed for a casual breach into the DNC computers which mainly harmed the Sanders campaign).

As soon as the DNC hacks and leaks were made public, the head of the Clinton campaign was on NPR, talking like a reporter, over and over claiming that the Russians did it. "Experts say the Russians did it!"

Still, now, even the upper levels of military intelligence are trying to convey the idea that, "Russia did it," when they have no evidence to support their duplicitous words. (See article linked below). So, the media speaks in the same regard. And so, Wall Street rises on the prospect of Ms. Clinton being elected - (by the powers that be).

So - who, really, is responsible for the leaks? Wikipedia is just a messenger - handing off the information - as a middle-man, (and for that, Ecuador cut off Assange's internet, necessary to his free speech journalism). I find it rather odd, that in all of this cloud of media and blame, it has never occurred to anyone that Hillary Clinton, herself, was responsible for the leaks. Why?

Remember all the news about Clinton mixing her personal and private servers, exposing classified government information to possible hackers? Um. That's exactly what happened.

I don't know how many of you feel as disturbed as I do, over the games that are being played here, which are consistent with games going years into the past, but considering that Clinton represents the global corporate establishment, garnering money from prominent Republicans, etc., while pretending to be Bernie Sanders, I feel that she is the last person this country needs to be president. But, I am ahead of myself. What I am presenting for you here is a not-so-heavy look at the whole hacking controversy, and why we all need computer privacy. As far as WHO DONE WHAT - there are a few links exploring that topic.

There are some good leads for you, as far as finding ways to strengthen your own security on the internet...

Dear Clinton Team: We Noticed You Might Need Some Email Security Tips

Read more HERERéduire )

OK - Besides wikileaks.org, and DCleaks, and Guccifer2.0, here is one more link for you: The Electronic Freedom Foundation. And - don't forget: Be sure you have a strong firewall, and customise it in a very anal fashion. My firewall was made in Russia - just like LiveJournal! (lol)

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Posted on 2016.10.24 at 17:57
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Hillary’s Secret FBI Deal Just Got Exposed

cheers - crackie

Let us knead.

Posted on 2016.10.24 at 10:44
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When I bake bread, I give thousands of yeast organisms false hope by feeding them sugar, before ruthlessly baking them to death in an oven and eating their corpses.

I think we have all been there before.

I certainly have.

(I actually can't view or read the main post, just the comments. This is due to computer constrictions. I am going to post a kind of "solution" to this problem in an upcoming post).

We make the most delicious sausage on the planet, so you don't even have to watch.  Yes, it's a harrowing process, with an inch of love, a spoonful of elbow greace, and a gram of cocaine, but no animals are harmed except for me.  Many of these are articles which are spinoffs from other posts, which don't really fit anywhere else.  That is true of the Hillary posts.  Others are articles which related to other posts I have done lately.  See if you can spot them.  I was writing a long Bernie/Trump theme post, but took a break from it, to start this.  Then, my "NoScript" refreshed all my LJ tabs on me, completely erasing that post.  So, I have to try to write it over - at least I never lost all of its links.  This won't be easy because the guy downstairs is not letting up.  He sent my heart racing last night at 2:20 am, by banging loudly and suddenly, directly below where he KNEW I was sleeping.  I have a PTSD element to my CFS, plus any shock like this sets me up for a fatigue relapse.  I have THREE beds, to try to evade this - but he seeks me out.  He's absolutely nuts.  Like the half-man/half-animal below, he is a psychopath.  I have  some good posts coming up on that topic, with a pivot to the so-clled presidential race.  What have we done?  We have created a race of presidents!

Shocking: Mutant pig born with human face in China

Get ready for one hell of a sausage* fest!...Réduire )

oor wullie

Bottoms Up

Posted on 2016.10.22 at 23:09
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"Start with what is right rather than what is acceptable."
- Franz Kafka, (Inventer of the Slider hamburger)

I found these two LJ communities. One has so many posts, it will fill up your friends page if you watch it. So, the next best thing is to tag it on your browser. It seems to post "LJ's Top 15" - but idk. Name: lj_top15_noncyr. See that last bit, "noncyr"? That means it is not in Cyrillic, or Russian. Apparently they added that because LJ is now more Russian than American. It's the next best thing to being there.

The other "community" is, "livejournal.livejournal.com." It keeps you updated about LJ - but most of it is in Russian! Still, it might be worth adding. Check out what it is watching - a bunch of new, official LJ communities or something - which appears to be a recent development, but which hasn't gone too far yet.

I don't know where to look to find LJ's top 15. When I look in the first community above, there are just way too many posts to dig through. Do you know where these can easilly be found? Well, I think one of my posts hit top 15 - although I don't know what the qualifications are. Then, all these Russians started reading my journal.

Or - maybe that was just because I made a comment in a popular journal, which normally doesn't allow comments to get through. It is a good journal to add, for the little news exposes it does. leonkuravson. It's some guy who says he is in WDC, but who knows it might be Putin, yars.

I added a bunch more LJ live feeds to my flist - and it swamped all of you - completely burying you all. But, they are great feeds. So, I have been digging myself out, by transferring them over to "commie_gardener". If you want to keep another tab on science, news, etc., then you can tag commie_gardener's flist in your browser, and watch these feeds roll by, when you're having a rainy day! Go here: http://commie-gardener.livejournal.com/friends. (If you add him, you can request not to be added back).

I have a bunch of my own communities. I'll post a note about my most active ones soon. Most others are moribund. But, you can see more about them in communities101. You are all invited to add that community. The theory is that it will keep you updated about other communities.

And, then of course, there's this: Add your name to my map! You can also check your interests there, so I can include you in custom groups/filters, or exclude you, to perpetual blandness, amen.

TED Radio Hour: The Meaning Of Work

Comment: Karl Marx said that fulfillment came from the creation of ALL PARTS of a product, whereas Adam Smith said that if one person worked on only one PIECE of a product, then this would increase productivity. Now, we are supposedly entering the, "knowledge-based," economy, or the, "meaning-based economy," where we are moving away from Ford's production-line thinking, towards Marx's idea of full-product fulfillment. That would be nice, but it's not the whole picture. Less and less people get to be a part of the meaning economy, while population, foreign competition, environment, overproduction and robots steal away jobs from the larger part of the population. The MAJOR question is, how will our society get on when a huge amount of people will end up living off a guaranteed income, when they possibly have no work to do? This is something that my noodle is gnawing on. There MUST be some kind of fulfilling work to give to people(!)

More TED: http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/



Posted on 2016.10.20 at 20:13
Do you work for the world, or do you make the world work for you?



Posted on 2016.10.20 at 20:07
As I've said, cancer is related to sugar metabolism, like many chronic illnesses.  Scientists reveal link between cell metabolism and the spread of cancer.   Don't eat sugar! Ferment everything including your ma!  Get you head out of the gutter and back into your gut.

That's where it all began.  Your mind.  The universe.  The Big Bang...

Police mass face recognition in the US will net innocent people
A law enforcement database of 117 million faces - half of all US citizens – hasn’t been properly vetted and is likely biased against black people, says Hal Hodson

"Well then, if you don't like this country, why don't you go back to Communismia?!"

"...a typical middle-American community."

The Sanders revolution still burns bright in Muncie – Where will his supporters turn now the two main parties seem to offer ‘different flavours of the same thing’?

(Or Vermont) - Bernie Sanders Might Actually Still Win the Presidential Race…In Vermont

Shell Game by Scott BennettText of Review HERE, includes good links...Réduire )

Are You Prepared?


"And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry."
- Bill Ivey to John Podesta - WIKILEAKS


Regarding Jill Stein (from the Stein campaign)

Jill Stein to Progressives: ‘Don’t Waste Your Vote on Corporate Democrats’

Why this progressive, environmentalist, and activist woman will vote for...

Here's an interview that should be interesting. I don't know, cuz I can't do media at home.

Video: Ralph Nader Interviews Noam Chomsky

Ralph Nader, An Unreasonable Man, and something of a Stoic American icon, ran for President, several times.  It has been proved that there never was any, "spoiler effect," conceptual or actual, in these elections. Nevertheless, partisans keep referring back to his runs, in fear, to rationalise their voting for, "the lesser of two evils," a game-theory quagmire that is plunging our country into moral depravity, and third-world dictatorship.  No matter how hard he tries, ignorant Americans can't know enough to vote for third-party, or write-in, candidates.  (More on this subject later).

Nader interviews the renowned progressive, Noam Chomski, prolific author of, Manufacturing Consent, and other prods to our collective lobotomy.  He is truly a pillar of the American left - maybe too left for some.  In fact, some say that he is wrong in not packaging his message to appeal to a broader audience.  Well, so what?  It takes all kinds.  So, let it be.  Love the man for the fact that he has been profoundly influential in the field of linguistics alone!

Must: 10 Brilliant Quotes by Noam Chomsky on How Media Really Operates in America: Chomsky's observations about propaganda and corporate media are always useful to keep in mind.

These rumours come up: Paul McCartney, Hillary Clinton, God. That's right - there was an internet rumour, about two weeks ago, that Hillary Clinton was dead, and using a basketful of body-doubles to fill in for her. So, I know to steer clear of these things. But now, there is a rumour that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, which has been leaking the DNC, Clinton and Podesta emails, is dead - because certain "deadman codes" were released, (see article).


What do I think is going on? This gives me a chance to sing...Réduire )

In the Democratic Echo Chamber, Inconvenient Truths Are Recast as Putin Plots

I will be posting soon about the possibility of war.

Catastrophe is met by THIS -

Or THIS? - Réduire )

Amy Goodman is a progressive American treasure.  Her radio news hour, Democracy Now!, has been very influential on the left, and on issues relevant to all sides.  The show, which I respect but find boring, is syndicated by Pacifica Radio, to community radio stations, etc.  Pacifica is interesting to read about, but it is not as strong as it once was.

Amy Goodman was charged with trespassing during a protest at the Dakota Access Pipeline, and arrived to fight the charge, which was dropped, because it was false.  Instead, they charged her with rioting.  By covering the news, she was supposedly rioting.  The pipeline people felt that her editorial slant was too much in the favour of the protestors, and so, in today's world, this is called, "inciting rioting."  Today, the Judge got wise, and dropped the charges!  But don't you try this at home cuz you too will be slapped silly!  You can read about this issue, and a lot more about Dakota Access, vs Native Americans, and the environment, at COMMON DREAMS.

Thousands protest TTIP, CETA deals in France, Poland, & Spain as EU vote looms closer

People march to protest against the planned CETA free trade agreement (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) between the European Union and Canada, and similar plans between EU and United States (TTIP) in Warsaw, Poland October 15, 2016 © Agencja Gazeta / Reuters


September 28 - The “Secret” TISA, TTIP and TTP = Corporate Hegemony and Economic Warfare

Oct.10 - Our Revolution: We Still Have to Fight the TPP

October 14 - Think Hillary Will Flip Flop and Support TPP? So Does Her Speech Writer — Leaked Email

As you may know, emails released from Wikileaks on JOHN PODESTA are big in the news, with lots of incriminating info on Clinton and the DNV Dems.  A few of them, though, are about Unidentified Flying Objects.  Do you believe that UFO's exist - well they certainly do - 100%.  Any flying, floating or falling object which cannot be identified, IS a UFO.  There are countless UFO's, because we can't identify everything.  Simple enough.  The question is, is it possible that some of these UFO's convey extraterrestrials or time-travellers?  The answer is, yes, of course it is.  The universe is as vast as our minds are small.

So, the REAL question is, DO some of these UFO's actually convey the aforementioned?  We don't know yet.  But maybe some people do.  Since I see the possibility of extraterrestrial or time-travelling UFO's not to be small, then, if they do exist here on Earth, then it is highly probably that 'our' Military and Intelligence are aware of them, if not in some kind of communication, or conflict, with them.  Therefore, investigating what these agencies may know is NOT a foolish pursuit.  My feeling is that they do have awareness of such visitors.  And, there is evidence that some awareness goes back to WWII, and even centuries or millennia.

Do you believe that ghosts exist? I know some of you do. Do you believe in a God or an afterlife? How about synchronicity, or luck, or ego?  None of these things are proved.  They are, "conspiracy theories."  It is important to accept your inner tin-foil hat, before you can have compassion or comprehension for what others may be claiming.  In fact, compared to some things, theories of UFO "aliens" may have a lot more real-world evidence to back them up.  It's just that so many people automatically tune-out.  Again: The universe is so vast, and so rife with life, that it is inevitable that there are many, many intelligent beings out there - (just as there are many intelligent animals and insects here on Earth)!

I have pondered cattle mutilations; cat mutilations; alien abductions including implants; crop circles, etc.  I know that something intelligent is communicating to us, at least through the genius of crop-circles.  I don't know if it is extraterrestrial, or from another time or dimension.  However, I can imagine, that like ghosts or dream images, these symbols are passing into our sphere, conveying some significance, as avatars of some other consciousness, from some other place or dimension.  Maybe the sun.  Maybe something else.  Maybe they are completely coincidental - as if a thought in some mind somewhere across the universe hits a certain frequency which turns it into a concrete apparition here on Earth - a dream - a ghost.

Maybe these emergent, fleeting ghosts, are suggestions from the "alter-dimensionals", which blur into our own mass-subconsciousness, and all else.  Maybe there is no final accounting for them.  Maybe they slice up cattle because they are showing us, "This is what your genetic engineering will do to creation in the future!"  Maybe they send us dreams of being abducted, with implants being inserted, to say, "This is your own future in a Brave New World."  Maybe they cut crop circles into feilds of wheat, etc., because they want to reveal to us, "Your GMO monoculturing will one day destroy all your grain fields, and there will be famine and death - unless you: WAKE UP!"

Unless WE wake up!

The universe is all of the same "mind".  It is just that it separates out into an infinity of separate entities, operating in their own separate time-lines.  (And, the reverse is true: We all create "the mind").  In order to give all these entities reality, the Origami Universe folds together meanings - it brings together bizarre coincidences and apparently super-normal experiences, catering to each biased existence - each narcissistic ego.  Everywhere, this happens.  Occasionally, there is a merging of meanings, or supernatural events, so that, yes, we actually can dimly perceive ghosts from alternate universes or times or planets.  This is how dreams work in our minds, and this is how reality works in the universe, which, when mapped out, looks like a mass of brain tissue, btw.

The theory of alternate world-lines and dimensions follows from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, wherein, mathematically, all possibilities exist in some kind of reality - a "superstate" - until one of them is observed and therefore chosen and collapsed into the only reality.  The only reality for this particular observer, and time.  But, in theory, all other dimensions "continue" to be real.  Therefore, it is theoretically possible for someone to experience bleed-through or worm-holes from other dimensions: ghosts of some other time and place.  This is all based on math - but quantum entanglement is a related phenomenon which is sufficiently REAL.  That means that, yes, we may be visitted by beings, in UFO's, from other dimensions.  Controlled, deliberate bleed-through, on their part.

In the Podesta UFO emails, visitting UFO's are said to be from such alternate dimension(s), rather from another place in THIS universe.  Well, I look at this suspiciously, because the email(s) could have been concocted as a mimicking of math-based theory alone, which is nevertheless hot in the world of Sci-Fi.  It is not impossible that the emails were leaked by Russians, and that the Russians manufactured a few of the emails, as they are capable of doing.  On the other hand, this whole sudden canard from the Clinton campaign, which saturates NPR, over whether any of the emails are authentic, is complete political evasion and diversion.  Wikileaks is known to be an honourable organisation which has only released authentic emails in the past.  The possibility that some of them are now inauthentic is more likely to be a Hillary talking point.  That means: I am saying that the Podesta claims about UFO's from alternate dimension(s) MAY be correct.

Before I release to you all this stuff about the UFO emails, here is an article questioning the ability of extraterrestrials to come here, or even just contact us, based on the conclusion that they probably destroyed themselves before they ever got around to it - just as we humans would do(!)  That is a thought I have had in the past.

But, again, this thought ignores the vastness of the universe, and the whole variety of possibilities which would allow for the ability of creatures to become interstellar.  Certainly, many have the ability to contact us, at least.  The Podesta UFO's are not necessarily such beings, from some other planets, but are (?) from alternate dimension(s).  Like ghosts.  Or dreams.

Aliens haven’t made contact because they killed themselves before they could – like we will, says stargazing TV professor Brian Cox

Zero-Point Energy; the Podesta Emails; Wikileaks; the FBI files, videos and more...Réduire )

Warming Up: Thinking about Nature and Economics - And ACTING.

Be careful what you say around jumping spiders

Arachnids hear airborne sounds over greater distances than thought

[NOTE] - This gives me a chance to say say something about jumping spiders, which I learnt long ago: Jumping Spiders, even the tiniest of them, have the most incredible SIGHT abilities.  So small, and yet so attuned to your every move, from far away.  Well, just look at those adorable eyes in the portrait above.  The two eyes on the left have, of course, 3D vision, as do the two on the left - and the two in the middle - and the two at the edges - it's all a super-computing processor of MULTI-FACTORAL! depth and subtlety.  No wonder, the fine, fine artistry of spider's webs, and so on!  Yet we cast a rancorous eye down upon these poppy-seed brained beings, not even realising that a massive oak tree may grow from but a small seed.  We ourselves are nothing but a confuzzlement of a couple of microscopic cells.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY, around spiders - (but especially around baboons, and Ferrets).  They are the Masters of Metadata!

(By, "our," I mean, "Big Corporate America's," by which I mean, "the global elite's," by which I mean, "the top 1%").

Did Google skew search results to favour Clinton? Find this story, and too many more for me to post about, via the first link below...

Breaking: FBI in Revolt – Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide

FBI Source: Majority Of Staff On Clinton Case Wanted Her Prosecuted

U.S. Intelligence Meddles In US Presidential Election: Backs Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks: Podesta Asks Clinton's Lawyer, 'Think We Should Hold Emails To and From (Obama)?'

Gohmert Makes FBI Director James Comey Admit He Faked Hillary Clinton Investigation

Hillary Clinton 'cannot recall' email server details

Wikileaks: The Goldman Sachs paid speeches

FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes

Think Hillary Will Flip Flop and Support TPP? So Does Her Speech Writer — Leaked Email

"Oh, you silly, no-nothing, reactionary LJ conspiracy theorist," I recall an LJ friend claiming, "Thimerosal is an 'inert' form of mercury! I know 100% that it goes right through the body, without harming anything at all!" Just like Round-Up, (glyphosate), was said to go right through the soil and water without harming anything. Just like Exxon said there was no harm in oil consumption, because global warming does not exist, even though they knew that it does, long before most anyone else. Just like Hillary Clinton says she will oppose TPP, when in private she has always supported it. Learn to SEE THE LIES. Do not follow blindly into their good night.

Vaccine ingredient warning: Aluminum phosphate increases toxicity of mercury, therefore the CDC severely underestimates caution about mercury intolerance

Living in a post Roe-vs-Wade world? - Your body is no longer yours: Australia has become the first country to microchip its citizens

Ecuador offered shelter to Assange. A true Catholic country with meek people. But Saudi Arabia??? - The empathy map of the world: US ranks seventh while Ecuador and Saudi Arabia top the table in results even the researchers admit are 'surprising'

Scientists are confused! Countries which rank high on empathy also tend to be more war-faring. But you can understand this easilly, if you read my recent post, "This and That", where existential envy is directly related to empathy, (as well as to territoriality under stress).

"Despite the warnings, some visitors were heard shouting at Kumbuka and 'egging him on' in the seconds before he charged – in scenes described as 'like something out of Jurassic Park'."

"People were banging on the glass and taking pictures using their flashes. Then he lurched towards us and smashed against the glass. My little one was so scared he ran away in tears.'"

Lots of stuff here: EXCLUSIVE: The moment angry 7ft tall 29st gorilla Kumbuka SMASHED window of 'cracked' enclosure at London Zoo - after crowds were warned about taunting him - in scenes straight from 'Jurassic Park'

Existential envy, empathy, and our fundamental dissociative disorder, which brings us love and war.Réduire )

goth - morticia

The Podesta Emails

Posted on 2016.10.13 at 22:18
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Search for yourself, on WIKILEAKS.

Obama Regulators Want To Let Factory Farms Label Their Meat 'Humanely Raised'

Up is down, black is white, and this meat was "raised with care."

Mercy for Animals

Mother pigs, among the most socially complex animals, can spend most of their lives confined in small gestation cages. Yet meat generated from these pigs could still be labeled "humanely raised" under the recently proposed rules.

Impacted Communities Take Fight Against Dakota Access to Corporate Heads

See this, and lots more, at COMMON DREAMS !


You GO, Gorilla!

Posted on 2016.10.13 at 12:48

Documentary Exposes Exploitation of Native American People in North Dakota

Fate has intervened to have this film debut at the exact moment in time when The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is doing all that it can through prayer and legal maneuvering to stop this flow of oil from the Bakken and possibly the tar sands of Canada through their sacred lands.

You see, when Native protests finally shut down the ill-planned Sandpiper project, the Enbridge company wasted no time to partner with Texas-based Energy Transfer Inc. and Marathon oil to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. The DAPL follows almost the exact 1,168 mile route of the abandoned Keystone XL from the Bakken to southern Illinois, where it will connect with pipelines snaking towards the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

It doesn't matter how the oil gets to the refineries. Expediency and markets will determine where the prophesied iron "black snake" will crawl out of the ground and how soon it will devour all in its path.

- Honor the Earth -

Attacks on Sioux opponents of a gas pipeline this week have galvanized international solidarity, including in B.C. where pipeline funder TD is under fire.

Vancouverites occupy TD bank in support of Standing Rock pipeline standoff


Vancouver: a guide to the underground music scene – video

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